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Do Android manufacturers looks to condoms for name inspiration? It certainly looks that way

condoms Image via: Paul Keller with Creative Commons

Here at Android and Me, we are no strangers to poking fun at the names behind Android devices. Some of them are absolutely ridiculous, and with a fresh batch of phones being delivered several times a year, there’s always room for them to get worse. Fortunately, several companies, like HTC for example, are trying their hardest to do away with the crazy names to simplify things. Unfortunately, much of the damage has already been done, as shown in this “Is it a condom, or is it an Android?” chart from The Intercom Blog.

When I say Desire, Sensation, Touch and Cruise, do you automatically think of an Android phone or condom? How about Vitality, Wildfire, Indulge and Intensity? Either answer wouldn’t really be surprising, as both Android phones and condoms happen to share those names. Yes, really.

The folks over at The Intercom Blog have put together a chart that takes 20 different product names, and shows which ones are Android phones, which ones are condoms, and which ones are both. Out of the 20, 8 names are shared by both a condom and phone. The rest of the names chosen, like Hero, Electrify and Ultra Thin could go either way. In fact, we wouldn’t be surprised to see them make the jump at some point in the future.

Of course, there’s a ton of condom names that would never make for good Android handsets, and some Android phones would make terrible condom names (Trojan Galaxy S II Skyrocket HD?), but there’s no denying the hilarity of the products that do share names. Which is your favorite?

Via: TechCrunch

Source: The Intercom Blog

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  • Dhawal Damania

    Also, we’ve compiled the list of the names that Google might give the future version of Android, feel free to check that out too

  • kwills88

    I’ll never look at android devices the same again… But I did have a good chuckle at this.

    • kazahani

      I think they should start selling Androids in little rip-open foil pouches…

      • CJ LaFleur

        His takes me back to 8th grade health class where we put a condom on a banana. It just so happened to be one called intensity….

      • jsweetser2

        lol, or better yet, out of those nasty profilactic boxes bolted to the bathroom wall that takes quarters.

      • tmihai20

        Well, I have never thought of the names that way. I guess they want to suggest that a certain phone will give you certain feelings and that it will make you feel a certain way. My Android phone has given me plenty of good vibes while using it :)

  • fonix232

    Hmm, would definitely look out for a Samsung Galaxy Elite, or an LG Cruise Control :P But fav would be the HTC Durex :D

  • mustybooks

    I think this adds a new level to the stating of device size…

    • Jeff Pan

      Explains the demand for bigger sized phones.

      also explains why iSheeps are clamoring for 4 inch iPhone.

  • Tony

    This is an amazing article definitely hilarious and I for one can’t wait for the Tingle and Elite :)

  • Phil

    How about the Chinese Android tablet manufacturer called Ainol?

    • slurms mckenzie

      thats my kind of gir….i mean phone

  • inviolable


  • smeghead68

    You’d think that with names like that that we would all be getting screwed!!!

  • Burnd

    Lovely article. 8D

  • B2L

    MWC 2013: HTC has partnered with Trojan to introduce the all new ultra thin HTC Burning Sensation, the only phone that dispenses condoms in your time of need.

    • kazahani

      “Burning Sensation” sounds less like a condom and more like a bad case of venereal disease…

      • B2L

        Which is exactly why you would need some condoms. :P

  • Juan Lehto


  • apay

    Ahah, seen this way… !

    • apay

      Ps: The Verge should have post this ^^

  • kazahani

    I always put a rubber (case) on my phone!

    Let’s practice safe Droiding, folks!

    • Joel

      LMAO! I’m never gonna look at the words ‘rubberized backing’ the same way ever again.

      • thekaz

        I got my wife a case with ribbing on the side.. for he pleasure…

  • jamal adam

    Awkward way to start picking names for a smartphone.

    Head naming manager: So, today we will be taking time to come up with cool, catchy, fun, and marketable names for our smartphone line up.
    Person 2: That time of year again
    Head naming manager: Anyone have any ideas or names
    Group Members: Hmmmm…..
    Person 3: How about getting names from condoms?
    Group Members: *wtf!*
    Head naming manager: Hmm, condoms. They do have some catchy names and people use them, a lot.
    Person 4: Ok, so, last night, I bought this condom called Desire and my wife really enj…..I mean its pretty catchy and marketable. We could use that name.
    *Awkward silence*
    Head naming manager: HTC Desire. I like it.


    O man I’m lmao. This is awesome

  • Casah

    ha ha ha, think about HTC Bare, the phone you can barely feel in your pants, of HTC Performax, for maximum performance :D

  • Medical Student

    How awesome would it be if durex launched a condom with android? Imagine that! GPS to know where to guide it and how fast you were going. Google Maps overlay so you knew exactly which bits were where! Gmusic to set the mood! Gspot to…

  • mike


  • seabass978

    I like LG drill, I mean thrill,its HTC titan or nothing, htc vivid unless she’s ugly then turn off the lights.

  • aranea

    That will be HTC. It goes HTC One S, X, XL, and Magnum XL for those with big pockets… ;)

  • Angel

    Great article! Makes you wonder….

  • Schmidty850

    Wow, this is absolutely hilarious!

  • pekosROB

    I didn’t realize there were that many condom brands!

  • Annoymous

    Got to say my favorites are Sensation and Indulge…eww

  • ZzX44

    I slipped on my Epic 4G Touch the other night

  • Rootko

    Not to mention Google Play vs. Durex Play :D

  • honourbound68

    Rofl. I’d buy a Hero condom lol (electronic jingle as it’s being unwrapped: “and then a hero comes along, with the strength to carry on” or “i can be your hero baby… I just wanna hold you.. am I in too deep?”) bwahahaha

  • n25philly

    We should give all phones a condomish names. We can make the Galaxy Note the “Magnum”, and the iphone the “little slugger”

  • virexed

    Stay away from the Trojan Razr Maxx!!!

  • josegb2011

    The next nexus phone called ecstasy nexus it will give you an erection just by touching it..haha that was bad..

  • Nathan D.

    Wow that is funny the next time I get a phone I’m going to wounder if it a condoms name or not, lol

  • haz

    Rough day for news, huh?

  • Cajj

    Guess this is why I’ve always felt a sense of protection with my android phones. Also wouldnt this go well with the article a while back about how android users have more one night stands … its all coming together! ha

  • spazby

    hahaha, would you like an android with that condom?

  • CORYK333

    And they all vibrate for her if u need a bit of help!!!!!

  • sreekuttan..

    my be they are supposed to be “EXOTIC”…..

  • McLovin

    Just wondering how many FB friends I would piss off if I posted this graphic on my wall.

  • DonutCare

    Eventually, they will run out of these brilliant and inspiring names derived from the lowly latex, I highly suggest we move on to Women’s Douches.

  • Darth Advantus

    Man I hope they don’t start matching smartphones to condom sizes. Some people will never find theirs. As for me I do not want a new Samsung Magnum XL with a 9 inch screen LOL. Well maybe if it has dual quad processors.