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HTC announces HTC One X, S and V availability starting April 2


HTC has finally come clean, announcing today that the HTC One will be available starting April 2nd in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This could mean retailers and service providers in the UK and other European countries who have already announced an April 5th availability date may start selling the phones a few days early.

According to HTC, pre-sales for the HTC one X have received a strong response and HTC expects it to be a chief revenue generator for the company.

Fortunately, rumors about the Snapdragon S4 production halt never really panned out, allowing HTC to get the HTC One S to market on time. We’re hoping that the European launch for the HTC One series goes off without a hitch so that HTC can regroup and focus all its attention on the pending launches of the HTC One X, HTC One S and HTC One V in North America.

Do you believe HTC when they claim that the HTC One is “the One you’ve been waiting for” or will you wait a little longer to see if all of the Samsung Galaxy S III rumors turn out to be true?

Source: The Unwired

Nick is a tech enthusiast who has a soft spot for HTC and its devices. Nick joined the Android and Me family in the summer of 2010.

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  • txbluesman

    It could be the “ONE”, but I am still gonna wait a little longer.

  • swazedahustla

    Nice… up is the HTC EVO X. Should be pretty great phone.

  • Bryan Stoner

    Quad-core phones are among us @[email protected] It’s great that HTC is the one to be leaders in a new wave of super-phone. This should really put everyone else on edge~

    • walt_

      to bad the US LTE version is dual-core krait

      • Nirav

        From what I’ve read, most evidence and benchmarks suggests that the S4 will perform as good or better for most practical purposes when compared to the Tegra 3.

        • kazahani

          Except for all that graphical goodness that NVidia brings to the table. It’s not just about benching out well, its about shaders and water effects and polygons and stuff like that.

  • oddball

    I’m holding out as nothing interesting is coming to Verizon yet. Looking to see the note the GS3 and the one series come and see what best meets my wish list

  • Dave

    Just wish Samsung would announce spec for the GS3 before the One X is available. If they’re very good it would convince a lot of people to wait the extra month. Personally I’m undecided – might just buy the One X as soon as it hits the shops and be done with my upgrade dilemma for another year or two

    • WlfHart

      Yeah, would be a bad idea for Sammy to keep quiet and not stir up some desire for their phone given it’s coming out later. Else everyone will by the HTC.

      • spazby

        I would think they will start leaking info little by little

  • YMS123

    I learned my lesson with the EVO 3d, its ok but the Galaxy S2 would’ve been better, I’m waiting it out

  • MrQuestion

    According to Mark Moons, the Dutch Regional Director for HTC, the One X is coming to Holland April 2. No word about the S and V, though.

  • dVyper

    Maaaan I cannot wait for the X!

  • Robert Williams

    Hopefully, Verizon or sprint will get a quad-core One X. ATT gets a dual core. >.<

  • sunrise

    No microSD, no removable battery, no thanks. If I wanted the design of the iPhone I would go buy the original thing and get excellent hardware and software support. Obviously I’m on Android for a reason, because I wan’t choice and options in hardware and software.

    I think HTC missed the mark with the One series.

    The only good news out there about the One series is the rumor about Sprint getting the HTC One X with a larger battery and microSD. Then I have to ask, why didn’t you include that for all carriers?

    • oddball

      Unfortunaetly all the OEM’s seem to be moving to non removable batteries. I’m not sure why but perhaps it is a failure point that they are trying to address.

    • Ardrid

      I personally think they hit it out of the park. I prefer a high-quality unibody design over a cheaply designed device, with multiple pieces, that feels like it might shatter if dropped even slightly (Galaxy S).

      While I can understand the cause for concern with respect to not being able to replace your battery (particularly for the heavier users or “road warriors”), particularly given the battery sucking nature of LTE, but I’m not sure what the hold-up is over the lack of a microSD slot. How much music/videos/photos are people really storing on their phones?

      Don’t misinterpret me: I’m not saying that there’s no point to having a microSD slot, but I’m puzzled as to why it’s such a deal breaker to not have one. I’m certainly not going to turn down those “features,” but not having them won’t stop me from buying what looks to be, by all accounts, a fantastic device.

      • Nick Gray

        I have to agree with you on the microSD card issue. A lot of the people seem to think that expandable memory is a must-have, but most of them are walking around with an 8GB microSD card in their current phone. They like the idea, but don’t actually use it.

        • sunrise

          Some of us have maxed out our internal 16GB internal storage, and do use the microSD.

          Just because you, or a few other people don’t fully utilize a smartphone, don’t assume others don’t.

          I have pictures, music, videos, and voice recordings (I use my phone as a voice recorder)…all of this consumes 16gb internal instantly.

          And NO, I don’t want my data in the cloud.

          Sorry, but I’m tired of people who falsely assume their smartphone usage habits should be the norm for all.

          16GB isn’t enough for some of us, and some of us need a microSD. It’s not just about “liking the idea” it’s a “necessity.” End of story.

          • Silver Fang

            This non-removable battery thing is really irritating me. Why do other phone makers feel compelled to emulate Apple’s tyrannical design, depriving people of the right to buy expanded batteries or do a battery pull on their phones?

            The no microSD card thing is a deal breaker for me as well. I too have a lot of music, videos and pictures that I like to keep on my phone. I refuse to use the Cloud, as it gives the makers, carriers and government too much access to my private stuff as well as allows my carrier to charge me extra for using data whenever I might want to access my files in the Cloud.

            I think the real reason they are starting to take away microSD is to force people to use the Cloud and thus gain the ability to hold our files hostage. It may seem convenient, but convenience often carries a hefty price tag!

  • Ardrid

    In a word: yes. As tempted as I am to wait for the Galaxy S3, I’m concerned about Samsung’s pathetic track record with their phones. My Captivate has largely been nothing short of a headache. From the pathetic GPS lock issue, to the faulty file system and year long delays in receiving Froyo and Gingerbread, I don’t know if I can, in good conscience, purchase another Samsung device. And while the Nexus S and Galaxy Nexus are supposed to be developer phones, I can’t help but think that Samsung has a hand in some of the problems people have experienced.

    All that to say, I’m anticipating the arrival of the One X and, barring a massive barrage of positive feedback on the Galaxy S3, will be using my upgrade to get the One X.

  • haters on the rocks

    So I gotta ask does the one x have a dual core or quad core the last thing I remember the quad core doesn’t have connectivity to lte network

  • fatspirit

    I’m gonna wait for the price drop and not for any samsung’s stuff.

  • Ryan Rampersad

    Presumably the story goes that the HTC One V would sometime end up on Virgin Mobile USA. I would love a Samsung Galaxy but on prepaid that probably be unlikely. Right now too, I prefer the smaller screen size as well. I wonder why HTC launched these phones in Europe first.