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NVIDIA says 4-PLUS-1 is good for more than just games and extra battery life


NVIDIA has already established their Tegra processor as the leading platform for Android games with their Tegra Zone program, and now the company wants to let you know that apps can also benefit from their unique 4-PLUS-1 architecture.

Today NVIDIA posted a new blog that highlights several new apps which are designed to take advantage of their quad-core Tegra 3 processor. Some of the apps like Splashtop and Snapseed we got a preview of at CES, but this is the first time we have seen PowerDirector Mobile from Cyberlink.

I can say from personal experience that my Tegra 3-powered Transformer Prime offers the best Android experience of any device I have tried. It’s my favorite Android device to game on, but I have wished for more applications that really took advantage of it.

Jen-Hsun Huang, NVIDIA CEO, recently said, “We need to develop the technology to inspire content developers and applications developers to create these amazing applications.” The competition has been arguing that mobile quad-core processors are overkill, so it’s nice to see some developers start to take advantage of all the power that Tegra 3 has to offer.

From what we have seen at recent shows, it appears that Tegra Zone will start to highlight some of these new apps instead of just focusing on games. We think it’s a good direction for them to go, since it’s not always obvious which apps are optimized for quad-core processors.

Check out the quick promo video below to see what developers are saying about working with Tegra 3.

New apps that benefit from Tegra 3 include:

  • Splashtop THD from Splashtop Inc. — allows you to seamlessly stream content from your desktop onto your Tegra 3 tablet. Whether you’re playing the latest FPS shooters or streaming high-res movies from your desktop to your Tegra 3 tablet, Splashtop’s remote desktop has got you covered wherever you go. Available now on Google Play. Available now on Google Play.
  • Photaf THD Panorama Pro from Oren Bengigi — a new photo-stitching app that allows you to combine a sequence of photos to create a panoramic view of any scenery. This app accelerates image stitching time by using all four Tegra 3 processing cores. That means more time to create cool photos and less time waiting around. Available now on Google Play. Available now on Google Play.
  • Snapseed from Nik Software — one of the easiest, most intuitive photo editors available for your Tegra 3 device. Take a picture, customize it to your liking and immediately send to friends and family. With Snapseed, you never knew your photos could look so professional, so quick and easy with your Tegra 3 mobile device. Coming to Google Play this summer.
  • PowerDirector Mobile from CyberLink— this app was once a powerful desktop-based video editing tool. Thanks to the Tegra 3’s high-performance and battery-friendly 4-PLUS-1 architecture, PowerDirector Mobile will give you the power to manipulate and edit videos on your mobile device. Coming to Google Play this fall.

Source: NVIDIA Blog

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  • Bryan Stoner

    The closer these apps come to being the little brother of desktop apps, the happier a camper I will be ;)

    I think the Nvidia CEO is taking a step towards the right direction. Having applications that can utilize this new architecture will be a make or break for tablet progression. My personal favorite is splashtop HD!

    I can only imagine one day where we can see absolute desktop performance from a tablet! [email protected]@~

  • ranwanimator

    I’m excited for these Tegra 3 apps as I have a TFP. Though I would be happier to see more tablet apps in general in the market. Apple is still kicking our tails on that particular point and I don’t like having my tail kicked by Apple.

  • redraider133

    I think this is smart for nvidia, I mean not everyone plays games on there phone so they see how all these games are promoted and think well I won’t really benefit from it. But with focusing more on apps it can show people how awesome it can be and how it will work for them.

  • spazby

    tegra games are awesome… and the time when tablet fully replaces laptop is around the corner

    • thel0nerang3r

      I think that Asus has the right idea with the Transformer. Typing on a touch screen is tough, for me anyways. However, at $500 you can get a decent laptop. I think that when Tegra 5 (two years time?) the choice between something like the Asus Transformer and a laptop will be a tough choice.

      • delinear

        If I could buy a traditional laptop with a detachable keyboard and a touchscreen for $500 then I would. Unforunately such a device doesn’t exist, so anyone who wants the functionality of both either has to buy a tablet AND a laptop, or a tablet with a keyboard dock. The Prime fills that niche nicely and, while it’s not dirt cheap, it’s still cheaper than the alternative.

  • Ps3y3Ops

    The common theme, especially as of late, is that the hardware is here and the last piece of the puzzle is the support of the Dev community in making apps that utilize the hardware. Kudos to Nvidia for pointing out that the Devs need to be enticed by quality hardware in tablets to take it to the next level. The reality is that consumers will lose interest if there is no interest from the Dev community.

  • Bluevoodo

    It would be nice if Nvidia sold a DLNA streamer that would guarantee to work seamlessly with these apps so that it can taunt Apple’s Airplay, setting up DLNA is a Pain!

    • thel0nerang3r

      Have you used Twonky? It feels really simple to use for me.

      • Bluevoodo

        Thats actually what I’ve been looking into all day today. I havent tried it yet, can I beam my music from my phone to my computer? without Lag and choppiness?

        • thel0nerang3r

          I haven’t tried streaming to my pc. I stream to my media center. It works fine for video and sound in my home network. If sound is all you need, you may also want to consider getting a blue tooth adapter on your laptop. If you have Vista or Windows7, you will need this to use your laptop speakers as a “headset” to get the sound.

  • sunrise

    “I can say from personal experience that my Tegra 3-powered Transformer Prime offers the best Android experience of any device I have tried.”

    Well of course it’s going to give you the best Android experience of any device you have tried. No other product available right now really has a more powerful processor. You have 4-plus-1 cores. Wait till Krait S4, Exynos A15 and other quad cores are officially out as final release units, use them heavily, then compare.

  • Jens

    I don’t get the point of the 4+1 in those apps. Do they need 4 cores for best performance or not? If not, then why a quadcore at all? If yes, then what’s the”+1″ good for in those apps?
    The concept in itself may be great but I don’t get it in the given examples…

    • Burnd

      The 5th core is there to run all background apps, so the 4 cores can fully focus on the frontapp you’re running.

      • 666

        Yes, because you need four cores to run Facebook or the Gmail app.

        • Burnd

          No, most of the time it’ll only use one, basically for e-mail, maps, browsing, 2D gaming, etc.. The second core is used in case of heavier tasks: Video chat, flash enabled browsing, multitasking etc. And well, four cores is the really heavy stuff such as cc-gaming, fast browsing, media processing and those sorts of thing.

          Meanwhile the companion core runs the background tasks.

          • jhoravi

            No it doesn’t work that way. The companion core will never run at the same time with the Power cores. But still the companion core has big role in Photo editing here’s an example:
            You stitch several photos so the 4 power cores kicks in to finish the task as quickly as possible. After it’s done processing, the 4 cores go to sleep and the companion wakes up to do the light duty.

    • Darkseider

      Currently very few apps aside from some in the TegraZone take advantage of the Tegra 3. The app has to be written to take advantage of the underlying hardware. Unfortunately most Android devs code for the least common denominator in order to appeal to the broadest audience.

  • Burnd

    Tegra 3 .. So this’ll also be available for the HTC One X I just ordered?

  • Derek

    I’m sorry but NVidia’s Tegra is NOT the leading platform for Android. NVidia sucks. They refuse to release the source code, they only release worthless binaries. There is no dev support for their Tegra line. Also, the Tegra2 is the worst performing dual core chip out there and I have no doubt their Tegra3 will be the worst performing quad core. Granted they were first to market with their dual core and now first with their quad core. But first is not always best. Samsung, Qualcom, and TI’s dual cores emerged later but all had better performance. Heck, their Tegra2 doesnt even support major video streaming protocols, cant even use skype or gtalk to do video chats. I would NEVER buy a Tegra product.

    • Darkseider

      Ummm GTalk and Skype work fine. GTalk is installed by default and video works like a charm and as of 9/29/2011 Skype does video too:

      So yeah. Obvious troll is obvious.

    • sergio

      The worst part is the fact that they will never release the SOURCE CODE!!! So, your tegra devices will be outdated without any community support soon. Maybe it’s the way they found to force you to buy another device in order to upgrade the software.