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Snapdragon issues The One Charge Challenge


Today Qualcomm launched a new promotion called The One Charge Challenge, in order to highlight the energy efficiency of their Snapdragon processors. They released a cool video called Around the World on One Charge to show what they accomplished with a single charge and are now asking users to do the same, in order to win a new Snapdragon-powered smartphone or tablet.

Battery life continues to be one of the top concerns among our audience, so it’s nice to see Qualcomm focus on this important issue. We actually saw the battery life of Android devices decrease in 2011 with the introduction of new 4G LTE networks, but Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon S4 processor should help reverse that trend. It’s built on a more power efficient 28nm process technology and it’s the first system-on-a-chip to feature an integrated LTE modem.

Check out the video below and head over to the Snapdragon Facebook page if you want to participate and try to win a new device.

How to participate:

  • Think of an awesome One Charge Challenge.
  • Choose to submit a video or photo of yourself. One submission only.
  • Give your challenge a catchy title & fill out the necessary information.
  • Describe what your challenge consist of. Let us know the necessary details and how it works. Being specific will help voters understand your challenge.
  • Submit it on the Qualcomm Snapdragon Facebook page.

Source: Snapdragon Facebook

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  • Ps3y3Ops

    I would LOVE to see a head-to-head with the new Exynos. 24 hours, no holds barred, head-to-head, do as I do competition. Straight up.

    • Fulaman

      You mean the Exynos 5250 right?

      • Ps3y3Ops

        Yes, the 5250, sorry to have omitted that.

    • dnar56

      I think you meant 1 hour of YouTube challenge. Tables ladders and chairs welcome.

  • spazby

    facebook??? no google+????

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      You’re saying that like you’re surprised. For company pages. There’s Facebook. Then there’s twitter. Then there’s… oh right Google Plus.

      • spazby

        I was being facetious…

  • Sturoid

    Seriously? My spare Galaxy Nexus lasts up to about 8 days doing nothing and with the data turned off. I’m sure it would easily make it round the world doing those minimal stops for video and get back with half it’s charge left haha

    • Bryan Stoner

      I’ve underclocked mine down to 350MHz and I still cannot reach 3 days. Tell me your secretss!! @[email protected]

      • mikeyDroid

        He’s talking with no data. That is a complete change and a somewhat pointless ‘phone’..

        • Tom

          Unlike you newbies who are probably on Verizon, I have an HSPA+ Galaxy Nexus. I get over a day with normal use, using the thing all day, I have zero problem believing I could ship it around the world and take 2 minutes worth of video without it dying. What a horrible ad, what a horrible idea, if I get a RAZR MAXX will you give me a free snapdragon phone because it can do the trip 3 times over?

          • delinear

            I quite liked the ad, but agree it does absolutely nothing to demonstrate how good the processor is in terms of power use. We don’t know anything about the phone’s setup, I’m assuming data/wifi/gps/etc were all disabled, screen brightness set to the lowest point, etc. There is simply no way to guage from this how well the process handles a typical day (most people’s typical days not consisting of flying around the world filming a few scenes with everything turned off). A better test would be showing it playing video versus its competitors or something.

  • McLovin

    It amazes me with all the new sexy skinny phones that are being introduced lately. Skinny phones have skinny batteries and I call BS on any claims that batteries got suddenly more effiecient.

    The only option is to consume less power via the processor, screen, running less free software with popup ads, etc. Or tether yourself to the charger the moment you are stationary.

    • swazedahustla

      Its not the battery that is getting more efficient, its the processor that is is more power efficent which results in better battery. 28nm is the hotness.

    • Tom

      Hahaha “I call BS on any claims that batteries got suddenly more efficient. The only option is to consume less power via the processor…”

      Hey you moron, SNAPDRAGON made this commercial. Last I checked, they make processors.

    • McLovin

      I’m not saying Snapdragon has anything to do with better battery technology other than their processor will draw less power. Your only option is to draw less power from the processor because your not getting any help from “advanced” skinny batteries.

      I’m pissed at manufacturers (Apple and other embedded battery sellers) that claim their battery is somehow special and will last longer than the normal lithium-ion battery. The only thing special about Apple’s battery is it will cost your $70 to get it replaced when it degrades. But by then you will have thrown the phone in the land fill.

  • Bryan Stoner

    Sail across the pacific in one charge!!

  • Nathan D.

    This is cool; I want a new phone for free so I’m going to make a challenge just for that.

  • Covert_Death

    that is just stupid lol, i love the s4 and i want the one x on sprint NOW but that commercial is complete fail. they turned the phone off to ship it and only booted it up to shoot video. i can do that on my energy inefficient EVO 4g

  • itguy426

    I agree that this video does not mean that they battery life is great. I do agree with Taylor on what he said. Once a company tries to make something better especially battery life we all win. Because the other companies do not like a company having something they can say is better than all of the other companies phones. I am hoping between the razor maxx and this chip maybe some other things, companies will start taking a good hard look at battery life and make it better.

    • delinear

      Between this, and Samsung’s previous message about more focus on battery life (and even Apple taking the unheard of measure of making the new iPad thicker with a fatter battery so that battery life wouldn’t go backwards – this is the company who usually put form over ALL function!) it seems like the message that we want our devices to last longer is finally getting through.

  • Tony

    LAWL. I love the disclaimer…

    It had an extended battery and was shut off between shots. Also, this was done with a “commercially available” smartphone… not the yet-to-be-released S4.

  • Ps3y3Ops

    Notice that “no carrier-added software” was not in the disclaimer. That’ll help battery life.

  • WlfHart

    Glad they are taking battery life into consideration, hopefully phone manufacturers jump on board and just throw bigger batteries in for a one-two punch. But I just can’t say this commercial even remotely convinces me their phone has decent battery life…

  • CTown

    It kind of makes me angry that T-Mobile’s One S won’t have LTE, which is a huge selling point in the SOCs they are advertising.

  • bigrob029

    I bet this is the reason the nexus tablet may ditch the tegra 3… They would totally put a snapdragon processor in the tablet to boast battery life close to the iPad, over the kindle fire

  • Eric

    As of today, ZERO video was submitted to Qualcomm’s one charge challenge. We suggest that you should consider taking up this challenge by using 24/7 Time Lapse app, So that you can capture at least one full day worth of photo in a single charge, which you can assemble into a single time-lapse video to enter the competition. More information on this app can be found on