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Sprint announces the $20 ZTE Fury, launching March 11th


Sprint users are about to have a new entry in the low-end Android market. The nation’s number 3 carrier has officially announced the ZTE Fury, a 3.5″ Android 2.3 Gingerbread handset that launch this coming Sunday for $19.99 after a $50 mail-in-rebate.

The ZTE Fury features:

  • 3.5″ display
  • 1 GHz Snapdragon MSM8655 processor
  • 5 megapixel camera with LED flash
  • 3G Hotspot capable
  • Sprint ID

While not the high-end Galaxy Nexus that should be launching as early as next month, the ZTE Fury brings another affordable handset to Sprint’s network for those who don’t need a blazing-fast device. That said, it’s difficult for me to imagine someone picking up the ZTE Fury for $20 when Amazon is offering the likes of the Nexus S 4G and EVO Design 4G for a penny, and the powerful Galaxy S II for $49.99.

Still, if the ZTE Fury manages to tickle your fancy in some way, you’ll be happy to know that you can pick one up at your local Sprint store this Sunday, for $19.99 after $50 mail in rebate. Anyone out there heading to Sprint this weekend?

Source: Sprint

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  • spintrex

    I always hope people can take advantage of a better deal elsewhere however sometimes they are not aware of other deals and just buy into what they see.

  • Steve Barry

    Holy cow, you can get an SGSII for $50? Does that require a mail in rebate as well? If not, it would be a horrid idea to get this Fury, as you’re paying more out of pocket for that than a phone that’s probably at least 5x better. Paying $50 for an SGSII vs. $70 for this Fury and then waiting for two months to get $50 back? I’m pretty sure that’s a legit no-brainer.

    • HiyaBuddy

      Yea you can if you go through amazon. No rebates just instant discount for signing a contract. Be aware though, you have to keep your service and phone for 6 months. If you decide to cancel your service, outside of Amazons 30 day return period, you’ll be charged $250 per cancelled line on top of the etf you pay to the carrier.

    • mdawg924

      Just so you know that’s only for new customers, add-a-line is 120, and upgrade a line is 150.

  • jeff donuts

    more crappy phones for sprint. whats new

    im a guest remember when u down vote

  • spazby

    its amazing how quickly technology evolves, a year or 2 ago or so this would have been a dream phone…

    • redraider133

      Agree, this has similar specs to the inc and at the time that was top of the line.

  • BigCiX

    Wow…this low end device has a updated OS then my Thrill

    • Bpear96

      Root that thrill and put CM7 on it lol :D just saying, cant xda brings us updates so much faster then any manufacture..

  • Tojen

    Could probably also pick up the moto photon which has equal or better specs for free on contract.

    • redraider133

      The photon has much better specs, dual core, more ram, larger screen with better resolution

    • mdawg924

      photon has the same pricing structure as the SGII save the add a line is 50 also. (On amazon wireless at least.)

  • txbluesman

    Put a good case on it and make it waterproof and whala, it’s a kid device….LOL!

  • txbluesman

    With specs like that, it could give the iphone 4s a run for it’s money.

  • Hakeem

    Smartphone is very popular today. That’s why more people prefer to have smartphone rather than cellular phone. But the barrier for most people in getting a smartphone, is the first cost of the smartphone, as forking over $200 and then agreeing to at least 2 years of a contract is daunting. Sprint would like to make it simpler, as the provider is presenting an Android phone, the ZTE Fury, for $20 with a 2-year contract. Source of article: Sprint offering ZTE Fury Android phone for $20