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Rumor: Key Lime Pie to be next major Android update to follow Jelly Bean

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We know Google’s already hard at work on the next big update to Android (aka Jelly Bean), but what’s the next Android treat going to be called? According to The Verge, a trusted source has revealed to them that the Android team has settled on Key Lime Pie. Obviously, there are not a lot of dessert or tasty treat options when it comes to the letter K unless you’re a fan of Kiwi Cheese Cake (or any other Kiwi flavored desserts).

Talking about Android’s Key Lime Pie update feels like we’re getting too far ahead of ourselves since manufacturers are just now rolling out phones that are running on Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) and it’ll be at least another 12 months before Jelly Bean (rumored to be Android 5.0) powered phones hit store shelves. At this pace, we’ll have to wait until spring of 2014 before Key Lime Pie is baked into new handsets by OEMs.

What do you think of the Key Lime Pie name? Is there another dessert or treat that starts with a letter K which may be better suited for the next version of Android?

Source: The Verge

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  • Slith

    Key lime pie makes me think of summer which makes me happy.

    • Joel

      Hm…yea I like it – KLP for short.

      “Hey what version of android you running?”
      “Oh this? im on ICS”
      “Whhaat?! thats old, dude im on KLP already”

      Yes….has a nice ring to it.

  • alxrock

    Quick! Lets start talking about 6.0 Licorice and 7.0 Marshmallow!

    • zerosix

      Yep, one more advantage of Android, we can think about codenames. iOS 6 will be called iOS 6, nothing interesting:)
      And yes, android codenames are tasty.

  • Jeff Pan

    Other options Kiwi Cheese Cake or Kheer (Indian sweet dish) ?

  • jaxidian

    I have a feeling this was The Verge making up news but I could be wrong and this could be based on speculation where Google is trying to get community feedback on the name. Either way, I strongly doubt that this is a final decision at this point.

    • Nick Gray

      If it was me, I would already have a full list of names that goes all the way to Z.

      • Joel

        Z….Zebra Cake? Yum.

  • dpleus

    Mmmmm, Key Lime Pie….

    • thekaz

      my favorite kind of pie…

  • Nick Gray

    I don’t care what they call the letter K update as long as they choose Lollypop for the letter L.

    • alxrock

      oh man, I didn’t even think of Lollypop for L. Much better than Licorice.

    • Max.Steel


      • slurms mckenzie

        u done did it again here comes the spell check police. *rolls eyes*

        do u really think he cares

  • spazby

    Good thing google is not korean, we just might have gotten kimchi…

    • PacoBell

      There’s sweet kimchi o_O?

  • txbluesman

    This is making me hungry…

  • Grandmaster

    I’d prefer jolly rancher over jelly bean since their so damn good but we all know how those patent trolls would start kicking in

    • delinear

      I suspect they at least partially consider how well known the name would be outside the US, in other english speaking countries. Here in the UK for instance, Jellybean is instantly recognisable, Jolly Ranchers, not so much.

      • Android buggle

        Exactly. They need to come up with names that most english speaking people will recognize.

    • PacoBell

      Wouldn’t that be trademark infringement, not patent?

  • WlfHart

    Krispie Rice Treat? (generic so no trolling?)

  • Jeremy Sheehan

    Klondike bar? I know my wife will groan when she hears this one. She hates Key Lime Pie.

    • fletchtb

      I hadn’t thought of Klondike bar, but it sounds like a good alternative to me!

    • R.S

      They won’t use a trademarked name but…

      What would you do for a Klondike phone?!

      • Anonymous

        Why not? They used Froyo…

        • Nick Gray

          The Froyo Trademark was not renewed by its owner a few years back, but there’s a difference between a random trademark like Froyo with refers to a category rather than a specific product.

          Example: Google would go with chicken nugget, not Chicken McNugget

          Obviously it does not matter since a klondike bar is technically in the Ice Cream Sandwich category.

  • fletchtb

    I think Key Lime Pie is the perfect name. I am already imagining the Android logo… The green piece of pie with the point down and some arms and legs.

    Key Lime Pie… Right letter, right kind of food, right color. It’s a LOCK!

  • Max.Steel

    Screw all of you for making me hungry with your food comments. >:(

  • copa

    Personally, I liked Honeycomb and Eclair far more in terms of pronouncability. Ice Cream Sandwich and Key Lime Pie are both just a bit too long in my opinion.
    Licorice and Marshmallow both sound good to me, just don’t let it get too cluttered.

    • PacoBell

      Too long? Key Lime Pie has just as many syllables as the ones you just mentioned.

  • StevenZoz

    but seriously– what are they going to do when they get to X

    • copa

      this is the first thing I came up with kudos to goole ;)
      xocolatl – Ancient Aztec for chocolate

    • Max.Steel

      Xantham gum, XoXo cupcakes, Xacuti etc. Weird names that’s for sure.

  • NoRootNoFun

    Maybe Google should consider using other languages and just call it “Kirschkuchen” ;-)

  • xsynth

    Key Lime Pie sounds ok, though I’ve never heard of it before.

    I just wish Americans would stop calling kiwifruit “Kiwi”. The Kiwi is a bird, not fruit :P

    • aranea

      Key Lime Pie (aka KLP) is an American desert. I haven’t heard of it till I came to America too. It gets its name from the lime that comes from Florida.

    • Nick Gray

      We could always call the Kiwi by its original name (Chinese gooseberry). We Americans are not the only ones who call it Kiwi. I grew up in Italy and they refer to it as kiwi as well.

      For most it’s a non-issue, but I could see how things out get a bit awkward is New Zealand if you told someone you just ate a delicious kiwi for breakfast.

  • Hall Lo

    Mmmmmm delicious. I really love the codenames for Android xD so tasty

  • Steve Jobs


  • Superjay

    Are you serious? If I owned Klondike, I’d be all over having this as a version name. Hell, I might even pay Google to use it.

    • Erik Jones

      I don’t know why Jello brand didn’t jump all over the J option. And Mars should be in talks with Google right now about using M&M’s

    • copa

      then again, a Klondike bar ist not too far from being an Ice Cream Sandwich, so I don’t know if Google wants the same or at least two very similar kinds of food for their version names.

  • Abraham Xuinchang

    Kraby Patty? LOL

  • JakeJardashian

    I hope M is Marzipan.. :P

  • Nathan D.

    Can we slow it down a bit the next one not even out yet let alone nothing is really know about it either.

    • Nick Gray

      Based on how corporate technology updates work, Google probably has a running list of updates and new features that they want to add to Android. Based on how much time they have to build the next update, they probably know what will be ready in time and what will be pushed to the following release – which will apparently be named Key Lime Pie.

  • delinear

    I’d love it to be Kulfi – for anyone who hasn’t tried it, it’s an Indian dessert and tastes like a dense, creamier version of ice cream, pistachio kulfi is to die for. However, in terms of picking a well recognised name, I agree they’ll almost certainly go for Key Lime Pie.

  • bsturk

    Shouldnt they be hard at work getting ics out. Not sure who cares whats going with that one. That one will be late also seeing how yall work

  • Sarah

    I say they call it Krispy Kreme. I can’t get enough of them!

  • Hisham

    Kakao is simple and nice!

  • ken warner

    they could call it Klondike Bar i mean i know its more ice cream but its also a dessert