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HTC Sensation Android 4.0 update now available in some European countries


The first Android 4.0 update for an HTC phone is finally here! Today, HTC is making good on its promised of releasing the Android 4.0 update for the HTC Sensation and Sensation XE by rolling out the update to handset owners in Germany and a few Nordic countries. As expected , the Android 4.0 update is accompanied by HTC Sense 3.6 which features a few UI tweaks to accommodate new features included in the Ice Cream Sandwich update.

Now that the update is officially rolling out, we should see the update start popping up in other countries over the next few weeks. The HTC Sensation 4G from T-Mobile USA is also expected to receive the Android 4.0 update before the end of March, so keep a close eye out for an update notification over the next few weeks.

If you're already received your Android 4.0 update for your HTC Sensation (or have played with the numerous leaks over the pas t month or two), leave us a comment below and let us know what you like about it. Some will be disappointed that they will not be treated to HTC Sense 4.0, but we're sure people will enjoy Android 4.0 so much that they they won't even notice - at least for a few weeks.

Source: HTInside

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  • Matthew Reynolds

    <— sad evo 3d owner

    • revs

      dont be id take ur evvo 3d ove rthis piece of crap sensation any day!

      your extra 200mb ram make all thw diffrence in the world
      my sensations buggy,laggy, and just a frustrating phone
      i envy my gfs evo 3d just wpuld not be able to deal with srints awful data speeds

    • tmihai20

      I am still holding my hopes high. I am not sad yet, I will be if my Evo 3D will receive Sense 3.6 with ICS. I wonder how much time will the update to Sense 4.0 will be late…

  • Calieboy

    I’m not holding my breath. After owning both a Motorola cliq and a G2, I know that updates will come when they come.

  • LukeT32

    I would assume the USA updates are still a few months out…. The USA carriers seem to take there tune with approving updates.

    • spazby

      unfortunately, that is always the case…. Our technologically advanced carriers require more time to install shit load of crapware on the new android versions…

  • AnthonyRyan

    If the T-Mobile sensation update takes months I’m better off rooting mine with the HTC One S rom when it comes out bet before the ice cream sandwhich when T-Mobile approves and releases the update

    • prince

      when is it coming out for t mobile HTC sensation ?

  • revs

    i call b.s. i say my sensations long gone b4 i ever see ics
    germany ? wtf ?
    THIS is the worst thing ab android the updates
    hopefully IF it ever comes sense 3.6 is less bloated and crappy than 3.5

    also , im really curious as to how 4.0 will run since it runs like crap right now on gingebread
    so buggy n laggy with the 760ram
    my gf evo 3d is smooth

  • lfwrfqua

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  • BigCiX

    Poor US carriers….always last due to bloatware.

  • Hall Lo

    Nice job HTC! Good to see you do what you promised :)

    • mike

      Its not here yet. At least it has started.

  • lemadorff

    Hey if the htc rezound dont get sense 4.0 that includes music hub and allows full beats by dr dre than we are getting a short straw here the main feature of the phone is that and Ics is less important than the beats audio thank for the beta device htc

    • Nick Gray

      The new Beats audio SDK works with HTC Sense 3.6 as well. You just have to wait for add developers to integrate it into their applications.

  • Sebastian S.

    Just updated my Sensation XE. First off, it seems markedly slower than before, less “snappy” and not as responsive.

    Secondly, It’s very VERY obvious what’s HTC and what’s Google/Android in this update. HTC/Sense is totally outdated, the visual elements seem a bit childish compared to the new fresh/sharp Android. HTC’s icons and graphics are simplistic and seem less sharp/lower resolution. It’s like they have tried to make it as simple as possible to make it easier for my mother to use Sense. IMO, users are more advanced than that in 2012. At least people who are in the market for a top of the line phone.

    Sense should be pushed down to lower end phones.

    • vector7

      Your crazy! I love HTC sense, It’s very innovative. Waiting for update on my EVO 3d

    • Bpear96

      I really just cant own any android phone, thats not stock without rooting it anymore.. You guys should really look into Rooting, unlocking bootloader, installing cwm, then installing this rom Performance will be MUCH better and its basically stock 4.03. , they took the sense 3.6 4.0.3 build, completly desensed it and themed it to match aosp ics, so its very stable.

      • AnthonyRyan

        I’ve used a stock rom for ics and wasn’t a big fan of it maybe because all my androids had aversion of sense UI from the my touch 4g with the my sense UI to the two sensations I’ve had and only phone Ihad with stock was the first my touch 3g… I’m just so used to sense UI going to stock is kind of weird if that makes any sense but I might try stock again once I get the One S I’ll root my sensation again maybe …

      • clocinnorcal

        agreed, senseless is better. Sense has itself become bloatware. Too much stuff packed in there.

  • samato

    Hungary is not yet available for the upgrade.

  • JakeJardashian

    I wonder, will root affect my receiving the update on T-Mo? I’ve been rooting since my G1 days in ’08, but never received an update on any of my phones since then while rooted… If I do receive it, will it mess up my root somehow? :/

    • mike

      It is a well known fact that root disables OTA. I question either your honesty (if you have indeed been rooting since the G1), or your intelligence.

      • JakeJardashian

        No need for that sort of response, I have been rooting since the G1, although I am in no way a developer or anything of that sort. I have just heard different things from different people and never actually researched it much, so I though I’d just ask here in an Android community that is well respected and loved by myself.

        So thanks anyway for clearing it up, although you decided to do it in a derogatory manner.

        • Nick Gray

          Actually, root access does not block you from receiving OTA updates. If you have root and a stock bootloader, you can receive OTA updates just fine, but you will lose root once you install the update. If you have a custom ROM, you will not receive an update notification. That being said, if you have root, simply find the new ICS ROM on development forums (which will most likely be rooted) and flash it to your phone without having to wait for the OTA update.

          • JakeJardashian

            Thank you, Nick! Much more helpful and informative than the previous rude answer I received.

          • mike

            I stand completely corrected/ Thank you for pointing that out. Every time I have rooted a phone, I have replaced the bootloader as I thought it was required. Thanks again

          • JakeJardashian

            Good form, Mike! :)

          • mike

            LMAO. Thanks. And my apologies for the initial response. Sometimes I forget we are all learning all the time.

  • redraider133

    Good to see htc is at least starting the update to ICS for some of their phones. To bad no sense 4.0

  • Jose A. Barajas

    I would just honestly just want the update to come now, but not to long now. Thanks looking forward to the ICS update.

  • aryin

    don’t have it on sensation 4g yet =(

  • Pasha

    Where’s the Sensation XL update to 4.0? :(

  • tyboo

    Damn is the sensation 4g for tmobile gonna get the update this month or what?

    • uzunoff

      I am confident that it will. T-Mobile is not known for tinkering too much with manufacturer’s updates.
      That s why they also have the highest number of vanilla Android devices then any other carrier. Maybe it’s because they’ve been carrying android longer than anybody else.

      The only think I can rush T-mo is to get more high end phones and roll out that LTE network.
      I am tired of drooling over other carriers’ phones.

  • CPX

    SVK – still no update for sensation

  • Jason

    Still no Sensation 4g OTA in Austin, TX. HTC just let us download it manually so we can stop waiting on you!

  • RR25

    ICS update is now available in Philippines via OTA.

  • Rui

    still no update for sensacional – Portugal

  • Brane

    Downloading update for HTC Sensation – Serbia


    Updated my HTC Sensation.. From what was in my eyes a well balanced fast ‘enough’ phone.. to a sluggish buggy mess! Not happy.. How can I roll back?

    And a newbie question.. Can I root the phone without lossing all my apps / data?

  • angelohalos

    i got the update for my HTC XE yesterday! thanks HTC

  • joy

    After upgrading my htc sensation to android 4.0.3, im having issues with skype videocall sad..hope you can help..

  • Nick

    Hi. After update to that ICS on my HTC sensation i have problem with two things to now.
    Fb chat is not working and also, when my device is in stand-be mode(device is locked, dispay off) and i wanna device switch on, first i see the boot white screen with logo htc and after that a have to waitt ten seconds for phone.
    That is realy bad….and i dont know, whot to do whit that.
    I hope, that HTC company will release NEW realy GOOD update again…

    • Robert

      Any luck fixing the HTC fb chat widget?

  • sid

    Updated HTC Sensation to 4.0. Phone remarkably Slowed down. Serious problems with messages, returns to home screen every time i try opening message. Widgets wont add onto the home screen.

  • billy

    New upgrade is bad its slowed my phone down the internet is a lot slower too it also deleted my music the choice of skin has been reduced like it wasn’t bad enough all ready you still can’t use ur own msg tone the upgrade and the xe was a bad mistake all in all I wish I never upgraded or got the phone

  • billy

    New upgrade slow slow slow its like having a virus on my xe how do I go back to old version

  • Rosie

    I’ve had an update but it has made my phone terribly slow – any ideas?

  • ScootyBhoy

    Just updated to icecream sandwich and find it makes no notable difference in a positive way to my sensation xe. Any way to rollback, as I can’t use sky go, which I waited long enough for. Pain in the arse

  • James

    I got my ICS update for Sensation XE on Friday morning at half 2, did a manual check and hey presto. I’m well impressed with it and the updated sense, might not Sense 4.0 but when it includes a facebook chat widget now…..kudos to HTC. Anyway I’ve found my phone to be a lot quicker, more responsive and overall better. They’ve done a good job here though like some of you guys I do have some qualms about app incompatibility….ScootyBhoy for example, Sky Go now says it doesn’t work on my device, unfortunately that’s Sky’s fault and not ICS as sky obviously haven’t done as the others and made sure all their apps will be compatible or even updated them to make them so.
    joy – that’ll be the same for Skype and even though you might already have tried, re-install maybe? Sorry if you have tried already :-D
    Nick – I’ve had no issues with fb chat but as I said, Sense has its own chat widget now and its pretty cool tbh
    Anyway just to clarify, I’m not gloating that mine is all singing and dancing guys, just letting you know that mine is in excellent working order. There was a minor update released which I got today of around 15MB so try that andsee what happens. Unfortunately some apps may still not work depending where the developers are up to.
    Good luck to you guys though whether you stick with stock ICS for improvement updates or go and root for a better experience.

  • kefoto

    I made the upgrade, but really said I am not very impressed ….
    I am a BASE client in Germany. Fast download and really fast install.
    But dont you think, that Google is now everywhere and SPY you all the time, like it was not already,but now … Only good change on the UI is that you can now deaktivate some system processes.
    Not to deinstall them but deaktivate is something too…..
    Will see in next days how the phone is going….

    Good job HTC.

    Best regards

  • gary

    Since the upgrade my phone seems quite slow and when I turn my phone on in the mornings my music videos and pictures are not there , but after I restart the phone they come back.
    Also I share images and pages straight from the net to my facebook or Twitter accounts
    But am unable to do this since the upgrade as the feature is not there anymore.

    Plus there was a battery saver option which I found really useful which isn’t there either.

    Can anyone help with these issues please.

  • Peter

    Anybody thats having issues with the phone being terribly slow after update, just back up your contacts and apps and do a factory reset, worked a dream on my sensation anyway! Astro is a great app for backing up all your apps and re installing them.

  • dana

    hey guys i upgraded my htc sensation xe to 4.0 and i have problem with WIFI network ,, can anyone help me to slove it plz ! thanx

  • vance

    how to go back to original OS, have problem with wifi also..

  • joseph hasrouni

    I have an HTC sensation , I am in lebanon and could not be updating my software to Android 4.0
    do u know exactly when I can receive the update ?