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Russian woman boils, blends and chops Galaxy Nexus in bizarre photo shoot

cooking samsung-galaxy-nexus-25

Some things on the Internet simply cannot be logically explained. Like this photo shoot from a LiveJournal blog by Russian user strenger.

According to the Google Translate, which I often doubt the accuracy of, strenger was called to a friends one evening to document some sort of dinner preparation when things took a turn for the interesting. Apparently, the woman found torturing the Galaxy Nexus in the photo shoot is doing so because she had a fight with her significant other. And he’s the one who bought her the phone.

The pictures really speak for themselves. The Galaxy Nexus was fried, used as a cutting board, drenched in raw eggs, covered in ketchup, used as a sponge to do dishes, thrown in a blender and dumped into a pot of boiling hot water. After all that, the phone supposedly still works. Yeah, sure.

I’m not quite sure if this is some sort of odd marketing campaign, or just one man’s freakish fetish finally coming to fruition. It’s almost disturbing in a weird way. But I’m sure there’s some sort of message to get out of the whole thing. I’ll let you know when I figure it out.

cooking samsung-galaxy-nexus-25 samsung-galaxy-nexus-1 samsung-galaxy-nexus-2 samsung-galaxy-nexus-3 samsung-galaxy-nexus-4 samsung-galaxy-nexus-5 samsung-galaxy-nexus-6 samsung-galaxy-nexus-7 samsung-galaxy-nexus-8 samsung-galaxy-nexus-9 samsung-galaxy-nexus-10 samsung-galaxy-nexus-11 samsung-galaxy-nexus-12 samsung-galaxy-nexus-13 samsung-galaxy-nexus-14 samsung-galaxy-nexus-15 samsung-galaxy-nexus-16 samsung-galaxy-nexus-17 samsung-galaxy-nexus-18 samsung-galaxy-nexus-19 samsung-galaxy-nexus-20 samsung-galaxy-nexus-21 samsung-galaxy-nexus-22 samsung-galaxy-nexus-23 samsung-galaxy-nexus-24 samsung-galaxy-nexus-26 samsung-galaxy-nexus-27 samsung-galaxy-nexus-28 samsung-galaxy-nexus-29 samsung-galaxy-nexus-30 samsung-galaxy-nexus-31 samsung-galaxy-nexus-32 samsung-galaxy-nexus-33

Via: Gizmodo

Source: strenger

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  • spazby

    Nice cleavage

    • jaxidian

      Yeah, I think this is more about the cleavage than the phone…

      • nosense

        Well my GF is Russian…and yep I bough her a Nexus…she lost it in 3 months.

        A Galaxy S…bricked in 6 months (bloatware)

        And I left her a Samsung M1 while the S is in the “kitchen”…

        But hey, they swallow it all… ;)

        • zerosix

          Buy her a Defy+. Really, she will be glad.

      • dex

        What phone?

        Oh, never mind…

      • ian

        or is it more about the phonage than the cleave…?

      • tmihai20

        It’s only about the cleavage, it’s more like a Picasso kind-of-photoshoot. It’s cool nonetheless.

        • ranwanimator

          It’s more Dali than Picasso. Surrealism. It just needs some thrown cats for that extra touch.

    • Burnd

      Oh and look at that pan! What a nice pan.

  • oddball

    I would believe the boiling water bit. My wife dropped her old Samsung phone into water she was making pasta in and a swimming pool and it still works.

    • ganmbzx

      Oh, and a Galaxy Nexus would be okay too.

  • AsakuraZero

    i hope the phone its ok =(, and damn those russian girls are really beautiful

    • zerosix

      As the author says in comments, the phone is ok and still works.

  • n25philly

    What phone?

    • McLovin

      I didn’t see a phone either!

  • jspiby2

    Very nice……and the phones not bad either:-)

  • kwills88

    For someone who wanted a GNex, I couldn’t help but to cringe.

  • Burnd

    “But I’m sure there’s some sort of message to get out of the whole thing. I’ll let you know when I figure it out.”

    Forgive me if I’m wrong, but I suppose it’s a message to women. Apparently with this phone there’s no need to leave the kitchen anymore! Everything you need, within hand’s reach.

    Oh, Russia (;

    • Dustin Earley

      I’m thinking it’s, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”

  • Sean Daily

    Surprised her cleavage didn’t save the phone as it fell.

  • JR

    Boy does Russia have some hot women. lol Too bad she is married or else I would have had a chance. Kidding.

    • Jorge Branco

      Well she’s just had a fight so sounds like you might still be in with a chance

  • Joel

    If she REALLY wanted to piss off her boyfriend then she should have sold the GN and used the money for an iPhone 4S lol. (That or just keep the money)

    (She is cute though)

    PS. That cam that was used takes pretty good pics :P

  • jonathan3579

    I don’t even know what the hell this means but goddamn is she one sexy woman!

  • Groinko

    Poor girl, she has to chose between a piece of meat and a Nexus, misery… like Chaplin and its shoes. I’d like to help her giving her something better to eat.

  • Dima Aryeh

    Oh us Russians :D

  • Homncruse

    Can I have one?

    Oh, and a Galaxy Nexus would be okay too.

  • mariohyeah

    This is the world of stock photography…

  • thecityboy781

    look at her boo….boobling the poor GNex! lmao

  • Paul Jamieson

    Damn my sticky keyboard …

  • cthonctic

    Ok, I’m going to say it: just because you *can* doesn’t mean you *should*.
    what is this I don’t even.

  • eric

    Nice! my buddy just dropped his LG into soapy water, used the rice trick and it now works. I’m not sure what those internet marketing experts were thinking when they dreamed up the boiling water shoot.

  • classic_hero

    you forgot to mention “Hot Russian women…”

  • OnIn2

    Hoorah for TaTas

  • txbluesman

    Hmmm…image 7, 12, 25, or 28? I can’t figure which one of those is the best phone shot. LOL! Nice devices, i mean device.

  • Nathan D.

    Can I saw that I’m not the only one not starring at the phone =)

    • Nathan D.

      can I “say” not “saw”

  • Sean Riley

    I’m officially ok with this taking over for the “will it blend” meme.

  • Kelly

    Stupid and completely pointless. I looked at every single picture, and feel I’m well-qualified to make a judgement like that.

  • mdawg924

    i’ll take google translate over bing translate anyday. have you seen some of those facebook translations? wtf mate?! (they use bing just in case you didnt know.)

  • Linkinmark5

    Very nice, the Nexus isn’t bad either.

  • WlfHart

    I’m not sure a cleavage fetish is that freakish, but using a poor defenseless GNex as bait is a little disheartening.

  • Jay


  • dobri

    nice joke, I think i was for commercial

  • LOL

    I’d brick’er.

  • james

    Oh man she is so hot . who cares about phone :P

  • Uncle Rico

    NOM-NOM-NOM… I’d eat THAT… oh, and the food looks good too…

    the thought of “motor-boating” all the way to Mother Russia comes to mind…. if ya like to travel that is!

  • B2L

    For a woman in the kitchen, it doesn’t look like she knows how to cook.

  • pekosROB

    Those are pretty big… earrings on her.

  • Evil-D

    She is a nice looking lady, but man she is short. With those huge heals on and she barely has her shoulders above the counter top.

  • David Cook

    I am not a guest, I just forgot to log in.

  • Chancho1978

    You guys are all soooo wrong. I will say that 13 year olds are looking older and older these days. Must be something in that Russian drinking water

  • Jayson Olson

    I could care less about the phone at this point. She’s hawt!!

  • Jason Toering

    What the hell is she making?

  • Phil


  • cb2000a

    I would like mine shaken not stirred….

  • Carolina

    OMG look at those gorgeous shoes! and you pervert stop looking at her breast, i am offended wonder why woman don’t get android much.