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HTCdev unlocks bootloader for the HTC Dream – the world’s first Android phone

HTC Unlock process

The HTCdev team has been working extremely hard over the past few months. We’ve seen them unlock countless bootloaders for older HTC phones and release new APIs which give developers the ability to tie in the applications into many of the features available within Open Sense. But today, the HTCdev team has outdone themselves by adding the HTC Dream (T-Mobile G1) to the list of devices which can be unlocked with HTC’s bootloader unlock tool.

You would be hard pressed to find anyone who still uses the HTC Dream, but HTCdev is most likely viewing this as a symbolic accomplishment to show the development community how committed they are to unlocking bootloaders and helping developers with all the tools they need to create great applications for HTC devices. Samsung, Sony, and Motorola have done a decent job of embracing developers, but we can probably all agree that HTCdev is outshining the competition.

Do any of you still own an unrooted G1? Do you still use it as your daily driver?

Source: HTCdev

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  • Nickedynick

    Well it’s a nice gesture at least! I had a friend who still had his G1 unrooted and was using it as his main phone until last year. Although he didn’t actually get it until about a year or so after it launched.

  • Thorpeland

    I actually know someone using a stock G1… still. As she puts it… “It’s just a phone, right?”. lol

  • kwills88

    It’s crazy how long devs have stick with this phone, I’ve had mine since early 09 and just got a SGS2 in November, I still mess with it from time to time, so this is cool.

  • McLovin

    I have 2 of them sitting collecting dust. I haven’t used them for over a year and a half. (I hope the batteries are still good?) The plan was to experiment on them instead of my main daily phone that I use. I would be severly handicapped (heart broken) if I broke my main phone. But now they serve as backups just-in-case I mess up my main phone.

  • Nathan D.

    Dam now that is commitment to their job.

  • Joe*D

    I crushed my HTC Glacier recently and don’t feel like paying the asurion deductible for a refurb phone so I am actually using my G1 (Dream) with CyanogenMod5 until the One series hits T-mobile in the spring/summer. It’s like I stepped into the wayback machine. I figure when I get a s4 dual or tegra 3 phone it will feel like when I went from dialup to broadband. I’ll never waste my time on asurion insurance again, it’s ensquared from here on out.

  • ranwanimator

    Well it’s not un-rooted, but I do use my G1 every day.

  • Hall Lo

    Good to see HTC is still doing sth on its very first Android phone! :)

  • Tomas

    Now I just need them to unlock the magic. My magic arrived with S-OFF and an OTA update fixed that right before HTC changed tack and started unlocking everything :(

  • Alex.c

    When i had my G1 o my it was tne best, honestly theirs no phone like it and if it was remade but with all the new tech, i would ditch this D4. I had it in perfect condition and now my friend has it and i recently rerooted it for her, ow the memeroies of flashing themes and roms like have some kind of ocd lol