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NVIDIA’s Kepler to bring PC-quality gaming to Android superphones


It’s a good day to be NVIDIA. The GPU-juggernaut has unleashed their first Kepler-powered graphics card, the GTX 680, to the general public. Kepler marks a significant step forward in GPU efficiency and performance, and many PC gamers out there are excited for what enhancements NVIDIA is bringing to the table. While PC gamers flock to update their gaming rigs, NVIDIA’s CEO Jen-Hsun Huang has sent out an email to all employees which hints at what the future may hold for the Kepler platform.

While having the most powerful GPU on the market is an accomplishment in and of itself, it’s clear Mr. Huang wants more. Huang sees the super powerful and energy-efficient Kepler platform making its way into data centers, super-thin notebooks, and even superphones (and likely, tablets). NVIDIA’s GeForce (PC) and Tegra (Mobile) platforms have remained strictly separate until now, and Kepler could be the platform to unite these business lines. Having the power of Kepler in a smartphone will bring us one-step-closer to truly PC-quality gaming on mobile devices.

For a refresher (or first-look) at what Kepler exactly is, be sure to check out the embedded video below. And for even more info about Kepler and the recently-released GTX 680 PC video card, check out NVIDIA’s product page here. While gaming on the Tegra 3 chipset is already awesome, we can’t wait to see it get even better over the next few years.

Via: The Verge

Source: AnandTech

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  • Angel

    PC-quality – now there’s a oxymoron….

    • YMS123

      Clearly you never played a game on PC, now run along and play angry birds in space on your iphone

      • Homncruse

        Now now, it’s entirely probable that he’s an Xbox or PS3 “gamer” who sits around playing Call of the Battlefield: Modern Halo Black Op Combat all day. The self-righteous arrogance fits the profile.

        • malcmilli

          something wrong with playing COD or battlefield on a 360?

          • Homncruse

            No, but if that’s the extent of your gaming, you’re not a gamer.

    • mike

      I am not a fan of PC gaming. However, you sir are a complete idiot. For me it is just a matter of preference. But, PC’s run circles around consoles.

  • Yonas

    This reminds me of last year,when i first heard of project Kal-el

    • Anthony Domanico

      haha…yeah, fair enough. Still, here’s hoping.

  • spazby

    awesome video, fur effects are very cool

    • Burnd


  • Owain

    I want to shoot some pillars

  • Artoon

    Things like this should stick to the PC. I can’t play Skyrim on a tablet and I wouldn’t want to .

    • delinear

      Maybe not right now, but in the near future who knows? Ten years ago the idea of a phone as powerful and capable as today’s models would have seemed like science fiction. If everyone had said “why do we need high quality colour screens in phones, we can’t stream video over the air, leave it to PCs” we’d have missed out on some amazing technological leaps, not only in terms of the handset tech, but also in terms of infrastructure like 4G/LTE which have been driven by the demand created by these devices. It’s only by pushing at the boundaries that technology advances.

      • zerosix

        Yep, we can emulate win98 or gameboy noww… Maybe, in ten years we will be able to emulate win7.

        • AsakuraZero

          in what world with WHAT DUCKING MATEMATICAL RULES DO YOU LIVE IN!? .-. ffs kids now days dont know a shit of how tech advance.

          W7? may in 2014 or well even in 2013

          • mike

            Do you have Down Syndrome???

      • hoosiercub

        They’ll still have shitty touch-based control systems. That just IS NOT going to work for a real gamer. There’s only so much precision and tactical feedback to be had by pressing your finger to a piece of glass.

        Sure, there are bluetooth/etc controllers that can be used, but it’s just not quite there yet.

        I am a PC gamer, I own consoles, and I use my tablet for casual internet/gaming use.

        There is no sense in shoving a 28nm Kepler chip into a tablet. :)

        • ari-free

          That’s why I want tablets with controls. Let Apple be the one stuck with the 1 button mouse and the touch only tablet.

    • professandobey

      I don’t get why people say that mobile devices don’t need to do X. If you don’t want to play Skyrim on a tablet, then don’t. I however wouldn’t mind the option to plug my tablet into my TV, pair a controller with it, and play games in PC quality.

      • B2L

        Same here, I already do it with a PS3 controller, MHL adapter, and my Galaxy Note. If the games were PC quality, I would almost be willing to get rid of my Xbox and PS3.

      • this guy

        its only the pussies that say that. i mean seriously its good to have that options. im all for the biggest screens, more power, etc. i want top hardware the biggest the baddest

    • IshiKen

      You can play Skyrim on tablets. It involves streaming the game from your computer to the tablet over your internet connection in the same way the VLC remotes work. There are apps for it in the Google Play store and videos on how well it is used on YouTube.

  • Robert Hallock

    There is nothing about Kepler that will trickle down into Tegra products except for the generic effects that come with improving API levels: OpenGL, DirectX 11, etc. As a rule, Kepler is merely a different take on the way these APIs should be leveraged, just like any other GPU. Everything else is software.

    • AsakuraZero

      and so every processor on the planet, thanks captain obvious, remember we are in a time where SOFTWARE its WAY more capable than the hardware which is running it, software will still advance and demmand more efficiency from the hardware.

      we live in a era where most of the things are textures instead of objects, real fluid animations in realtime are really hard to do, thats because movies like monsters inc are REALLY deficult to do because they used a lot of objects to do the fur of the blue guy not textures

      and that folks is Computer engineer 101 thanks troll out

      • Robert Hallock

        If it was so obvious, sites wouldn’t be falling for the “OMG KEPLER IN SMARTPHONES” news cycle hook, line and sinker. They would understand that “Kepler” technology means diddly squat.

  • CJ LaFleur

    Sick!!!! i hope it’s affordable enough because I’m building a ngaming rig. this came out at the perfect time!

  • honourbound68

    this is going painful for amd. nvidia’s newest wipes the ground with amd on single card performance. and if kepler gets into the mobile landscape before amd gets their mobile solutions out, then it’s light out for them.

  • Lucian Armasu

    This confirms a little bit my suspicion that Tegra 4 will not be Cortex A15-based, and instead it will be a custom chip, like Qualcomm’s S4, but we still can’t know for sure until they announce it. I just find it a little odd that they haven’t even mentioned Cortex A15 at all so far. Plus, I’m sure Nvidia would like to be more in control of their chips.

  • WlfHart

    Work of beauty… can’t wait to see the next generation of goodies.

  • Nathan D.

    It would be awesome to have this in a smart phone or tablet.

  • Max.Steel

    I’m interested in seeing what Nvidia will do. The 680 is actually supposed to be the successor of the 560 ti. But since the 7970 is so expensive, and the 680 trounces it in the majority of games, Nvidia has no reason to price the 680 around the 560′s point (the 680 is also a small “cheap” chip to make, so there’s no reason for the high price other than lack of price competition). However, once the successor to the 580 (codenamed GK110) comes out, that’ll change things. The question is how good will that massive chip preform?

    No matter how you slice it though, there should be some incredible price wars and drops once the GK110 hits. That’ll be the best time to pick something up like the 680. For now, we’ll just have to live with inflated prices a bit longer, it seems.

  • msh

    Wake me when they can actually bring a Tegra 3 device to U.S. shores.

  • mogen

    lol bf3 on the android good joke. I play angry birds, and its good enough. I just go on my pc which is right beside my phone for hardcore