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HTC’s rumored MOG acquisition could mean free streaming music


The last time we talked about an HTC streaming music service, the rumor was that HTC would launch a Spotify competitor and leverage Beats CEO, Jimmy Iovine (who also serves as Chairman of Interscope Geffen A&M) to secure contracts with various music labels to get the streaming music service off the ground. Today things have changed with rumors circulating that HTC has, or will soon, acquire MOG, which was one of the pioneering music streaming services when it was founded in 2005.

For those who don’t know, MOG is a subscription based streaming music service similar to Spotify with 14 million songs in its database. Subscribers can stream MOG through a browser, or dedicated Android or iOS application, with the ability to create customized artist playlists (similar to Pandora channels) with a control bar which balances the music selection between “Artist Only” and “Similar Artist.”

Since MOG has never been a huge player in the streaming music segment (the current Android install base ranges from 500,000 to 1,000,000), we assume that HTC has some pretty drastic plans to transform the service. HTC will most likely integrate MOG into the Beats brand and create a modified streaming music service which would deliver a basic free MOG subscription to HTC customers – similar to the value-added deal HTC made with Dropbox which gives HTC One customers 25GB of online storage.

We’ll have to wait for official confirmation of the acquisition from HTC before we know what will become of MOG. Do you think this is a good move for HTC? Would a free MOG subscription be a good incentive for consumers to consider purchasing HTC devices?

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Source: Fox Business

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  • Kevin

    I have used them all, and MOG is by far the best one.

    • Jeff Pan

      This is definitely a smart move by HTC.

      This is the way to differentiate from other Android players and not by putting different skins atop vanilla Android

      • tmihai20

        If I had a better data plan, I would use it. I will definitely try it on WiFi. I can’t say that it would convince me to buy a HTC phone, but it would be a nice addition in comparison to other manufacturers.

  • oddball

    HTC has been making huge advances recently and are trying to turn around after a rough year. A service that allows me to listen to my favorite music isn’t a selling point for me but if they manage to mix it with high quality audio I might change my mind

  • YellowDucati

    I love the competition in the Android market.

  • MJM128

    If they have a very good android app, I’d be down! Google Music is good, but it lacks a ton of stuff that I want.

    • chief113

      Hopefully they don’t change it much from the MOG app. That is what makes MOG so great.

  • Burnd

    As an HTC owner I must say this sounds rather delightful !

  • spazby

    yea, without a question this would be qood move. It would be good even if they charged a nnominal fee for it as long as it was way below competition.

  • Nathan D.

    This look like another good idea from HTC can’t wait to see if this is really happening and if so I wounder how they will transform the service.

  • Joshua

    Wow, I really credit HTC for stepping up to the plate and realizing that the battle isn’t just in hardware. If they can keep adding freebies into their phones it will definitely give them the edge as they are always built very well. They may not be thin, or sexy but I will take 25gb of dropbox storage, free MOG and an badass camera on my phone any day!

  • surg3d

    Gotta love HTC! Here’s hoping!

  • jelias

    i have owned two htc devices and the motorola droid x and i can say htc is a very well built phone my droid x got dropped and screen cracked instantly. i currently own the htc thunderbolt and its been dropped many of times at work in water its rooted and got extended batter. it will not die i love it and if htc continues to improve this way i will never switch to a different brand again. i dont much like samsung and used to like moto.

  • Anurag Sharma

    android is best due to increasing competition and coming out of new phone models….


  • Tariq

    It’s amazing that 2 years ago no one knew this company and now look at them. I am personally a great fan of there’s but the icing on the cake was when my brother who’s always been a macintosh man and swears by the fruity company. Bought his daughter a htc, he was so impressed that he’s going for one himself instead of the 4s. That really made my day. I always thought he would be the last person on earth to defect

  • jspiby2

    Looks like HTC are really trying toy pull together a great package if you buy one of there new phones, I just hope it enough to out gun the galaxy s3, if you believe all the hype it could be a awesome phone!

  • JT

    I guess I now understand why Iovine showed a Beats/ATT phone on the recent Idol episode. This makes sense as Android manufacturers are trying to differentiate themselves. Personally Ive had so many glitchy experiences with Android, Samsung, Google Play Store, Google Music, and Android Apps that Im ready to give iOS a try in the Fall

  • Dee

    Ok, bear with me. I am a new owner of an htc smartphone. It has worked fine for the month I’ve had it, but today no activity at all except a message noting that MOG has no connection. I use the basic functions and am not interested in MOG. What can I do to restore connection? Is mog the problem with my phone or simply no connection right now. Ps…other cells, computers and iPads at home work fine. Any suggestions?