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Google Play to add audiobooks, magazines, and newspapers to better compete with iTunes


Google is slowly but surely trying to build up a full content ecosystem to compete with the likes of Apple’s iTunes and Amazon’s store. The search giant has added books, movies, and music to its content repertoire, and according to a rumor posted on the unofficial Google news site Google Operating System, Google may soon add audiobooks, magazines, and newspapers to the mix.¬†TechCrunch¬†adds that Google might add TV shows to its video service, citing Google’s recent snatching up of domains related to Google Play, which included

These features are already available on both iTunes and Amazon, and adding this content to the Google Play store will help Google better compete in the content world. With approximately 50% of smartphone users owning devices that run Google’s Android operating system, there is certainly a wealth of potential customers to draw from. Since these individuals are already tied into Google’s ecosystem, Google has a strong advantage in wooing customers into its service.

Expanding the ecosystem makes a lot of sense for Google, as the company is rumored to be working on a Google Play tablet made by ASUS. Google hopes to build on the successes enjoyed by the Kindle Fire tablet, which in just three months became the best selling Android tablet out there. The Google Play tablet will bring all of Google’s Play services into one media-consumption device, and could be Android’s best bet to steal customers away from the iPad.

I’m excited for more content to come to Google Play, and already read a ton of magazines on my Transformer Prime via the Kindle Store. What else do you guys want to see in Google Play? Sound off in the comments.

Via: TechCrunch

Source: Google Operating System

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    Sounds like a 7″ Tegra 3 stock ICS tablet with well laid out homescreens. Not such a bad thing.

    I would like to see Google Listen to be merged into Play Music so you can get your tunes and your podcasts in the same app.

    • ddp

      I’d prefer something along the lines of PocketCasts, than Google Listen. It’s just a much more polished podcast app. But yes, Google needs to work on a podcast store/database for us to pull from, with any and all podcasts out there, not just a few. That would be major. Would love a new tab in the Music app so I don’t have to go fishing for them either.

  • dpleus

    What I want to know is when will we be able to buy movies and not just rent them?

    • SuperAndroid

      Yes, since you can buy a book/app/music/game and keep using them for as long as you like, it would be nice to add movies to that list too.

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      AND TV Shows…. Glaring Omission.

  • Practice

    Podcasts, perhaps?

  • Johnston212

    I am curious to know why this was far too complicated or overwhelming to be supported by the Android Market?

    • RTET

      You don’t need an Android device to consume the Books, Movies, and Music so having the word Android in there no longer made any sense.

  • txbluesman

    It’s good to see these additions. Keep them coming Google. Let’s Play!

  • oddball

    I would like to see a few things in a Google tablet. First the ability to buy movies and television shows. Second a universal backup for ALL of my data without having to root. And finally the pipedream of a data package from Google that is either included with the purchase of the tablet (the way amazon used to with the 3g kindles) or at $10-20 a month for a mobile data package

  • hinds

    A Google play tablet with content at $200= my next purchase

    • spazby

      amen to that

  • http://None Javier Bastardo

    I’m sorry to say this, but as long as Google doesn’t makes an effort to offer all of their services to the rest of the world (mostly other than US territory) they will never succeed over the competitions of iTunes, Amazon, Pandora and all of their stuff.

    Here I don’t have access to Wallet, Currents, Shop, Catalogs, Offers, Voice, Music, Movies, Books.

    I know is not only on them, that’s why I ask for an effort on this front, rather that just ask them to do it already like most people.

    • http://None Javier Bastardo

      Oh and I’m happy with this news, even if I don’t get to see any of the content, I’m sure they’ll do something great. Go Big G!

    • Mark

      You have an excellent point.. I think their lack of support for other countries is only feeding customers to apple and other platforms


    Looking forward to the audio books. Magazines too

  • Jayson Olson

    It always was surprising to me it took Google this long to address this type of content.

    Perhaps one of the reasons I’ve been holding out on a tablet purchase thsu far was the inability to have magazines formatted directly for Android.

    I suppose better late than never, but still, I can’t fathom why (especially after Kindle launch) that Google was so conservative here on the approach of this type of content.

  • paul

    What android needs is dedicated tablet designed Apps, newspapers & magazines NOT just blown up smartphone versions.

  • alterSchw3de

    I really miss the ability to upload my existing ebooks to the google cloud like i can do with my music.

    And of course having these services outside the usa would be great, but that’s obviously something only amazon and apple can pull off.

  • Chris Weber

    I’d really love to see Google take over the Etextbook area and have college students use those instead of buying or renting books. Adding TV shows and newer music HAS to happen for them if they really want to compete, or they could just add support for Hulu.

  • NamelessTed

    I would absolutely love to see Magazines come to the Google Play market. I got a Transformer over Christmas and have recently started using it to read magazines. Honestly, it is amazing to read on, and having properly formatted magazines are so much better than trying to read a terribly formatted blog on a tablet.

    I am all for dedicated apps through the market for a specific magazine. I recently discovered Distro, the digital mag that Engadget puts out. It doesn’t have all the content that you get on their site, but the articles that are on Distro are good to read, and the formatting of the whole program is one of the best examples of how to properly make an app for a tablet.

    I tried out Nook, but don’t like it at all. The Kindle app works fine so far, but I don’t like buying content across several content providers. Call me crazy, but if I can buy as much stuff as possible through Google, the better. It is the same reason that I buy games on Steam and not on Games on Demand or Origin or whatever else there is.

    Needless to say, I will be subscribing to at least a few magazines once they hit Google Play.

  • MJM128

    To better compete they need to create a desktop client for playing your music and syncing it to and from your cloud account. It needs to be cross platform. They also need to open up their API for their cloud music for other players and then they also need to have your songs download better. Don’t strip the tags from the files and store them into a good location. Example: /sdcard/music/artists/albums/songname.mp3

  • benben

    How about this.
    Google Play Music to add support for countries outside of the US to better compete with iTunes.
    Seems like a no-brainer to me.

  • alee

    It’ll be hard to get a good selection of audiobooks without getting them from They supply all the audiobooks for iTunes, and of course for Amazon, because Amazon now owns Audible.

    • ddp

      Don’t think it’ll be too hard for them to develop their own format, create and SDK, and allow user to publish audiobooks right to their store. Why not create a new standard.

      Personally, I want books in Play Books to have the ability to read a portion of the book to me aloud. You know, I might be cleaning up and want to finish off the last chapter of a novel I started earlier in the week. Maybe they should integrate these two…. Hmm.