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Want the new iPad with Android? Look to Samsung


When the new iPad (3rd generation) debuted a week ago, anyone who went hands-on with the slate went gaga over the high-resolution Retina display. The “Mac Press” sang the usual praises about how Apple has done it again, and how they’ve raised the bar to another unachievable high for rival manufacturers. But that’s not quite how it really works. You see Apple doesn’t totally manufacture their own hardware. Both the display and processor could only come from one company on the planet right now, and they just so happen to be making some of the best Android devices available.

Bloomberg is reporting today that according Vinita Jakhanwal, a senior manager at iSuppli IHS, Samsung has been the only company capable of meeting Apple’s quality standards for the new Retina display. Both LG and Sharp haven’t been able to maintain the level of quality desired by Apple. For the time being, Samsung will be the only manufacturer supplying displays to Apple for use in the new iPad.

Samsung also manufactures the processor in the new iPad, along with other iOS devices like the iPod Touch and iPhone.

So why should the fact the Samsung is making the display and processor for the new iPad matter to an Android user? It’s essentially a glimpse into the future of Samsung’s tablet line. If Samsung is the one manufacturing parts for the new iPad, you can bet similar parts are being developed for Samsung branded products that will undoubtedly run Android.

Rumors that Samsung is working on an ultra high-resolution tablet have been around since as early as last December. According to the latest whispers, Samsung’s newest Tab will feature an 11.6-inch display with a 2560 x 1600 WXQGA resolution, along with a 2GHz Exynos 5250 (2x ARM Cortex-A15 CPUs, quad-core ARM Mali-T604 GPU). Sound familiar?

The Galaxy Tab 11.6 will boast a similar pixel density to the new iPad, along with a faster processor and quad-core GPU. It will be the Android rival to the new iPad, with hardware that matches, if not exceeds, anything and everything stuffed inside Apple’s tablet.

If you’ve been drooling over the new iPad with 4G LTE, quad-core graphics and the high-res Retina display, just wait. Samsung isn’t just giving away their best stuff without keeping a little something for themselves.

Source: Bloomberg

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  • Bryan Stoner

    Did I hear A-15 Core Architecture! HELL YEA!

  • spazby

    ” It will be the Android rival to the new iPad, with hardware that matches, if not exceeds, anything and everything stuffed inside Apple’s tablet.”

    Sammy’s product will crush ipad on hardware, the content for android tablets continues to be the issue…

    • cwjones4

      now if they could only get their pricing right… also idk how many people are wanting to be carrying around an 11+ in tablet. That said, i’m excited for this tablet and the SGS3!

      • The Goat

        Depending on whether / how much they shrink the bezel, it might not be appreciably larger than the Tab 10.1. But agreed that smart pricing is going to be crucial for this round of tablets, and I don’t know whether Sammy’s going to play that particular game well.

      • DroidSamurai

        11+? I have known many non-tech savvy people who don’t even want to carry an iPad because it’s “too big”. They all got a Kindle Fire instead. None of them care about hardware spec, as long as it’s not too slow. They just want something to enjoy occasional streaming of movies, playing some songs, read some books, and browse the web casually. The only complaints they have against the Kindle Fire? It’s too thick and “FEEL” too heavy. After I showed them my Nook Color, they all said they like the shape of the Nook Color better, but they are more comfortable with Amazon as the content provider (B&N has a long road to change people’s mind that they are not a dying bookstore chain.)

        The lesson? Many people don’t care about spec when it comes to tablet. Don’t believe me? Look around, see how many iPad users truly use utilize the full potential of an iPad? I bet many iPad users only use it to do exactly the same kind of things my Kindle Fire friends do.

        As much as I like Android as a platform, I feel that Google and Android tablet makers just don’t understand the market.

        • tmihai20

          Maybe you didn’t see all the 7 inches Android tablets that were announced and launched. They are not all top notch like the Galaxy Tab, the Motorola XOOM or the Asus Transformer line, but they are there. I want to see it, it is still a tablet, 11 inches is not that much, the same voices were heard when Samsung released the Galaxy Note.

  • jaxidian

    Man, how much would I give to see Samsung short Apple like they did HTC ala the original Incredible! I would be laughing to the curb! I’m sure contracts are in place to keep this from happening, but boy oh boy, would that be hilarious!

    Back in reality, I’m really looking to the ultra hi-res (and larger) tablets! That + a keyboard dock + Ubuntu for Android will FINALLY make for a package that I’m willing to spend ~$600-800 on…

    • thel0nerang3r

      Not likely to happen. Apple is known to buy out manufacturing capacity for a block of time. It would cost Samsung more to short them in products to sell their own tablets.
      Also, unrelated to your comment, but related to the article. That Samsung manufactures the CPU for Apple is irrelevant, it’s apple own design. Samsung can’t use it in their products. By the sounds of it, the new Exynos is a better processor, so it wouldn’t matter even if they could.

      • jaxidian

        “That Samsung manufactures the CPU for Apple is irrelevant, it’s apple own design. Samsung can’t use it in their products.”

        Mostly agreed there. HOWEVER, there is one relevant thing here: Samsung has the technology to manufacture Apple’s chip which leads one to believe that they have the ability to design equally-good (or at least equally-complex) chips for their own use. Not exactly the same thing that the article that the article inferred but there is a hint of relevance there. ;-)

        • PacoBell

          I’m almost certain they can. I mean, these are all ARM licensees, right? The only differentiation might be in the GPU portion and possibly some clever power management for multi-core systems.

          • jaxidian

            Just because you have an ARM chip doesn’t mean you don’t have proprietary stuff in there. As I understand it, “the ARM blueprint” (my words) is a base reference that primarily:

            1) Specifies all interfaces that the chip must support (mentions nothing about supporting additional interfaces)
            2) Provides base design for implementing some of the components in a compatible way (mentions nothing about being required to follow these designs if you can do better)

            If Apple can implement some way to multiply two integers together better than the reference design, then they are free to “upgrade” their chip. This is why different ARM chips (based on the same version of the ARM spec) are better and worse than each other at different things.

            It’s always a tradeoff between money, performance, and power. If you make something cheaper then it’s probably going to be slower or use up more juice. If you want something to use less juice and be more powerful, it’s probably going to cost more money.

            And one reason why Apple can have a “higher-performing chip” is that while they comply to the ARM spec, they can also extend that specification significantly while gaining universal hardware/software compatibility. Qualcomm, on the other hand, can’t really do this. If they add additional instructions for the OS to use, well, the OS still has to use them for it to be worth it. And Android isn’t going to start using these additional instructions because not all chips are going to support it. nVidia has tried this with their special Tegra instructions for certain games and you’ve seen the result – not all Android apps work on all Android devices for this reason (ignoring the ones where that same statement is true simply due to bugs in the apps or badly-modified Android installs whether from community devs or HTC/LG/etc).

  • fulaman

    I honestly am not surprised, Samsung will have hardware that exceeds the new iPad in every shape and form. My question is does the new iPad have a dual core cortex A15 chip?

    • AsakuraZero

      afaik the crappad uses a A5x so its just the old A5 with 2 extra CPU’s

      • Fulaman

        LOL that’s a complete joke. Apple fails. Hmm I hope the Galaxy S3 also makes use of the Exynos 5250

        • Jeff

          $100 billion in the bank and they “fail”. Surely they must be doing something right?

          • iFonePhag

            What they do right is RAPE WALLETS. Then next year you go back and ask for more rape. You’re the best kind of victim, the kind who asks for more.

          • mustybooks

            Mods please delete iFonePhag comment below.

          • mustybooks


      • pr0thizzle

        The A5x is the exact same dual core as last year only thing different is the GPU is a quad core

      • Bryan Stoner

        It’s actually only 2 more GPU cores. The CPU core count is still 2.

        • Bryan Stoner

          Disregard that last post. pr0thizzle’s got it covered!

      • mustybooks

        I thought it was the same as the A5 except for 2 extra gpu cores.

      • masoidfhu

        Cheap fashion Ainol of Novo 7, Paladin First the Android 4.0 the Tablet PC $ 97.99

        • PacoBell

          While I am tentatively impressed with that particular tablet, I don’t appreciate you spamming it here. Seriously, no class :P

  • EZ

    Any idea when this new tablet will be announced???

  • jason

    they really need to put the 5250 into the gs3, not a 4xxx

  • honourbound68

    Exynos baby!! lets see the benchmarks cream the new Ipad. Like I’ve said before, Sammy has Apple in it’s crosshairs. Go Sammy!!

  • Stuart

    Seriously, I’m getting bored of this. ANYONE can bring out hardware that will match or better what Apple have. It doesn’t matter, it’s their fluid software and vast amount of tablet apps that are making them rule.

    These same companies can bring all the tech they want but it’s going to cost the customers a lit of money.

    • iFonePhag

      I have owned an iPad 2, currently own a Galaxy Tab 10.1, Kindle Fire and a HP TouchPad. I have no idea what the hell you people talk about with this “tons of tablet apps” Apple supposedly has. I couldn’t even find a Tweetdeck that was iPad resolution. The amount of apps that had to be x2 scaled up from iPhone size sickened me… on my Galaxy Tab 10.1 EVERY app runs full screen. They all scale to fit, or stretch to fit if you like that better. 100% of Android applications take use of every inch of screen real estate. You Apple fanboys make me sick because you spout crap and have never owned all the different options. Maybe you played with Android tablets at Best Buy for 5 minutes and you think you know everything. But let me tell you from my ownership experience, the iPad isn’t the best tablet option out there…

      • ixesr

        Lol IPads are for victims of marketing and blind sheep, I feel sorry for them o

  • oddball

    These two companies make great products and the “rivalry” is funny. Both have their rabid fans who will buy the product no matter what but when it comes right down to it only one is innovating the other is buying the best of the rejects to be put in their products. The fact that ONLY Samsung can make the products that Apple uses says it all. Apple makes good products and they charge a premium for those products. They build a product that works and have created a huge following. Samsung has proved time and again they are pushing the boundaries on what can be done with these devices and they will only keep getting better.

  • sassigal

    Sure they will. They are thieves and copy cats and they know the material of those who buy from them. What a disgusting bunch!

    • Raptor

      Agree 100%

    • Raptor

      Noticed also “superhigh” moral standards of people on this site including writers based on your ratings? hahahaha

  • Phil S

    Looks like the Ipad(3) has already been greatly surpassed….

    • ixesr

      Haha iPad 3 is an utter joke, doesn’t even come close to the prime. Wow how have the mighty fallen roofel! ;-) a

  • Gir

    Every time I see an article about this subject I get excited. Once I read it only to find my self disappointed by another rework of the old news. Why! Stop with the taunting love this site, just give me more facts not a track on a loop.

  • this guy

    finally i can get a tablet. sorry but these first to maket tegra chips dont win me over.

  • sap 26

    Do you think Samsung is biased between the two or is it just money to them? While I though 8.9 was the ideal tablet size I often look at my “small” 14″ laptop and wonder what it would be like if it were a tablet.

  • Richard Yarrell

    Great products are ahead from samsung. I can’t wait for the months ahead..

    • squiddy20

      Good lord. I can’t wait for you to stop posting A) extremely ridiculous, excessively fanboyish posts about Samsung, just like you were doing of HTC not even 6 months ago *cough, bandwagon jumper, cough cough*; B) general statements that practically everyone knows or understands but you’re only just now comprehending (such as this one); or C) comments that contain nothing but insults because you really can’t think of anything else to come up with that would in any way prove your points. Keep on keeping on that “sharp” mind there Richard. Can’t wait till your next “brilliant” statement.

      • Richard Yarrell

        You make me laugh squiddy i get such great enjoyment knowing your here. Every day that goes by let’s us all knows what a true clown you really are. Join the bandwagon for a change. Step away from your daily pitiful life and purchase something new for a change. That 5yr old laptop and useless samsung moment need to be retired. Your the biggest joke on this site your worth great laughs I’ll say that much otherwise your so broke.

        • squiddy20

          Haha the “joke” is on you Richard. 1. I don’t have a “5yr old laptop” and I never even hinted that I did. I actually have a 2.5 year old MacBook Pro. But even if I did have a 5 year old laptop, you apparently fail to realize that it would still run circles around your “bitch/pimp slapping” Galaxy Nexus because you’re stupid enough to compare a PHONE to a LAPTOP. That’s pretty much like comparing a Honda Civic from the 90′s to a Lotus Elise. Pitiful.
          2. You say I have a “useless” Samsung Moment, but if it does all I need/want it to do, is it really so “useless”? Answer me that Dick, and I’ll be incredibly impressed. See unlike you, I don’t have the time nor the inclination to watch Netflix or play around with too many stupid apps on my phone. I’d rather watch Netflix on my “5yr old” laptop with it’s immensely bigger screen (compared to a smartphone), or even the 50″ TV I have.
          3. Yeah, keep telling me I’m “broke” while I have a real laptop, a car, a college education, a job, a roof over my head, and a relatively comfortable life. I think it’s downright pitiful and stupid that you have the gall to insult me about my economic status, when you yourself were “broke” and living on the streets of NYC like a poor “bum”. Case in point on page 2:

        • squiddy20

          I also think it’s incredibly hilarious and downright stupid that you actually equate economic status with cell phones. You (mistakenly) believe that because I own what you deem to be a “useless” 2 year old phone, that I *must* be extremely poor or at least not well off. But the fact that I have a smartphone at all and pay the bill every month in themselves indicates that I am not “poor”, “broke”, or a “bum” as you have repeatedly called me. Under your (incredibly faulty) logic, we might as well think you’re a millionaire simply because you’ve “owned” 5 smartphones (2 of which for no more than 4 weeks) within the past 2 years. But I know for a fact that isn’t even close to the truth because if you were a millionaire, you wouldn’t be living in the slums of NYC, working in a soup kitchen, and you certainly wouldn’t be bragging about a little thing like a $200-$300 on-contract smartphone.
          Just because you have a “smartphone”, doesn’t make you “smart”.

        • squiddy20

          Also, I just realized by your own response, you’ve proved my earlier point, specifically part C. Nothing in your entire statement was even remotely based on truth or fact, and was nothing more than one pitiful attempt at an insult after another. And I do mean pitiful attempt. Grade school children could come up with better insults.
          Congratulations, you’ve just proved how stupid, narrow-minded, and gullible you are. Care to make another “brilliant” round of insults to further prove my point?

    • Steam

      ZOMG Richard, I have never, ever seen anyone who so desperately wanted attention/approval and to be ridiculed at the same time. You really have sick needs. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again; the Bowery Mission absolutely fucked you over by neglecting your mental issues brought about by your father ass-raping you in the dark basement while donkey punching you, then pissing on you while calling you useless. In the close to two years that you’ve been spewing your ridiculous nonsense and projecting your very disturbing issues onto others on android sites, you haven’t once, not one single time ever, on any forum, been able to make a logical coherent statement or argument. Your responses make no sense, you use words that you definitely don’t know the meaning of (like “rather” – I know that’s a tough one, it has six letters), you have never, ever been able to respond to something logically. When posed with a question that you can’t answer (which is pretty much everything), you’ll either ignore it, make a desperate attempt to insult the person asking, and I say “attempt” because you are so fucking stupid, that when you do try to insult someone, your post is so riddled with typos, misspelled words, and lack of punctuation, that it not only doesn’t make any sense, you look like a bigger retard than you did when you initially posted. Maybe in the shithole third-world ghetto where you live, a smartphone is a big deal, the rest of the world doesn’t care. A single link on the watch I’m wearing right now costs more than an full price GNex, but I don’t go around acting like I’m “on top” because I own nice things. When it becomes apparent to you that the person you are trying to argue with is smarter than you and probably has a hell of a lot more money, you respond by calling them “classy”, as if that’s supposed to be some sort of insult.
      For the longest time, you were HTC/Sprint’s Evo bitch. Samsung was “Samsuck” just a few months ago (because _you_ didn’t have one).
      ” Love Technology and have been a Evo 4g owner on sprint since June 4th 2010. This device is the Granddaddy of all 4g android devices and I now know I can place my evo 4g in retirement because 2 new members have been added to the evo family. I will be purchasing my Evo 3d on June 24th 2011 and just might be able to get it on June 21st 3 days early due to bein a sprint premiere customer..”
      That’s on your androidandme page.
      ” EVO 3D RULES SPRINT AND ANDROID…” That is on your G+ page
      You are so screwed up mentally that you literally can’t even keep track of your own bullshit.
      By the way, you never did tell us how HTC was “going to make sure all goes well” with TSMC’s supply issues.
      Oh, that’s right, you can’t, because you’re a damn idiot.
      You really, really need to see a psychiatrist, you have serious mental issues, you have sex with phones, you are constantly looking for approval/abuse. Honestly, all I care about is that you stay alive until February 2014 so I can collect on my bet, there is no way in hell you’re ever going to change (I literally have money on that). Try not to get too out of hand before then, because the way you act, it’s only a matter of time before someone decides to drive by the Bowery Mission and give a homeless guy a gun and a few hundred bucks to waste your dopey ass. You used to be so proud that you used your picture (I can’t imagine why) and your real name on the internet while insulting everyone. Then, when I found that Red Door newsletter and your stupid sideways videos, and posted them all over the place,you took the videos down or privatized them. Why did you do that, Richard? I thought you were proud of being an idiot? Did Ed Morgan tell you to take them down because you’re an embarrassment? Can’t answer that one (honestly) either, can you?

  • mustybooks

    The processor looks amazing… Dual core A15 clocked at 2ghz that’s an A9 equivalent of 3ghz and the mali t608 looks pretty sexy too.

    Personally I don’t think the benefits of a (1920*1080)+ screen outweigh the cons. Thicker and heavier with bigger storage requirements for apps.

    If well managed though/new technology introduced to reduce power consumption it could be a winning combo and should exceed all the competition.

  • Angel

    The funniest part in the article is where it says “If you’ve been drooling over the new iPad with 4G LTE, quad-core graphics and the high-res Retina display, JUST WAIT, Samsung isn’t just giving away yadda yadda yadda”. Just wait? By the time samsung has something like this hit the store shelves Apple will have come out with two generations better by then. Just wait? Why should anyone hold their breath and wait when you can have it now?The baffling part is that samsung obviously has the know how to built top notch equipment, but they don’t until another manufacture (like Apple) asks them to do it first, and then samsung follows suit and adds whatever it is on their electronics. Samsung needs to start growing a pair and coming out with high tech features – before – other manufactures do.

    • ixesr

      Tool, the next tablet they release is about 3 months away ooh and guess what it will still be wide screen ratio. Lool, the ipad is 4:3 ratio like your great grandmothers tv haoah what a joke rofelz o

  • Burnd

    I’d love to see facts rather than speculations. Though I admit it seems promising for Samsung. Beating the iPad 3 is the least thing they deserve after Apple’s lawsuit against Samsung past year.

  • Homncruse

    Hm… so they’re letting Apple do their beta testing. Let the iPad consumers use the new Samsung products in a real-world way, inevitably discover flaws because no hardware ever is perfect, regardless of what Apple might think, then respec the hardware to fix the flaws and release as the next Samsung Android tablet.

    Well done, Samsung. Well done.

  • Jorge Vieira

    Its funny i own many apple and android phones, and when my iphone toting friends try to tell me that my android phones (recently all samsung) they try to say that they are not as good quality, i laugh and tell them samsung makes most parts in the iphone. Needless to say they never believe me.

    I already pre ordered two ipads cant wait to get them. And def cant wait for samsungs respond.

  • Hall Lo

    Well personally as long as the tablet is fully functional and is enough for daily use (like gaming, document processing, etc), I think its fine already. Tho its exciting to see new and powerful tablets being released, its a little stupid just keep comparing tablets to tablets. Its a good motivation for the manufacturers, but if others keep doing it, it gets really boring and unnecessary.

  • ion orov

    I hope they price it right and they launch with ICS (without any of the usual Samsung tablet lag).

    $500 for a base 16gb, wifi version? Yes please!
    mSD slot? Yes please!
    mUSB and/or mHDMI? Yes please!
    Ice Cream Sandwich? Hell yes!

    Although, knowing my luck, it’ll be: $800, honeycomb-laced, uses propriety cables and have no ports. Sigh.

    Not trolling… just saying what’s been happening.

    • Fulaman

      No tablet in this day in age will come with Honeycomb. The Transformer prime has set the mark for what todays tablets will come with.

      • ion orov

        Ha! The TFP was released Dec 2012.

        Thus far, and to the best of my knowledge, everything announced/released from the other tablet makers have been laced with Honeycomb :P

        Even when they say its upgradable to ICS, they are rarely forthcoming regarding actual dates.

        • PacoBell

          Huh…that didn’t come out right :P

  • aranea

    I think the question is when they are going to bring it out. If it comes in late 2012 not many will care because unless they are hardcore android fans like most of us most would have bought ipad3 or the cheaper google tablet.

    • ixesr

      Yeah because we all dream of having a square 4:3 tablet to watch video and game on “rolls eyes”

      • EZ

        He is right, if this tablet is not available until May, I will buy the Asus Transformer Infinity. SO Sammy better hurry up.

  • Brian

    Like a boss….

  • dinodxynez

    I don’t know about you guys but, Windows 8 I feel is being underestimated and hardware makers (including Apple) will be scrambling when the average user sees exactly how creative, useful, productive, and forward thinking Windows 8 tablets will be.

    I love my Android (proud owner of Toshiba Thrive, Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9, Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate, Galaxy Nexus and HTC Thunderbolt) but, Windows 8 tablets I believe will be a game changer.

    • PacoBell

      +1 for being a Thrive owner :D

  • rauelius

    Does everyone forget that Tegra 3 has 12 Gpu Cores? Why all this gushing about quad?

  • h0ruza

    I’ve not seen one article about the top ten killer tablet apps for Android.

    This concerns me. Give me a reason to want a tablet and my wallet is yours.

  • JackSilverburgh

    I don’t think it’s all about the hardware. Google should come up with some apps too, cause Apple’s still winning on this one..

  • cb2000a

    That combo of cpu and gpu should smoke the ipad. Exynos cpu’s are screaming fast. In amy case the competition keeps moving things forward and that’s a good thing.

  • h0ruza

    For example. I go on holiday with 9 mates and there of them have IPads.
    I roll my eyes.
    The most I saw them do is browse the net, check emails and play games.

    That said four mates could play scrabble and an air hockey Game which looked fun but that was it.

    Having more power just seems pointless when the iPad didn’t impress me and we don’t even have the official version of scrabble.

    I’ll spend 500+ pounds when tablets do more than my phone.

  • Mike11

    I’m very excited about the rumored Galaxy Tab 11.6. BUT:

    “The Galaxy Tab 11.6 will boast a similar pixel density to the new iPad”

    Shouldn’t there be some qualifier that it’s just a rumor right now?

    “similiar pixel density”
    Only if you this rumored Galaxy Tab 11.6 has a true RGB display and not a Pen-Tile display. But most likely it’s Pen-Tile.

    • PacoBell

      After seeing displays like the SAMOLED HD, I’m convinced that PenTile is a non-issue. After a certain pixel density, the difference just becomes imperceptible. I think we can safely say that threshold has finally been reached.

  • pekosROB

    With Samsung manufacturing the processor and display, you’d think that’d give them a heads up on their own products, right? This is probably why Apple always whines and complains about Samsung copying them and riding on their coattails.

    Make your own f*cking chips Apple, if that’s such a big issue. You have a crapton of money to blow, why not get your own super secret plant? Actually don’t, so Samsung can keep one upping you (along with everyone else).

  • Groinko

    Mmmm… sure Sammy could release a very high resolution display for its new tablets but iPad 3 is supposed to use IGZO technology, patented by Sharp, so maybe Samsung produces this screen but is not allowed to use these.

  • Darkseider

    If Samsung can drop a tablet with the specs in the article then Apple is done. The only reason, besides the HUGE hardware superiority factor, is that other Android tablet manufacturers will up their game to meet or surpass Samsung’s offering. In doing so it will start the inevitable price war and well… the rest will be history. By the time the iPad4 (Next new “Just iPad) or whatever they call it comes out most Android tablets will be sporting dual or quad core A15 SoCs with a low power A9 or A7 in a big.LITTLE setup and with monster GPUs. It’s only a matter of time before Android tablets will displace and eventually replace the iPad as the top dog just like they did with smartphones.

  • WlfHart

    Still curious if they will include an S Pen with it.

  • Max.Steel

    You all need to realize that very few people care about specs…

  • TeaDroid

    You’re so right, Max Steel. If people care then they are straight up geeks to what they love as either iOS or Android. I own both Android and iOS Devices. I’m switching to iOS since OS upgrade works mostly straight all the their devices than Android is basically picky to which one. Android is great overall, but have to buy an device to get an upgrade to latest and greatest is kind of tough love to most of us? Am I right? Maybe I am wrong.