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HTC Sensation 4G software mod takes device’s camera to next level


The Android modding community will never cease to amaze me. XDA developer NODO-GT has recently developed a software mod for the HTC Sensation 4G that drastically improves the device’s imaging capabilities with a few simple flashable files.

With NODO-GT’s camera mod, called “HQ Camera for ICS,” Sensation users can get much more out of the 8 megapixel shooter affixed to the device’s backside. By doing away with compression on .jpgs and increasing the allowed data size of images, photos taken with the Sensation come out cleaner and sharper than with stock software.

Video recording has also been improved. HQ Camera for ICS allows for 1080p video recording at 20Mbps, with future updates to the mod bringing improved 720p video capture and 1080p recording at 40Mbps. There’s also an experimental 1250 ISO mode.

So just what do all these numbers mean? Do they really translate to better quality images? Yes. Just take a look at the sample images in the gallery below. Both images are still frames from video taken. You can easily tell which one comes from the modded camera app.

For more info on the mod, head on over to XDA. Let’s hear it for the developers that make this stuff happen.

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Via: Phandroid

Source: XDA

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  • pekosROB

    Both of those photos look so much better than my Droid 3!

    Looks like the mod helps a lot with the ISO/lighting, a lot of that noise is reduced. Pretty impressive, XDA devs never fail to impress me.

    • Jeff Pan

      Impressive. Yes you are right. It has helped a lot with ISO/lighting

  • spazby

    this is really impressive

  • surg3d

    It’s stuff like this that make me wanna root. Maybe one day I’ll stop being a chicken about it.

    • honourbound68

      just jump in. the water’s warm. after you root and run some custom roms, you’ll wonder why it took you so long to take the plunge.

      • Burnd

        Very true! After rooting and personalizing your phone by finding the right rom, you’ll only regret it wasn’t the first thing you did after unboxing your phone. Just follow the steps and everything will be alright. :]

    • virexed

      You can do it! Voiding your warranty is what scares people away but as long as you follow directions, you’ll be fine. If you do mess up, there’s usually fixes posted on XDA.

      I’m backing up my Sensation at the moment and will give this a try. Looks good.

    • thel0nerang3r

      Getting custom ROMS is great. However, be aware that you will encounter glitches every now and then. When you do, Google will be your friend. There are lots of resources and forums that will give you info into how to fix your particular issue. However, it will be you that will need to do the leg work. In the process you will learn a lot, so I see it as win-win, but it’s not for everybody.

    • surg3d

      You guys make some good points. I’m definitely gonna start looking into this seriously. I’ve got a lot of reading to do! ;-) Thanks for the tips!

  • JayB95

    That’s nice

  • tmihai20

    Can we get ports to other devices (Evo 3D maybe :D)? XDA brings Android to new heights again :)

  • Jimmy Johansen

    Let’s port this baby to the EVOg aka the EVO 4G


    Thank very much for writing about my MOD.
    It’s a honour for me. ;)

    • Vineares

      Thank you for making my Sensation with SI 4.0 even sexier :)

    • Jimmy Johansen

      NODO!!! Is it possible to get this on the EVO 4G?? Since its from the same OEM it feels like it should be possible.

  • Hall Lo

    That is really impressive. The developers at XDA can be so crazy sometimes ;)

  • Shawn Clark

    Things like this makes me wanna just root my phone.

  • Nathan D.

    Well I know what I’m doing tomorrow with my step dad phone.

  • john yeboah

    can u guys pls help me out…my front camera and my back camera is not working..but I am also using HTC sensation Z710e

    • ninobrown

      am having the same problem. I don’t know why? Both front and back camera is not working