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J.D. Powers ranks HTC as highest satisfying Android manufacturer


J.D. Powers and Associates has just released Volume 1 of their 2012 biannual smartphone satisfaction study, giving us a glimpse into just how satisfied consumers are with their latest smartphone experience. The numbers haven’t changed all that much from last year, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Out of the top four companies ranked highest in consumer satisfaction, three are popular Android manufacturers. Including HTC, who is ranked number two overall.

In order to get an idea on how smartphone users rank their experience with new smartphones for the study, J.D. Powers surveyed 7,080 consumers, asking them to evaluate performance, ease of operation, physical design and features. Only two companies have managed to exceed the industry average of 774 (out of 1000) for consumer satisfaction in the July of 2011 to December of 2011 report:  Apple, who takes the number one spot with 839, and HTC, who takes the number two spot with 798. Trailing Apple and HTC is Samsung and Motorola, with 769 and 758 respectively. HTC is also one of only three companies to improve on customer satisfaction from the January 2011 to June 2011 report.

As far as the industry as a whole is concerned, battery life satisfaction has taken a hit thanks to the introduction of 4G smartphones. 4G smartphone users gave battery life a 6.1 out of 10 on average, bringing the total average to just 6.7, down 0.2 points from the previous study. Overall though, software malfunctions had the largest impact on customer satisfaction. Those who experienced some sort of software malfunction, around 21 percent, recorded a 77 point gap in satisfaction from those who did not.

How would you rank your latest smartphone experience? Has battery life made a negative impact? Software malfunctions bringing you down? Be sure to share in the comments.

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  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    Not that with the no sd card, and removable battery :/ Still kinda want that HTC One X though. I’ll have to just wait for the sg3

    • jonathan3579

      No SD card slot hardly makes them a bad company.

  • jamal adam

    HTC: quietly satisfying

  • droilfade

    Are you sure? Maybe, the devs weren’t part of the 7k odd consumers. With the locked bootloaders and then the HTC Dev etc etc. Sense 4.0 does not perform half as well as earlier versions- it’s laggy and complicated. I have steered away from HTC for sometime now. Well, may be as @jamal adam points out- Quietly Satisfying! :)

    • swazedahustla

      HUH?? How would you call Sense 4.0 laggy and its not even been released?? Im not understanding. And most people who had common sense knew not to use the stupid HTC Dev unlock too, and instead use the recommended method that was released on XDA, Not on HTC DEV.

    • Nick Gray

      This was a general consumer survey of new phone users. There’s no reason to include devs unless they make up a substantial portion of Android users (which they don’t).

  • Papapau

    Can anyone say a negative comment about iPhone regarding the results?

    • Tariq

      Yes isheep worship without reason and they would sing it’s praise even if it was broken and useless. whereas people who choose htc actually get real enjoyment from it. I have access to both devices and whenever I am forced to use the iPhone it makes me really really mad. It makes me hate those people who’ve made such a crappy phone so popular. isheep are people without brains and Inshaallah the one x is simply going to blow them away. Get ready world htc is back and this time they mean business

    • Burnd

      Two years ago they released the HTC Legend. I’m currently waiting for my HTC One X which will be a huge step forward. However I am going to miss my Legend. Of course by now it’s a slow phone compared to what’s out there, though this was a really stable phone for sure.
      HTC gained my trust and with their new HTC One X around the corner I think their future is looking bright for now.

      • Burnd

        Apologies: Accidental reply.

  • B

    My htc phone is far less buggy then my galaxy s.

  • Zagrash

    I’m a big fan of my G2, no Sense getting in the way, and a solid piece of hardware. No issues with battery life either, I can easily go a full day with moderate usage.

  • tmihai20

    If you would have asked me what I thought of HTC last year, I would not have had good thoughts. I must admit that HTC is now on the rise again. I hope they won’t get too comfortable now, the competitors are all brewing new devices. We haven’t yet seen anything from that new HTC division they announced in January, if I am not mistaken.

  • spazby

    I am surprised Motorola is ranked that high

    • Derek R-C

      I’m not. I think if they had an unlocked bootloader they would be number 1.

  • Lightning7

    Satisfying? One word: Thunderbolt

    • Noor Mahmoud

      That is more verizion’s fault than HTC’s.

    • Lightning7

      I did root and ROM, but since this was my first Android, I didn’t know about those things at first XP. I had to wait through random reboots, bad battery life, and no Gingerbread, till I had finally found out about root. I understand that the Thunderbolt is a great phone if you take away all of those, but all of those and the many delays took away from a what should have been a phenomenal flagship device.

  • B

    Although it may be huge, I prefer sense over any other UI. Vanilla is still the best imo.

  • SGB101

    love my Desire so much, IMHO, mile ahead of the wife’s sgs, that put me off the sgs2. untill the One X , I’ve not wanted/ felt the need to upgrade.
    the sgs3, (if shots are Gen) looks so sweet, but I’d rather have a more sturdy HTC

  • Vance

    I am a big HTC fan patiently waiting for my One X :)

  • Shawn Clark

    HTC always been a good company…They make reliable devices, great service, what more can you ask for?…like their motto, Quietly Brilliant.

  • Glen

    Amazing how a blog like the Verge says apple tops the J.D Power Rankings for the 6 (or 7th?) straight here. Here, you twist the headline. Still surprisng to see HTC there. Worst battery life ever

  • Hall Lo

    From how fast (when compared to other manufacturers) they deliver their updates to fones, and the build quality of their phones, I am not surprised of this result. I would really think that for now Sammy and HTC are the best manufacturers for Android ;)

    • aranea

      If you take the speed of delivering new updates Motorola probably ranks at the bottom. My Atrix will probably never get ICS (officially)

  • Ichigo

    I had a galaxy s 2, the best phone that I have ever owned, I’m sure the galaxy s 3 is gonna be killer but I think I’m going with HTC this year and will get the One X.

  • GliTcH

    Notice how we’re moving more towards apple by removing Android phones with keyboards, 4 buttons on the front, no MicroSD card slots in some phones now, no D-Pad, and now non-removable batteries? And how the market is now Google Play offering mp3′s and video’s sort of like iTunes?
    I know a lot of people didn’t like D-Pads and Keyboards and such but it’s also what set our phones apart from iPhone, it’s the fact that we COULD have these features/extras if we wanted. Apple users don’t have that choice.
    It’s distressing to me whenever I see a new phone or Android feature that brings us one step closer to Apple-land.

  • VS

    Just wanted to chime in for the HTC Amaze 4G. Still going strong with Sense 3.0 (I believe), and the hardware is good enough that a need to root never materialized (unlike the Sense update that went to the EVO 4G). I suspect with ICS / Sense update, it will perform better with the hardware acceleration, but I’ll wait and see.

    But overall, I’ve enjoyed HTC since the Hero (still use it as my WiFi Pandora player in my house) and I’ve never had one of their phones fail due to faulty hardware and updates are more timely than Samsung.

    I hope they continue to have that hungry attitude that they showed in Barcelona showcasing the One Series. Competition breeds success and HTC needs to constantly compete, not just be satisfied as they were the past year.

  • Joel

    “..asking them to evaluate performance, ease of operation, physical design and features.”

    Maybe the NEW Sense fit those descriptions, but when I think about those things I wouldve thought that Touchwiz would come out on top.

  • Nathan D.

    This isn’t all that surprising given how things turn out

  • seabass978

    Don’t know about your amaze but mine’s doesn’t last long at all, the battery suck on this phone. The most annoying part is when u make a call, the screen automatically shuts off without going no where near the proximity sensor, very annoying when calling your voice mail or calling any customer care when u have to input #s. But its better than my vibrant.

    • Eric Rossman

      @seabass978 Any chance you have had a broken screen replaced? I have had two different devices mess up on the proximity sensor after a screen replacement. I used a free app to display the raw values of all the sensors. I found that any misalignment of the screen or masking double-stick surrounding the sensor caused the sensor to malfunction.

      -good luck hope you can find a solution. Feel free to contact me, I can help you diagnose and find a solution.

      -Eric :)

      • Carol

        I’m about to get my HTC-EVO screen replaced @ a Sprint store. Then I’m giving it to my 6 yr old grandson for games, music, pics, etc. Will he have problems due to the screen replacement? (In getting an HTC/EVO 4G-LTE. Hope its good!) Thanks for any help.

  • bk11222

    just switch from an iPhone to the galaxy skyrocket and loving the android experience. great UI, blazing fast and every app u frequently used on my iPhone I have found the same or very similar ones here. I’m a moderate data user (>1 gig a month) and no battery issues. videos stream well and the camera is incredible. Im in nyc and the LTE rocks