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Galaxy S III to be unveiled May 22nd at Samsung Unpacked event in London?


If this is another fake, it’s a damn good one. Today a reddit user uploaded a supposed press image of the Galaxy S III which hints at an unveiling on May 22nd at a Samsung Unpacked event in London.

Samsung previously said the successor to the Galaxy S II would be unveiled at “separate Samsung-hosted event in the first half of the year, closer to commercial availability of the product.” The latest rumored release date is sometime in June, so this leak falls into those plans.

On the leaked image we can see the name of a PR firm called Weber Shandwick. A quick search through my Gmail archives shows they have done work for Samsung in the past, including their press conference at CES 2010.

Other details revealed in the photo include a dedicated camera button (yes!), the return of the single home button, a front speaker grill, and an edge-to-edge screen.

Rumors had suggested that Samsung might announce the Galaxy S III in the United States, but they did hold the Galaxy Nexus unveiling in Hong Kong, so I guess anything is possible, including London.

I’m not sure about the significance of the May 22nd date, but it does fall between the CTIA Wireless show in early May and Google IO in late June. We are expecting a lot of new smartphone announcements at CTIA, so I think it would be kind of genius for Samsung to skip another big trade show and overshadow everyone a couple weeks later.

As of right now the Samsung Unpacked site is offline, but keep an eye on it because we could see the first teaser soon.

Maybe we are all getting trolled again, but this leak looks pretty genuine to me. What do you think?

Source: Reddit

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  • oddball

    That is a thing of beauty now I hope it comes to Verizon

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      I was just thinking about that. Vzw got the Nexus (GS2 Variant) and it’ll be pushing 8 months old by June. And there haven’t been any rumors of another High End device in the pipeline for them lately.

      • redraider133

        Agree I hope verizon picks this up.

    • Kye


      Eldar Murtazin has chimed in on this:!/eldarmurtazin/status/180956478134435841

      • jonathan3579

        With something so beautiful, it really makes it hard to complain about not having soft keys. Lol

    • LukeT32

      Don’t think there is any way they won’t.

  •!/profile.php?id=583695634&ref=profile Rahul Singh

    This looks like a amazing devise, let’s see if that will come to reality or if it’s another fake image leaked (Finders Crossed for it to be real).

    •!/profile.php?id=583695634&ref=profile Rahul Singh

      Fingers* Crossed

      • alxrock

        I’m gonna say it’s fake. As someone pointed out, there doesn’t seem to be an earpiece (Samsung typically has a nice little slit toward the top of the phone), and I would think the GSIII would have on-screen buttons.

        • KOD

          It’s a fake because you can’t visibly see what any phone must have, an earpiece? Does this not sound as stupid to you as it does to me? The phone, I think, is low quality and may not pick up all details.

          Analyze :)

          • alxrock

            What I meant was that it looks an awful lot like Samsung’s Galaxy Player, a great device.. but not a phone.

  • bin artyte

    the case looks ceramic… i think…

  • Vance

    Pretty… oh so pretty

  • jason

    so we’re gonna have to have a separate non-home button version in the us again?

  • ghost114

    upgrade June 4th… patiently waiting.

  • http://None Javier Bastardo

    That phone right there looks beautiful, really hoping for this leak on information to be real.

  • Spencer Aaltonen

    Hmm, not sure I like the single home button getup. Eligible for an upgrade two days ago, so now we wait……

    • kzlife

      If you look close there’s a menu and back-button beside the home button

  • cwjones4

    This looks awesome. Honestly, samsung can’t release this phone soon enough. Fingers crossed it is released soon after the announcement in the USA!

    • Moosa Mahsoom

      fight of the year: htc one x vs samsung galaxy s3. i have no idea about the tegra 3 processor on the htc one x because the variant of tegra 3 is clocked higher than the transformer prime. it may even have a ddr3 memory controller. 28 nm. maybe???exynos could be around the same frequency and with mali 400mp again.

  • donger

    if that is the real deal, it looks pretty sweet.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Man talk about summer choices Galaxy S3, or Galaxy Journal/Note2 or The Nexus tablet. All i know by the time September comes Verizon would have done some serious damage.

    • squiddy20

      I think it’s utterly hilarious you actually believe Verizon will be getting all of these devices. Very little is known about the Galaxy S3 itself, let alone what carriers will be stocking it, and we won’t know for several more months at least. The Galaxy Journal on Verizon was nothing more than a rumor, from several months ago, and hasn’t been spoken of since. And after the crap Verizon pulled with the Galaxy Nexus, I wouldn’t expect Google to go there anytime soon for anymore Nexus products. Keep up that dreamland in screwy “Richard’s World”.

      • Richard Yarrell

        As usual the GOON SQUAD responds….It’s funny how we all know you won’t be purchasing any of these devices when they come to verizon. Let me ask you how’s your CRAPPY SAMSUNG MOMENT HOLDING UP..Your a clown and should be ASHAMED to even come into these forums…You purchase nothing of any desire to nobody…

        • squiddy20

          “It’s funny how we all know you won’t be purchasing any of these devices when they come to verizon” Wow. For once, you’re right about something. I won’t be getting anything on Verizon… because I’m on Sprint and will be staying with Sprint you stupid moron. Surely you of all people, who insult me about my “useless” Samsung Moment (a Sprint only phone), would have figured that out by now. How stupid you just made yourself look. You must really revel in being treated like shit and always wrong. How utterly hilarious and sad.
          “Let me ask you how’s your CRAPPY SAMSUNG MOMENT HOLDING UP” Quite well actually, thanks for asking. Sure, I may not have “the latest and greatest” but that has never (and I mean never) really mattered to me. Being first usually means higher costs and a buggy experience until the kinks are worked out. So have fun with those high costs and $200-$300 spent every year for a shiny new phone when that could better be used for say, an education which you’re in so desperate need of. Laughing my ass off over here at your utter stupidity. By all means keep it up Dick.
          “should be ASHAMED to even come into these forums” Why? Because you say so? Ooooo such a good reason! What a laughable attempt at an insult. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, children really could come up with better insults.
          “You purchase nothing of any desire to nobody” Why thanks Richard! I know I purchase things that everyone desires! Stupid moron, try using your “bitch slapping” Galaxy Nexus to look up “double negative” on the Internet and tell me how you screwed up your own statement. Go get an education, you’re in sore need of some spelling and comprehension classes.

          • HAMID

            Very well said, I like your comment in all of then..squiddy20 great word use as funny :)

    • Steam

      1)The Nexus tablet isn’t a high-end tablet, it’s looking more like a Kindle Fire-level tablet. Just because it says “Nexus” on it, and you own a device with “Nexus” on it, doesn’t mean it’s the greatest thing ever.
      2) At what point did anyone tell you that all or even any of these are coming to Verizon? Verizon may never have the GS3, they passed on the GS2. Verizon may get NONE of these devices. Verizon already has a very strong device portfolio, which is why they passed on the GS2.
      3)”…by the time September comes, Verizon would have done some serious damage.” What the hell are you talking about? Damage to what? Vandalism? Domestic terrorism? Biological warfare? Is there some cryptic date in Richard Yarrell’s world where Verizon brings about the apocalypse Saturday, September 22, 2012?
      4) Do you actually even know what it is you’re typing most of the time anymore? You really are degenerating mentally more and more rapidly as time goes on. You used to just be the idiot weirdo High Priest of the Church of Evo. Now, it’s more like reading what a demented, pre-pubescent monkey has mashed on a typewriter. You may as well throw random Shakespeare quotes in your posts, for all the sense they make anymore.
      5) Get some help. Seriously. I can’t believe that you’re not committed, although NYC’s mental facilities are over-crowded, so perhaps they haven’t deemed you to be a danger to yourself or others. Phones, maybe, but not people.
      6) You can’t cure stupid. I wonder how much of your spewing stems from mental issues and how much stems from stupidity. Either way, you are in dire need of a mental health expert.

      • B2L


      • JosephInEgypt

        omg….that sh*t was hilarious

      • Richard Yarrell

        Your the BASIC GIRL FRIEND OF SQUIDDY20…Both of you are USELESS FOOLS trolling the internet with a DEAD END LIFE…Can’t help but laugh at the GOON SQUAD. Give squiddy20 a big fat kiss before you go to bed tonight..And don’t worry about what Verizon gets or doesn’t get neither of you jobless fools will be purchasing anything anyway…

        • squiddy20

          Was that it? That’s all that you could come up with against his entire argument? A few extremely, utterly pitiful insults that grade school children make? Just do yourself a favor Richard and quit while you’re behind. Unless you actually revel in your stupidity, in which case, go right on ahead making yourself out to be a complete fool.
          And again, you’re right about one thing and one thing only Richard, I won’t be purchasing anything with Verizon, but not because I’m “poor”, “broke”, a “bum”, “jobless”, “useless” or any other laughably stupid insults you could come up with. No, I’m not purchasing anything on Verizon because I’m with Sprint and will stay with Sprint when my contract ends in 2 months. Surely you, who has repeatedly insulted me about my “useless” Samsung Moment (a Sprint only phone), would have picked up on that by now?

        • Steam

          Now you are resorting to projecting your issues again, Richard.
          Useless? I don’t work in a soup kitchen that took me in because I was too stupid to take care of myself.
          Fool? If you multiplied your IQ by 13, then squared it, you still wouldn’t have half of mine. Hell, you wouldn’t have half of my cat’s IQ.
          Dead end life? I have a very good career, I am highly educated, hold several advanced degrees, and I make more money before lunch than you make in a year.
          I do worry very much about what Verizon does or doesn’t do. I own quite a bit of Verizon stock, not just a phone and a fantasy world. How many shares do you hold, Richard? None? That’s what I thought.
          Jobless? see above.
          “Can’t help but laugh”? I can’t even say “nice try” because it wasn’t, that was pathetic. We all know that you’re not laughing, you’re really pissed off. I can tell when you’re pissed off because your posts make even less sense than they normally do, and you start projecting those issues from your father pissing on you and calling you useless.
          If you laughed at everything that’s been said to you, you wouldn’t have taken down your stupid youtube videos. I recall you saying that you were “making out like a fat cat”… on videos that had 20-40 views. Another piss-poor (pun very intended) attempt on your part.
          I know for a fact that I get to you, because very recently, you were so flustered, you just said “how about you go fuck yourself”. You were so upset that you couldn’t even resort to your typical toddler insults.
          Won’t be purchasing anything? Um, yes, I do, much more than you ever will. Again, how many shares of VZW stock do you hold, Richard? (Hint: a phone isn’t considered a share of stock, regardless of how “pimp-slapping” you imagine it to be.
          The joke is on you. The joke IS you, and we’re all laughing. :D

  • doesn’t…..

    It doesn’t look like it will have separable back cover

    anyways, don’t they always say “Samsung Unpacked Event”…somehow on the widget it says “Galaxy SIII Unpacked Event”

  • MBryant501

    Gotta get that

  • Mark W

    A lot of you seem to be missing the significane of this date! May 22nd is the approximate date that the London Olympic Torch Relay starts – of which Samsung are a major sponsor – so this date and event in London make total sense!!

    • Steve Nutt

      Yep, pretty sure I mentioned in a previous thread that the SGS3 is likely to be linked with and advertised along with the Olympics.

      So I would expect a London Launch on or around the Olympic Touch Relay start. As to the phone itself, I’ve no idea.

  • Hall Lo

    Looks real since at the top bar on the phone its the ics roboto clock. The device itself looks pretty, and I can’t wait to see more about it!

  • Guy

    Oh here we go again with another rumour. So many rumours flying around it makes you think there’s never going to ever be a S3. Part of me hopes there never is..but part of me thinks…BRING IT ON…I WANT THIS BABY!!! Confused..??? Well this is what’s these all these rumours are doing to me…aargh.

  • Paulo Botelho

    This looks fake. We identify, by searching for similar images, the picture of happy children is widespread on the web.

    • Yorick

      Err… stock photo? Not that weird.

  • Paulo Botelho

    This seems fake. We identify, by searching for similar images, the picture of happy children is widespread on the web.

  • h0ruza

    The edge to edge screen is a dream come true and deep down I might take the credit for it ;)

    Its not as clean as I thought it would or should be but then again I wasn’t taken with my GSII but these days I can’t put down.

    Here we go!

  • Bork


  • Voy

    Clever fake, if it is one. But the device doesn’t look so great.

    The thin white bezel on either side of the “edge-to-edge screen” would be a terrible design. It wouldn’t hurt on a black device, but on a white one it looks awful.

  • Andrewmelder

    Im sorry but hasn’t anyone else noticed that the earpiece is below the home button and not on the top of the phone where it should be? Nice try but clear photoshop

    • AljNtEeL1

      I respect ur point of view but I disagree with u.

      • Andrewmelder

        I hope it does look as good, if not better than this, but seriously where is the earpiece? Also the edging around the samsung logo seems odd for some reason, although that maybe just my screen.

        I stand by my photoshop claim though.

      • AljNtEeL1

        Sorry. This reply is intended to be on Voy’s post.

    • Sonia

      2nd stereo speaker and a microphone in the top grill.

  • AljNtEeL1

    What I hope to find in this phone is:

    1. Notification light.
    2. Camera button.
    3. SD card slot.
    4. Screen not bigger than 4.7.

    • AljNtEeL1

      5. Removal battery
      6. 32 GB internal memory

      • Dan13

        7. Super AMOLED+ HD display
        8. Huge battery

        • zerosix

          0. Updates for 3 years.

          • Yonas

            Higher GPU than the adreno220
            CPU clocked at 1.7 GHZ or higher.

      • Ishken

        If they put in a battery over 2,000 mAh, would you still want it removable or would you want it thinner and unremovable? I know the argument is that you are a heavy power user who is on your phone all the time (how people keep their jobs and are on their phones constantly is beyond my understanding), so is it for that reason? If so, why would you want to buy a spare 2,000+ mAh battery? You just charge your phone overnight while you sleep. A battery that large lasts usually all day and will crap out on you right when you’re going to bed anyway. So why would you need a spare. Pretend I am a phone design engineer who is genuinely interested and reply with an intelligible answer.

  • Yonas

    Hurry up with it !! or else ppl will go with the new HTC one series.

    • AljNtEeL1

      When will the HTC one series be released?

      • zerosix

        In the beginning of April.

      • jonathan3579

        When HTC says.

  • salmubarak
  • Yildirim Sertbas

    good fake news..

  • cthonctic

    Well, the design certainly does look attractive. But let’s hope it will also be offered in a black version because I can’t see myself ever buying a white device.
    No idea why (and obviously, it’s just my opinion) but I have always felt white devices look cheap and unstylish.

  • BigCiX

    I have an upgrade.this month and one in May. So forsure my LG Thrill is getting replaced!

  • kwills88

    The good ole galaxy hump isn’t there which makes me question it a bit, though if this is true, that bezel is almost nonexistent, the US probably won’t see this til late August, patiently waiting for Mr blurry cam to appear.

  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    First things first that picture looks awesome. I hope that is the Galaxy S 3. Hopefully it comes with the exynos A15 and it comes to T-mobile in white the first day. Last but not least, this phone is going to be awesome hopefully its bugless or has very little bugs.

  • Paulo Botelho

    @eldarmurtazin “SGS3 is different but thats one is closest to final design”!/eldarmurtazin/status/180956478134435841

  • Peter T

    Finally, front facing speakers, button for camera, edge to edge screen, and throw in Samsung in house quad-core, Super Amoled HD and 4.5 to 4.7 screen size. This got to give a you hard on!

  • LSH99

    It has Touchwiz, right? Pass.

    I definitely like any effort to reduce bezel size, but I have a feeling virtually every phone will be without a bezel by the end of the year.

    I understand that the GSII has a great reputation, but i have very little interest in this device. *shrug* To each his own.

    • SanzaBlancoAkA2C

      Same here. Any device with some sort of skin is a no go for me. Former G1, Nexus One & current Galaxy Nexus user. Don’t get me wrong I love the design minus the physical buttons but I’d much rather wait for the next Nexus device which will probably resemble this device, if it’s made by Samsung again. Hope they give with a battery that will rival the Razor Maxx.

  • jmon

    yea! i cant wait. upgrade avail in june. super excited.

  • RX-78-7

    Looks like we wont be able to change battery. ):
    Still I think it looks pretty sleek, though I’d prefer the black version.

  • Dan13

    I’ve been sitting on an upgrade for a few months now, waiting for a REALLY good phone to be released. Looks like this is it! That is, if it’s not fake…

  • redraider133

    I like the look and design of it. Nice to see them going with a physical camera button rather than just an on screen one.

  • Jorge Vieira

    Now thats a much better looking phone the that other render. I can fall dehind that design. Looks awsome hope this is real!

  • Random_C

    Hmm, not sure this is legit. A button at the bottom?

    This will be my gnex replacement if it comes to vz.

  • s2fan

    A dedicated camera button..FTW..Sammy going to rule this year too with another amazing phone…

  • Voy

    The more I think about it the more fake it seems to me. The side view and the front view just don’t seem to match – a white back with a metallic front frame surrounding a white bezel? Just too fussy.

    Also, the whole picture is strange. Why would the name of the PR firm be featured so prominently? Why the great expanse of empty?

    Nothing conclusive, but I give a thumbs down. Just hope the real deal still has a camera button!

    • Voy

      Also: A phone this svelte with a huge high-res screen and quad core Exynos processor? Battery time would be abysmal.

    • AljNtEeL1

      We will know whether it is fake or real in a month or so.

  • Eric Weiss

    If this is real the Galaxy III is my next phone

  • MoSDeeb

    I’ve been thinking they would go button-less same as the galaxy nexus. I’m still thinking that will be the case when revealed.

  • RX-78-7
  • Nathan D.

    I like the new look and isn’t much of a change but it at least gets away from their traditional look

  • spazby

    can’t wait. as of right now, this is my new phone…

  • RRR


    1. Murtazin says it’s fake pic.
    2. Who will have a nerve system to buy this one just a month (or three) before iPhone5 ?

    • zerosix

      Who will have a nerve system to buy this one just 10 years and a month (or three) before iPhone 15?

    • AljNtEeL1

      Android community don’t pay any kind of attention to iPhone 5. Whether iPhone 5 is going to be released a month or an hours after galaxy s3, we will go with galaxy or any other of android phones. We love android OS, and we will stick with it, no matter how ugly or beautiful the iPhone 5 will be. :)

  • RRR

    Reading these rumors i found myself that I do not care of any new phone less then Note size.
    Anyone too ?

    The edge-to-edge screen would be specifically great for Note2 in reducing its body size without reducing screen. Virtual bezel (no or little plastic bezel, just the electronic one of user programmable width) too. But major improvements for Note2 would be
    -SuperAMOLED+ with no pentile
    -Full day battery 4000 mAh or so
    -New gen processor

    What else?

  • Barry Fruitman

    I love it. Samsung Galaxy product launches are starting to get iPhone-like hype.

  • Stian Jacobsen

    I dont know why people cant see this, but it is indeed a fake.
    Two reasons why:

    - The SGIII will ship with ICS. This screen shows GB with TouchWiz
    And the biggest reason is….. that “phone” is the Galaxy S Wifi

    • AljNtEeL1

      How did you know that the OS in the picture is GB?

  • Naitsaves

    I can already upgrade, and it’s killing me having to wait so long.

  • aranea

    I love hos SIII release is making me and other hyped. This is a good strategy for Samsung yet they shouldn’t keep us waiting for too long.

  • CJ LaFleur

    Why the home button, thats what soft buttons on ics are for. This render doesn’t seem accurate and i konda dont believe this leak.

  • stondec

    This looks beautiful but two things, one, I hope the real SGSIII comes in black and I also hope the screen is edge to edge.

  • sunrise

    I don’t care what it looks like as long as it is a powerful phone with a microSD and removable battery.

  • rizwan

    what do you think about this image ? LOL another leak !

    • AljNtEeL1

      OMG! They r different. Now we don’t know which one is the real one :(

      • rizwan

        LOL yes . everyday there is new image ! This something different than first one :( Specs are awesome according to the user

    • RX-78-7

      *heads blown* looks smexy
      I wish those specs were true.
      ps: is it possible for this device to have the mali 608?

      • rizwan

        I wish there were no flash :) yes specs are great !

  • Mathias

    Man Samsung is smart, the longer they wait the more buzz there is on the internet.
    May 22 is close to the start of the Olympic Games in London, where Samsung is the main sponsor. Imagine all the advertisement they get there (probably for this phone).

  • h0ruza

    I’m prepared to think the live photo has a better chance of being real

    Mainly because it would take more effort to fake than a press image like the one above.

    Maybe none of these are real. Its a crazy world out there

  • سجاد

    خیلی عالیییییییییییییییییییییییی

  • Nate B.

    All I ever have interest in when it comes to Android is the Nexus and the Galaxy Series. These other phones are a waist of production. I am curious to see what the HTC One X does. I hope this year is not over saturated with devices to compete with something that has been out for months and when they really need to be trying to make a device that will win for the year ahead until it’s cycle is up for a successor (yearly).

    • swazedahustla

      I think thats pretty much what you are going to get my friend. The SGS3 is coming with the exynos chip that has already been out in the SGS2, just overclocked the GPU a little bit. So that tells you right there, the insides will already be months behind until they release something with the exynos 5250.

  • james