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HTC news roundup: One X benchmark scores, HTC Wild specs, shut down, and more


It’s been a busy day for HTC. We typically have a few HTC stories to report on in a day, but we decided to group things together to make sure you don’t miss anything important.

HTC shuts down

HTC is sending out emails to account owners, informing them that the service will shut down while it undergoes “renovation to improve the services and value we deliver to customers.” HTC isn’t saying what will be in store for customers once the service is reactivated, but we doubt any user data will be retained since they are urging users to download their data before April 30. HTC’s online service has been available since the debut of the HTC Desire HD – roughly 18 months ago and we can’t wait to see what HTC will be offering once the service is back online.

HTC Wind dual-SIM phone heading to China

HTC is preparing a new phone for the Chinese market. The upcoming HTC Wind features a body that’s a cross between the HTC One X and One S though the internals more closely resemble the One V with a 4-inch WVGA Super LCD display, 1 GHz single-core processor, 512 MB of RAM, 4GB of internal storage, 1,650 mAh battery, microSD card slot, 5 megapixel camera, LED flash, Bluetooth 3.0, Wi-Fi b/g/n, Android 4.0 and HTC Sense 4.0.

For now, there’s no launch details available for the HTC Wind, but the phone is expected to sell for 2,000 Chinese yuan (roughly $316).

HTC buys 20 percent share of SyncTV

According to the latest reports, HTC has invested an undisclosed amount of cash to purchase a 20 percent stake in SyncTV. If you’ve never heard of the company, you’re not the only one. We did a little research and found out that SyncTV is a developer of an online video distribution platform which they license to clients to deliver live or subscription based video over TVs, Blu-ray players, set-tops, smart phones and tablets. There’s no saying what HTC has planned, but its nice to see HTC branch out a little in an effort to create a more robust ecosystem for its handset users.

AT&T HTC One X LTE gets benchmarked

We’ve seen benchmarks for the HTC One X and XL already, but we now have benchmark scores for AT&T’s version of the phone which is identical to the HTC One XL, even though AT&T will be calling it the One X. For months, we’ve been talking about the differences between the Nvidia Tegra 3 and Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor, but this is the first time that we actually have benchmark numbers to directly compare the two. According to the numbers, the quad-core Tegra 3 comes out on top – at least with AnTuTu (10,112 versus 6,388). We’ve seen some pretty impressive numbers from devices running on Qualcomm’s S4 chip, so we can’t wait to get the HTC One X and One XL (or AT&T’s One X) side-by-side to see how they perform in everyday use.

3 UK HTC One orders for current customers

It seems like everyone is in HTC One X pre-order frenzy these days, so it shouldn’t be any surprise to learn that 3 UK is now taking orders for the phone as well. For now, current 3 UK customers can log into their online system and order the white or gray HTC One X which should ship out on April 5. No word on when new customers will be able to purchase the phone, but we’re not too worried about that since we’re less than ten days away from launch.

Nick is a tech enthusiast who has a soft spot for HTC and its devices. Nick joined the Android and Me family in the summer of 2010.

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  • Wunako

    *sigh* the more news leaked about the One line the more i cant wait for it to come here, i wish TMo and AT&T release it already, itd be sad if Sprint release it before they do when they haven’t officially announced it yet.

    i want my new shiny HTC Phone NAO

  • ZzX44

    I’m not sure why people are excited for this release especially with the GSIII getting detailed in the coming days, weeks, months (Throw us a bone Sammy)? No S AMOLED HD+, removable battery, or expandable storage. Has a nice simple design minus the odd protruding camera placement. It still almost seems like an iPhone in Android clothing. Hopefully this doesn’t become the norm since expandable memory and replacement/extended batteries are nice additional options. Still a bit lost on the capacitive buttons given the direction of ICS so far.

    It’s still nice HTC isn’t releasing phones every 2 hours like Moto and Sammy or like they used to. Hopefully, HTC reclaims some lost traction and can inspire other manufacturers to do the same with the impending success of the One series.

    • thaghost

      i dont know why you are not excited for this release.

      • ZzX44

        The benchmarks are certainly impressive. My opinion could certainly favor it after its released . I’ve always loved HTC phones I’m just thrown off by some of their decision making with the One Series.

        • tmihai20

          Anyway, the line between Samsung’s S III and the One series from HTC is less thick, the phones are a lot closer in performance, design and usability. Like I said here before, we haven’t seen anything from that HTC Club (or whatever it is named) that HTC founded to get a fresh new start and new ideas. I am only suprised that they are shutting down, I’ve never used it, but it was a nice addition.

    • copa

      Well for starters, many people feel that 32gb of internal storage + the included dropbox is more than enough for their personal needs, and that the battery will do fine for them (there are already some pre-release testing devices going around that prove that you can get easily get over a day with moderate usage). Others are also glad to get an IPS-LCD instead of an AMOLED-Screen.

      Others like you might feel different about these things for very valid reasons, but to the general public, this device has alot of appeal, even if only optically.

      • ZzX44

        I’m really sold on SAMOLED+ due to my new SGSII Epic 4G Touch. I’ve never seen blacks so black or had a 170+ degree viewing angle. Now if it was only HD I’d melt with complete satisfaction. If they sold a 27in WQXGA SAMOLED+ monitor I’d buy it in an instant. Unfortunately, I have yet to be impressed with IPS-LCD. Might do a bit of research and learn a bit more about it. I’ll probably end up going into the Sprint store and trying out the One X if they get it.

        • Rebellion

          It could also be that Touchwiz SUCKS and HTC Sense does not. Out of all the overlays HTC Sense is the best of the bunch next to vanilla Android. Motoblur has gotten better but Touchwiz does things it should never, it’s flawed, etc.

      • Matt

        Over a day of moderate use on a 1800 battery in a HTC? Bahahaha someone is smoking the good stuff!!

    • swazedahustla

      Maybe because some people like the way HTC designs phones, and also maybe people don’t like samsung products because they are plastic. Or how about people might not feel like waiting for 7 months for a SGS3 to hit the market.


      i completely agree, removable batteries give me the option to get a replacement battery double the size, and expandable storage saves me money!

  • Fulaman

    is Krait an ARM cortex A15 based processor much like OMAP5XXX and Exynos 5XXX?

    • swazedahustla

      yes its built around that A15 architecture, but I wouldn’t specifically call it exactly A15. The S5 is built precisely on complete A15 structure, so we can call S4 A15 like, however it performs tremendously from what has been posted all over the net.

      • french toast

        Krait has almost no relation to Cortex A-15..except they share the same instruction set….thats it.

        Qualcomm designs its own SOC’s and CPU’s from the ground up, it is rumoured to be near A15 performance (below) but far better power consumption.
        The benchmarks put about are indeed impressive for Krait, but they are built on a dodgy process which is limiting them at the moment..they are also poorly optimised compared A9.

        The Antutu benchmark above is very ‘thread’ friendly meaning it used more cores effectively in that benchmark..whether thats realised in real world scenarios is another matter.

  • Nirav

    This article caused me some disappointment.

    I don’t know much about hardware, so forgive me if this is totally off base, but after reading from various comment sections in numerous articles, I had fallen under the impression that Snapdragon 4 was closer to the Tegra 3 in terms of processing capacity than this article suggests.

    Nevertheless, my upgrade on Sprint is set for the end of April, so I’ll probably still wait a few months for the One X, since it’s supposedly the best available phone on Sprint in the foreseeable future (unless the SIII comes out at around the same time with better numbers).

    • french toast

      Hey, your right, in most scenarios a duel core Krait will destroy a quad core tegra 3..apart form a few..this antutu benchmark being one.
      Here is a java script benchmark comparing Krait to other devices;

      And here is the one at Anandtech its a two part series, with the second comparing Tegra 3;

      Bare in mind that this is early prototype stuff against shipping devices….so scores could get better or worse in real phones.

      • Nick Gray

        Correct. Different benchmarks test for different things. The HTC One X and XL will be the best way to compare compare performance between the two chip architectures since they feature identical software and specification (except for the chip). Once we have them in our hands, we’ll run them through as many benchmarks as we can to see what the true performance differences are.

  • Andrew Jones

    Actually there is word about when new customers can purchase the phone from Three UK.
    Well there was yesterday – the coming soon page said “Available online 4th April” – which is why I tried upgrading to it, it also had details of the price plans on there. For some reason today it seems to of reverted to the old “coming soon” page :/

  • Nathan D.

    Nice article, can’t wait for the phones to come out to the U.S.

  • spazby

    The only good thing is that I am not yet eligible for an upgrade – if I was, it would be painful to wait…

  • aranea

    I still don’t get why ATT went for the lower specs CPU. I’d rather get the European version and go out of contract or wait for SIII.

    • Dirge

      I was under the impression that Tegra 3 doesn’t play well with LTE , compared to the S4 which includes an integrated LTE modem.

      • aranea

        I see. That makes sense yet Given ATT’s LTE is still at its infancy I’d rather have a more powerful phone than having and LTE that I can’t use most places. Heck I don’t even get signal where I work.

  • msgnyc

    Im confused….
    I thought the HTC One XL (L being for LTE) Was AT&Ts varient of the HTC One X that everyone else is getting and didnt the benchmarks for the XL already show to be better then the Tegra 3? o_O………..