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Refurbished Kindle Fire only sale for $139 for today only


Looking for a great excuse to buy a Kindle Fire? Amazon’s Gold Box deal of the day features a refurbished Kindle Fire for only $139 (that’s $30 less than the usual $169 price tag of a used unit). According to Amazon, all refurbished Kindle Fire devices are pre-owned but have been tested and certified to look and work exactly like a new device. To make sure consumers are fully satisfied with their refurbished Kindle Fire, consumers are given the same 12-month warranty that you would get if you purchased a new one.

The refurbished Kindle Fire Gold Box sale last until midnight tonight or until stock has been depleted. If you’re planning on picking one up for every member of your family, you may have to place an order with multiple accounts since Amazon is only allowing customers to purchase five refurbished Kindle Fires.

So what are you waiting for? We don’t expect this sale to last more than a few hours!

Via: Engadget

Source: Amazon

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  • Trinhbo

    I’m tempted to get this just so my kids can watch videos of Pocoyo and Thomas the Train.

  • spazby

    curious about next gen of fire

    • thekaz

      Yeah, I’m think the price of this version may come down to this (or less) once the next generation are released…

  • Jayson Olson


    I’m holding my wallet just to see what Google/Asus is going to announce and/or the next gen Kindle. I feel we are so close to an announcement from either of them soon heading into Q2 this upcoming week.

    With my luck, I’d buy this today just to find out the Google tablet will be released in May.

    Getting tougher to out-guess the maufacturers these days…..

  • SGB101

    wish these was available in the UK, id snap a couple up. keep the kids/wife off my ipad.

    i do have a question, how is the Amazon store, eco system?and how does it stack up against itunes?

    as the content is the only reason ive not gone android for a tab, and went ipad2 (sorry). but the day when Play reaches half of what itunes is, il be there,. i so want a transformer like device.

    • Gulpo

      I have a Kindle Fire and I suggest treating it as an E-Reader first, Amazon streaming device second, and Android last. The Amazon Appstore really is behind the Google Play offerings. I still can’t find a decent Twitter client that is optimized for the Kindle Fire. Currently using Tweetcaster but its just stretched out version of the phone. I was hoping Plume would be in the market by now. Another thing worth noting about the Amazon Appstore is that they have picked up the slack on updates but I still find some updates take a few days to show up. You can sideload apps if you have the apk, I did that for Zinio since for some reason its on the Amazon Appstore for phones but Kindle Fire shows “not supported”. Then you get into the “Kindle Fire Edition” apps that are priced like iPad apps.

      My fiance recently got and iPad3 and the App store has so many tablet ready apps that it puts the Google Play tablet offerings to shame :\

  • Qrkchrm

    I have one that I put Ice Cream Sandwich on. Without commenting on what is coming next, (which may very well blow the Kindle Fire away) I would recommend it unless you want to watch HD video and provided that you are ok with flashing a custom rom. I didn’t really like the stock software, but ICS is working pretty well on it.

  • Homncruse

    Sold out as of this post :( I was going to pick one up as a birthday gift. Oh well.

    • honourbound68

      Arghh too late.. That’s what I get for working instead of surfing

      • aranea

        Same here I was at a seminar and missed the deal. :(