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Sprint’s HTC One X rumored to launch in early June


Sprint’s CDMA variant of the HTC One X may arrive as soon as June 10, roughly two years after the launch of the HTC EVO 4G. Just like most carrier models, Sprint’s variant of the device is going through an identity crisis by changing its code name from Jewel to Jet.

Since HTC is poised to show off a unified brand, we’re expecting the device to carry the One X name is some fashion, but we doubt Sprint will give up its EVO branding without a fight. We wouldn’t be surprised if Sprint’s HTC One X was named HTC EVO One X (similar to Sprint’s naming of the Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch).

As we mentioned before, Sprint’s version of the HTC One X should feature nearly identical specs as its AT&T counterpart with a 1.5 GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor, 4.7-inch 720p display, NCF, and HTC’s new ImageSense camera technology which features a dedicated imaging chip for improved camera capabilities.

If the June 10 launch date hold true, we’d expect Sprint to unveil the handset by the time CTIA rolls around in May. Will any of you HTC EVO 4G owners be trading in your old phone for Sprint’s version of the HTC One X?


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  • Galen20K

    holding out for HSPA+ 42 T-Mobile version! – D

  • spazby

    holding out for sammy’s galaxy s3 specs… and more importantly, till I am eligible to upgrade – august never seemed so far away….

  • jaxidian

    Man, I really wish the quad cores were possible on LTE networks! Even though I probably won’t get one of these, I’m excited for the release of this phone! :-)

    • Andrew Goodwin

      You can’t have a quad core on LTE?

      • jaydeeIL

        Nope. Doesn’t work with the LTE radios

      • sunrise

        I think what he means to say is a quad-core system on a chip with built in LTE, without the need for an external LTE chip.

        The dual core Krait S4 is available with LTE built in, which makes it a more efficient processor.

        What Jaxidian fails to realize though is that more cores doesn’t necessarily mean better performance. Architecture is what matters.

        I’m sure a dual core Krait S4 and specifically dual core Arm Cortex-A15 chip’s will kill quad core A9 chips like the Tegra-3.

        As benchmarks are already showing and confirming what Apple said, the new quad-core PowerVR SGX543MP4 GPU inside the new iPAD’s A5X is able to outperform the 12 core GPU inside the Tegra-3.

        Same story goes with intel vs AMD. intels quad core Sandy Bridge i5 kills AMD’s 8 core Bulldozer FX chips in almost every benchmark and real world experience.

        Less cores and lower clock speeds outperforming more cores and higher clock speeds are common. For those old enough to remember, does an intel 486-Dx4 running at 100mhz outperform a Pentium 60mhz? Of course not. The Pentium running at a slower clock speed outperformed a 486-DX4 running at 40mhz faster. This is the first time intel showed that clock speed doesn’t matter, architecture does. Same is still true today and it goes for the number of cores too.

        Lesson learned…don’t necessarily pay attention to the number of cores and clock speed, pay attention to the architecture used.

        • Ardrid

          Said another way: IPC (Instructions Per Clock) trumps core count/clock speed. It’s why Intel lost the MHz race, why AMD is losing the cores race, and why PowerVR’s SGX543MP4 tends to best NVIDIA’s Tegra 3.

          To the original point, it’s not that quad-core processors are incompatible with LTE radios but rather that all the currently available quad-core SoCs are incompatible with LTE radios. Samsung’s next-gen Exynos (rumored to debut in the Galaxy S III) looks to change that, as should the eventual quad-core variant of Krait.

  • Paul Atreides

    Demand a bigger battery please Sprint!

    • nrorm

      played with a razer maxx and was stunned how thin with the huge battery. i’ve got a evo3d, but want this…its tough to justify without a quad-core, more ram, or a larger battery. no doubt it will be an upgrade overall than my current phone, just a little too small of an upgrade for 2-bills a year later

  • Ragamuffin

    I’m betting Samsung sIII will have a screen?

  • sunrise

    I’m still waiting to see if Taylor’s rumor of a stock ICS One X is really coming to T-Mobile or not.

  • Richard Yarrell

    This will arrive to sprint as the HTC EVO HD or EVO LTE. My sprint friends will be very happy with this device no question. On a unrelated matter concerning Samsung the Galaxy S3 will have the exynos 4212 quadcore processor with LTE they have found a way to have quadcore processors work hand in hand with LTE. Looks like Qualcomm better get it’s act together to develop quadcore processors with LTE just like Samsung has done…

    • swazedahustla

      Actually Qualcomm has provided a chip S4 w/Krait that is more efficient, better on battery and has more power than the exynos 4212…..U know that same chip that in your galaxy nexus that has been out for months. Qualcomm is doing exactly what it should be doing #winning.

      • b

        The nexus uses a processor from t.i. not Samsung

        • swazedahustla

          You’re right, i was thinking the GS2.

          • B

            So many different chips it gets confusing lol

  • Richard Yarrell

    I will be more than glad to wait for the GALAXY S3 to arrive to Verizon. For those who think Verizon won’t get the GALAXY S3 as well as the upcoming GALAXY JOURNAL/NOTE2 is only fooling themselves because they won’t be the one on line purchasing these yummy devices this summer. Yeah the usual trolls will respond to my post ie squiddy20 and his yacks but trust me none of those losers will be purchasing anything from HTC or SAMSUNG this year..

    • dreamsrfree

      You’re pathetic. Do you really think ANYONE cares what you do? And who cares if Verizon gets the note or the galaxys3? This article is about one x. You always sound like you’re talking to voices in your head dude.

    • squiddy20

      You’re a moron and here’s why:
      1. You actually think *rumors* are always true. The only info we have about any version of the Galaxy Note coming to Verizon is nothing more than a rumor and we have virtually no credible info about the Galaxy S3 itself, let alone what carriers are getting it. You’re just as wrong as you always have been, from the time you were 100% certain the Evo 3D would be out June 4th, to when you stated the processor in the Sensation was inferior to the same exact one in the Evo 3D, to the numerous times you said you’d have the GN “day one” when the *rumors* were first saying it would be out early November until it was finally released. You actually believed every single one of those rumors, and were proven wrong time and time again.
      2. Even if the Galaxy S3 were to be unveiled tomorrow, it still wouldn’t make it to any of the carriers here in the US for at least another 4 months, based entirely off of the past releases of the Galaxy S line and any other non-US exclusive phone. So given that it will most likely be shown off in a month or so, don’t expect it anytime soon. Cold hard facts right there.
      3. “none of those losers will be purchasing anything from HTC or SAMSUNG” Considering my upgrade comes at the start of next month, yeah I actually will be buying something quite soon dumbass. Go take your “useless” guesses about my life somewhere else. Unless you enjoy making a fool of yourself?
      4. Since you are obviously not aware, let me inform you to this fact: Samsung has been using their own chips for their own phones for quite awhile, so the article you linked to is nothing more than old news being rehashed to fit the circumstances of the quad-core design. Big whoop. Any other “earth shattering” developments you’d like me to crush?

    • Mist

      Calling me a “fagit” and “homo” and physically threatening me wasn’t a smart move.
      I’m not gay, but this is 2012 Richard, you are going beyond stupid and starting to border on hate crimes because you were called out and proven wrong. Very,very,very stupid thing to do when you proudly display your name, picture, personal information, etc. It only takes another 45 seconds to get the rest of your information. You must be an awesome role model to your son. Does your son read your ridiculous rants, Richard? Does he proudly tell his friends that his father was lucky enough to be taken in by a soup kitchen, and now trolls android sites online, has sick fantasies, does disgusting things with his phones, thinks they’re status symbols and his friends? What proud young man he must be.

  • mattcoz

    Quiz, put these phones in order of release: EVO 4G, EVO 3D, EVO 1X. What makes it worse is that 1X is Sprint’s old and busted 2G network.

  • Nathan D.

    At this point, only Verizion is left out of the party to get a htc one device

    • Nick Gray

      The HTC Incredible 4G will feature most of the same specs found in the HTC One S.

  • E

    kind of a let down is not quad core. but any ways dont know if to go with the Gnex or this on the summer when my upgrade takes affect.what you guys think.

  • Hall Lo

    Great! Can’t wait! :)

  • Shawn Clark

    Im highly anticipated for this device…i guess ill to have to determine between EVO 3D when ICS lands on it or ride with the latest n greatest of Sense w/ ICS.

  • Androidcrazed6

    Okay, i have a question for you guys, so please give me your oinions…

    Let me start this of with: I have approxiametly $500 saved up.

    I been looking for a device for TWO YEARS, and at first i wanted, by the way i was new to technology so dont judge me, an Ipad… then decided to wait for the next Ipad. I then fell i love with Android and decided to get an Android tablet… and again changed to smartphones. I was head over heels with Android smartphones. I thought that i could terminate my Sprint contract to begin a new contract but found out that my family was on a family contract meaning that if i terminate my contract… everybody has to get new phones. So then i was going to pay full-price but my mom said why pay full-price when your contract ends in December and you can upgrade in October and also, you can a tablet which has a bigger screen.

    I didnt want to get a tablet because i just thought the phones suited me more… and also she isn’t really into technology like me. We kept on fighting until she suggested ebay. I found an amazing deal of a almost like brand new Samsung Nexus S 4G for $200, then these stories of the One X is coming to Sprint and I LOVVVE HTC.

    so the questions comes now: Should i wait and get the One X if/once it comes out… or get the Nexus s from ebay…. or get a tablet

    p.s. Please dont tell me that whichever you think will suit you better because I want your opinions… I am relly rellying on you guys becuase im still only young and a new-bie sort-of becuase i never had something of this value

    Thanks so much!

  • Lupe

    I will most definitely change from my current EVO to the new “EVO” or OneX!!!

  • AvantGuard

    I upgrade from my Optimus S on Sept 1. This WILL be my next phone. To believe I considered going over to Windows Phone… for shame.