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Galaxy S II getting Android 4.0 update on March 15th in Israel, rest of world to follow?


According to a Facebook posting by Samsung Mobile Israel’s page, Galaxy S II devices in that country will be seeing the Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) update hit their devices on March 15th. As expected, the posting has since been removed from Facebook, as Samsung is none too keen on things being announced outside of their official channels.

No official announcements have been made regarding the full rollout schedule for Android 4.0 on the various Galaxy S II models out there. The Verge speculates that if Android 4 does indeed come to Israel on the 15th, it will also likely launch in Europe on the same day. As tends to be the case with Android phones in the U.S., our update will likely come a bit later than the 15th as the carriers continue to ensure the update works well with their networks.

Regardless, we hope to see Android 4 hitting 2011′s most popular Android headset later this month, even if it does still feature the Touchwiz custom UI overlay. We’ll bring you the goods of a U.S. release once we know more.

Via: The Verge

Source: Android Central

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  • spazby

    at the current upgrade rates, if i buy a brand new phone, the chances i may get 1 at most, or none at all, a major version upgrade… I lowered my expectations to get a new android version with a new phone…. kinda sad

    • jaxidian

      I know. Here’s to hoping that ASUS starts producing more phones (but doesn’t get carried away with 300 models) and supports the software on them as well as they do their tablets!

    • Jeff Pan

      “as the carriers continue to ensure the update works well with their networks” – I hate these carriers ? Don’t other countries have carriers?

      • B2L

        Yes they do, but these other countries don’t have an extreme amount of control over devices like the carriers do in the US.

      • sunrise

        You know what, how come nobody tests iPhone on their network for THAT LONG. Apple holds the phone secret from EVERYONE including the carriers basically up until practically the release date. Apple has a strong control and hold on everything.

        For this reason I don’t believe the, “we need 50 years to test the phone on our network before we release it.”

        • Jeff Pan

          Not just that. They put crapware on your phone.

    • sunrise

      Why are people voting him down? He speaks the truth.

      The only way to get the most current version of Android is buy owning the most current version of Nexus. I don’t think all carrier variants of Nexus S are even on ICS yet. That is total bullshit.

      One main reason I’m thinking of making the switch to iPhone.

      • sandwich

        Indeed an odd situation. I have a Nexus S purchased from BestBuy SIM-free, still running 2.3.6… in Israel, to boot.

        My brother has a Galaxy S II he got through Orange Israel; we’ll see if he gets updated to ICS.

  • druie

    would be awesome to have ICS running on the galaxy s2!

  • Mark

    The U.S version will probably get it 4 months later. heh. Well, ’til the hackers help out a bit. My AT&T Galaxy S II is already running CM9/Ice-Cream-Sandwich so it’s all good.

  • Gui Saba

    samsung here in brazil are really fast in releasing updates… at most a month later than Europe it goes live here. i bought my GSII on android 2.3.3. since then i updated it twice, and it now runs 2.3.5. 4.0.3 should launch here next month, hopefully!

  • LukeT32

    My Gnex already has ICS….. ;) what’s wrong with everyone and there galaxy 2 device?

    • CORYK333

      Whats wrong with you & your douchebagness?? (yea, its a made up word, but boy does it fit)

      • Richard Yarrell

        Sorry i have to wade in to this discussion and give Luke T32 some support so vote me down who cares. For anyone that thinks that ice cream sandwich is no big deal…IS JUST PLAIN STUPID LIKE MOST PEOPLE HERE. Ics makes Froyo and Gingerbread look like a childish mistake. Having the next best operating system is all about the nexus brand so for those who don’t have a nexus STOP HATING because you don’t. And for those who have the BEST NEXUS EVER MADE….The Samsung Galaxy Nexus on Verizon be PROUD cause you brought the best and that deserves the best OS on any android phone. Piss on those who don’t like it.

        • squiddy20

          For anyone (like yourself) who falsely believes that whatever you think/feel/own is “the best” is obviously delusional, ignorant, and just plain stupid. Sure, most people will generally say the latest OS is “the best” but what you have always failed to realize is that “the best” is nothing more than a matter of opinion. Some people, to this day, still think Windows XP is “the best” despite it being a 10 year old OS.
          And for the record, we’re not “hating” because we don’t have the Galaxy Nexus (something you can’t even begin to infer based on whether or not we like the OS), we’re “hating” because of stupid people like you who say whatever phone they own is “the best”. You did it with the Evo 4G; you did it again with the Evo 3D, and it wasn’t even close to being “Sprint’s flagship phone well into 2012″ like you said it would be; and you’re doing it again with the Galaxy Nexus. It’s quite sad how little you’ve learned over the past 2 years.

        • jonathan3579

          If most people are stupid here, then why are you here? I guess that makes you just as stupid Richard Yarell.

          • squiddy20

            Ummm where did I say, or even imply, that “most people are stupid here”? You sir, need to read a little bit.

          • jonathan3579

            Squiddy? Did you read who I was replying to? I was not replying to you! I was writing to Richard Yarell. You should have done a better job reading…

          • squiddy20

            Ohhhh, my bad. When reading your last sentence, I guess my mind automatically threw in an “as” right before his name, which then gave me the impression that you were responding to me. Besides, I’ve seen it happen where people mistakenly hit the wrong reply button, been there myself once or twice. My bad.

          • jonathan3579

            No harm no foul. :) I generally proofread what I write before posting so I minimize these sort of events, lol.

        • Steam

          Richard, stop with the “piss on everyone”. Just because your dad pissed on you in that dark basement after ramming you and donkey punching you and before sending you to the corner, doesn’t mean you should project those issues onto others. You’re projecting again, keep it to yourself, or even better, get some help, man.

          I’m not a demented sicko with basement-daddy-useless-piss issues from a soup kitchen, I actually know how to build custom ROMs from AOSP and theme them, unlike you, and I will tell you flat-out that ICS isn’t a big deal. It’s just a big deal to you because you own a Galaxy Nexus. I have a Galaxy Nexus, and I don’t care for ICS, and I actually know how Android works, I don’t just call something “awesome” becaue I own it. Do you know what a dalvik virtual machine is, Richard? Do you know what a just-in-time compiler is? Do you even know the difference between # and $ is in a Linux terminal? Do you know what any of that is without Googling it? Didn’t think so.
          If Sprint would’ve got the iPhone before the Evo came out, you would be “pissing” all over Android. You can reply with something stupid, as you are wont to do, and deny it, but I know it, you know it, and anyone unfortunate enough to have read your screams for attention and abuse over the years know – it’s 100% true. Whatever you currently own, is “boss, pimp-slapping, rules android”, “the best device/carrier/manufacturer”.
          Tell ya what, tough guy (not really, you’re a 5’5″ dirty, unkempt, little shit), go here, and start running your mouth to everyone, since everything you own is “Boss”, you’ll have no problem getting the attention you really want and defending yourself, since everything you own will pimp-slap their stuff. They love people with pimp-slapping devices who talk constant nonsensical shit about how boss they are and how everything they own makes them useless. Be sure to tell them that you are going to piss all over them too.

    • jonathan3579

      Not all of us Galaxy Nexus owners act this way. Having ICS is nothing to brag about…

      • B2L

        It really isn’t, that’s why I didn’t mind selling my Galaxy Nexus for A Galaxy Note. There are some added features with a much nicer UI. But other than that, I’m not dying to get it. Android was great with Gingerbread, it’s not like it’s a terrible OS now that ICS is released.

        • jonathan3579

          That and the fact that ICS and the Galaxy Nexus more specifically still have bugs to be ironed out. I love the phone but the wow factor has worn off. If Google can’t fix the multitouch, low sound, no noise cancellation, and random reboots then I might just do what you did. I’m seriously wanting to just hold off til the Padfone comes out.

      • Steam

        It isn’t, and don’t mind Richard, he has more issues than the New York Times. He has spent over a year and a half spamming every thread on every android site that hasn’t banned him with garbage about how great his current device/carrier/manufacturer is, and how useless and pissed on everyone who enjoys something else is. He knows absolutely nothing about android, he just craves attention and abuse at the same time. Richard thinks that smartphones are status symbols (he himself stated that, since he is using Verizon now, he is “rolling with the big boys” *derp*). You’d have thought he just bought a Vacheron Constantin Tour de I’lle, a Bugatti Veyron SS, and Switzerland from the way he talks.
        Anyway, on the ICS thing, I don’t hate it, by any means, I just don’t care for ICS, it does have its good points, but I think it’s awkward due to the fact that it’s such a major overhaul of the UI. I chalk it up to growing pains due to the merging of 2.3.x and 3.x. I’m interested to see what the next major update – 4.1 or 5.0 Jellybean, as it’s being called at the moment, brings.

  • txbluesman

    If that is the case, then the Nexus S 4g should be coming sooner. As they are supposed to get the updates first. I won’t be holding my breath. Lol.

  • B2L

    Which should mean pretty soon for the Galaxy Note as well. Either way I don’t care about the wait, my Galaxy Note is still awesome with Gingerbread.

  • Hall Lo

    Sweet. Then the number of people that can enjoy ICS will be greatly increased ;D

  • Paul Jamieson

    I’m still waiting for the re-deployment of Nexus S phone upgrades !!
    Also, the ASUS Transformer upgrades .. I got 1 of my 14 devices upgraded before
    ASUS discovered it had opened the door to Canada too . and am now cut off from
    the upgrades to my other 13 devices .. AAhhhhh
    I suspect we will get our updates as Jelly Bean is rolled out ! lol

  • vidace

    I just got an update for my nexus s, sadly not 4.0 but 2.3.6. Don’t quite see why as I already had this version, but maybe it was a minor correction before an 4.0 update (cross my fingers)

  • Slith

    Why Israel?

    • Yossi

      Because we are the Chosen people… ;-)

  • el_diablo

    bonjour a tous ,j’ai aujourd’hui même installer ICS sur mes 2 Galaxy S 2,je peut vous dire que c’est de la tueri!!!!

    • el_diablo

      il s’agit de la version 4.0.3

  • astria

    It’s always a pain in the ass to read articles like this… if a group of part time programmers can support 300 phones with different carrier configurations all at the same time, why can’t a MNC like Samsung do the same?

    Kudos to the CM team, always loved their work… CM9 Nightly on GSII is running flawlessly…

    • CORYK333

      I understand your point, but ROM devs dont have to deal with restrictions/guidelines/carrierBS.

      • CORYK333

        To add on to my reply, the only company that doesnt have to deal with that ‘ish is Apple. They release what they want, when they want, & how they want. It sucks that they are the only 1s, but it is what it is. But i think even the VZW iphone got a few updates later than other 1s.

      • astria

        ROM devs like CM do have their own guidelines and restriction… for one, any update they do on one phone will not break the other phone in their support list… if that happens to even just 1 model in the list it’s back to step 1 to find a better solution… the numerous combination of hardware to deal with makes this a humongous task, and yet they still manage to pull through earlier and better than OEMs…

  • d4whatver82

    Coming from a Samsung Behold 2 that I held onto for 3 years, to my GS2, I’m more than happy with my current phone. It would be nice to get updated, but I honestly don’t care. My phone is bad ass as is.

  • Nathan D.

    The phone will be more awesome when it gets updated =)

  • ion orov

    I sometimes wish they follow the PC model.

    Say I buy an Galaxy S2 with Gingerbread. As soon as Google releases ICS, I pay them to upgrade my phone. Like how you upgrade from Vista to Win7 for your 2-year old laptop.

    Doesn’t have to be expensive… but who am I kidding, they’ll probably charge $100 for an update. Sigh…

    Still, it may get around the chronic laziness from Samsung, HTC and gang. We can’t always lean on the CM folks… those guys already go above and beyond.

    An official method to upgrade that bypasses the BS from makers and carriers. Sweet pipe dream.

    • ayocuz

      your PC doesn’t rely on one of these shitty carriers as an ISP

  • h0ruza

    How about this?

    The manufacturers spend time creating overlays and features that are reworks of other companies great ideas.

    The carriers use the testing excuse to remove some of those features that conflict with whatever money making ideas they have.

    Can they not have a true or false toggle for every feature so a simple script can dictate the setup for there phones?

    wishful thinking, I know

  • RafiShmoel

    wow! incredible i couldnt belive it will release first in israel :)

    i own Samsung Galaxy S II from Pelephone Company.

    cant wait for the 15 march !

    go go samsung! tnx for providing it first for israel.

    why israel? probably because israel is one of the many countires that has the most samsung phones owned, cause i see alot of ppl that owns samsung phones here.

    dont worry the rest of the world will get that soon :)

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