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Samsung finally releases Galaxy S “Value Pack” update in Korea; US customers still in limbo


Back towards the tail-end of 2011, and up into the very beginning of 2012, there was a lot of back and forth on whether or not Samsung would update the original line of Galaxy S devices past Android 2.3, Gingerbread.

We first heard that Samsung would be releasing a “Value Pack,” or Android 4.0-lite, update for the Galaxy S with performance enhancements and certain features from ICS back-ported to Android 2.3. Just a few short days after the initial Value Pack announcement, a spokesperson with Samsung made it clear that no updates were going to be issued for the original Galaxy S.

Apparently that information wasn’t accurate, because Samsung has officially released their Samsung Galaxy S Value Pack update today in Korea.

Available now through Kies 2.0, the Samsung Galaxy S Value Pack update is exactly what it’s always been rumored as: a far cry from Android 4.0, but better than nothing. With the Value Pack update, Galaxy S users in Korea can expect performance enhancements and several features ported over from Android 4.0 like automatic font resizing, the ability to take pictures while filming video and face unlock (which Samsung has added blink detection to, making it somewhat more secure than Google’s version).

US Galaxy S owners may be out of luck on this one. There’s been no word of Samsung’s Value Pack reaching the States anytime soon, and there’s little reason to believe it will. If that situation changes, we’ll be sure to update you.

Any Galaxy S owners out there been waiting for this one? We’d love to know how the Value Pack update is, so be sure to share your experiences in the comments if you have access. We’d also like to know what you think of something like a “Value Pack” update. Is it nice to see Samsung is still working on software for older devices, or is a few back-ported features more like a slap in the face?

Source: PhoneArena

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  • SGB101

    believe it when i see it. UK….

  • astro

    Samsung devices rock, their service releases suck. Anyways who the hell cares when there are thousands of custom roms available?

  • Peter B

    I have suffered through 2-years with no GPS, constant lagging and freezing, poor battery and overall poor performance with my Galaxy Vibrant S. No support, no fix… and I am locked into a 2-year contract with it.

    Samsung’s reputation is crap in my opinion. Next phone will be an HTC… though I would consider a Nexus.

    • sunrise

      You speak the truth and someone voted you down, people are crazy.

      • Raptor

        too many morons here no matter how they vote, this is exactly the place for all of them. Motto: Serving rumors, gossips, app news, come all here – no brain required. Will never harass you like brainiacs at Anandtech.

    • cthonctic

      Just very quickly because it has already been explained a million times: that’s your carrier’s fault for insisting on an “exclusive” variant device with their own OS build.

      This is not Samsung’s fault, nor is it Google’s… US carriers are simply retarded with their device support policies. Same with being locked into a contract; I can’t remember when I last had a mobile contract with any kind of lock-in.

      • Geoff

        I have an unlocked, international Samsung Galaxy S and have the same problems as Peter. I have tried several custom roms, but it never solved the lagging and poor battery. I really can’t recommend Samsung to anyone, and everybody who tried my phone agrees that it’s a PITA to use.

        • jeff donuts

          wtf is this lag u trolls are talking about . i had a galaxy s 4g ran fucking smooth better than that POS mytouch 4g. only problem i had was the gps. some ppl over fucking exagerrate

    • Paul Jamieson

      Feel lucky it is not a 3yr contract … lol

    • Joel

      I owned the original epic 4G, I know what exactly your talking about when it comes to lag n GPS crap – but I said screw them, rooted the phone n changed roms more than my underwear. Now I have the Epic 4G Touch and I’m about to do the same.
      Samsung’s reputation WAS crap…..but with the release of the GN n the S2….they’re learning.

    • Joel

      I owned the original epic 4G, I know what exactly your talking about when it comes to lag n GPS crap — but I said screw them, rooted the phone n changed roms more than my underwear. Now I have the Epic 4G Touch and I’m about to do the same.Samsung’s reputation WAS crap…..but with the release of the GN n the S2….they’re learning.

  • Zeratoda1

    like we say on the interwebs, Pics or it didnt happen

  • SirWally

    I couldn’t care less about the Value Pack as I haven’t used a stock ROM in about a year and a half. I am currently using CM9 on my AT&T Captivate and loving it.

  • Trinhbo

    I’m glad to see that Samsung ultimately released an update to their older Galaxy S devices. Like the article said, it’s better than nothing.

  • cthonctic

    While it’s nice that they give the old girl some attention after all this time, I would have preferred they dispensed with TouchWiz just this time and simply provided the option to upgrade to an almost-AOSP ICS ROM.

    Note that I am not against TouchWiz per se because I always found it provides some nice feature adds over vanilla GB… but then again I always ran custom ROMs while I had the SGS anyway.

    Now my girlfriend uses it and I’d rather she got proper ICS than this. I would put CM9 on it for her but she insists on running stock software for some reason. /shrug

    In any case, it’s not like Samsung had to release this update after already publicly denying they would. So… gift horse, mouth, not looking, and all that.

  • clocinnorcal

    I have a Vibrant that “officially” is still on 2.2. I stopped holding my breath for updates long ago. It’s very disappointing. I’m up for an upgrade in July, but I have no idea what to pick. I was convinced, at one point, that my next phone would be from the Nexus line. Now I’m not so sure with they way they have conducted updates on the latest Nexus. WTF ever happened to the timely update alliance or whatever it was called?

  • spazby

    custom roms are the only way to go for galaxy s users at this point…

    • clocinnorcal

      So true. Went that way 6 months after I first bought my phone.

    • Steve Nutt

      Yep, have AOSP ICS on my Galaxy S, via xda ( and it is smooth as anything, battery wise will last me through a day of moderate use, or almost 2 days on light use (although that is highly dependent on being connected to a wifi or on 3G/no signal).

      p.s. I did try out face unlock but the SGS’s front camera is not really up to it.

      • clocinnorcal

        Yeah, i have the ffc mod on my vib, but the main camera sucks in dark rooms. I have heard of a v.2 camera, but at this point I’m due for an upgrade in a few months. But yeah, face unlock is more like a novelty.

  • Nathan D.

    Wow that pretty slimy, they better release it to the rest of the world if they know how to make their past customers happy.

  • Stella

    If it wasn’t for XDA/the custom ROM community, I would be pretty unset with my overall user experience with the Galaxy Vibrant. Hopefully, Samsung releases it through Kies for everyone to update because not everyone root their phones.

  • matb321

    My rooted vibrant with lagfix still lags and has stupid bugs like when i hit messaging it opens my web browser phone always freezes at the worst moments,the gps is useless and the browser always force closes on me.because of my contract i unlocked a Atrix 2 and shelved the 2.2 dinosaur.

  • Karem

    How can I download a new Rom, to my Samsung Vibrant. I cant download the instagram application and Im guessing its because i have gingerbread 2.3.6. Help please