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HTC One hits store shelves a few days early in Germany


Even though HTC officially announced that the HTC One would be available starting on April 2nd that has not stopped electronics retailer Media Markt from putting the HTC One X, HTC One S and HTC One V on store shelves a few days early. Several shoppers have reported that the three HTC One devices are available at Media Markt stores in Germany, allowing customers to get an early taste of Android 4.0 with the latest version of HTC Sense.

The HTC One X and HTC One S are listed for €579 and â‚¬519. While the HTC One V is said to be available as well, no one took the time to remember the handset’s sale price.

If you live in Germany, we suggest you rush down to your local Media Markt. You’d be crazy to not want to test it out and get some hands-on time with HTC new flagship devices. If you do spend some time with the HTC One, don’t forget to leave a comment below to let us and the other readers know what you think of the device.

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  • spazby


  • Bart

    I’ve spent some time with the One X today in a Phonehouse store in the Netherlands. The screen is so awesome I couldn’t believe my eyes! The entire UI was silky smooth, and made the galaxy nexus look like a bag of garbage (however, that is just my opinion). I was a bit skeptical about the polycarbonate body, but is does feel really good in the hand. Also, whenever an old app requires a menu button, a menu button appears on screen.

    • Nick Gray

      We’ve seen that menu button pop up on a few of the videos that have been going around. Once developer update their apps to work with ICS, that menu button at the bottom of the screen should disappear.

      • Bart

        Obviously, but I was one of the few who had not found out how HTC was going to resolve that issue. However, this seems like a good solution for the time being. I really think HTC has got itself a winner with the One X!

  • Nathan D.

    Now all that is left is for the US to get it next phone

  • jspiby2

    What country do you do you live in spazby

  • Burnd

    No offense to the writers of these articles talking about “April” all the time.
    But I’ll receive mine today. Greetings from the Nertherlands. ;)

  • Joel Bird

    Not really that amazing, genuine Australian models have been available in Australia since 28 March.

    The phone is worth a look, some nice hardware under the hood. Epic Camera.

  • Loomis Peabody

    Is no one else disappointed that it doesn’t have a removable battery? To me that’s a big deal and I’m really bummed cause everything else about this phone sounds incredible.

  • Florin Muraru