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Stop everything, the One video you need to watch today


“Welcome to HTC One, a phone which was designed with the belief that no one person is the same as everyone else. We believe that one recommendation is a 1000x more powerful than ours, which is why we have always put that one person at the heart of everything we do.”

If you watch one video today, make it HTC’s new ad Welcome to HTC One. These guys are getting pretty good. What do you think of the HTC One launch campaign?

Source: YouTube

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  • jon

    Once again, an Android manufacturer puts out an excellent ad that never shows the actual phone. Why is it that none of them understand showing what the phone does is a big reason Apple’s ads are effective?

    • Good_Ole_Pinocchio

      Are you blind man? . . . the phone was shown. And this Ad is more to ramp up their Re-Branding campaign.

      • autonomousgerm

        Yeah, for ONE second. The rest was cheezy schmultz.

        • Paul

          The tech and me wished they showed the phone more, size comparison, feature comparison, some of the unique things it can do, something, anything; but this was more marketing stuff and trying to explain their rebranding. Whatever, it’ll probably appeal to the non-tech’s out there. But for me I’d rather see some of the awesome thing the phone does none-others can or why it stands out upon the myriad of other Android phones.

          • h0ruza

            They could show the phone in use. Tap, long tap ,tap win.

            @Jon is well right. TV teaches people how to use an iPhone before they even touch one. Android needs the same.

            More phone please

          • SED

            Just watch. Now Verizon will come out with their One variant, which they will call the Droid Incredible 4G and they’ll show how using it will make you sprout robot arms and eyes.

            Android rocks but their ads suck.

        • mdawg924

          That’s all I needed, love at first sight baby!

    • AsakuraZero

      yes and no, this is htc one campaing more not a phone ad so its ok, they are making an ad of their new brand and new perspective, so its ok, they are talking about people can recommend their new series of phones not talking like “THIS SERIES ARE THA BOMB”

      i always recommend HTC but sometimes its hard because there are a zillion of models~ hope they fix that with the one series

    • Jedediah Sweetser

      Looking at phone ads for Android the last year or so, I believe they are taking the Coke a Cola strategy that has worked for decades: Don’t sell the product, sell the experience. It works for reaching a larger audience, when people connect a product with their experiences – they tend to purchase that product more often, regardless of it’s ‘technical specs’ (In this case, the technical specs of Coke are that it’s bad for you, yet it’s overlooked again and again by consumers because of the experience they relate to it is more important than the destructive effects it can have on their bodies over time).

      For guys like us? Yea, we want to see comparisons, Mhz, GPU’s, etc. I’m sorry to say though, ‘we’ in that sentence is the minority.

      • professandobey

        Agreed. The only thing I’d change though are the screens of Facebook and YouTube. I’d make those shots of doing those actions on an Android screen as opposed to a PC. It would give the subtle implication that their products are powerful enough to replace your PC. Plus, it would subconsciously give people the “everybody’s doing it” mentality about using Android and make it less obscure in their lives, even if no one they know has Android.

    • Joel

      Not only that, but a commercial should also tell me WHY I want to pick this over some other type of budget android device. Name ‘ONE’ thing in that commercial that shows the One X doing something that a mid range phone cant do?

      Theyre relying too much on the “WOW! something brand new let me buy it just because its brand new” factor.

      Its time for Android commercials to start telling the general public what makes theyre products different/better, Instead of having them walk into the store to listen to some biased store clerk just trying to make a sale.

    • haters on the rocks

      I say HTC is the best android manufacturer hand down. After my contract is over I’m sticking with HTC

    • NamelessTed

      Totally agree. I buy a phone for the phone itself, not because the company selling it shot a bunch of video of different people doing a bunch of different shit and talked about some crap about how the people that use the phones matter. Its all bullshit.

      The big problem is that if anybody did an ad even remotely similar to the iPhone ads they would get the shit sued out of them. First by Apple for it being even somewhat similar to their own ads, they would claim that they have the copyright or trademark on making commercials showing the features of a phone. Second, because anybody that isn’t Apple would get slapped for false advertising. I still don’t know how it is legal for Apple to air any of their ads in the US because they show their products working about 5 times faster than real life.

    • JonGarrett

      apple does well because its apple. it doesn’t matter how good or how bad their products are. just put apple’s name and logo on it and it will sell–even if the competition has better devices which is often the case.

  • fletchtb

    Great commercial and great message!

  • spazby

    good campaign, was the 70 yr old bodybuilder a fake? that guy looks ripped

  • CFG9000

    Misleading headline, much? This video contains absolutely no useful information at all. Perhaps consider changing the title to “Carry On: The one video you can really afford to skip”?

  • olimario

    I don’t want SENSE.
    I don’t want pre-installed apps I can’t remove.
    I want my phone to last a day without dying.

    I guess I’m ONE person who doesn’t count.

    • seabass978

      I’m with u.

    • Nick Gray

      With Android 4.0 you can hide application’s that are pre-installed on the phone.

      No reviews of the phones are yet available, so how do you know the phone will not last a day on a single charge?

  • Warden Chinbach

    Good narration, but I think it was trying to be too inspirational for something that was completely ambiguous.

    • Paul

      Marketing hype. Sales speak.

  • awundrin

    Great ad! Very fresh!

  • RoRo

    Yes HTC stick with this. No more Condom Names lol

  • mercado79

    i think they might have actually said, “we believe their one recommendation is a 1000x more powerful than ours” rather than “that one recommendation…”

  • Steve Heinrich

    This is what I take from the ad: “People are different and our phone can take videos of those differences… and you can share them… like a whole bunch of other phones… but OUR phone is white and pretty looking… and we ‘GET’ you”

    Don’t get me wrong, I like the idea and I think that it’s good HTC is “listening” to customers. It’s also nice to see a well designed handset. But, really this is just branding. Nothing more, nothing less. The phone isn’t suddenly SOOOO different from others because of this ad, but your perception might be.

    • mustybooks

      And that is the essence of advertising… :)

  • txbluesman

    Great video! Their marketing department just stepped it up a few notches. Kudos!

  • Angel

    Looks like HTC watched the GoPro and Chrysler Super Bowl ads. Good for them. Note to HTC; don’t make the same mistake that Samsung did with their ads by bashing competitors. Instead stay positive like you have with this ad. While this ad didn’t make me want to buy a One phone, it DID make me interested in HTC, the company. That’s a good first step.

  • autonomousgerm

    Jesus Christ, show me the phone! Show me what the PHONE can do, not youtube, facebook, and twitter in a PC web browser. Good grief, another fail a la Samsung.

  • epps720

    I thought it was a pretty good public service announcement and it was well done. But as others have said….SHOW ME THE PHONE!! Am I the only one who misses the old OG Droid does commercials.

    Entertaining, Informative, and Effective…that’s what a cell phone commercial should be.

  • David

    I agree with those who point out its just a lot of marketing fluff and also a lot of hipster-ish bs. This ad makes sense for chrome, because thats what this ad looks like. Notice any actual usage of youtube/twitter/facebook apps? Nope. Just replace HTC One with Google Chrome and this ad makes more sense.

    The Galaxy S II ads are funny, show off the phone, and compare it to the iPhone.

  • morph

    “one company that actually listens..”

    so the one has a removable battery and sd card slot right?

    • Donnieace

      THANK YOU! My thoughts exactly.

    • sunrise


  • Richard Yarrell

    Looks like HTC is doing some serious work.

    • jonathan3579

      Don’t feel bad dick, the Galaxy Nexus can’t win everything.

    • squiddy20

      So much for “Galaxy Nexus is BOSS!!!” or “Galaxy Nexus pimp slaps everything!!!”. F*cking moron.

  • sunrise

    I just wasted my ONE video of the day.

    Personally I thought the video was incredibly cheesy and horrible. So HTC is the ONE company who cares, who listens, who puts us first and is going to save the world? Is that the message?

    Basically the video was a bunch of lies, and had really nothing to do with the phone.

    I think the average person watching this commercial will have no clue this is a phone commercial. 90 percent of the video didn’t even focus on the phone.

    Waste of advertising dollars.

  • xsynth

    I thought it was a great ad, it should appeal to the majority of mainstream buyers.

    One thing I do need to criticize however is the use of the web (on pc/mac) for the twitter/facebook parts. They should have been showing it from the phone interface since it’s an ad for, well, a phone.

  • dhilby09

    Don’t like this article and not a big fan of the video. Expect more content here, waste of time for the informed consumers out there.

  • Nathan D.

    Nice video to bad the phone was only shown so little with none of it features explain.

  • bill

    They will hate HTC in 12 months when they won’t update in 12 months…flyer owner in Australia

  • 94wolfpack

    How does one trademark the word “one”?
    Very beginning of the video the word one splashes on screen with a TM beside it???

  • Burnd

    I like the video. :)

  • dVyper

    An absolutely useless rubbish ad. Doesn’t do it’s actual job i.e make me interested in the phone.