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Rumored Galaxy Tab 11.6 is not being announced tomorrow


Early this week Samsung revealed they had an “exciting special announcement” coming tomorrow in Austin at 4 PM CST. This led to all kinds of wild speculation (that we love) and today Chris Hall of Pocket-Lint reported that Samsung would be announcing the rumored Galaxy Tab 11.6.

That would have been a nice response to yesterday’s new iPad announcement, but Samsung just sent out a new press release to inform us their big news is a demo of Angry Birds Space on the Galaxy Note. Samsung and Rovio will be on hand to demo the game, which features exclusive content for Galaxy Note users.

Back to the Galaxy Tab 11.6, we still expect some kind of announcement will be made in the coming months. I predicted it would be announced at Mobile World Congress, but I was wrong.

Rumored specs of the Galaxy Tab 11.6 include:

  • 11.6 inch display with 2560 x 1600 WXQGA resolution
  • 2 GHz Exynos 5250 (2x ARM Cortex-A15 CPUs, quad-core ARM Mali-T604 GPU)
  • Android 4.x

We will be in Austin tomorrow to check out Samsung’s event, so check back for some hands-on video of Angry Birds Space. If you will be in the Austin area next week, don’t forget to come party with us at the gdgt Live event on Monday. Samsung will also there, so you might get to play the new Angry Birds if you show up.

Via: Pocket-Lint

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  • spazby

    can’t wait for the real specs of this beast

  • Jmurder209

    11.6 inches is to big, I bought the Galaxy Tab 10.1 when it first came out & it’s great but I wish I would’ve waited for the Galaxy Tab 8.9? That’s the perfect size I think? But the specs sound amazing thou.

  • Lars K. Rønes

    Seriously? Angry Birds Space on the Note was their “Exciting Special Announcement”? Talk about disappointing.. LOL.. Ah well, I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt until it the announcement is actually done.. I REALLY hope that Samsung is joking about Angry Birds being their “special” announcement……..

    • jamal adam

      I agree, I don’t think Angry Birds should warrant a special announcement of any kind with Samsung. That, to me, is really stupid. But anyways, we’ll see what they have in store tomorrow.

      • ss

        maybe after they saw the new ipad, samsung desided to make changes to 11inch tablet.. so they needed something to announce and they took angry bards as announsement..

  • Nikijs

    with s-pen 11.6 inch monster with WXQGA resolution would be perfect for drawing. Cant wait to se anouncement of this device.

    • WlfHart

      I can only imagine having a tablet the size of an A size sheet of paper!

  • David

    The note is the first compelling tablet for me, personally. I probably won’t purchase it, but I’m excited that someone is finally including a digitizer.

  • Hall Lo

    Really? That’s nowhere near “exciting” nor “special”….. very disappointing indeed :(

  • David

    Whatever they announce, can you please do a thorough review of the writing capabilities of the Note 10.1? So far every hands-on I’ve been able to find seems to think that demonstrating giant fingerpainting is adequate for a device specifically geared towards precise input. I don’t care that you can doodle on it. You can do that on a damn iPad.

  • Steve Barry

    The term ‘dissapointed’ doesn’t even come close. A ‘special, exciting announcement’ is about a freaking game? C’mon Samsung, I expect more than that. You have a new tablet and a monster SGSIII due soon, and this is what you bring us? Fail. A million times. Fail.

  • aranea

    A demo of Angry birds!? This is not a big announcement it’s just a game even though it’s angry birds.

  • Trinhbo

    If Angry Birds Space is the ‘big announcement’, that would be a huge disappointment to say the least. I hope they are just trolling us and offer something substantial after all.

  • dj

    They probably were about to announce the tablet but Apple rained on their parade with the retina display and A5X with quad core gpu.

  • Nathan D.

    And i was looking forward for it to but angry birds in space wouldn’t be bad either :-)

  • n25philly

    “We has crappy overrated game!”

    Yeah, not much of an announcement…

  • Steve

    Samsung will trump this tablet within weeks – if not days. A next gen dual core ARM Cortex A15 with a resolution of 2560×1600 and dual 5 or 8 MP 3d front facing cameras and a 2MP rear facing video chat camera along with digitizer sylus support (a la Samsung Galaxy Note) would kick the iCrap to the curb in no time.

    There was actually a video taken at CES 2012 showing this tablet with dual 3D cameras that was (maybe 56 secs long?) that was almost immediately removed from the net. I had a chance to view it and show a few friends and then when I tried to check on it the next day it had been removed. Just imagine – take your own 3D videos and view then on your 3D TV via HDMI output. If Samsung is smart enough to announce a tablet like this – you would have to be a complete idiot to even think of buying an iCrap 3.

    Please don’t disappoint me Samsung! If you build it ….they will buy it! At least I…. and anyone else with half a brain would certainly purchase it. But if the tablet had everything else but didn’t have the s-Pen stylus support like the Note 10.1…..I would be severely pissed!

    • nkingman

      I sense a certain Fandroid is iAngry at a particular iCompany’s iTablet.

  • Naitsaves

    What a let down. Don’t get me wrong I love angry birds, but I was expecting a lot more.

  • h0ruza

    Lol, surely a banner add could do the job of announcing the new version of angry birds.

    Irony at it’s best. The Android community is on tender hooks waiting for news of either the GSIII or a new Tab 11.x like hungry chicks and they feed us angry birds.

    Com on son!

  • Jorge Vieira

    Samsung must have payed alot to get this to be ab exclusive. I was hoping atleast ICS update atleast. This game better be amazing lol

  • Yildirim Sertbas

    what the hell samsung want to do?no sgs3 no new galaxy tab?what is that?

  • fc1032

    Samsung: “TROLOLOLOLOL here’s angry birds”
    Everyone: “awwwwwwwwwwwww :(”
    Samsung: “Just joking, here’s the SGS3 and Gtab 11.6!!”

    I can only dream :) Having said that I thought the angry bird fever dropped… I don’t see anyone still playing that game.

  • Steve

    Forget about Angry effn Birds Samsung!!! It’s a dumb game anyways……if you don’t release the Galaxy Tab/Note 11.6 soon never mind angry avians… will have a bunch of angry customers!

    To even tease potential customers by calling the angry birds release as a “special announcement” when everybody is waiting for something real (i.e., Galaxy S3 or Tab/Note 11.6) is disrespectful to your potential customers. Angry Birds is software…and not even very interesting software. Release StarCraft 2 for the Galaxy Tab/Note 11.6 and you might be able to call that a special announcement.

    Samsung ….you blew it today!

  • Yildirim Sertbas

    no clue..go to hell sgs3..i cant wait for you..i will buy the htc one x

  • Kenny

    Do you Have specific date for new student 7 inch tab bundle ,with keyboard dock etc 240.oo