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Isis set to beat Google Wallet ahead of its release

HTC NFC-capable device

NFC mobile payments are convenient and easy and more secure than traditional credit cards and cash. One of the biggest players in this market is Google Wallet, which was unveiled back in May 2011. But Google’s service is not the most successful, and it is about to face a competitor with a much more prepared and widespread infrastructure – Isis.

Isis is an NFC mobile payment service made in collaboration by Verizon, AT&T and T-Mobile. Sprint is out of the equation, as it is fighting the battle alongside Google Wallet (only recently has Google Wallet become available for non-Sprint devices). This means that we have three of the largest carriers in the US going against a single one (and one of the smallest), making it look like a rough future for Sprint.

Not only is Isis backed up by three major US carriers, but there are also agreements in place with Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. Google Wallet is only working with Mastercard at the moment.

And if that weren’t enough to make Isis far superior, the company has just announced that it has partnered with a variety of point-of-sale terminal providers. The list includes VeriFone, Ingenico, VIVOtech and Equinox, among others.

Google Wallet is not much behind on this one, though. The Search Giant has deals with VeriFone, Ingenico, VIVOtech and Hypercom. But we have mostly just seen VIVOtech POS devices, which means that things should probably start moving faster with the rest. Isis is set to take off around mid-2012, and it is not going to sit around and wait for Google Wallet to catch up.

Don’t get us wrong, we are Google fans here at Android and Me, but the situation is not looking great for the search giant. Isis has more partners and is set for a country-wide release as soon as it hits the market. Google Wallet has been available since last September, and it is already staying behind.

Upon release, Isis will be available in a wide variety of devices from different carriers and probably supported by a greater number vendors. We do not yet know how things will turn out, though we do know that Google has to start making some quick improvements if it wants to stay strong in this field, lest it get run over by the runaway Isis train.

Show Press Release
VeriFone, Ingenico, ViVOtech and Equinox Announce Integration of Isisâ„¢ Mobile Commerce Application

Leading Payment System Suppliers License Isis Mobile Commerce Application; Consumers to Pay, Present Loyalty Cards and Redeem Offers All With a Tap of Their Phone

NEW YORK — March 5, 2012 — Isisâ„¢, the joint venture created by AT&T Mobility, T-Mobile USA and Verizon Wireless, announced today that VeriFone, Ingenico, ViVOtech and Equinox Payments will integrate and support the Isis Mobile Commerce Application in current and future product lines. The agreements with leading payment systems providers will help accelerate the wide scale introduction and adoption of mobile commerce.

“Payment systems suppliers provide critical infrastructure for the development of mobile commerce,” said Scott Mulloy, chief technology officer, Isis. “Today’s announcement is an important step in enabling NFC technology adoption throughout the mobile commerce industry. It also validates the open platform approach being offered by Isis across multiple business sectors.”

“VeriFone retail customers are already embracing the convergence of online shopping and the physical point of sale with new mobile payment options, digital couponing, loyalty, location-based social media and value-added services,” said Jennifer Miles, VeriFone executive vice president, North America. “NFC-enabled payments allow merchants to engage their shoppers in new and powerful conversations, and Isis’ open platform and scale are helping make mobile commerce a reality.”

Payment device suppliers will enable Isis mobile commerce across several of their product lines, offering merchants flexibility in how they upgrade to Isis-enabled payment terminals. Merchants will become Isis-enabled through a combination of new payment acceptance systems and NFC add-on devices, as well as remote software upgrades of certain devices already in the field.

“As a global payment terminal manufacturer, we welcome Isis’ open approach of mobile commerce to engage with as many stakeholders of the payments ecosystem as possible. It is the most effective way to bring consumers and merchants the best in engineering innovation, convenience and security of payments,” said Thierry Denis, president of Ingenico, North America. “For 30 years, merchants relied on our terminals as enablers of traditional and innovative payment methods. Today, together with Isis, we are ready to support the acceptance of NFC-enabled payments which are fully integrated in our new generation Telium series devices and, in turn, be the agents of mobile commerce.”

“We’re approaching a tipping point in the mass adoption of mobile commerce, as new smartphones arrive NFC-enabled,” said Mick Mullagh, chief executive officer, ViVOtech. “Bringing the industry together behind a common set of technology standards and platforms is a crucial step toward igniting the mobile economy and we look forward to bringing ViVOtech’s 10 year history of leadership in contactless NFC applications to bear on behalf of the Isis customer base.”

“The importance of mobile payments cannot be overstated and Equinox is pleased to join Isis at the forefront of the development of these very important technologies,” said Clint Jones, Equinox Payments president. “The Isis Mobile Commerce Application is an excellent complement to our next-generation NFC-enabled L5000 series of payment terminals. Collaborations such as this provide Equinox with even more opportunities to provide our customers with new ways to leverage the tremendous benefits that mobile commerce has to offer.”

About Isis

The joint venture is between AT&T Mobility LLC, T-Mobile USA and Verizon Wireless and is based in New York City. The venture is chartered with building Isisâ„¢, a national mobile commerce venture that will fundamentally transform how people shop, pay and save. The Isisâ„¢ mobile commerce network will be available to all merchants, banks, payment networks and mobile carriers. ISIS is a trademark of JVL Ventures, LLC in the U.S. and/or other countries. Other logos, product and company names mentioned herein may be the trademarks of their respective owners.

Cautionary Language Concerning Forward-Looking Statements
Information set forth in this press release contains financial estimates and other forward-looking statements that are subject to risks and uncertainties, and actual results might differ materially. The words “anticipate,” “believe,” “expect,” “may,” “plan,” “should” and similar expressions are intended to identify forward-looking statements. Such statements are subject to risks and uncertainties, including, without limitation, those set forth in the discussions of factors that may affect future results contained in Securities and Exchange Commission filings of AT&T, Deutsche Telekom AG (T-Mobile USA is the U.S. wireless arm of Deutsche Telekom AG), and Verizon Communications (of which Verizon Wireless is a subsidiary). AT&T, T-Mobile USA, and Verizon disclaim any obligation to update and revise statements contained in this news release based on new information or otherwise.

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Source: Isis

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  • jay p

    This kind of reminds me of the blu-ray hd dvd battle. where blu-ray had tons of support compared to hd dvd.

  • myandroid99

    Still have not seen one store in AZ that has NFC payment methods (still waiting on that first)

    • Dirge

      No 7-11?

    • 2C

      No Foot Lockers?

    • Zapote21

      Seriously? McDonalds? Burger King? Home Depot? 7-11? BP Stations? etc etc

    • txbluesman

      I just looked up AZ cities on the PayPass locator tool on Mastercards website and there are plenty of places to use it. Dude!

      • myandroid99

        thx man i’ll look into it

    • txbluesman

      Here you go myandroid99, go spend some money!

      • myandroid99

        too bad i dont have mastercard anything for visa?

    • msgnyc

      lemme add, best buy, walgreen, cvs, most gas stations……..
      vending machines and soda machines at the mall. list goes on

    • UndergroundWire

      You do know that it doesn’t have to say Google Wallet to use, right? You just have to look for the PayPass machines.

  • xallies

    Mc donalds

  • Zagrash

    I’m trying so hard to come up with a good Archer joke for this, but all I’ve got is for Google to buy huge stocks of darker-black turtlenecks.

  • Max.Steel

    Lol @ trusting wireless carriers with access to my bank account, bank records, transactions and what not. Remember the fiasco with (what’s their name) company that was tracking cell phone data? Just you wait…

    • Joel

      Gotta admit I feel the same…although its a step forward as far as technology is concerned, ill be keeping it at arms length for good while.

    • epps720

      Don’t they already have this? You do pay your bill….right?

  • spazby

    i would not count google wallet out yet

    • Jeff Pan

      Well they have themselves to blame. They didnt push Google Wallet as much as they should have.

      • Brandon V. Fletcher

        More like all the carriers had investments in Isis and did everything in their power to not use Google Wallet.

  • Hall Lo

    It’s good to see the NFC is finally put in a good use, and I don’t mind which company achieves it first, as long as it is useful.

    • professandobey

      I personally will not use Isis unless Google Wallet is completely dead and gone, with no other mobile payment options. I’d probably switch to moneto first, but I’d also like to see what square is doing in the NFC space before I consider Isis. With how 2/3 of the carriers involved in Isis try to push over their customers on a daily basis, I say no way no how to Isis.

  • sap 26

    I can’t wait to see NFC get some more applications. I’ve been bummed since I lost the use of my prepaid card with Wallet. I’m ready to start using Isis!

  • Vincent Randal

    Cheating and looking at the comments above me :) Not sure how many phones have NFC capability but by all means let’s have others get in and support it.

  • txbluesman

    Hey Edgar! Google was working with Discover, Visa, and American Express. I wonder how far along they are on getting them worked into Wallet? You heard anything on that? I still use Google Wallet almost daily. There aren’t too many NFC supported devices out there yet.

  • thekaz

    Yeah, I wanna support Google on this, but that’s easy for me to say, as I have a Citibank MasterCard. If I didn’t, I’d pretty much need to go to Isis out of sheer convenience and not having to prepossessing Wallet.

    C’mon Google – get it together on this!

  • Adam Curtis

    if Google did completely kill Wallet, wouldn’t that make isis like a monopoly or something, bringing the government down upon them? I think I’m thinking too highly of the government, however…

  • atul0002

    I think maybe if they made it available for more devices it would do a lot better.I havent even seen a Nexus S or a Galaxy Nexus.

  • PapaBear

    Just bummed that I bought a Nexus S (T-mobile) hoping to be first to use Google Wallet and was left high and dry when it launched.

  • Jorge Branco

    “VIVOtech POS devices”

    I just can’t help reading this as “piece of shit devices”

  • Lucian Armasu

    Pretty sure that the carriers are forcing manufacturers not to release devices with NFC and Google Wallet until Isis is ready, and then come bundled directly with Isis. FTC should look into this, because I’m sure it’s anti-competitive.

  • guyb99

    Although if you have NFC – can’ you use both?

  • E-man

    I love google, but I wouldn’t really oppose this. It’ll just make google more competitive and better.

  • aranea

    I think the winner will be determined not by only carriers in US but by who can get it working globally.