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Galaxy S III render leaks, device now rumored for June


Is this the rumored Samsung Galaxy S III? Victor H. of Phone Arena just posted a high-resolution render of a new device claiming to be the successor to the Galaxy S II. It’s most likely fake like the leaked Galaxy S II Plus render, but I thought it was cool so we are sharing it with you.

This device has become so hyped that it is almost impossible to keep up with all the supposed leaks and rumors. We have already seen reports that the Galaxy S III would launch in April, then May, and now the latest speculation is June.

Whenever it is time to finally announce the device, Samsung has said it will happen at a separate Samsung-hosted event and not at a trade show like CTIA Wireless. A Samsung representative previously said that the successor to the Galaxy S II would be unveiled “closer to commercial availability of the product” so we could still be waiting for several months.

Galaxy S III render.

Rumored specs of the Galaxy S III include:

  • Android 4.x Ice Cream Sandwich
  • 4.8 inch HD Super AMOLED Plus display
  • Quad-core 1.5-1.8 GHz Exynos 4412 processor
  • 12 MP rear camera, HD front camera
  • Only 7 millimeters thick
  • Ceramic casing

Most recently, the Russian blogger Eldar Murtazin tweeted that the Galaxy S III design was finalized and headed to production. He also said that pre-orders from retail partners were an all time high, which matches earlier rumors. The accuracy of Eldar’s reports have been all over the place, but he been correct on many occasions and I’ll let you judge this latest rumor.

At this point all we can do is sit here and speculate. If Samsung really is going to announce and launch this device in the summer, then we have to wait a couple more months before we receive any official information.

So far I would say their strategy is working. The bloggers and early adopters continue to talk about the successor to the Galaxy S II with an increasing excitement about the unknown. HTC is likely to win over some customers with their One series, but a lot of customers will also be waiting to see what Samsung has in store.

If you are in the market for a new Android smartphone, have any of the recent devices caught your eye or are you holding out for Samsung’s next flagship?

Via: Eldar Murtazin

Source: Phone Arena

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  • Bryan Stoner

    I’m kinda disappointed with this “leaked” render. Although, what can I say, these specs are freakin amazing.

    • redraider133

      If this comes to vzw I’ll be getting it. Hopefully this and the one x come to Verizon so I can see which one is better and get that. This summer looks like it will be a good time for android and those who have upgrades

    • King Chris Scott

      Bigger screen and it’s thinner than the SGSII GOODBYE BATTERY LIFE WTF people. I want a phone that I dont have to plug in or swap batteries ever 6-8 hours the razr maxx got it right, i’m totally fine with a phoen thats 11mm’s thick and has a 3000mLh battery so maybe I can facebook and play fantasy baseball and listen to my music ALL (all being the key word in this whole ramble) day…thin is out battery life thats the next big thing…catch on Sammy

      • xallies

        Get an expandible battery

      • Matt

        Just buy a One X with that big 1800 non-removable battery..Thats what everyone else seems to be drolling over..I’m sure it will have awesome battery life.

      • Toha

        Moto batteries on some devices are big but battery life isnt improved. Only explanation is that their sofware is not optimized as Samsung.

      • Toha

        Moto batteries on some devices are big but battery life isnt improved. Only explanation is that their sofware is not optimized as Samsung.
        I agree it would be time to focus on battery life with all big screens and LTE but for overal user expirance its more that needs to be focused on and not just big battery…..

    • putan

      Agreed. It reminds me of how apple refuses to update their design.. Btw you get down voted for saying anything negative about android on this site.. personal opinion is frowned upon

      • CORYK333

        Nope, just morons, trolls, & the occasional pretentious douchebag…….
        -I actually find the comment section on this site & APolice to be the most tolerable out of all the android blogs, with the most resonable/knowledgeable comments. (IMO, droidlife has turned absolutely unbearable w/the clowns commenting, ACentral isnt as bad but every1 is an “expert” over there & i dont go to phandroid at all anymore)

  • Jason Hernandez

    With VZW having me by the … I might snag this if it comes to VZW. We all have to take the plunge, eventually. (At least that’s how my wife convinced me to get hitched.)

  • jason

    it would be really disappointing if they use the 4412 instead of the 5250…forget the whole ‘waiting for a closer announce/release window,” hopefully theyve been waiting for the 5250 to be ready. also, has there been any word of there being integrated lte like with krait?

    • nateysmith

      4412 is integrated with LTE, but not sure about the 5250

    • AsakuraZero

      my thoughts, no need for a “top of the line” A9 phone anymore, if they want to compete with Apple they should use state of the art chips, because apple may do it, but samsung could do it sooner and even better

      • CJ LaFleur

        Because of this when the iphone 5 comes out, apple can’t say they changed a thing!

  • Umberto

    wow, the specs are amazing, and the design is pretty minimalistic, very similar to the GNex. The ceramic body is def the best part

  • nateysmith

    I have been waiting for this phone since July. I wanted something that pushes the specs boundaries like this phone. If even just the quad core comes to ATT with LTE and only a 720p screen, then I will be happy. Can’t wait for this. I will definitely be pre-ordering.

    I do hope that Samsung becomes more like Apple in the fact of releasing the device once a year and to a majority of it’s markets at the same time. That would make me ready to line up and get this device once a year as long as quality products keep coming.

    • redraider133

      I doubt that is going to happen anytime soon. I mean samsung has their one real flagship line which is the galaxy line but they have a variety of other devices that they are going to keep releasing at cheaper price points and various form factors.

      • nateysmith

        I am not talking about the other devices, I am saying just releasing the Galaxy S 3 or the next iteration to the majority of its markets at the same time every year.

  • van

    The only model among the new breed to have caught my eye so far is the Xperia S – which annoys me, because I have an inbred distaste for Sony’s mobile devices (and that fact also annoys me).

    The specs for the new HTC units are nice, but they’re a bit boring to look at, I think. That’s just personal taste of course, and it could be argued that I have none at all.

    Definitely waiting for the GS3 before I move on from my GS2.

  • Dragonithe

    I would say fake.
    Look at those ics buttons, there all wobbly.

    And if samsung wants me to buy there phone they better impress me before the one X is released, because my plan for now is that I’ll get the one X on launch day.

    • Angel

      Same here. Samsung simply charges too much for this device. Yes it’s nice but it isn’t worth all what they want for it. A year from now it will be old news. The economy is not good and they need to be more reasonable.


    I’m on an Epic 4G with CM9 and while this phone looks like its going to be awesome, I really don’t need to upgrade.

    I’m just waiting for apps that take advantage of the better hardware and NFC to take off to make want to upgrade.

    • Fulaman

      Same with me, I have a Galaxy S Fascinate with AOKP Milestone 4 (which is ICS but with extra addons) and it is as smooth as butter and is far better than the stock 2.3 ROM. That said, the Exynos 4412 does not impress me. If that is the processor they choose to use, I definitely will pass on the Galaxy S 3 and wait for a phone that utitilizes the Cortex A15 CPU.

  • Christopher Chavez

    Super dupes fake. Clearly a GS2 with a shopped screen. Can’t wait to REALLY see what this bad boy will look like though..

  • Evan Halley

    *sarcasm* Nice to see that Samsung took a chance on the design.

  • mlynch01

    HTC One X still the ONE for me. :-)


      me too! however, I’m awaiting my Galaxy Nexus in the mail to use while I wait for the One X.

  • securifirm

    TouchWiz will ruin it… :(


    one of the things wrong with this mock-up… Samsung has already adopted the horrific looking “gingerbread-like” theme for ICS for is Galaxy SII series. Just take a stroll through the recently released version on XDA in the I9100 section.

    With that being said, I do hope they come back to the holo theme for the SGSIII, but so far, it seems unlikely.

  • E

    this or htc one which to choose ?? would be freaken awsome to see pure ics on this beast

  • w00x

    4.8″ screen? Come on Android manufacturers! Make them bigger! Make them even bigger! And then put a backpack in the packaging.

    Seriously. What is the next marketing trick to lure customers? First, it was the Camera megapixels. Then it was the MHz/GHz of the CPU. After that, the screen size mania came. Then it was the pixel density. Then the multi-cores came. And now the screen is getting even larger? How large can it get??

    I still think that 4″ is the optimal size for a HAND(one)held mobile devices. Who needs more? Why?

    They better start working on optimizing the interface and removing that annoying micro-lag while navigating instead of piling up GHz, cores and physical screen size that no one can use.

    Dual-core 1,5 processor and there is STILL micro-lag while swiping through screens? I am not sure, but I would assume that fixing the software will be cheaper than piling cores on top of cores and hoping that the lag will disappear.

    • redraider133

      I agree I think 4-4.5″ is the perfect size. Anything larger than the nexus unless they make the bezels smaller is just to much.

    • B2L

      4″ may be enough for you, although it’s not big enough for the majority of us. Why do you think the GS2 and Galaxy Note have been selling so well?

      • B2L

        In addition the reason I want a device with such a large screen is because I’m a media hog. I rarely ever make calls and typically only use my phone for texting, HD games, watching videos, and listening to music.

        • Fulaman

          You and me both B2L

      • redraider133

        That’s why I said unless they shrink the bezel. Sooner or later one of these manufacturers is going to come out with a phone with a 5+ inch screen in the size of current 4.3-4.5 inch devices.

      • w00x

        The note is not a “phone”. It has a different audience. And the GS2 is 4.3. 4.3 is acceptable. 4,7/4.8 is piggish. Too big for normal one handed use. I dare you to drag down the notification bar with ease while using one hand.

        And yes. I still use my phone to communicate and not play games/watch movies. The old fashion way. If you use it for games/media mainly, why not just grab a tablet?

        • steevo

          because carrying a tablet and a phone is not practical

        • B2L

          Good thing I own a Note. I really need to make a few videos showing me doing exactly what you asked with one hand. It’s pretty easy by the way, even my wife can do it and her hands are an inch shorter than mine.

          I don’t own a tablet, because my Note has the best of both worlds. A big beautiful screen that is extremely pleasant on the eyes, plus it still fits easily in all of my pockets, and I can use it to make calls when I need to. I couldn’t ask for a more perfect device for my needs.

          Also, there was a study done recently stating that 4.5″ is the ideal size for most people. Most of us do want larger screens, although some may not want something as big as 5.3″. (But there is a large market for big screen devices, that’s why companies keeping making them larger.)

          • w00x

            Your wife can drag the notification bar with ease while holding the phone on the lower part of the device? Not in the middle. And can navigate for minutes without moving her hand even a bit? Please…. I have a friend with huge hands, who has trouble reaching all parts of his screen without straining his fingers.

            And also, I don’t know how you guys do it in the US, but when I put a 4.3″ phone in my pocket, I had trouble kneeling and tying up my shoes comfortably. I had the feeling that any minute the phone will crack.

            But hey, that’s why we use Android right? You guys buy this or the next 6,0″ monstrosity to watch clips on while… walking I guess, I’ll go with the HTC One S or the Sony Xperia P which do not require a backpack to carry.

          • Matt

            yo w00x’s not everyone is a offense to migets but if you can’t fit a 4.0 phone in your front pocket then you are a really small person..

            Most phones are made for normal size people..Maybe you should try a flip phone.

            Oh and the Note is a phone..It makes phone calls etc..we don’t follow your definition of what a phone is,

          • jimtravis

            I have the imported Note as well using my iPhone’s ATT SIM. Absolutely my favorite phone. After using the Note, other smartphones seem tiny / puny in comparison. Don’t want to watch videos, browse web, or use favorite 3rd party apps on smaller screen devices after using the Note. No problem with reaching UI elements on the screen, and due to its thinness, no problem carrying the Note around either. If you try the Note for more than 5 minutes at the store, you may just end up loving it.

        • Fulaman

          Depends on how big your hands are, I don’t think 4.7/4.8 is too big for a phone. The note however is. I have used the Galaxy S II on Sprint (which is 4.52 not 4.3) and it felt perfect.

    • RRR

      Do you have midget’s hands? Either grow up or go to the sport center. Or just try Sam Glx Note phone size for a week or a month, you will like it and 99% chance you will never look back.

      BTW, have you seen Arnold Schwarzenegger holding iPhone ? It was eye-watering funny as if someone holding a chewing gum. LOLOLOL. The phone of 6.5″ would be perfect size for him. My fav size is around 5.0-5.7″ depending on aspect ratio (for 4:3.and 19:9 respectively).

      • RRR

        typo 19:9 ==> 16:9, sorry

      • w00x

        No. I have normal hands. I can work with 4,5 screens, but I am not comfortable while doing it. Will they extend my hands in the sport center? Interesting concept.

  • jd

    I’ll probably be getting this phone unless some 5250 phones can make it to VZW this Christmas. I really hated Samsung’s cheap plastic design and wanted my phone to weigh a little bit, but HTC’s recent design with One series is just boring.

  • Ross

    I don’t really care about this, just support your CURRENT flagship model and give us ICS for the SII! How long ago was the ICS announcement?

    This is probably the one thing I miss about the iphone; a well structured and balanced rollout operation. New firmware is announced, rolls out a week later. Now I understand that android is just the operating system and each company needs to sort it out on their on systems, but really come on, support your current high end phones before teasing everyone with the next big thing. I’m not going to buy a new phone, this one is only a few months old!

    • xCaptainx

      This is me btw. Thought I was logged in.

      I don’t really care about this, just support your CURRENT flagship model and give us ICS for the SII! How long ago was the ICS announcement?

      This is probably the one thing I miss about the iphone; a well structured and balanced rollout operation. New firmware is announced, rolls out a week later. Now I understand that android is just the operating system and each company needs to sort it out on their on systems, but really come on, support your current high end phones before teasing everyone with the next big thing. I’m not going to buy a new phone, this one is only a few months old!

      • AljNtEeL1

        Can u tell me what were the big differences u always notice when u received a new software for ur iPhone? They were just some of bugfixes, weren’t they? So ancestors gingerbread operating system is almost free from bugs, why do u compare it to the iOS? SGS2 will be receiving the ICS soon.

        • AljNtEeL1


        • XEOD

          How about the fact that you generally cant even see the original OS on an Android device because of manufactures placing their own UI on top. Take a look at the leaked roms for the ICS upgrade on the galaxy S II….. Not much ICS if you ask me!

  • Keith

    I’m rockin my galaxy nexus running 4.04. I’ve had some problems with it, but not as many as some other people have said. Ive heard many reports of random restarts. The Galaxy S III will be an awesome phone!

  • cheeseasaurus

    I’m going to agree that it looks fake.

    But what stands out to me is the date on the phone, along with the announcement note in the widget. The date being one where Samsung has said will NOT be a SIII announcement and the widget claiming the contrary…

    If it were real, this could be interesting.

    • Doan

      Has any manufacturer released (or leaked) a phone render, advertising the phone on its own screen?

      • zerosix

        SGSII and SGN have News widget. By default it shows something about Barcelona, MWC 2011 and Samsung.

  • spintrex

    I’m liking the ceramic casing big jump from the plastic casing in the S II. Personally I don’t mind about the material of the casing as long is its light however when someone is dishing out a large penny for new tech you would want something that looks like it matches that price tag.

    Either way these specs are looking nice but sadly they are only rumors…until then!!! Also S III for $299? Anyone else agree?

  • Nathan D.

    I’ll get it in a heart beat if it means these specs are real, but hopefully we maybe get lucky with some real proof of this phone gets leak sooner rather then an official releases

  • Lee

    All this talk of ceramic cases just worries me. It sounds like a perfect way to make a sealed unit with a non-replaceable battery and lack of SD card. If Samsung ship another flagship device with no external storage I will be majorly pissed.

    • Ishken

      I wouldn’t get too worried over the ceramic cases. It is just a piece of aluminum that has undergone micro-arc/ plasma electrolyte oxidation. It can be done to however many pieces they want it to; HTC just chose to go with a single piece.

      I’ll hold my opinion of MAO/PEO until I have seen it in person and watched a few drop tests.

      If you want external SD, just swiitch phone manufacturers; why be mad?

      • Lee

        >>If you want external SD, just swiitch phone manufacturers; why be mad?

        Who else makes a phone that measures up to the ones Samsung offer? It certainly isn’t HTC. I’ll be mad because I happen to like Samsung devices and am heavily invested in their ecosystem.

  • jmon

    I am definitely going to wait for this phone since my contract ends in june.

  • Ken

    Could someone explain to me what’s so special about ceramic casing so I can be just as excited as the next guy? >_>

    • Taylor Wimberly

      It’s special because it’s not plastic.

    • WlfHart

      Ceramic > plastic and with any luck doesn’t kill radio receptivity like unibody metal cases.

    • Ishken

      The ceramic is formed during an oxidation process that sends more than 10,000 volts through the electrolyte solution the metal body is sitting and and essentially changes the aluminum’s composition into a crystalline phase corundum. It is supposed 5x stronger than the aluminum it came from and 3x stronger than steel. So, here’s hoping it won’t crack when you drop it, because it technically shouldn’t.

  • h0ruza

    I refuse to believe this is real. They couldn’t be holding back and delaying this phone only to make it exactly the same (looks wise) bar the three software buttons and the five icons.

    I also hope it isn’t truly 7mm thin as that may mean no SD card or a non removable battery.

    I want a new phone with some beautiful design features to go with the expected blistering hardware.

    My fingers are still crossed

    • Doan

      What can they do to make it look better? Most smartphones look nearly identical, with slight cosmetic changes (buttons, some random design on the back, etc).

      This rendering looks like my LG Vortex, only larger and thinner, with a front camera and soft buttons. Most phones follow the same look.

      • h0ruza

        I agree with you to an extent but just because most phones look the same doesn’t mean they should look the same.

        The GS looked like an iPhone, the GSII has tighter curves and is more box like. The image above is a Photoshop’d GSII.

        Sony Ericsson (now just Sony) have fresh designs every phone they spit out, it’s a shame about the elements they don’t put so much effort into.

        Plus I’d lay money on the iPhone 5 looking different this year. Is Samsung really put out a phone like the one above weld that really be seen by the general consumers as new and better?

  • kzlife

    nice.. but too big screen!!! (my opinion though)
    The ergonomics will be very bad if it’s going to be used one-handed.
    I own the sgs2 and nexus galaxy and the curved back on the nexus makes it much easier to grip than the sgs2..

  • masterpfa

    Let’s just all wait until Samsung release details
    (I said myself that I wasn’t going to comment on any of the Galaxy SIII rumours)

    We need new news on these pages and less of the pointless rumors

  • jsweetser2

    Looks sexy, inside and out!

  • Doan

    I’m hoping for less bezel, especially on the top and bottom.

  • Naitsaves

    Please let it be waterproof lol. I would totally get one if it is.

  • Raptor

    Galaxy Nexus 9.5mm – battery lasts 9 hours
    Galaxy III 7 mm – battery 7 hours
    Galaxy IV 5mm – battery 5 hours
    #%^#. #$ 3mm – battery 3 hours….
    Galaxy VIII 1 mm – battery 1 hour

    • Raptor

      …sorry for interruption….my Galaxy VIII was rebooting after i accidentally hit wall charger

  • cheeto

    I never owned a nexus device but I’ve stuck it out with 8 android devices from the beginning of android. Im pissed off for you nexus s owners. This is also going on for all recent android devices. Google, your a fucking mess and i hope you read this. I love the Android os, I’m currently running a rooted epic touch gs2. But having to rely on the modder community for an android owner to update to ics shows what a fucking mess Google is. This will probably be my last android device, ios here I come. Hopefully Google reads these comments and for their sake they get their shit straight.

    • bob

      You realize updates aren’t sent from Google right? The manufacturer of your phone is supposed to push updates, and Samsung is notorious for not being timely with updates.

  • spazby

    can’t wait for this phone… it looks out of this world

  • Hall Lo

    Excellent!! Such a powerful and beautiful device, it’s just too awesome!!!

  • Orion78

    I’m definitely holding out for this phone. While there will be other choices by then, the GS3 is #1 on my radar.

  • Nate B.

    It looks like the SGSII just stretched out. Not buying it. I hope the specs are real. We shall see.

  • keridel

    Omg it looks so new and different and… oh wait no its the.exact same thing it always is…

  • Keith

    I’m surprised nobody has talked about the 4.8 inch screen. That’s a deal-breaker for me. Just too big for a phone

  • BigCiX

    I just want a damn nice phone that will update in a timely manner.

  • thecityboy781

    Ever since i sold my iPhone 4 and got the SII im pretty much gonna get every galaxy line of phone samsung will make lol

  • Shawn Flanagan

    Definitely fake. The device reflection is mirrored from the corner, which is a mistake only a newbie would make.

    • Shawn Flanagan

      I take that back. Just looked at their site for the GSII and they made the same mistake.

  • MoSDeeb

    I hope the bezel on the top and bottom are changed to be more uniform in size. Symmetry is bliss to me when it comes to tech

  • classic_hero

    i want i want i want

  • Carol

    No Verizon?
    No thanks.

  • Paul Atreides

    That’s the GSII with the hardware buttons removed. I hope it’s closer to the other renders I’ve seen but I’d take this one with a little less enthusiasm.

  • noojAb

    I wish you did a better job distinguishing the tip and the render. it sounds like a solid tip, however it’s a poor fake render.

  • XEOD

    I’m really done with the Galaxy S series and Samsung altogether. I have owned the original Galaxy S and now own a Galaxy S II and even through it is a great piece of hardware, and I’m sure the galaxy S III is beyond awesome in specs I am just highly disappointed with the lack of control Google has with these manufactures. With so many makers of Android devices and each placing their own UI on top off a beautiful OS it’s starting to seem that the only way you can get a new OS upgrade fast enough is by upgrading the hardware, but even then as we have seen Samsung has ruined ICS by using their own UI so wants the point other then the hardware.

    I have owned an Android device since the HTC Hero (my first) and never owned an iPhone, but there is one thing Apple does have a + in my book and that’s the consistence with upgrades. Yes they own the hardware and software but I think that’s one part that they are getting right. You never hear an iFan complaining about OS upgrades because they get them directly from the source.

    Yes, I can root my phone and get a vanilla taste of ICS but unless your tech savvy you can do more harm than good. You can fork over $$$ and get a Galaxy Nexus if you’re not a Verizon customer or switch carriers, but if you’re like me and love your monthly rates and services there’s no point.

    I’m going to stick with my Galaxy S II and if I get the courage I will root my phone, but I think I’m done until I can afford to get a Galaxy Nexus on my network or when Google starts to push manufactures to get with the program.

    Trash me if you like, but this is just my opinion and not a debate.

    • yankeesusa

      Agree with you on this. That is one reason why I haven’t jumped ship to samsung. HTC has always given me updates. yes, sometimes they are delayed but lately htc has been consistent compared to samsung. I think the reason samsung would release the gs3 already is because they probably lost the contract to develop the next gnexus phone. Either lg or htc probably got it which I’m looking forward too. Imagine… a gnexus from htc with the same type of specs as the htc one lineup but with only google on it. No bloatware or addons. That would be awesome. Samsung better get their game on and start pushing updates fast or they might loos a lot of people.

      • jspiby2

        I love HTC phones, but i think you will find that Samsung have released 4.0 update on just as many galaxy S 2s possibly even more than HTC have for the sensation.

  • Adryan maldonado

    I read a good point from another article that some one pointed out about this rendering. If you look at the notification bar it’s from the galxy nexus cause I don’t think the notification is going to look like that when it’s touchwizd.

  • jspiby2

    Hmmm, what to do? My contracts up in July, do I go for my normal HTC (one x) or do i try out galaxy S 3? Or if the specs are that much better than the ‘one x’ will HTC bring another phone out, what to do?, normally the android flagship phones are similar and its just a choice of what UI you prefer but it looks like Samsung are trying pull ahead in every way now.

  • Hurricane Game

    i am not buying a 4.8 inch phone, these people need to stop, 4.5-4.6 is MORE than enough, STOP IT! we donot want to carry tablets in our pockets!

  • Sam

    4.8 screen

    I am NOT buying it

    I want a smartphone not a tablet