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Rumor: Samsung executive says Galaxy S III will come with LTE-capable Exynos processor

The wait is on.

An anonymous Samsung executive has revealed a bit of news about the upcoming Galaxy S III’s Exynos chip. It comes as no surprise that the Korean manufacturer is using its own chipset for the flagship device. It has for past iterations, and this is what we were expecting. But LTE fans that demand Exynos will be happy to see a reaffirmation that it is gaining LTE-capabilities.

This is a major issue, especially in the US. People have grown fond of the Exynos processors’ performance. But Samsung has seen the need to use Qualcomm processors in order for their devices to play well with the LTE networks. If this rumor proves to be right, we will soon have both specs on board.

The new chipset is said to be a 32 nm silicon A9 quad-core processor, meaning that rumors of it being the Exynos 4412 are probably correct. This would make sense, since it was also reported to be LTE-friendly.

It seems development is now complete, and they just need to be put in those super phones. We still have no idea when the device will be released, but if all the rumors were not enough to make you happy, this might be:  We should also start seeing Tegra 3 chips coming out with LTE-support soon. So it;s looking like processor competition will get fierce in the coming months.

Are you excited to see Exynos playing well with LTE networks?

Via: Engadget

Source: Korea Times

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  • jaxidian

    I would LOVE to have a phone with that chip on LTE!!!


  • Alexander drzfr3shboialex

    I just hope it comes to t-mobile. Hopefully with 42mbps and support for their future LTE

  • jason

    LTE integration is awesome, but no 5×50 makes me a sad panda

  • amgala

    I wish my Galaxy Nexus has an Exynos! Samsung is a class leading chip manufacturer, and it would have only made sense to have a Samsung processor in my Samsung phone. Oh well, maybe in my next phone!

    • was

      Apparently Google used TI cuz in the next few months there’s this cloud HDMI thing where u can wirelessly link to a smart tv…only for TI processors tho

      • jaxidian

        Links please? Not that I don’t believe you. Moreso that I want to learn more!

    • thekaz

      my wife’s due for an upgrade in a few months, and her Droid2 is starting to act up.. I have a GNEX, and I am still starting to get jealous of the choices she’ll have!

  • B2L

    I was really hoping for the 5250 with A15 architecture, but this shouldn’t be disappointing at all.

  • pekosROB

    If the SGS3 is an Exynos Quad-core with the Cortex A15 and not 9 then I will buy this as my next phone, on or off contract.

    Definitely even more so if it has a 1080p screen and 2 GB of RAM!!!

    • imperticus

      it’s most likely to be an A9 based processor.

    • dh33r4j

      We can expect that in SGS IV. The quad core will be ready only by Q4 2012 or Q1 2013.

    • Lightning7

      I’ve heard that their quad core Exynos A15 chip, the Exynos 5450, would be “too strong” for smartphones, more capable for tablets to use, and may come into production next year.

      • pekosROB

        Too strong? pffftttttttttt

        So people are hating on me for WANTING an A15 quad core? It’s not like I’m saying it will be and I’m wrong. Geez what’s wrong with people?

  • Ps3y3Ops


  • jamal adam

    This phone keeps getting better and better, if the rumors hold up.

  • h0ruza

    If this is the case then it means there’s less chance of variants meaning more markets get the full power of the base GSIII model.

    Excellent work Samsung

  • Yonas

    All i ever wanted was a 720P Super Amoled Display,LTE support with bandwidth that supports my country *Sweden*,and a cpu clocked at 1.5GHZ or higher ! ….Please make it happen ! :|

  • cwjones4

    correct me if i’m wrong, but wasn’t this chipset (the 4412) supposed to come with last years GPU? if so that’s a major bummer…hope they found some ways to improve upon it. I was also hoping for cortex A15 architecture, i wonder is samsung decided to go with this chipset to win the perceived “core wars” and go with the a higher #, which the average consumer will see and think “better.”

    Not to be a downer. I’m still very excited for this phone and hope it’s released SOON! And hopefully the integrated LTE will do wonders for the battery life

    • Dan G

      Supposed to come with Mali 604, same as in the upcoming 5250. Only the 658 will likely surpass it.

    • dark_funk

      The 4412 is gonna have the Mali-400, according to this article:

      A little disappointing, I agree. I guess we’ll have to wait to see how graphics benchmarks shake out. It’s possible that they’ll use more MALI cores on the 4412 (the SGSII has 4 MALI cores), or some combination of clock speed and implementation tweaks which would improve performance.

  • spazby

    sprint lte please

    • Joel

      Id like that, the phone may release before the network tho lol.

  • Mike

    Oh please come to Verizon.

  • RX-78-7

    Is there a chance that this will have the Mali608?

  • Richard Yarrell

    This is going to be great…..

  • Dirge

    Sounds good, though I was hoping for the quad-core A15′s.

  • Hall Lo

    Thats great! Can’t wait to see the real device itself!

  • itguy426

    I would be more happy to have a dual core with the cortex A15 32nm processor. So I am hoping what Taylor said a while back in the rumor mill is true. Release one phone with the 4412 and then another later on down the road with the 5xxx version and cortex A15. The phone will be nice with the newer processor and especially the lte integration as that seems to be a big draw on battery lately with the Verizon phones.

  • aranea

    So far all the leaked specs are really good. I hope they can get it out soon. I hope they aren’t waiting for new iphone release to show that S III hype is bigger than iphone hype.

  • CJ LaFleur


    • CJ LaFleur

      *Unless they have an amazing battery cuz where i am, i still have 3g! i’d settle for hsdpa+

  • BigBoy

    Exynos 4? Meh. Old CPU arquitecture, old GPU…

    • honourbound68

      Are you comparing it to the a5x?? And a5x has new CPU architecture? wrong! Still using a9 architecture. Does it have new GPU architecture? Wrong again! It has double the gpu cores that it had before but still Power vr543.

      • Aerohix

        Why people love comparing android stuff with apple stuff? Both are made by enslaved people in both Africa and China, and every f***ing year receive an update, so stop moaning the engineering minds will always surpass they’re previous speed records, and you will NEVER have the fastest phone for more than 6 months. Shut up please.

        Written from my Nexus One, which still serves me and I will only buy a new phone when it replaces my laptop (I use a desktop for hardcore stuff)

  • BeatRoot

    I will hold on to my old SGS until I see a decent device with A15. Samsung could get one up on all their completion by having a A15 in the SGS3 but it’s looking unlikely.

    I don’t give a shit about Quad Core A9 when a Dual Core A15 will wipe the floor with it and still have better battery life.

  • Nathan D.

    I really want Samsung to come clean and release the phone specification for it already!

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    If the SGS3 is an Exynos Quad-core with the Cortex A15 and not 9 then I will buy this as my next phoneBlack Monster Mini Headphones