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Rumor: Samsung Galaxy S III wireless charging system to work from 1-2 meters away


Wireless charging isn’t anything new for Android, but the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S III may be the first device to include the feature right out of the box. DDaily is reporting that Samsung is working on its own patented wireless charging system for the Samsung Galaxy S III, which uses a magnetic induction wireless charging system that is able to charge the device even when it is 1-2 meters away from the charging station.

While many Android OEMs and major accessory makers have shown support for the Qi wireless charging standard, Samsung’s move towards their own system may actually be a good thing for the future of wireless charging since Samsung’s technology allows for multiple devices to charge simultaneously without the need to be placed directly on the charging station.

According to the report, Samsung still has not decided if the wireless charging station will be included with every purchase of the Samsung Galaxy S III. We’re not sure how much Samsung would charge for its proprietary charging station, but we can’t imagine it would be any more expensive than the Touch Stone wireless charging kit for the Palm Pre which was originally priced at $70.

We don’t expect the Samsung Galaxy S III rumors to die down any time soon, but built-in wireless charging certainly seems doable in this day and age. If the Samsung Galaxy S III does come with this new feature, how many of you would be willing to pay a little extra for Samsung’s wireless charging station?

Via: The Verge

Source: DDaily

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  • Ironzey Lewis

    I’ll believe it when I see it .

    • tmihai20

      I believe Samsung has the power to make it happen, even for 70 USD as mentioned. This would make me choose a Samsung phone over another, since it appeals to the geek in me :) I would love to see this kind of charger for other phones as well for a similar price. It would be even better if it had some sort of DLNA wireless connectivity (like a wireless docking station).

  • Sturoid

    No more than $70? Pah you must be joking, how much was that simple desk top dock for the Galaxy Nexus? This thing with more tech will surely cost a lot more

    • delinear

      Depends really if they use this as a money maker once the phone is out or if they use it as a selling point of the phone. If it’s the former I’d be surprised if they went so cheap, if it’s the latter they might decide to bundle it at cost (or even subsidise the cost) and bank on the peripheral driving people to buy. The dock was always going to be an example of the former as nobody really buys a phone for a dock, but they might buy it for a multi-device wireless charging station.

      • jaxidian

        haha, great minds! :-P

    • jaxidian

      This is a great point. Putting it into perspective, I can’t imagine the charger being $70 unless they sell a TON of them.

      In fact, I think it would be genius if they offered options: Phone only for $279 and Phone + charger bundle for $349. Sure, some people would buy the $279 phone without the charge but you KNOW the hot item would be the bundle with the charger. If they sold ~50% of the phones bundled with the charger, at that scale, I bet they could sell it easily for $70.

      I totally get your point and agree with it entirely if they treat this charger as an after-market accessory. But if they have it available WITH the phone as it sells, they can pull the price way down. The reason the GNex dock is so expensive is because they made it available WAY too late and nobody is buying it so it has to be expensive for them to even come close to breaking even. Honestly, that dock is a joke.

      • Nick Gray

        Most Qi charging stations currently retail for around $60 and there’s even an Energizer charger which is listed for $5, so it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch for Samsung get get the price down.

      • aranea

        Given all the drama about price fixing going on I’m hoping to see SIII for about $200 with the contract and will be happy if this one comes bundled with the for for $250.

  • hinds

    I think the biggest win for Samsung would be for the galaxy s3 to come pre loaded with dual launchers! make it so Samsung!

    • jaxidian

      Why would that be good? I’d rather just load up the launcher that I want to load up.

      …. unless you mean a way to take off TouchWiz and go AOSP without hacking/rooting. Then perhaps! But I don’t think that’s what you meant.

      • Nick Gray

        There will never be a way to turn off a custom UI since all of them customize nearly every stock application in Android. The only way to fix that is to enable dual-booting so that you have two separate builds on one device.

        • jaxidian

          They could simply produce two ROMs: one with an overlay and one as AOSP-based. If they do this, they could implement some method to “switch” from one to the other while losing data, which would effectively just be the same as us flashing a new ROM.

  • Paul

    Oh I’d pay more for it. So now we have:
    - Quad Core Exynos CPU
    - LTE Support
    - Ceramic Backing
    - 4.8″ Full HD OLED display

    I wonder if this phone will be able to live up to the hype of it’s name/rumors but if it did have all these; oh man…

    • swazedahustla

      Doubt it, they are already #fail with the processor that they are choosing. Alot of people will be let down when its not the new exynos.

      • B2L

        Please explain how the Quad core Exynos 4412 (Rumored for GS3) is a “fail”.

        • swazedahustla

          Because its the same chip that was used in the SGS2, except its clocked at 1.5 to 1.8 ghz instead of 1.2 as it came with the SGS2. How do you use the same chip in a device a year later in the next version and call it an upgrade???

          Using the new exynos 5250 is an upgrade. or even the 5450. But sorry, using a chip from a 2011 phone in a phone coming out late 2012 and hyping it up as if its a big step up in technology is a huge #FAIL. But hey, thats just me.

          • Scott Robertson

            Its not the same processor at all, its a quad core.

          • Dan G

            It’s not the same chip at all, GPU has been upgraded to the mali 604, same gpu as 5250, which is a huge jump in improvment from the year before. That isn’t even incorporating the shift from 45nm to 32nm that is going on with the 4412.

          • swazedahustla


            Well of course its a quad core, but until there is an OS configured to take advantage of a quad core chip, all you are doing is saying look I got a quad core phone, with no advatange other than being able to say it.

            And your “ASSUMPTION” that its using the mali 604 is just that, an assumption because there has been ZERO confirmation of a single rumored spec, so you are just repeating what Taylor (Yes I read the article too) put in a previous article about him “hoping” to see an updated GPU. So thats hardly even closed to being even a rumor. 45nm to 32nm is fine, but the fact that its still 32nm and your resolution is higher doesn’t really change the fact that you are gonna do some serious damage in the battery dept because of that screen.

            It might make more sense to argue this stuff once the specs are actually released, because we could all make up stuff that we want to be in a superphone, but so far noone knows what is in the phone other than the 4412….which again isn’t much of an upgrade from the 4212.

          • B2L

            @Swazedahustla Android has had multi-core support since Android 3.0

            “Android 3.0 is the first version of the platform designed to run on either single or multicore processor architectures. A variety of changes in the Dalvik VM, Bionic library, and elsewhere add support for symmetric multiprocessing in multicore environments. These optimizations can benefit all applications, even those that are single-threaded. For example, with two active cores, a single-threaded application might still see a performance boost if the Dalvik garbage collector runs on the second core. The system will arrange for this automatically.”

            So yes, a Quad Core processor will make a difference. We know it’s all rumors and speculation for now, but the Exynos 4212 should be a decent step up from the 4210. Especially if they decide to include the Mali-T604 GPU.

        • swazedahustla


          Yea I agree with the majority of that, but that doesn’t take into account that those extra cores have a benefit out the box. That is talking about app developers configuring apps to be compatible with multi threaded applications. Alot of what/if scenarios that says yes, android is capable of it, but its not being used “right now”.

          Im just saying it might have been better to focus whats currently in use today, as opposed to releasing something that we have to wait for OS, and App dev’s to catch up to even making things to be compatible with the phone. We’ll see whats what when they finally announce the phone.

    • Isaac Lanado

      Shame that non of the rumors are that with all that tech, it still doesn’t do my breakfast, so sad :(

      • delinear

        It depends how hot it runs – you might be able to use it as a coffee cup warmer :)

        • thekaz

          Only the new iPads run THAT hot ;-)

  • spazby

    I think that would be a great idea, included in the price or not…

  • Nick Gray

    I love the hype around the Samsung Galaxy S III, but I think people are going to be very disappointed once the handset is finally unveiled. According to all the rumors, Samsung will be cramming in every possible technology feature known to man, some of which don’t make any sense (1080 HD display).

    What rumored feature do you think will NOT be included in the Samsung Galaxy S III?

    • Joel

      Possibly the 12mp cam.

    • swazedahustla

      1080P Display will definately not be included.

    • Android buggle

      I say the 4.8-inch edge-to-edge display will not make the list. I’m thinking Samsung will give us a more reasonable 4.3-inch display that will be more pocketable by consumers. Besides, you really don’t want to encroach on the Galaxy Note’s turf and confuse people.

      • delinear

        Unless they release the SIII with a stylus it’s not really encroaching on the Note’s turf. The point of the Note is making notes, the big screen just makes that easier.

      • B2L

        I’m betting they could make a 4.8″ display fit into the same dimensions as the Galaxy S II with a much smaller bezel. So it would still feel like a 4.3″ device.

        • Derek

          I think they use the exact same display thats on the GNex. 4.65″ 720P Pentile Matrix.

  • Nathan D.

    This would be awesome if this is true that means i could be on my bed with the phone playing GTA3 and charge at the same time while not connected to my wall

  • Joel

    I love new rumors about this phone, id definitely buy the charger. The one thing I like the most about this post is this part tho: “Samsung is working on its own patented wireless charging system for the Samsung Galaxy S III”

    Regardless of what OEM we have, if its one thing we need more of as an android community – its more patents.

  • Trinhbo

    What is this magic?! Wireless charging?!

    Seriously though, lots of rumors floating around. If the rumors for the Samsung Galaxy SIII are anything like the iPhone/iPad rumors, half of them will end up not being true.

  • Isaac Lanado

    After having a touchstone I would sure buy the charging dock, wireless charging is so comfortable

  • Android buggle

    Wish Samsung would simply add Qi wireless charging and call it a day. there’s always room for improvement with the charging station, but give us a standard, not another proprietary system.

    • Miles Davis

      Totally agree–be a leader in making the Qi standard happen. I want my wife’s Samsung phone, my HTC phone and my son’s Motorola phone all to charge wirelessly with the same equipment.

  • rashad360

    1-2 meters!? This is ‘merica, feet plz.

    But, in all seriousness it sounds impressive. I hope it is true so I can see it in action

    • B2L

      1-2 meters = 3’3″-6’6″

      • thekaz

        The small part of me that wears a tinfoil hat wonders about adverse health affects of 3-6 ft charging.

        The rest of me says, “freaking cool!”

  •!/profile.php?id=583695634&ref=profile Rahul Singh

    Another great reason for me to wait for Samsung Galaxy SIII

  • kwills88

    Biggest c**k tease ever, I love my GS2, but these rumors are making me feel like I got an outdated phone even though it’s just a couple months old.

    Dear Mr. Blurry cam

    Please show up.

    • dbest180

      It’s actually almost a year old. Was released internationally a year now.

      • kwills88

        Well yeah, the International one is, I only have mine from T-Mobile since November… Us U.S folks usually get our variants late.

  • txbluesman

    Now this I gotta see.

  • Paulcom

    Wait a minute… *checks calender* Nope not April 1st yet, must be legit.

  • Jesse Moreno

    Ok so Samsung’s pitch right now is to slam the iPhone and get people to be “obsessed” with their products like they are with Apple’s, right? If so then the charging station *must* come with the phone. iUsers simply want their devices to work out of the box (and there’s nothing wrong with that), so if Sammy wants to persuade that demographic to jump ship, they shouldn’t require the consumer to go out of their way to use the cool new piece of tech.

  • oddball

    I really like the move to wireless charging. I’m not sure making it proprietary is a move that I like. One of the biggest moves forward in recent years has been standardizing charging systems to allow multiple devices to use the same charging wires. If I can only charge this device via the Samsung charger that will effect my car usage as well as docking choices.

  • kzlife

    Just wondering.. doesn’t wireless charging take much more energy?

  • e36bmer

    I’ll buy it at any price. But, then again… I’m just baller like that.

    • uansari1

      With an e36? That hasn’t been baller since 1999.

  • h0ruza

    Everyone has high hopes for this phone but come on what’s next?

    Makes the sweetest love to your woman in your absence, toasts your crumpets just right and gives you two birthdays a year depending on your network coverage?

    • Daniel

      I’ve had a date that used her phones as vibrators, so even that may not be too far.

  • WlfHart

    Not liking being proprietary, but if these rumors keep piling up and turn out to be true, we could have the device to beat all others coming out.

  • Vance

    Okay, I’ll ask the dumb questions: how is power sent wirelessly to a device? I know there are wireless charging stations you sit your phone on to charge, but if it’s sending the juice through the air, how does that work? Are there conductors somewhere on the phone that you have to “keep clear of” to prevent interrupting the power flow? I do like the idea of it, especially with what it might mean for the future (portable wireless charging stations you can toss in your bag and be perpetually “plugged in”, car charger wireless stations, etc.) but I guess I just need to understand it a little more.

  • Zak Lambert

    1-2 meters away? I wasn’t aware they even had this technology yet.

  • classic_hero

    Im going to be really upset when none of these rumors come true :(

  • jsweetser2

    wireless charging is definitely at the top of ‘convenience’ lists, however i take my phone so many places, i would either have to buy multiple expensive platforms to charge it, or just use my USB cables which are much cheaper and find a plug, which i usually do if needed. It would be nice to lie on my bed and read books/play games before i go to sleep without worrying about having to plug it in, but – meh.

  • respect

    nobody has talked about the radiation from this thing. I have no idea but has there been any independant tests done?

  • Raphael Tal

    PLEASE. PLEASE let this happen. Good ole’ sammy would never charge more then 70 for inductive charging common. I think in our minds we all know apple will come out with this 2 years later and charge double for it.

  • smeghead68

    Tin foil hat alert……charge from 2m away? How much power is thing emitting? Don’t know but you but time to pull out the lead underwear.

  • jspiby2

    Really starting to feel torn between this phone and the HTC one x, guess will have to wait and see…in the mean time my unbranded HTC sensation STILL AIN’T GOT ICS UPDATE YET! And I’ve just read that UK Samsung GS2 unbranded phones are starting to receive ICS UPDATE, come on HTC I’m waiting!!

  • thaghost

    Who cares about this?!?! What i wanna confirm is if there is a dual boot system on there. Giving me the choice between stock and touchwiz whenever i feel like switching would be amazing.

  • nanoak

    Forget a tinfoil hat. I am going to wear a tinfoil lined cup whenever i am in the room with it.

  • ranwanimator

    I can feel my sperm count lowering already.

  • thecityboy781

    i’m sick of the rumors just realease the phone allready!!! lol

  • Joshua

    Meh, nothing too special here. Gimmicky at best. I don’t mind having my phone plugged in when it’s charging and I can’t see the benefit of it not being plugged in. No big deal here at all.

    I really think the hardware has maxed in some aspects in phones and HTC is doing the right thing focusing on Audio, Camera, and awesome freebies in software. I have to say I only strayed away from HTC because of display but they are giving me a reason to come back. Their build quality is unmatched and I’ve owned A LOT of phones.

  • Angel

    They over charge for the phone already. They’re just going to nickel and dime people to death if people let them….

  • cb2000a

    I can see lightening bolts going across the room….

  • Anurag Sharma



  • Leo Young

    I think this is a hoax. 1) I think I would be uncomfortable with the EMF radiation from a charger that can charge a phone 2m away. 15cm, maybe. I was comfortable with the Powermat products and I would be fine with Qi as it is currently being shown.
    2) But why a proprietary technology? We just finally got standardized on microUSB for chargers. Now there is a suggestion of moving away from Qi just as it is getting off the ground? Very bad move for consumers. I am having a hard time imagining the EU will let them get away with it. And for good reason.

    • caleb

      Do you know how much solar radiation you absorb just by walking outside your house?
      The beach? a picnic?

  • Cajj

    Love the idea of wirelessly charging but I do wonder about the actual charging rate. A lot of the newer phones I’ve dealt with have a very slow charge rate using usb vs. standard wall charging. Not sure how wireless charging would compare.

  • Mil

    I think wireless charging is an awesome feature but as far as I know there is still the issue of efficiency in that it is a very low % of efficiency compared to wired charging. It may cost 4 or 5 times to charge a phone via wireless which is a bit off putting.

    Further, this efficiency was based on the wireless charging that was right next to each other e.g. like Palm Touchstone and electric toothbrushes. To have a range of 1 to 2 metres would require a huge amount of power and would probably be even more inefficient. Hopefully the technology has improved to make this practical since the last time I looked into it.

  • Matt

    These are cool “gimmicks” but at the end of the day it is all about the everyday things you actually want to work or look good. If they can create this ‘need’ then it’ll no longer be a gimmick, but I dunno if that’ll happen when most people are perfectly fine plugging their phone in when they get home or hop in their car. Is it really that special…guess it depends on the price and how quick it works.

    Meanwhile, like someone else said there are a couple other things I think are more important…for some the battery life that Moto has focused on is awesome if you really need it. And then there’s the camera, audio, design and build quality along with the UI and content from HTC.

    Overally some of these specs look good from Samsung, but I dunno if I can justify these niche things taking precedence over everyday uses from the other manufacturers…but the Galaxy name is important to some, just like Apple fans.

  • cristian cristiandonose

    I really wished this was true, but dont think is going to be nappen, maybe not with SIII. I hope im wrong . I will buy this phone any way.