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Video: Around the world in a single charge? Nice try, Qualcomm


Qualcomm has posted a cool video on their YouTube site promoting the impressive battery life that users can experience on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon line of processors. The premise of the video? Can a phone go around the world on a single charge? The video shows a mobile device taking videos from 9 cities in 8 different countries around the world, traveling over 36,000 miles along the way. In the top, right hand side of the screen, you’ll see a battery meter showing the Qualcomm battery draining as the trip progresses.

What Qualcomm wasn’t expecting was the amount of negative backlash they’d receive for the video. Several users are bemoaning the fact that Qualcomm buried some key details at the end of the video in fine print, like the fact that they used an extended battery and turned the phone off on the plane (thankfully), and that the battery drained a significant amount to produce a 2 minute video.

One of the gem comments came from user mutantemc, who stated:

2:04 minutes of battery? still better battery life than the iPhonemutantemc

The full video can be found below, but you’ll probably want to venture over to the YouTube site for all the lulz.

Update: QualcommVlog posted the following response on their YouTube page.

Hi all — we’ve seen a few questions about the video and wanted to share some answers. We turned the device off when traveling, but squeezed in a few extra texts before the flight attendants gave us the glare. It was a great trip. We had fun making the video and hope you enjoy it too.

Source: TechEye

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  • spazby

    That was completely pointless

  • Ps3y3Ops

    They actually just held the phone and spun the globe on a desk.

  • Eric Rossman

    At best this video is misleading hype. Makes me not trust Qualcomm.

  • Eric Rossman

    My DV camcorder from 7 years ago could accomplish this feat.
    * If I turned it off between locations and only shot short clips with it.

  • YMS123

    Misleading or not, its a pretty funny video

  • Joshua

    A little annoyed when people call something “misleading” when it tells you the deal, albeit in fine print. Duh, fine print is a key to adverstising nowadays and is not “misleading” or “deceitful”. Stop calling it that. IT’s not like people aren’t aware of fine print nowadays. You just pay attention to it. It’s an advertising technique and it’s there to stay so just accept it, examine it, but don’t be “misleading” by calling it misleading, lol!

    • squiddy20

      Sure, people may be *aware* of the fine print, but how many of them actually *READ* the fine print? If you’re not paying attention, you could easily be led to believe the phone traveled all that distance while turned on and operating on the smartphone’s average battery, not an “extended” battery. Im fairly certain most people treat the fine print like they do TOS and commercials, like white noise.

      • DroidSamurai

        The fact that there’s a backlash indicates that people do read fine print. And, in this internet era, if one person read it, another million people will be informed about it. But that doesn’t make this “video” not a stupid marketing idea if their goal is to promote how little power a SnapDragon processor consume — because most people know that it will definitely not survive a real around-the-world trip w/ a single charge.

        • squiddy20

          “most people know that it will definitely not survive a real around-the-world trip w/ a single charge” How can you be so sure? Half of America doesn’t know where certain states are located on a map, what changes the 19th Amendment brought about, or who their current state senators are. But ask them about the whereabouts of Justin Beiber or other some such “celebrity”, and they can’t shut up about him.

    • dhilby09

      Its still meant to be misleading, otherwise why hide it in the fine print? Also, why should we accept it? You can, but I for one won’t. Be open, be honest.

    • TreeClimber

      Sooooo Joshua…. How long have you worked for qualcomm?

  • DJm25

    ^_^ i liked the video …but the claim was so far up the back end ,that they coughed up a hell storm of comments disproving them

  • Eric Weiss

    Want to impress me? Do a commercial that starts with a person waking up and unplugging their phone from the charger. Then time-lapse through a normal day (without them charging the phone) and then show them getting into bed and plugging their phone in with it still having some battery power left.

    • Jman1323

      If you had an iPhone, this would be you every day. I have been using my 4s since 5:45am this morning including a couple of hours of Lunar Racer, watching a YouTube video, email, text, Internet, installing cydia tweaks, Facebook, shopping amazon, etc and it is now 9:35pm and I have 12% battery left. My iPhone hasn’t touched a charger in 16 hours.

      • Bryan Stoner

        Whoopdee fucking doo.

        Battery life is scaling fairly well with the capabilities of smartphones. There are some devices that can downright own your statistics and there are others that cannot. That’s part of the game.

        Now why don’t you tell me why your under-clocked device with a 3.5″ LED back-lit screen gets that battery life.

        • IIDX

          I always find it when my friend says his iPhone battery life is way better than mine. Not that I don’t like iPhones (I love my iPad), but his battery would run out too if he had a larger screen and was running 4G bands all the time.

      • Chris

        My Galaxy Nexus hasn’t touched a charger in 15 hours, including the all the things you mentioned, except cydia tweaks and I played Angry Birds for quite a while not lunar racer and my phone is at 52%. Take your “if you had an iPhone” argument and shove it.

      • PhilH

        Now we all know iPhone users don’t use their phones in the same way. Emailing and texting for you is a stop and go thing. Same task for many Android users can be almost like constant real time communication where iPhone users will normally say wait until I get to a computer. In other words compare battery stats when the iPhone becomes a super phone and is capable of actually doing some heavy work.

  • jeff donuts

    fucking misleading i swear

  • E-man

    I liked the video. :) It was funny.

  • cb2000a

    They did not show you the 12 volt car battery they had it hooked up to.

  • Alex Belko

    Impossibru! now I’ll go boasting about not charging my phone ever.. with a battery backpack

  • George

    If they want to make a flashy video about battery life, just have a bunch of phones in the same room turned on at the same time streaming the same 10+hour youtube clip and see who lasts longer (there are like 20+ hour clips on youtube… it can be done)

    See which phone dies after 1 hour, 2 hours…etc…

    Real test.

  • Nathan D.

    Wow that tells you something, they pull every trick in the book to get the battery to last as long as it did, but they still did it.

  • brewstajgho
  • tommcoysw