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HTC Vivid Android 4.0 update now available with dialer trick


AT&T and HTC may not be ready to push out the Android 4.0 update for the HTC Vivid quite yet, but forum members over at Android Central have figured out a way to manually trigger the update directly from the phone. If you own the AT&T HTC Vivid, simply type *#*#682#*#* in your phones dialer and you should notice an update notification appear within a few minutes.

The 314MB update comes packaged with HTC Sense 3.6 and should deliver that same functionality we saw with the HTC Velocity Ice Cream Sandwich update which was pushed out a few days ago.

As with the HTC Velocity and HTC Sensation, the Vivid’s Android 4.0 update should be accompanied by a significant performance improvement. So what are you waiting for? Dial the special code from your HTC Vivid and let us know what you think of the new update.

Note: AT&T denies that the Android 4.0 update for the HTC vivid is currently being rolled out. We are not sure how long the manual dialer trick will work, but we wouldn’t be surprised if AT&T put a stop to it.

Source: Android Central Forums

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  • jspiby2

    Does anybody know if there are any codes for the HTC sensation asia model

    • Nick Gray

      If it’s an unlocked model, there are probably no codes which will be able to trigger a download for you. These type of codes trigger responses from your service provider’s network, similar to dialing a special code to see how many minutes you have left on your plan.

      • jspiby2

        Damn!! Lol….still unlocked is best

      • leetphx

        Nick, is there a dialer trick to download the android ICS to T-moblie HTC sensation 4G?
        I checked and there is still no OTA updates yet.
        I used your dialer trick for my HTC Vivid and it worked perfect.
        So, I’m wondering if you have a similar dialer trick for the sensation 4G.

      • tony

        just worked on mine

  • WillieP

    They already shut it down. My daughter just got a message saying it was invalid. Bummer!

    • JF

      Really? I tried it 10 minutes ago and it worked. Try copying and pasting the number into the dialer rather than entering it digit by digit.

  • JF

    I tried it on my HTC Inspire 4G and it downloaded and is currently installing. Curious as to see what happens.

    • B

      Inspire or vivid?

  • JF

    And nothing like I expected. Got confused and stuck in a boot loop for 20 mins, then started up with no issue. Oh well.

  • Nathan D.

    can some one tell use how the phone works after getting the update?

    • WillieP

      Hmmm. I’ll have her try that. JF, all u did was Copy, paste and hit dial?

  • spazby

    pretty cool while it worked

  • sunrise

    Why HTC Sense 3.6? The Vivid is pretty much a high end phone, why not Sense 4.0?

    Is the Verizon Rezound getting Sense 3.6 or 4.0? They are essentially the same phone.

    • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

      According to HTC sense 4 is optimized for specifically s4/tegra 3.

      • WillieP

        Still can’t get it to work on the Vivid. Sad sad day.

    • Illrigger

      General assumption is that 3.6 keeps closer to 3.0/3.5′s menu system and features so it’s less of a shock to your average user. 4.0 (and the lighter weight 4.0A) are a pretty radical departure from what users currently have, which is acceptable when getting a new phone, but not as much so when just pulling an update.

  • BigCiX

    At&t is so full of shit!!!

  • Alan Reboli

    I wish I had more hands, cause I would give this post 4 thumbs down *Rick James Laugh*

    • Alan Reboli

      Lame, the above post was supposed to be mocking someone who posted something stupid. This was not to reflect the OP. Sorry!

  • DrCarmody

    Anybody try this out on the Bell Raider? I have the Rogers Raider right here and the code is a no-go. It’s a shame, it’s a fairly decent phone.

  • Spartyhd

    I tried to type in the code, but all it does is call it, and i get the lady saying the number is invalid. Can anyone help?

    • Doug

      Tried…. 5 times….. All out dies is close dialer fit a second and then nothing!

      • Doug

        Sorry Swype….. All it does is close dialer fit a split second….. Then nothing!

  • marcel

    nao funciona

  • marcel

    perfeitamente digitei o codigo em meu htc vivid e ja esta fazendo a atualizaçao .
    sou grato ..

  • Hammad

    The dialer trick did work on my unlocked HTC Vivid outside of US, however I can’t see any changes made to my device before and after the update.

  • Asmai

    Can anyone please to tell me how i can upgrade my unlocked htc vivid ?? I hate that i cant get it through the company even if Im out of state….and does the upgrade affect the phone that much? Im scared to root the phone, and upload some other software onto it. Please help

  • Bodmas

    pls hlp guys i hv htc raider x710e stil runnin gingerbread no OTA update for the device in Nigeria to ICS bt d fone is from abroad, wat cn i do. ur hlp wil b highly appreciated

  • tony

    worked!!! 2014!!! even updated a unlocked one!