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Rumor: Huawei to manufacture upcoming T-Mobile myTouch devices, bound to gain popularity


The latest rumors around the interwebs claim that the next myTouch devices are in the works and are being manufactured by Huawei. The manufacturer is currently mostly known for its low- to mid-end affordable smartphones. But this is something Huawei is trying to change, and surely, this will be a great opportunity to clean its name.

The company is currently trying to become a player in the high-end Android device market. Without much hype, Huawei is releasing devices like the Huawei Ascend D Quad and the Huawei Ascend P1, among others, which compete with the best smartphones in the market. But the lack of advertising is slowing down the company’s climb.

Becoming part of a successful, popular myTouch line will surely give the manufacturer a boost. (These devices include the U8680 and the U8730). It is also rumored that both devices are exactly the same, except one comes with a slide-out physical keyboard.

As for specs, we don’t know much, other than that the phones run Android 2.3 Gingerbread and have a WVGA (480×800) resolution. Let’s hope they have some good surprises, though, as the myTouch legacy has included some awesome devices in their time.

Surely, the devices will reap the fame and popularity the other manufacturers have sown. At the same time, Huawei will have to live up to certain expectations. We’ll have to wait and see what comes out of this, but based on aesthetics, these phones don’t look exactly like your dream device.

While the build quality looks rather solid, the screen looks smaller than 4 inches. Many users would be disappointed to see a WVGA, non-Android 4.0 device released. The devices are rumored to launch in late Spring. By then, the world will be filled with Ice Cream Sandwich goodness.

As always, we’re interested in knowing what our readers are getting out of this. What specs and features do you believe Huawei needs to incorporate in order to make these devices successful? Would you get a myTouch device built by Huawei?

Via: TmoNews

Source: PocketNow

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  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    T-mobile should of just stayed with HTC

    • jpa

      Totally agree! Can’t wait for the HTC One!

    • Jeff Pan

      Maybe HTC didn’t want to manufacture myTouch anymore?

      • LukeT32

        It would disrupt there limited device release plans if they did.

        • jonathan3579

          That’s exactly what I have been trying to say to many of the fools posting on TmoNews. Regardless, I can guarantee these will be better than the crappy LG myTouch(s) running right now. LG has seriously screwed themselves permanently with me.

          • Brian

            At least their trying ok maybe htc got tired of building the new my touches… and the lg ones aren’t any worse cause i have the lg mytouch and to tell you it runs faster than the mytouch 4g so if you got anything to say just reply back..

  • jaxidian

    I’m cheering for Huawei – would LOVE to see them make a large splash in the top-of-the-line devices! However, with Gingerbread and WVGA, it won’t happen. I’m sure they’ll sell some phones but this isn’t the time where they jump into being an equal competitor. That’s really too bad, too. If they hit these devices right (quad core, 720p or 1080p, ICS, 4.3″+ screen) with good build quality, they really could make a HUGE splash if they bundled it with some other great option(s) like a cheaper sale price, penta-band, or something else that can tip the scale!

    Yeah, I know, this is a lot to expect. But they are the ones trying to compete in this market, so don’t blame me!

  • Joel

    Hm…this should be interesting – They have low popularity on MetroPCS, maybe because the devices there are way substandard…

    Maybe being more integrated with Tmo will give them the light they need…and maybe people will finally learn to pronounce that name lol.

  • thaghost

    Yes! Anybody but LG. their mytouch devices flopped. I like huawei but if they release a phone in spring without 4.0 it would be disrespectful, unacceptable and should be thrown in the recepticle. Lol. Tmo should make sure that doesnt happen.

  • Nathan D.

    love to see what they have to bring to the table for the mytouch line, my mytouch 3g 3.55 was awesome until I semi-brick it but other then that it was my best first android phone so far, hopefully they will have a good phone

  • CTown

    Since Huawei isn’t known in the US, why couldn’t they just release their Ascend D phone under the MyTouch name? Wouldn’t that help with brand recognition? They can just display “Huawei” really observably on the back of the device!

    • MrMrMan

      I agree with that. Why couldn’t they just get that phone instead of this mess.

  • spazby

    They need to break into the big 4g carriers if they want to sell premium devices in u.s.

  • Hemdroids

    im all for rooting for Huwaei but if tho’s images above of thier version of it are correct?.. then its a no go for me,hella ugly man.. mytouch 4g slide is awesomeness looking thanks to HTC’s design experience.. i still dont care for HTC phones though,Sammy all day son!


    Good for them but the mytouch serious had always had way to much bloat.. Overwhelming amount if you ask me. I guess it’s ok since it’s targeted to the family. But not for me

  • revs

    what a shame the my touch devices usta be quality phones
    1st lg now this

  • Ashley Salazar

    T-Mobile is just sucking right now………

    LG makes them……now…….this…..ew.

    What happened to the days that the myTouch line was top notch? (aka myTouch 4G days)

    plus they are launching with gingerbread, ew.