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Launch of HTC One may be delayed by Qualcomm S4 production halt


Consumers hoping to get their hands on a new Android phone powered by a Qualcomm S4 SoC (system on a chip) this spring may have to wait a few extra weeks. Reports are coming in that TSMC, the manufacturer of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 chip, abruptly stopped production of all their 28nm chips three weeks ago to make changes to the production process. Production is expected to be back in full swing in “short order” with supply levels reaching normal levels by the end of March.

The three week production halt of Qualcomm’s S4 chip (which began before Mobile World Congress) could translate into supply shortages or even launch delays for a few Android phones this spring. The HTC One series relies on the S4 chip for the HTC One S and One XL (One X for AT&T). While the phones are expected to debut in Europe during the first week of April, T-Mobile USA, AT&T and other service providers in Europe have not announced exact release dates for the HTC One.

The Qualcomm S4 SoC has been in full production since early 2012, so it’s hard to say how this production issue will actually affect the different OEMs who are using the chip in their phones. Handset delays of supply shortages will be directly affected by Qualcomm’s inventory level before the production stoppage. We hope TSMC gets the production line back up and running in the next few days. Any more delays could cause a serious chip supply shortage for Qualcomm that could carry into the summer.

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Source: SemiAccurate

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  • wwJOSHdo

    I don’t want another HTC device… I want a manufacturer that supports you modifying and rooting your device. Like Samsung! :D

    • redraider133

      ha htc does that hence the bootloader unlocking of pretty much all their devices.

    • JM W

      Samsung phones suck!

      • sunrise

        Samsung processors and screens are good, but their reception suck. Their updates suck too, never done timely, or never done at all.

    • sunrise


      It’s an OFFICIAL HTC site.

      -openSense SDK
      -Unlock Bootloader Tool
      -Kernel Source Code


    • jamal adam

      I think someone has been living under a rock. Time for you to get with the program.

      • yasdsam

        Dapeng A8300 Android 2.3 OS Smart Phone TV GPS WiFi 4.3 Inch Multi-touch Screen $157.99! Free shipping!

    • wwJOSHdo

      I’m aware of the fact that you can “unlock” your Evo 3D! But you have to report that you unlocked your device to HTC AND it doesn’t let you flash kernels in recovery. Trust me, I know!

  • redraider133

    Why don’t they just hold off putting s4′s into the lower end versions and still they can ship the one x since it uses tegra 3( minus lte ones) Hopefully it doesn’t delay things to long for those slated to get this phone. Maybe the delay will make verizon get on board. One can hope lol

    • Vieper07

      the tegra 3 version will be shipped
      just the lte version of the htc one x get out later

    • thel0nerang3r

      It may come down to semantics. However, delayed means “not on time” for me. Since ATT and others haven’t announced a release date, I don’t see them as “delayed.” Also, if the shutdown was for 3 weeks, does it mean that products will arrive 3 weeks later? which isn’t that much time to me, since I’ll be signing a 2yr contract anyways, 3 weeks isn’t that much.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Htc will make sure all goes well people just need to chill.

    • Max.Steel

      Says the Samsung boy.

    • jonathan3579

      All would go well if you would go away, Dick… Oh, I mean Dick Yarell… No, that’s not right either – I meant dick.

    • squiddy20

      Judging by the few comments on this article, no one is even remotely upset about it, so there’s really no need to “chill”. There is a need though for you to shut up with your incredibly biased, fanboyish posts such as “Me and my Galaxy Nexus are on TOP”, “Oh I’ll definitely push up on that Galaxy Note real quick”, and other ridiculous statements.

    • Steam

      What the hell are you talking about?! Did you even read the article, or did you just see “HTC” and decide to comment on that alone?
      The article was about Qualcomm’s S4 SoC, and supply issues by TSMC, the manufacturer (who also manufactures the Tegra for NVIDIA). HTC has absolutely no control over it, you idiot. HTC can’t “make sure all goes well” no more than you can turn off the voices in your head and your insecurities and sick habits. No more than HTC could control the supply of OLED-based screens for the DInc when it was first released.
      At what point did anyone seem upset that they needed to “chill”? I saw nothing in the article or the comments that indicated anger or panic. Were you making your phones have a pimp-slapping contest again? I told you that phones aren’t people, Richard. You shouldn’t bash them together in pimp-slapping matches. You shouldn’t dress them up and have parties with them and talk to them and have all of these crazy visions in Richard’s World. You DEFINITELY need to stop “pushing up, quick-like” on your phones, that’s beyond garden variety mental illness.
      Are you trying to hedge your bets now that you have a Samsung, sorry – “Samsuck” (your words just a few months ago, not mine), but know that HTC has a good chance of making the next Nexus phone so you don’t look even more like the most hypocritical, deranged, retarded, mentally-ill, daddy/pissed-on/useless/basement-issues person than you already are?
      Tell us, Richard, *how* is HTC going to make sure all goes well? Are they going to send in an Evo3D to see to it that the changes made to the production process are implemented correctly, efficiently, and as quickly as possible? Tell us, without trying to resort to a 2nd-grade insult, tell us exactly how HTC is going to “make sure all goes well”. I’m sure we are all agog.

  • jonathan3579

    Another Qualcomm delay? Oh gee… Nobody saw this one coming, right? I was ready to try one of these new S4 phones out but it seems like this has been happening for the past couple years with them.

    • Mark

      The T-Mobile G2 had one of the first 2nd gen snapdragon CPU’s. And the CPU in the G2, at 800mhz, blew the 1ghz Snapdragons out of the water. in addition, that little 800mhz CPU could be easily overclocked to 1.5ghz without issue and with the right crazy kernel, it could even be pushed to 1.9ghz w/o changing the cooling or crashing the O.S; Using a 1st release of a new edition chip by Qualcomm is no problem for me. Maybe for safety, stability, power, etc. qualcomm always tends to undervalue, underclock, their CPU’s? So if this S4 is supposed to be the Tegra 3 and imagine if it was as overclockable as the 2nd gen snapdragon, man what that CPU/GPU could do… but screwing over long time loyal custom HTC was a bad move.

    • jimmyB

      This has nothing to do with Qualcomm or the S4 chip. The manufacturer shut down their entire 28nm chip production line which includes chips for AMD and other companies. Qualcomm is only one of the companies that’s going to suffer from this setback.

      It’s a good thing that HTC chose to go with the Tegra 3 for the EU version of the One X. Can’t wait to get my hands on it.

  • Y314K

    Not sure I would want the first version of S4 if the manufacturing was bad… Wonder if that would translate of a higher fail rate…

    • inviolable

      Why would you assume the manufacturing was “bad”

    • thel0nerang3r

      In silicon manufacturing, there is validation. Wafers have “yields” which means that some dies get thrown out on every wafer. When the yield is really low “only a few usable chips per wafer”, that’s when you have production stops. So, whatever is shipped works. It’s the low yields that hurt manufacturing. Also, electronics are not like mechanical devices. On the most part, electronics either work or they don’t. It’s rather unlikely that a piece of electronics (with no moving parts) will work today and fail in 30 days or 6 months.

  • spazby

    hopefully it will not be too bad, these new HTC phones rock

  • dillybar

    My upgrade doesnt kick in til July anyway. And I’m still very happy with my Sensation. Waiting on right device. Might be the One x might be something else. But I remember a similar situation with the Droid Incredible samoled screens(this had more to do with samsung i think using them for their devices though) This I doubt will be as bad as that.

  • Qualcomm

    Qualcomm never fail to disappoint especially on timing….

    Now really? This means their show is over that Samsung Galaxy S3 is approaching with their new chip set.

    • jimmyB

      People need to read before posting idiotic comments.

  • Erica

    S4 may be superior to Tegra3, but without ANY products the argument is moot. Looking forward to Tegra4… something that’s not made out of that Tegra2 trash

  • Nathan D.

    Wow that sucks but if it’s for the better :-) then I don’t mine but hopefully nothing gets delay that much if not enough supplies to last a number of request


    Guys, it’s not called SemiAccurate for nothing :)

    SemiWiki is denying the whole story.

    There’s nothing in DigiTimes.

    Might be a complete duck the whole story.

    • jimmyB

      Nice to see they dispute the claim, but they don’t have any proof to back it up. I love it when two sites get into pissing battles, claiming that the other isn’t a legitimate news source.

  • drop

    ‘full production’ since early 2012? really?

    In the EDA business, TSMC is known to have big yield issues on its 28nm process, and now it looks like they had to rethink the whole process for 3 weeks.

    3 week stop is HUGE in the fab industry. A foundry is supposed to be working 24/7 !

    I think Qualcomm had to do some sort of paper launch of the S4 at MWC2012, because the S3 is soo outdated.

    But I expect the street availability of all S4-based phones to be much delayed. Much like nVidia lied on the real availability of Transformer Prime before Christmas!

    • thel0nerang3r

      how is S3 so outdated?

    • Alex R

      All new chip have yield issues. This isn’t anything new. Once they get the kinks worked out, production will be back on track and no one will even remember there was a stoppage in a few months.

  • dVyper

    i dont care as long as i get my one in april

  • yankeesusa

    I’m not due for upgrade till June so I’m sure things will be fixed by then.

    • thel0nerang3r

      I’ve learned my lesson. I wait one month for the bleeding edge people to find the kinks. Then I know what I can expect.

  • Mark

    That’s kind of B.S to HTC. They’ve been loyal to Qualcomm from day one, using their chips in WinMo phones and then their Android phones. They never strayed like Motorola and others have, they never tried out Nvidia or TI or Samsung CPU’s, they stuck with Qualcomm like glue. It’s good in once sense. But for Qualcomm to screw over HTC like this is not cool.

    • Mark

      Ah, learned HTC finally did stray from Qualcomm, looks like one of the One variants will have a Tegra 3. And it looks like Qualcomm isn’t directly screwing HTC but the manufacturing plan is at fault and AMD and other chip manufacturers have been affected. Misery loves company I guess. Wipe that smirk off your face Intel.

    • Alex R

      The reason HTC has been loyal to Qualcomm is because Qualcomm owns a minority stake in the company. They both stand to benefit if they use Qualcomm chips. That being said, even though NVIDIA has received a lot of positive press with their Tegra line, they still account for less than 10% of all chips inside Android phones simply because NVIDIA’s chips don’t offer a complete SoC like Qualcomm’s do.

      Keep in mind that NVIDIA uses the same manufacturer to push out their Tegra 3 chip. They have had issues with Tegra 3 yields since late 2011 and that’s the reason we have not seen very many Android devices with the chips yet.

  • msgnyc