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Will my hacked Android device get Ice Cream Sandwich?


CyanogenMod is one of the most popular custom ROMs in the Android ecosystem. There is a plethora of options out there, but this team has managed to get a great reputation. The CyanogenMod 9 ROM based on Android 4.0 is still in the works. But root and custom ROM users are dying to know whether their devices will be supported with Ice Cream Sandwich goodness.

It seems the CyanogenMod team gets the same question a lot. “Will the _____ get CyanogenMod 9 support?” To make the answer simpler, they have just released a nice flow chart. It displays the possibilities of your smartphone getting CM9 support, based on general specifications.

We have a feeling this chart won’t exactly stop users from asking. But if you want to see your odds, go ahead and follow the chart questions below. What percentage does your device fall under?

Via: Droid-Life

Source: CyanogenMod (Google+)

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  • dcds

    These guys know how to handle customer service and transparency! :-)

    • PacoBell

      Customer service applies to free projects as well. Might wanna brush up on your terminology there.

      • PacoBell

        Wow, you actually referenced Wikipedia to defend your position? Any shred of credibility you had was just tossed out the window there. Think about it this way: There are plenty of examples of for-profit companies that also offer free services in order to entice customers to buy their premium products. Wireshark comes to mind. And, yes, they still offer customer support for said free product, albeit maybe not at the same tier as their paid product. Ergo, your point is moot. You lose. Good day, sir!

    • inviolable

      What does buying anything have to do with customer service?

  • Jimmy Johansen

    Looks like my htc EVO 4G still has hope. That’s the lil Android that could!!! If you look at all the newer, more powerful phones that have come out… very few are “that much” better than my EVO. Especially running Deck’s CM7 build. =)

    • Benjamin Rubenstein

      Ummmm… I’m pretty sure the EVO 4G (which I also have) doesn’t have a dedicated GPU. That means no CM9 according to the flow chart. HTC isn’t releasing ICS for it.

      • bemymonkey

        I’m pretty sure you’re wrong about the dedicated GPU part.

        • Benjamin Rubenstein

          Seems you’re right. Didn’t realize it had an Adreno 200. Interesting. (Source:

          THERE’S STILL HOPE!!!

          Also, keep in mind that the EVO is still one of the most popular CM devices according to their stats page…

        • Benjamin Rubenstein

          Actually… There’s probably only a 5% chance. The Adreno 200 is ancient. It’s the same GPU that the Nexus One had and we all know HTC isn’t supporting that chipset for ICS upgrades.

          • tmihai20

            What are you talking about? HD2 has perfectly functional ICS ports of all sorts and it has Adreno 200 GPU. I switched from my HD2 to the Evo 3D starting with February this year.

          • Benjamin Rubenstein

            Pretty sure I said that “HTC isn’t supporting that chipset for ICS upgrades.” I never said there we no ports that worked on the Adreno 200.

          • Jorge Branco

            But it was a lack of internal memory rather than the gpu holding the nexus one back

          • PacoBell

            @Jorge Branco You know, everyone keeps saying that, but Apps/Dalvik/Data2SD has pretty much made that concern a non-issue in my experience. Data2SD causes performance problems, but everything else can be moved, including “system” apps. This can be evidenced by the MeDroid ICS ROM.

      • CTown

        It has a very good chance it all it is an overgrown CDMA Nexus One! (Which is a good thing for you since the Nexus One is a popular device in the modding community.)

  • h0ruza

    CM9 is the only option for me and I’m prepared to wait.

    Its a shame but the official GSII ICS blows

  • Dr.Carpy

    For the Billions of dollars Google generates, you think that they would have tried to bring in the CM guys to be apart of their team. The CM team has shown themselves to be more reliable than Google themselves, and have great stuff when they bring out their releases.

  • droiddewd

    For the first time I am not confident that I will see CM9 on my phone before I just upgrade to another phone that does have ICS already on it. All the power to the CM team though they rock! But I am bummed if I dont see it cause it would be nice to get some ICS before then.

  • Vyrlokar

    And my HTC Desire (codenamed Bravo), the most popular CM device, has a measly 5% chance of getting ICS… there are however some ports already on XDA, and almost everything works. It has the same Adreno 200 than the Nexus One and the Evo, so there’s still hope for you!

  • Lane

    Cut the CM team some slack. The problem with ICS is the hardware requirements coupled with a lack of driver support.

    See, when a manufacturer releases ICS for a specific chip set even if the driver is closed there is *something* to hack around with. If ICS doesn’t get released for your phone then you have to depend on a volunteer to somehow update the 2.X driver which isn’t a pretty process if it can even be done at all.

    Essentially, it is easier to upgrade within the same major series (2.1 to 2.2 to 2.3) than it is to cross to another major release (2.3 to 4.0) due to drivers and hardware requirements. So once most people are on 4.0 they won’t have the level of upgrade anxiety they have now until 5.0 comes out in what is likely going to be another year and a half.

    And my final point is, a good portion of the people complaining about their device not getting 4.0 support wouldn’t even have 2.3 support without CM7.

  • Donovan Johnson

    It’s been my experience that 4.0 is still a bit buggy so it doesn’t matter to me one way or the other. To me 4.0 has been overhyped.

    • dcds

      To me it has been the best thing since sliced bread. Both on the galaxy nexus and the nexus s before it.

      Even accounting the S bugs, the usability of the system is awesome. Years ahead of gingerbread and better than honeycomb.

      Now they just need to fix some glitches on previous nexus, and get the updates right.

  • honourbound68

    cm7 on my epic 4g was a godsend. can’t wait to try cm9 on my GN but I am extremely happy with Gummy as well.

  • DLX1

    So much hype, so much worry, so little patience, we get it when we get, or we don’t. Personally I think the moon is made of Swiss cheese lol

  • spazby

    these comments in here are better than the the article… even though the article is great

  • Galaxy S user

    does the Galaxy S have 512 mb of ram? It was always the question…

    Would be kind of sad if it wouldn’t get ICS

  • Lane Chapman

    Well, even though I’ve already used CM9 on my phone (Nexus S) I am happy that the CyanogenMod team is letting their customers know what to expect!

    If only I could find a darn Gapps zip to use with alpha 11, I would be using CM9 right now!

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