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HTC Vivid Android 4.0 update now available from AT&T


Android 4.0 for the HTC Vivid is finally here. We’ve already seen what the Android 4.0 update for the phone looks like with last week’s dialer trick, but now AT&T has announced that Vivid uses can officially download the Android 4.0 update with HTC Sense 3.6.

To initiate the download, press Menu > Settings > AT&T Software Updates > Check for updates and follow the instructions to download and install the new build. For now, the HTC Vivid’s Android 4.0 can only be donwloaded over Wi-Fi.

As with the other Android 4.0 updates that HTC has been rolling out, users should expect quite a few new features in Ice Cream Sandwich with improvements to to multi-tasking, face unlock, new browser capabilities, and access to Google’s Chrome browser.

Below are some of the other new features or improvement which AT&T and HTC have included in the update.

  • Notification and user interface enhancements.
  • Advanced voice input for optimized for faster text input.
  • Security enhacements
  • Data network and Wi-Fi data monitoring to easily track usage.
  • Wi-Fi Direct for transferring files between devices without being in WiFi Hotspot

Honestly, we’re a little surprised that AT&T is pushing out the update for the HTC Vivid so soon. We were expecting HTC to deliver the HTC Sensation 4G’s Android 4.0 update (expected before the end of March) before AT&T officially released the Vivid update.

If you had to rate HTC with a score between 1 and 10, how would you rate their Android 4.0 update track record so far?

Source: AT&T

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  • Vieper07


  • redraider133

    Good to see HTC seems to be fully behind updating their phones. Moto and samsung take notice.

  • Hall Lo

    Cool! This time AT&T is doing a fine job here too! :)

  • Jeremy Sheehan

    Dear Motorola,

    What gives?


    Your customers.

  • Alan Reboli

    This is why I stick with HTC and Android. They seem to do it right.

  • seabass978

    I give them negative until they upgrade my amaze 4g.

  • RealDealNeil

    This just leaves me even more anxious for my Sensation 4G’s update.

  • Richard Yarrell

    This is a great update for virtually a new device months old. I applaud HTC on this one.

    • jonathan3579

      Aww, now your Nexus isn’t the only phone on the market with ICS. I bet that stings a little, huh?

  • spazby

    congrats to vivid owners

  • Magnolia Man

    anyone install it yet? i would like to know which version & kernel it is..
    4.0.2 ?
    4.0.3 ?
    4.0.5 ?

    • Android buggle

      Should be 4.0.3

      • jonathan3579

        Agreed. 4.0.3 is what AOSP is built around.

    • matt

      It is 4.0.3. been running it for weeks, flawless update

  • Shawn Clark

    Atleast HTC sticks to their word.

  • Ichiho

    HTC is really a good company. That’s the reason why I will get a one x this year even though the galaxy s 3 is going to be ridiculously good.

  • tmihai20

    It is good they keep rolling out the updates to ICS. I’d give them an 8.

  • joma

    it wont open for me :( help!

    • Android buggle

      You’re doing it wrong. Download the file again and follow the instructions, your phone should restart and trigger the installation process.

  • hockey17

    I updated my phone and now the internet will only work with WiFi. Did I do something wrong?

  • flako

    The new update isn’t all that … I have a vivid and when I exit out a screen it loades with the HTC logo and it’s every single time also it force closes everything including my messages! It was better before I updated!

  • ghulamm777

    allah is great

  • bob

    HTC needs to update so user can separate ringtone and notification volumes.

  • Ali

    phone isn’t letting me run the update! :( Not to happy because it won’t let me check again for another day since I already checked…

  • Youngmentor

    Pls i would really lik u guys to explaine this update very well 4me, cos de last one i did on mine htc insipire 4G i messed up after all the upgrading wen someone called wat i will notice is pls tell me how to update htcvivid without problems.

  • slime

    My hotspot does want to switch on….. Each time I on it, it keeps tellin me “temporary network problem that prevent the enablement of the wireless hotspot service” pls, Wat can be done