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Elephants prefer Galaxy Note, because bigger is better


What’s the number one smartphone choice for elephants around the world? Tech blog Technivator interviewed Peter the elephant to find out, and his response is after the break.

Via: Android Central

Source: YouTube

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  • Bryan Stoner

    Dang that’s one smart elephant!

    • nosense

      Rats prefer iPhones…

  • McLovin

    This is the kind of commercial Samsung should be promoting instead of those “iFans are iDiots for standing in lines” commercials.

    • AsakuraZero

      actually yes. and this would be nice for the well known superbowl fubar comercial haha its funny and show why the format of the phone is good

    • Burnd

      Agreed. Pretty tired of this anti-hype which became a hype of its own.

    • delinear

      +1 agreed – definitely more like this Samsung!

  • bberry

    I was buying it until the elephant used the S-pen and snapped a picture. Fake.

  • HeLLo

    Hey look the elephant is smarter then 99% of the Apple fanboys.

    • hadto

      maybe smart enough to know the difference between then and than!

  • Nathan D.

    Wow, this kinda of a no brainer if you even slightly think of it.

  • spazby

    once you go big….

    • jonathan3579

      Lol, more like once you go elephant…

  • GE 918

    Wishing T-Mobile had this phone!

    • Paul Jamieson

      Ya, what is with that !!
      In Canada all of the major carriers have it ..
      It must suck to be you …

  • Eric Rossman

    This video really brightened my day :)

  • WlfHart

    Well if it’s good enough for an elephant, I’m sold. Can’t wait for the GNote II, I might even be willing to drop my grandfathered plan if they improve the camera a bit.

  • Alex Belko

    the girl is wonderful

  • umair

    yeah i was waiting for this type of set since long
    thanks for posting