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Sony Xperia “Pepper” image in the wild – upcoming announcement?

Xperia Pepper

A Sony roadmap leaked last January, suggesting three devices would be announced at Mobile World Congress (code named Kumquat, Nypon and Pepper). Only two of these made it to the stage in Barcelona, now named the Xperia P and Xperia U. But what about the third one? An official image of the Pepper (MT27i) has just leaked, and we might see an announcement soon.

The leaked roadmap stated that all three devices would be released next April. So this could be proof that the Xperia Pepper is ready to head out the door. It looks very nice, with all the major characteristics of Sony’s new design. The difference is that it’s lacking the translucent bar. And it looks like there’s a dedicated camera button in there.

Rumored specs include a 1GHz dual-core processor, a 5 MP camera, a 3.7-inch FWVGA screen (854×480), 512 MB of RAM and NFC support. We’re not sure what Android version it will be running. But if it follows recent Sony patterns, it should come with Android 2.3 with an update coming at a later date.

It’s not a bad device, but definitely not the best out there. We’ll have to wait and see how pricing turns out. For now, let’s stay tuned for the official announcement. As always, take this with a grain of salt; these are all unofficial details.

What do you guys think of this device? It’s definitely good looking. But would you rather get the Xperia P or U?

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  • Jeff Pan

    Oh! Sony. Again?

    I like the design more than Xperia P and U though

  • kazahani

    These new Xperia phones look really sexy, but I’m not sure I like the bottom part of the phone extending so far past the screen.

  • hinds

    Sony makes some sick hardware! liking the design alot.keep it up Sony!

  • Joel

    Screen < 4in ?

    Maybe im spoiled by now, but in my opinion 4" should be the minimum these days.

  • aranea

    Android 2.3, less than 1 gb ram, dual-core cpu… Though may look good I’m not impressed with any of the recent xperia series phones. Sony seems to got stuck in early 2011.

  • spazby

    screen needs to be above 4.3 inches…

  • Hall Lo

    This will be one lower-end phone, but it does look good!

  • AljNtEeL1

    I wish Sony could put most of its effort on one phone, instead of producing several ones in few months. If they did that, they would be the best manufacture ever to produce the highest specs and sexiest phone than anyone can imagine.

  • Fred Egan

    Well from the limited japanese that I know I can tell that Sony claims this device will be a “cool machine,” as stated in the picture.