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HTC and Sprint hosting press event on April 4 – HTC One X unveiling imminent


Sprint and HTC have sent us an invitation to a press event on April 4 in New York City. The invitation does not reveal what the two companies plan on unveiling, but we have a feeling that a Sprint-branded HTC One X (which is rumored to launch on June 10th) will be making an appearance. Sprint CEO Dan Hesse and HTC President Jason Mackenzie will be present, so we’re expecting an event that’s on par with the EVO 4G unveiling (which took place in New York City two years ago).

We are planning on attending, so stay tuned for our event coverage, hands-on pictures, videos and initial impressions of Sprint’s newest HTC device. Do you think Sprint will be keeping the EVO brand alive or will they give in and release the new phone as an HTC One?

Nick is a tech enthusiast who has a soft spot for HTC and its devices. Nick joined the Android and Me family in the summer of 2010.

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  • txbluesman

    I do want to check this out. I am curious.

  • oddball

    Congrats to Sprint users I hope this is the start of a great year for HTC and hope this is just the beginning of the US roll out of this phone

  • spazby

    oh man, i only wish i was up for new phone now…

  • walt_

    They could always pull an Apple and go… the “new HTC EVO 4G”!

  • Dirge


    • E

      I think you are right and the EVO X sounds cool or maybe even EVO ONE X

  • Nate B.

    Since day one I enjoyed reading the articles posted here even when I read them on other mobile tech sites. #Androidandme

    • Angie Wimberly

      Good deal :)

  • Nathan D.

    Well this isn’t surprising I’m looking forward to this

  • Nathan D.

    Well this isn’t surprising I’m looking forward to this.

  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    Let see if it comes to T-mobile it is HTC One X vs SG3 :). Decisions, decisions. Also Sprint is really stepping their game up, Galaxy Nexus, and HTC One X

  • alxrock

    I’m sure HTC wants to keep their “One” branding, but Sprint loves their EVO line and long device names… Maybe the “HTC One X EVO Swift 4G LTE”
    I personally don’t mind Sprint losing the EVO branding and just going with the “One X”.

  • Annoymous

    I really hope for this to come out, maybe even better specs to be more on par with the SG3.
    Either way, HTC ROCKS!!

  • Androidcrazed6

    Okay, i have a question for you guys, so please give me your oinions…

    Let me start this of with: I have approxiametly $500 saved up.

    I been looking for a device for TWO YEARS, and at first i wanted, by the way i was new to technology so dont judge me, an Ipad… then decided to wait for the next Ipad. I then fell i love with Android and decided to get an Android tablet… and again changed to smartphones. I was head over heels with Android smartphones. I thought that i could terminate my Sprint contract to begin a new contract but found out that my family was on a family contract meaning that if i terminate my contract… everybody has to get new phones. So then i was going to pay full-price but my mom said why pay full-price when your contract ends in December and you can upgrade in October and also, you can a tablet which has a bigger screen.

    I didnt want to get a tablet because i just thought the phones suited me more… and also she isn’t really into technology like me. We kept on fighting until she suggested ebay. I found an amazing deal of a almost like brand new Samsung Nexus S 4G for $200, then these stories of the One X is coming to Sprint and I LOVVVE HTC.

    so the questions comes now: Should i wait and get the One X if/once it comes out… or get the Nexus s from ebay…. or get a tablet

    p.s. Please dont tell me that whichever you think will suit you better because I want your opinions… I am relly rellying on you guys becuase im still only young and a new-bie sort-of becuase i never had something of this value

    Thanks so much!

    • alxrock

      I think you might want to wait a bit longer. I’m on Sprint and I have an upgrade in April and was going to grab the Galaxy Nexus, but decided to wait a bit longer for the One X or maybe Samsung’s Galaxy SIII.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Wait and see the official details of the Galaxy S III.

      • Nick Gray

        I’m a huge HTC fan, but if this is your first Android purchase I’d have to agree with Taylor to simply wait things out until Samsung announces the Galaxy S III to see how it compares to the One X and if it will be available on your carrier. If you have the money, you might as well spend it on the best device money can buy.

    • Joel

      Wait for the One X.

      Considering that you love HTC, and the One X is the most up-to-date version of their software/hardware you’ll be happier with that.
      I know what it feels like to be young and in want of a new phone, but trust me you dont want to spend money on the Nexus S at this point.
      1.) If its on Ebay for 200 its probably used.
      2.) The Galaxy Nexus is heading to Sprint.

      Be a bit more patient and keep saving, this year is a good year for new phones. October isnt so far away – 6 months in the android world flies by quickly and we dont wanna leave you behind :)

    • pekosROB

      Get a tablet now with the money you have saved, save some more, and then get either the One X or the Galaxy SIII

    • triangle

      I agree with the other comments. Wait to see what Samsung rolls out and then you can decide between that and the One X.

      The Nexus S getting a little old, so if you want something you can live with for a couple of years, it’s better to get something new.

      • Androidcrazed6

        Thank you guys a bunch. I will wait and see what HTC and Samsung offers and choose the one that i think suits me most.

  • surg3d

    Kinda hoping they keep the EVO branding.

    • jonathan3579

      They will.

      T-Mobile has the myTouch and G-series.
      Verizon has the Droid(s). God, i hate using that.
      Sprint has the Evos.
      AT&T has… AT&T has… uhh, well they don’t have a designated line.

      I’m a T-Mobile guy but i like Sprint’s lineup. I think they’ll make a splash with their new network so killer handsets are a must have

  • akashwani

    EVO OnyX?

  • Anurag Sharma

    really????????????????? yeah!!!!!!


  • Jorge Vieira

    I hope is the one x i hope they name it the EVO X I like the should of that. Now ny friebd has a tough choice this, nexus, or hopefully the sg3 come out for sprint too. He is leaning towards the nexus.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Gotta love DAN and JASON they love these get togethers no doubt. This will always be EVO related. I just wanted them to wait a little longer but who knows maybe sprint will have LTE in New York City in june which would be very surprising. My EVO FAMILY of friends i wish nothing but joy for the newest member to the evo family.

    • squiddy20

      “I just wanted them to wait a little longer” Well boo hoo, Richard didn’t get his way again. Guess what Dick, the world does not revolve around, nor care, about you.
      “they love these get togethers no doubt” And you know this…. how? Are you “best buddies” with them? Do you go over to their house every once in awhile and say “hey”? No Richard, now you’re just putting your moronic words in their clean mouths. This is just business to them. Good lord you are stupid.

      • Dirge

        Wow, you just love being on Richard’s nuts, don’t you? Not a post of his goes by without you popping up and turning into his older self.

        Why do you have this need to nitpick all of his posts for no reason?

        • squiddy20

          “and turning into his older self” It’s actually quite funny that you put it that way because I’m not even half his age (assuming he’s around 50 since I’m 21). Surely if a “kid” half his age can act/respond better than him, he should be able to as well, no?
          And no, I don’t nor would I like “being on Richard’s nuts”. I just like pointing out the huge errors in his comments or finding things to piss him off so he’ll make even more errors and extremely juvenile insults, thereby showing his “true” hypocritical, extremely biased, self-absorbed, two-faced, suck-up self. The best part is, even after almost 2 years of this back-and-forth, he still doesn’t get it. He still attempts to beat me by insulting me with retorts grade school children come up with. You’d think after being shut out of Phandroid 4 (yes, four) times, Android Central and Android Police at least once each, and probably a few other Android sites, he’d get the hint to at least tone it down, but he hasn’t changed a bit.

        • jonathan3579

          Richard’s fan, Dirge is just as half-whitted as Richard himself.

          Hey Dirge, why are you all over Richard’s dick? He is a “man” and can defend himself.

          • Dirge

            Hm, I didn’t realize that pointing out(once) when someone continually has to beat a dead horse when no one really cares about what Richard posts.

            All Squiddy is doing is giving him even more attention than he’s ever had. Everyone van easily just ignore him and bam. Done.

            But of course, randomly “correcting” someone is cool now, right?