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Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G lands in some store March 21st, nationwide on the 28th


We knew that the Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G would be released sometime in “late March,” but the exact date had remained a mystery until now. T-Mobile has just announced that this “blazing” device will be released nationwide on March 28th. This date follows a previous March 21st pre-release, in which only select stores will be carrying the smartphone.

The device won’t take your breath away, but it is a good upgrade for those that don’t mind a few downsides. For starters, the Blaze 4G won’t come with Android 4.0. It will be released with Android 2.3, only to be updated to Ice Cream Sandwich later on. And it happens to have a 3.97-inch display, which is a size many would believe to be too small amidst 4.3+” behemoths. Granted, it is a Super AMOLED display, so the nice colors might make up for it.

The device also sports a 1.5 GHz dual-core processor, NFC, a 5 MP rear-facing camera (720p HD recording), a 1.3 MP front-facing camera. The Blaze 4G also supports T-Mobile’s  HSPA+42 support for faster data speeds. I see it like mid-end device with a high-end punch in some specs.

As we reported last month, the device will cost $149.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate. Of course, you will have to sign your wallet away for 2 years, though with T-Mobile being one of the lowest-cost carriers in the U.S., that should be too much of a problem. But if you are already at it, maybe you should check out this device. Honestly, I would throw in the extra $80 to get a Galaxy S II or an HTC Amaze 4G, but this device just might be the right one for you.

Are any of you thinking of signing up for this one?

Source: T-Mobile

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  • Galen20K

    I believe it has a 3.97″ screen.

    • Edgar Cervantes

      Yeah, sorry about that one. Fixed. :)

  • androidindia

    i always have and will depend on xda for faster updates :D
    Like the back cover design :)
    will look into !!

  • McLovin

    I like big screens but one advantage of a smaller screen is the privacy factor. It is so friggin annoying to be in line somewhere and the guy behind you is reading your screen with you. I know smart phone screens are an eye magnet, but it bugs the hell out of me.

    Anyone know if they make a privacy screen for phones like they do for computer screens? The ones that you can only see what’s on the screen unless you are dead straight on, no angle views?

    • honourbound68

      Yes they do. My coworker had one for her Sammy epic but it really muted the colors.

  • R.S

    Even though I too would say it’s better to go with the Galaxy S II or HTC Amaze, they may be too big for some.

    For example, my sister is looking to replace her myTouch4G. When I recommended my phone (Galaxy S II) she told me she’d prefer something similar in size to her MT4G. Since this phone has good specs, I think it would be a good phone for her and others like her.

  • jonathan3579

    So the GS2 and the Exhibit 4G made love and had a baby. I don’t have an issue with that but I do have an issue with their pricing on this device…

  • Joel

    The deal isnt all that great actually, its honestly only 50 less than many higher end devices, and with the GS3 on the horizon id m.uch rather wait.

    PS – Cant stand mail in rebates

  • aranea

    Isn’t SIII on the way? Why would they release something like this just ahead of SIII. This is what my comment was about on the article Android’s choice problem. They are going to release this with a promise to bring ICS but soon after that they are going to release SIII with ICS and forget about this one for awhile. So the customers who bought this will be pissed.

    The article I mentioned is:

  • Hall Lo

    This phone is not bad, but its too late.

  • spazby

    oh great, another galaxy phone

  • AljNtEeL1

    Can anyone tell me what size the internal memory is and whether the phone will come out unlocked and with SD microcard support?


  • cb2000a

    Sammy makes too many phones. They should stick to three or four phone releases every year and really concentrate on doing those phones right.

    • AljNtEeL1

      I completely agree.

  • CTown

    Hurray, another Galaxy S phone for T-Mobile! Android fans rejoice…

  • Mark

    “that should be too much of a problem. ” should be “that shouldn’t be too much of a problem.”

  • Nathan D.

    It is a nice starter phone for new T-Mobile costumers or firs smart phone for your child. Either way it to low end for my tastes.

  • Kelvin Arnold

    I saw last week the blaze offered a wireless f m transmitter however when I rec’d it it didnt’ have it and now its not advertised