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HTC One X gets early unboxing


The highly anticipated HTC One X hits European stores next Monday and we already know everything about the phone, but we haven’t seen it unboxed yet. Thanks to the French blog HTC-Hub, we can now check that off the list. Check out the video below and let us know what you think of the HTC One packaging. Is she The One you have been waiting on?

Source: HTC-Hub

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  • boro09

    Looks awesome!

    • tmihai20

      First of all, they changed the packaging, no more square boxes. I like the little HTC metal thingie to reset the phone, it is very stylish. I am not a fan of white phones. The rest is not that different (headphones, charger and cable). I want an in-depth review on this ONE :)

      • htcrocks

        the htc metal thingie isnt to reset the phone its for the sim card just like iphone since battery is not removable

        • tmihai20

          Thank you, I didn’t listen to the video, I only watched it :)

          • PacoBell

            I didn’t understand most of the french, but he did clearly say “microSIM” when referring to the tool.

  • MrMrMan

    She’s the ONE I’m currently waiting on.

  • Anjie

    fuck US carriers ._. why can’t they just take the fricken international versions like every other damn carrier does. By the time we get the one x, jelly bean will be out

    • Nathan D.

      They do this for the same reason they use different measuring system then everyone else.

    • PacoBell

      Well, until everyone moves to LTE Advanced, we’ll all have to deal with sunk costs in the current architecture and the worldwide incompatibilities this entails (at least on Verizon and Sprint). Thankfully, GSM/HSPA is still the common denominator globally.

  • netoworks

    Why replace the beats with those cheaper headsets and still leave the beats symbol on the back.

    • Taknarosh

      It is rather surprising that the One X, being HTC’s flagship device, wasn’t shipped with Beats headphones.

      I for one couldn’t care less for Beats since I know there are overpriced in their category, but I certainly welcomed the idea of potentially selling them to offset of getting my phone off contract.

      But Beats is a very appealing brand to many people and I really could see the potential to boost sales if they sold the One X (at least) or One S with some Beats headphones.

      That being said, it’s still a mystery why they didn’t include them, especially given the $300 million investment in Beats from HTC. The only reason I can see why they didn’t include em is to push their agenda to enter the Personal music player market with an iPod competitor and make Beats headphones the center piece of the marketing and brand recognition and MAYBE perhaps they didn’t want to cannibalize sales of that PMP by offering Beats in their phones.

      • tmihai20

        A network-free One X will cost 606 EUR in Romania. I bet the price with a new contract would only bring the price down to 400 EUR. Like I said, I want a full review of the phone, to see if it raises to the hype HTC created.

  • spazby

    awesome phone

  • sunrise

    Looks beautiful. The only one thing I would change is the way the camera lens juts out of the back. It makes the glass more prone to scratches when you put your phone down.

    • Taknarosh

      I disagree, making it flush with the back would make it far more prone to scratches (just take a look a friend’s iPhone 4 or 4S that has been used without a case you’ll see the lens will most likely be scratched).

      This is not the first phone that HTC releases with a lens that sticks out. The Desire HD was designed that way and the lenses is recessed within a metal concentric ring.

      • PacoBell

        Yup, same goes for my Nexus One. Raised metal ring surrounding the lens mitigates most scratch scenarios. That said, that metal ring took a heck of a beating these past few years. The concentric circular finish has pretty much worn away into a smooth surface now.

      • sunrise

        It seems the folks over at Engadget agree with me. In their review of the One S they state, “The module doesn’t protrude as much as on One X, but we’d still have preferred a recessed lens. When we rest the phone down, you’re resting it on the camera — we can hear and feel the lens land on the surface”

        • sunrise

          I could only imagine the One X, which protrudes more than the One S, would suffer from the same scratch prone landing on surfaces.

        • Lorenzo

          But the camera is resting inside the protruded ring. Some reviewers are actually saying the opposite, maybe the people at engadget heard the ring getting scratched and thought it was the lens? Another review even favored the protruding ring because it made the speaker louder when resting down. I’m not trying to argue! Just a thought.

          • PacoBell

            I can attest to the “loudspeaker” effect of allowing a slight bit of space between the table and the speaker grille on my N1. It’s just enough to not muffle the audio entirely, but also not so much that it allows the sound to dissipate. I don’t know to much (okay, anything) about audio engineering, but I’m guessing it’s something akin to the Bernoulli principle where the air being pushed out by the speaker is the fluid medium being accelerated by the pressure differential created by that gap, hence the perception of increased intensity.

        • Lorenzo

          I meant for the htc one X, the camera rests in the ring. The on the One S the camera is flush to the ring, so it would scratch. The One X should be fine though.

  • Alon

    Dissappointing from headsets:-(

  • Kizipotamus

    I’m so torn if I want to wait for it on Sprint, or just get the Galaxy Nexus. Especially if the rumors are true and the One has an AMOLED screen.

    • swazedahustla

      Phandroid already has confirmed by their “source” who has used the phone that the screen is a SLCD, and this phone completely crushes the Gnex…..but to each his own.

      • Kizipotamus

        After having an Evo and a Nexus S, I really like not having to root my phone. It’s just simpler. And performance wise, the phones really aren’t that different, so what it comes down to for me is the screen, the camera (which looks wonderful on the One) and stock vs. skinned.

        • PacoBell

          Just curious, what exactly is simpler not having root? Once you root, it’s pretty much the same as stock, except for the occasional prompt for elevated permissions from root-aware apps. Root != custom ROM. My brother had the same misguided stigma with his Evo. I rooted his and he couldn’t even tell the difference.

          • Kizipotamus

            I know all about rooting and roms. I did that on my Evo. My point is that I would have to root the One and put stock Android on it, as I wont stand to have my phone skinned.

          • Kizipotamus

            There’s no actual reason to root if you aren’t going to be changing roms.

          • PacoBell

            No reason? I can think of one big one: getting rid of the bloatware (case in point: Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus). Installing root apps like AdAway, Root Explorer, or the iA2SD script is another. Or what if you want to try out a new sense kernel with modified governors/voltages?

            For some reason, my bro actually likes Sense, so it’s still worthwhile for him having root, if not just for the nandroid functionality because we all know how terribly the FAT32 partition handles data corruption. Good luck figuring out where every file in LOST.DIR is supposed to go in that event.

      • Nirav

        Could you link me to where that’s been confirmed? I tried searching and couldn’t find it.

      • Richard Yarrell

        The One X is very nice sense just looks very clean. You can tell that snapdragon S4 is fast compared to the Evo 3d. Crushing the Galaxy Nexus that’s very doubtful stock will always rule the roast in android. I applaud htc..

        • Orion78

          Oh shut up about stock already. Awww poor little Richy is upset because the One X out classes the GN in every way. Sorry dude. With all these beast phones coming out in the next few months, your little phone is going to get rocked.

          • NotRelevent

            Stock will always win over skinned crap such as this. Sorry.

          • squiddy20

            And that is your opinion, NotRelevant, certainly not a fact. You’re *almost* as bad as Richard in what you just said.

        • jonathan3579

          I applaud I applaud. Do you ever have anything new to say? You’re a broken record but unfortunately for everyone here there’s no off button.

        • PacoBell


        • squiddy20

          Based on specs alone, the One X “crushes” your Galaxy Nexus in every single way. And might I remind you that less than 6 months ago were pretty much HTC’s/Sense’s bitch spouting off crap like “Sense is the most amazing thing EVAAAARRRRR!” For someone who switches their story at the drop of a hat, who the f*ck would ever think you’re the least bit credible?

        • redraider133

          This isn’t using the S4 it is international so most likely using tegra 3

        • redraider133

          Except the hardware crushes the hardware in the nexus. Not to mention stock android only does so much. Look at the benchmarks for this and the s4 processor and you will see how much this beats out the nexus. Not to mention Htc unlocks their boot loaders so you can run stock android on it if you want

          • PacoBell

            The problem with the htcdev unlock is that it voids your warranty. Even if you need servicing for a hardware defect and your ROM still works perfectly, you’ll be SOL because they can detect the unlock and deny you service. That policy needs to change.

  • OGdroid57

    Wait for apple to complain about headphone patents…. -____-

  • hinds

    I just want the box lol!

  • jeff donuts

    “kuat cur”

  • Clark Wimberly

    Didn’t even watch the video, I just see the main image, where there are bubbles all over the plastic film. It’s always hilarious when someone has clearly opened a device then has to reenact it for the camera.

    • rmcsc

      Haha, I thought exactly the same! You must have some experience showing off phones on videos, huh? lol ;)

    • Taknarosh

      I watched all the other unboxing videos that have started popping up on Youtube and most of them have the same bubbles under the plastic. Either they all failed or maybe the cornstarch based screen protectors aren’t hermetically sealed and let air bubble form.

  • jeff donuts

    im not gonna lie even though im not an HTC fanboy it looks like a pretty badass phone.

    wheres that s3

  • dantman

    That bit about the phone’s construction material seams awesome. And it seams to be better than the Galaxy Nexus from what I’ve read so far. But to me those soft hardware buttons are a deal killer. The on-screen buttons in 4.0 were supposed to be a big new feature. I want any new phone I buy to replace my Nexus S to take full advantage of all of 4.0′s new features.

    By the way, how does the camera compare to the notes on how good the Galaxy Nexus’ shutter time was?

    • Jöran Schlömer

      Yeah, I agree wth you. I hate seeing manufacturers still using hardware-buttons. They unnecessarily take away space that could have been screen and it adds to the dimensions of a phone. The GNex with on-screen buttons doesn’t feel big at all, at lest in my opinion, but with hardware-buttons it definitely I want my next phone to be hardware-button free :D That’s why I am not getting this awesome phone :D

  • haters on the rocks

    So the HTC one x has a dual core right just like the one s?

    • Nate B.

      It has Tegra 3. The US version will be dual core S4 Krait so it’ll be fine. People not so tech savvy will just hear Quad over Dual and assume more is always better but in real life use it’ll be just fine. Might be a slight differ in personal opinion when it comes to gaming.

      • rmcsc

        Actually… I read that some performance tests have shown the Krait to be somewhat better than the Tegra 3 version. Imagine that.

        • haterontherocks

          yeah i saw that too which is pretty crazy but i guess its the cortex a15 makes a big difference compare to the cortex a9 which the terga 3 have.

  • rockosolido

    Gah, come out on Verizozn…like…tomorrow. Thanks.

  • jordan

    no battery information on the case.

    32Gig internal with micro sim slot i think

    • rmcsc

      The box does say it’s 32GB memory with 25GB being user-accessible. And, yes, it’s a microSIM. Mentioned quite a few times on the video.

    • wyzepro

      If you think about it, it’s all pushing us towards cloud storage. Cloud storage requires data of some sort. Data is sold by the phone service providers. Data is becoming increasingly the big ticket item and they are definitely insuring that we rely on it in some form or fashion to get by in your everyday life. I mean how many times a day do you whip out your handset to do SOMETHING data related? I’m guessing most people would average around three or four, but with Facebook, Twitter, and Rss feeds etc. It would not surprise me if it were much more than that. Like I said, think about it. My two.

  • Chike

    Holy [email protected]#%king sh*t I have got to have this phone….even if I have to swim over seas to get it I Will Have The HTC ONE X muhahaha

    • rmcsc

      If you live in the States, it’ll be available from AT&T.

  • TreeClimber

    I was so excited about this phone until I found out the battery can’t be removed. I have an sgs2 now and I’ve gotten used to just switching out the battery rather than plugging it in the wall for hrs at a time.

  • mlynch01

    I really hope this comes to T-Mo as the G4X like the rumors say. If so, then there is no doubt that this will be my next device!

  • rmcsc

    Feels so awesome to watch a video of one of the things you like most (cellphones) in a language foreign to your own and actually understand all they’re saying. Those French courses a couple years back paid off.

  • Lorenzo

    Beautiful packaging… I’m sure AT&T will make this phone look like shit with its cheap orange cardboard box…. Why must they do this? Stupid…

  • jamal adam

    Simplistic and beautiful. It’s definitely the one I’ve been waiting for.

  • mdawg924

    I can’t understand a word he’s saying but.. i’m excited!

  • Jahmon

    I bought my Nexus One at 520€ and thought it was a lot. The One X is sold at 660€ it 25% price increase while this phone doesn’t look as promising as the Nexus One did at that time…
    These price increases are getting ridiculous !

    • Jöran Schlömer

      Here in Germany some places sell the One X for 579€

  • Alex Belko

    My first thoughts about the first picture – omg it gained weight lol). It is one of the most beautiful white phones

  • Paul Atreides

    The One I want has the EVO branding, 2650 mah battery, micro sd slot, and a kickstand. Let’s not forget that sexy black and red color combination.

  • Burnd

    Just received an email the package is on its way!


  • h0ruza

    Can’t wait for the shoot out between this and the GSIII

    Bring it on!

    • Orion78

      Definitely! It’s going to come down between this and the GS3. I wish Samsung would announce the phone already!

  • Eddie

    I like the direction HTC went with the One series. I thought previous versions of Sense crammed the phone full of bloat. I’d like to get my hands on this phone.

  • Darkseider

    I am just hoping that the Tegra 3 variant comes to the U.S. and not just the Krait models.

  • redraider133

    Come on verizon pick this up!!

  • hopscotchjunkie

    I’m like a kid waiting for Christmas… Should be here the middle of next week, but seeing videos like these doesn’t make the wait any easier :(

    Disappointed in the headphones though. I’m not bothered about them being ‘Beats’ or not, but I can’t stand those earbuds that don’t extend into the ear canal. They’re uncomfortable, they don’t block any external noise and they fall out every three steps as I’m walking down the street. Even a pair of HTC own-brand in-ear headphones would be preferable.

    But who cares, all will be forgiven when I’ve got that box in my hands :)

  • Nathan D.

    This phone looks nice in white not that many phones can pull that off but they get dirty to easily.

  • Si

    This is not the droid you are looking for.