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Sprint contest hints at Galaxy Nexus launch in April?


Sprint announced they would carry the Galaxy Nexus earlier this year and customers have been eagerly waiting ever since. We know it’s coming in the first-half of 2012 and people can register for updates, but we have yet to hear about the official release date. Today Sprint shared two hints that suggest their Galaxy Nexus could arrive sooner than we think.

First Sprint started a new contest called the Data Storm Sweepstakes, where they are giving away 30 free Galaxy Nexus smartphones. Sprint is accepting entries to the contest through April 5, and then they will announce the winners on or about April 16. It doesn’t say when the prizes will be shipped out, but one could assume it might happen as soon as next month.

Next Sprint uploaded a new video to YouTube that demonstrates the benefits of the Galaxy Nexus and Google Wallet. Once again no release date is mentioned, but Sprint says they are reading their 4G LTE network and the device is coming soon.

Sprint’s 4G LTE network will only be available in a handful of cities when it launches in the coming months. Initial markets include Dallas, Atlanta, Houston and San Antonio and we recently learned that  Baltimore and Kansas City would be next on the list to get LTE by mid-2012. Sprint has already rolled out their first LTE cluster in Kankakee, Illinois late last year, so I think they can meet their goal of a small launch by next quarter.

The Galaxy Nexus is still expected to become Sprint’s first LTE smartphone, so we anticipate a simultaneous launch of the device and new network at the same time. It’s always possible that Sprint could start selling the Galaxy Nexus before LTE is widely available (similar to the EVO 4G and their early WiMAX network), so be on the lookout for a surprise announcement as early as next month.

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  • Bryan Stoner

    Swweeett!! I didn’t know they had a contest!

    It would be awesome if the GNex sees an early release. I think with the oncoming barrage of quad-core smartphones, the sooner this phone is released the better~ Even if their 4G network isn’t completely ready they will still have a wonderful device to give them support until it happens.

    I remember earlier debates I’ve had and it ran along the lines of it is better to have the potential of 4G than to have nothing. Especially when it can be bought at the same price. For consumers it may be hard to see the future, but hey, it can’t hurt.

  • cwjones4

    it will be interesting to see if this is the “updated” galaxy nexus that was teased a month or so back. regardless, i’m excited for this to launch and can’t wait to see how well sprint’s LTE network runs compared to verizon & At&t’s!

    • alxrock

      I wonder also, at least it’s nice to see that they’re offering the 32Gb model for the prize.

    • LukeT32

      To little to late. Galaxy 3 just around the corner…..

  • alxrock

    Thanks for the heads up! I’ve been waiting for the GNex for Sprint, it would be nice to win one!

  • Joel

    Excited for the phone. Not excited for the network. Where I live they barely managed patches of 4G where I live..much less LTE, but time will tell.

  • Jorge Vieira

    My friend us dying for It to come out already just has his upgrade waiting! hopefully its avalible in white!

  • spintrex

    I was kind of upset to have to upgrade back in October about not being able to have a 4G LTE through Sprint however I didn’t realize that I will most likely not get 4G LTE coverage for quite some time. My G SII shall remain supreme

  • Billy

    Awesome. Go Sprint … good luck all your Sprint peeps!

  • OpenIntro

    Galaxy S3 > Galaxy Nexus

    • honourbound68

      Yep it’ll have better specs but hopefully you won’t have to wait long for ui updates.
      Dear Sprint,
      I’m happy that you are also getting the GN. Pls please please for the sake of your customers execute your LTE rollout well. I wouldn’t mind coming back to you if you did

    • Zach

      That’s my thought. I was hoping the GNex would make it to sprint way earlier, but with the rumors of a SGS3 launch in April. I think that will probably be my next phone, unless my EVO finally craps out before then.

    • delinear

      True in terms of spec, but stock ICS > the manufacturer reskins, so it depends if you’re after the best hardware experience or the best software experience, this will still be a good deal for a lot of people.

  • MrMrMan

    If this comes to Sprint before T-Mobile announces either the HTC One X or something better I’m jumping ship to Sprint. My Nexus One is dying to be upgraded.

  • uknowme

    Crossing my friggin fingers to win this. Probably won’t but I’ve already got 3 entries.

  • txbluesman

    I would love to win one of those bad boys, since I got another year on my contract with my Nexus S 4g still. I started playing this morning. I’m stoked!!!! Come to papa GNex.

  • Mica32

    I just want the phone to be released. If they launch the GS3 soon after I’ll just add another line and pay thirty more bux a month.

  • swazedahustla

    oh well no point in me even thinking about this. There have already been word of the HTC one x variant coming to sprint that’s an upgrade over a gnex as well as the rumor of a gs3 in April that’s also an upgrade over a gnex. No way I upgrade to that when newer and better spec phones are coming. No thanks sprint.

  • RayMatthew

    But the new Nexus comes out in 9 ish months and sprint still hasn’t updated their Nexus S device.

  • RayMatthew

    But the new Nexus comes out in 9 ish months and sprint still hasn’t updated their Nexus S device. Not worth it.

  • Bo

    That game is horrible to play on a phone. Pathetic attempt Sprint.

  • Klaus

    Makes sense that it would be released in April. Everyone who bought the HTC Evo 4G two years ago has an update coming along April 1st right?

    • Orion78

      You are correct. My upgrade is on April. As tempting as this phone is, I’m not going to use my upgrade yet. With the Galaxy S III looming, I’m saving for that.

  • Anthony44

    I love my galaxy nexus but personally after 3 months its time to focus on other phones.
    The true nexus junkies are as follows.
    We want it day one not day 98.
    Nexus one day one (on line)
    Nexus s (best buy)
    G nexus ( import gsm
    All on day one
    Thats how we nexus people run we thirst new things first so as of now were looking pass all these phones for the next nexus
    But this phone is so awesome nothing out there will blow it away we got icecream every thing else will hit us first

  • Max.Steel

    This shit should have have come out on the major carriers. The Verizon exclusivity was the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.

  • clocinnorcal

    You know what would be even cooler than this news? If Sprint actually updated ALL their Nexus S devices to ICS before the Sprint GN comes in April.
    When did it become okay to tarnish the Nexus line with UNTIMELY updates? Wasn’t that the whole idea of the Nexus line? I understand the N1 not getting ICS due to hardware limitations, but we all know that the rest of the N2 devices have already received their ICS, so what is going on here Sprint?
    Sorry for the rant, I just hate seeing the whole idea of the Nexus line become like all the other carrier specific handsets.

    • Anthony44

      Thats so sad because thats totally what a nexus shouldnt be.
      Google really should revisit the idea of the original N1 .
      Google needs to take control from carriers
      Because they miss the point
      Ha except tmobile
      Verizon shit the bed
      Sprint doesnt understand what a nexus is about

    • Mica

      It’s a problem with the cdma and wi-max components that is holding up the update. It’s still no excuse as the device should have received ics before January. I’m still grabbing a g nexus on sprint as soon as it drops.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Hope my friends on sprint love the Galaxy Nexus as much as we on Verizon do. It’s an exceptional device and deserves the fastest LTE glory possible.

    • Steam

      ZOMG. Your friends on Sprint? You mean your Evo and Evo3D? I told you Richard, phones aren’t living things.

  • lequon robinson

    i dont care about that compentition as long as they got a reasonable price on it im upgrading from my google nexus s 4g or waiting until the price goes down