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Does Sony’s first TV spot for the new Xperia smartphones make you want to buy one?


Sony hired Wes Anderson, director of the Fantasic Mr. Fox, to direct their TV spots for the new Xperia lineup. Steve Walker, the CMO for Sony Mobile, says this video is the first “episode” of a new campaign that includes a big spend across digital and traditional media platforms.

We really like the 12 MP Exmor-R camera and Reality HD display on the new Sony Xperia S, but it still ships with Android 2.3 Gingerbread and uses the older Snapdragon S3 processor. Quite simply, we think there are several better options already available and many more to come.

This new TV spot is pretty creative, but does it really make you want to go out and buy a Sony smartphone?

Via: TechCrunch

Source: YouTube

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  • thechad


    • amgala

      I love Wes Anderson films and his cinematography style, but I’d have to agree that it didn’t entice me to buy the phone.

      • professandobey

        The problem is that I don’t learn anything about their products, how they’re different or how my life will be better if I buy Sony.

        • NasLAU


      • Jorge Branco

        It maybe enticed me to go see Fantastic Mr Fox. But buy the device? No

        • Alex Belko

          Fantastic Mr. Fox is fantastic, now I need to watch it again)

    • zerosix

      Turn off geek.
      What emotions did this ad bring to you? Most customers buy either emotions or image.
      It’s an awesome ad. I suppose, this device will be quite popular.

  • Yonas

    if it had even just LTE i’d most certainly buy it,but no it doesn’t…. plus they didn’t give me the new processor i dreamed of or a micro SD card slot,which definitely dropped the game for me.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      The upcoming Sony Xperia Ion will have LTE.

  • PhineasJW

    I think it’s a great commercial. I love seeing technology brought home through a childlike sense of wonder, or through some human paradigm. Google’s Parisian Love search story was a classic in the field.

    But this sort of thing needs to be part of a concerted branding effort. Otherwise, it comes off as fake and unmemorable. Especially if this is a one-shot deal.

    I honestly see this commercial being better placed as part of an iPhone ad campaign, where Apple has already established the brand and sense of wonder. So, unless Sony, markets their whole smartphone line around this paradigm, I don’t think it will succeed.

  • Dragonithe

    awesome and WTF

  • Fulaman

    They need to stop using Qualcomm processors before I consider one. Currently, Samsung produces the best processors followed by T.I.

  • NasLAU


  • Hall Lo

    Amazing advertisement, totally love it. But no, I still won’t buy the phone.

    • dobri

      love the ad but i agree with Hall Lo won’t buy the phone

  • spazby

    great commercial, no to the device

  • austinjam

    No. This reminds me of the Palm Pre cyborg lady ad. And I bought that phone on two separate occasions. No more mind tricks on me, thanks.

  • Steve

    I think I’m too dumb to understand the commercial… It neither made me want to buy it nor interested in what the commercial had to say. This depresses me a little bit.

  • Dr.Carpy

    I’ll buy Sony again when the tech is on par or exceeds its competition. No “new” device should ship without the latest os and post dated hardware.

  • Angel

    At the end of the ad you still didn’t know anything new about their phone. Not sure what they’re trying to sell. I like the Sony phone but this ad was a waste of money for them and I doubt they will sell anything with it. In order for me to spend my money on a Sony phone I first need to know how it will make my day better. This ad looked more like they were trying to sell a childs toy.

  • nebsif

    Maaaaaaaaaaaybe if it was Q1-Q3 2011…
    Sony has a lot of catching up to do..

  • drone3

    Coolest phone ad ever, if I knew nothing about the specs I would purchase this straight away. Great work Sony, Wes Anderson is a legend !

  • cb2000a

    Unfortunately no….

  • masterpfa

    What was this advertising?

    If this is the 1st in a line of videos it might work, but I wouldn’t be enticed to buy this phone or even enquire about it on the strength of this advert

  • http://None Javier Bastardo

    The ad is awesome, but it tells me nothing about the phone.


    hurry up and realise the xperia play 2 already. Btw, it had better have real thumbsticks this time or im getting the GSIII