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Do Android fans really care about the new iPad?


Let me be honest. I didn’t get much work done yesterday because I was glued to all the live blogs covering Apple’s new iPad announcement. Obviously I’m an Android fan, but I’m still interested in other mobile technology and I follow all of Apple’s big events.

So what did I think about the new iPad? The “resolutionary” retina display is freaking amazing (seriously, I want that in my next tablet) and the new iPhoto and iMovie look like awesome tools, but other than that I wasn’t impressed much.

After the event, the Apple-obsessed Samsung quickly put out a press release to compare content creation features between the new iPad and the recently announced Galaxy Note 10.1. I found this pretty hilarious, but it really got me thinking.

Do Android fans really care about the new iPad? And do Apple fans give a damn about any Android tablet?

Most Android fans already know, “best smartphone” or “best tablet” is a title that any given device can claim for several weeks (sometimes days). The new iPad is the best tablet available for the moment, but Samsung will quickly roll out their rumored Galaxy Tab 11.6 with a faster processor, faster GPU, and even higher resolution display than Apple.

I’m sure Samsung’s new tablet could be superior in every way to the new iPad, but that doesn’t mean that Apple fans will suddenly start lining up to buy one.

As Android chief Andy Rubin recently put it, “The educated consumer realizes it now that they’re either picking the Apple ecosystem or the Microsoft ecosystem or the Google ecosystem.”

If you have already purchased a couple Android phones and maybe a tablet, you have chosen Google’s ecosystem. I’ve followed Apple’s ecosystem closely the last couple of years, and I haven’t seen anything that would make me consider a switch. The thing that is most appealing to me about Google’s ecosystem is choice and I don’t foresee Apple ever competing in that area.

But Apple fans don’t really care about choice. They will keep buying anything that Apple puts out. Jolie O’Dell of VentureBeat put it nicely when she said, “it’s only 30 percent about the tech and 70 percent about the branding.” The new iPad is already starting to run out of stock online. And I don’t have a problem with that. Apple makes great products and their customers are loyal to the brand.

I just think it’s pointless to keep comparing Android products to Apple products when neither side really cares about the other.

So again I ask the question. Does the new iPad make anyone want to switch ecosystems? Check out the official iPad trailer below and let me know if you will be lining up in front of an Apple store on March 16th.

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  • Varemenos

    nope, not a single **** was given

    • ghost114

      i got 13 %#@&’s to give and still wont let one go

    • zerosix

      Only one **** was given: “What a stupid name”. Next iteration will be called “Even newer iPad”

      • lfwrfqua

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        This Tablet PC to use more advantages than ordinary telephone or Tablet PC! Can be replaced by smart phone! And new products to market! Are favorable. Hot sales!

        • zerosix

          Another **** to give: why Apple brings spam to this site?

  • Matt

    I care. Hell, I would buy one if I wasn’t so invested in the Android ecosystem. My Tab 10.1 LTE is nice, when it works. But Honeycomb is still slow and underdeveloped. App support will probably never, ever arrive for Android tablets. Unless Google can get their act together in 2012, I’ll probably end up with an iPad and an Android phone.

    • Phil

      There is nothing for Google to get together for apps. I talked about this with someone on G+ yesterday. The tools to build Android tablet apps are there and are better than Apple’s. You build one app that rearranges itself to use all of the screen real estate of a tablet. Let me repeat because 7/10 times that I say this someone immediately replies talking about scaled up apps. These are NOT…NOT scaled up apps. They are apps that have a completely different UI when run on a tablet.

      The fact of the matter is that devs don’t make use of the tools and I believe some of them do it on purpose. For instance Apple pointed out the Twitter app yesterday and the same Twitter app on iPad could be built for Android. What these devs are trying to do is discourage Android usage so they can focus solely on the iOS platform where they have this one phone and one tablet to develop for. They hate having to do normal development which takes into account different devices just as the web has to account for different browsers etc. They bought into this magical world that Apple was going to take over the entire market.

      So no…until devs quit crappin on Android themselves you won’t see tablet support or apps come to Android first.

      • Matt

        You should have read my comment. I didn’t say the tools aren’t there, I said the apps aren’t there. I have a few tablet apps that are amazing but there’s probably under 1,000 Android tablet apps out there. Developers just aren’t doing it, as you said. Google needs to give them incentive and I don’t see it happening.

        It’s a sad situation, and one I don’t see Android winning. The ONLY way would be if Google releases a $200 ICS tablet. Then maybe, MAYBE, we’ll see better dev adoption.

        • Phil

          Maybe you didn’t understand what I was saying. There is nothing for Google to do. I wasn’t coming after you with the comment. I’m just saying that Google has given the tools. There is no more incentive that can be given IMO. The devs purposefully try to ignore Android. The huge lead in the phone market coupled with the fact that its ULTRA simple to make your tablet version from your phone app should be incentive enough. Even with a $200 ICS tablet selling like hot cakes devs aren’t going to target it any more than they do now. They are working to turn the mind share of the public away from Google and towards Apple. The only thing thats going to combat that is if blogs start doing what I’ve outlined further down in the comments and try to turn mind share towards Google.

        • Nicholas Vettese

          Google should do what Apple did, and give the developers an ultimatum. If they do not code for the device, then their apps will not be available in the market. I don’t care what any says about the developers not caring about the Android environment. They need to have visibility on all levels, and with the price of the app, or the click dollars they will receive from the ads, they will care.

          Google will release a Nexus tablet, and I think they will release 2, not that I am part of any Google hierarchy, but it just makes sense. But Google needs to do this right, and if they screw it up, who knows.

          • AsakuraZero

            true and as a future developer what apple said hurt me on the ribs.

            we need to make a camping and start making quality UI’s most of the android app UI’s sucks a bit, making this camping in xda would be a nice start, we need to avoid having bad uis on tablets/phones.

            android is full of resources and such, people just need the incensitve =(

      • DDP

        Fragment API. Like the Chrome Beta: phone UI on a phone, and a tablet UI on a tablet. All from one apk file. Developers just need to have this communicated better to them from Google, better templates I suppose. IDK.

        They DO NOT Need to create new whole new apps, like CNN for Android phones then CNN for Tablet apps in the market. They just have to add the tablet UI code to their existing apps, and BAM! We’re good. Easier said than done though, but I hope that Google will attack this issue with full force in the coming months.

        • Phil

          That brings up another thing. Apple has marketed to the masses that there HAS to be a tablet specific version of an app. Even if all Android apps used Fragments properly you’d still have people running around saying there aren’t tablet versions of apps on Android.

          • LEKO

            You are right, apple told the world the iPad is not a bigger iPhone. Android is hardware independant… But, it’s hard to convince users/devs. Too bad!

            Google Play Store have a “tablet” section that list apps not only made specificly forctablet, but that runs fine on 7-10 inches screens.

      • jesse

        that doesn’t change the reality android tablet owners face.

        I bought an a100 with Honeycomb (it’s now on 4.0.4) and then an ipad. Because the apps are more than 10x better.

        I don’t care what politics you think is involved, at the end of the day, my ipad has a 10x better twitter client, same could be said for FB, although the performance is pretty dismal on any platform. It’s like that with most app’s.

        This shouldn’t be a place where you can’t enjoy a non android device.

    • ajonrichards

      I’d have to respectfully disagree. I have an Android tablet running 3.2, and am seriously happy with the device and the software. I have played with some tablets running ICS, and thought it was even more refined and easy to use.

      • Matt

        No doubt ICS is going to be better than what we have now, but the app selection is the killer. I want to DO more with my tablet than browse the web, check Twitter, and watch Netflix. The iPad has these amazingly powerful apps that I want on my Tab 10.1. I don’t know if we’ll ever get them.

        • alxrock

          Can you direct me to those “Killer Apps”? (seriously) Because I have an iPad and only use it for browsing the web, check twitter/Facebook, watch Netflix and play a few games (most of which are available on Android)

          • Matt

            Garageband looks amazing, now iPhoto is on it, an actual Twitter and Facebook app, a WSJ app, AirPlay, Infinity Blade…that’s a few I know of and I don’t even own an iPad lol

          • Matt

            Even Slacker hasn’t been updated properly for Android tabs!!

          • ion orov

            FIFA 12! (its a soccer game for you N.Americans)

            Technically, there is an Android equivalent but its only for Sony’s Xperia play

          • itguy426

            Whether anyone says yes or not if you look here you see lots of people checking this article out. Most anyone I know of that is on android is some kind of educated person. With that said I am sure they look at the specs and what is coming out from apple. I know I am with Taylor and checked them out yesterday. I may not have spent as much time as him but it is how an educated person is always looking to see what lies ahead. I have seen other articles with comments saying that the PPI of this new display is not 300 PPI anymore but lower like other Android products. That being said yes the screen maybe nice and the new processor is a bump. But that is to make sure that the games and video on the tablet run smoothly. Apple just makes minor upgrades just as they have done in the past. This I don’t think will interest most Android users as they like to see something that is better than what they can get. Otherwise why stick with something that will be outdone in a few months time. We Android fans care too much and like to have that top tech or at least the ones that read all of these articles.

          • DDP

            I loved Flipboard when I had an iPad. But those devs don’t seem to give a fk about Android. I emailed them and asked if they were developing for Android,and got a not-so-promising answer. =\

        • Ishken

          Adobe just released a bunch of their media editing programs in the Android Market. Pay to play.

        • h0ruza

          You’re right. Having a better spec tablet means nothing if you don’t have a garage band equivalent as silly as that sounds.

          Android needs at least one developer dedicated to creating new, fun, head turning apps because no matter what the spec sheets say no one thinks such apps exist on Android.

    • alxrock

      I have the first iPad and it’s got a nice form factor, but Apple’s UI is boring and it crashes multiple times a day. I don’t think I ever want to deal with another Apple product. I’m waiting for the Nexus Tab (or maybe the Transformer) for my next Tablet.
      My iPad is already used by my kids (2&3 yrs old) more than myself, I just load a bunch of educational apps/games and let them have at it… but I’m tempted to sell it and replace it with that Archos Child Tab.

      • agree

        Sold my ipad 1 for the transformer prime and i dont regret it for a second! iOS got so boring and i rapidly became less impressed the more i used it

      • Bob

        I am both an android and ios user and I can tell you that it isn’t a really smart idea to let 2 and 3 year olds to use tablets and espcially the way you describe it “and let them have it” as if you just leave them to play with it unmonitored. I don’t know what device wouldn’t get wrecked by doing that! There are alot of reasons to go for Android, but this is not one of them since the problem will not be solved with a new tablet…

      • jesse

        is it on 5.1.1? mine runs pretty smooth, but it’s a 256mb device. that sucks.

    • ion orov

      Exactly my sentiments.

      Whenever I play with Android tablets in store, the lagginess is really off-putting. Then you go play with an ipad and its a world of difference.

      Killer apps are another, what’s on Android is usually already on iOS. Ditto for content.

      An example would be the FIFA 12 game… only available on iOS (and Sony tablets that are not worth buying)

      From the looks of things, Android makers remain stubborn on pricing… so 3 ipads for me then.

      • Joe

        People are funny. We have an ipad2 and a Gtab 10.1. The Gtab 10.1 is my tab of choice. I don’t care for garage band and “killer apps” like that, but all the apps that i need for productivity are found on Android as they are on IOS so i get confused over this argument. Maybe if you love infinity blade and garage band soo much it might be a real conversation but in real world talk MOST apps are available on Android and work exactly the same despite the fanboism comments. And most of them do not need a HD version at a higher price even if you have bought the phone version basically tripling the app purchase price for the same app!

    • autonomousgerm

      The you’ve “chosen your ecosystem” argument is silly. There is nothing saying you have to have only one or the other. I’ve got an Android phone and an iPad. I couldn’t be happier, except for the battery life on my Android phone. But really, it’s the best of both worlds.

      • Ichigo

        I couldn’t agree more. You get an android phone and an ipad, you get the best experience on each device. As a consumer we get to buy what we want so why be stubborn and say “only IOS” or ” only android” when u can get the best of both world. I actually am going to get the new ipad, i was seriously considering the EE pad asus transformer prime but i heard too many wifi issues ( unacceptable for me) and gps (not a big deal but still). So right now the ipad is the right choice of tablet and i really hope someone comes out with something better that way we’ll have plenty of great choices.

      • Ed

        It’s true that there’s nothing saying you HAVE to have one or the other, but it saves tons of money on apps… All my apps are available on my Nexus S and on my Acer Iconia tab. No need to buy them twice :)

    • spazby

      I am actually buying the new ipad. worst case is that i will gift it to my parents but i like the content and tablets apps available for it… google has some catching up to do. No way in hell I will give up my android phone and I hope that the content will eventually get better for google tablets and at that point I will switch back to go pure android. I know i am giving up synergies etc but it is worth it for me at this point

    • kzlife

      I agree with you, I have the samsung 10.1 tablet and I didn’t like it all, it does have much better hardware than the ipad 2, but the firmware isn’t compatible with the hardware which make it much more laggy than the ipad 2.
      I am invested in the android ecosystem but if I were to choose now I would definitely go with an android phone and ipad as a tablet.

      Even if the android tablets increase their hardware, it won’t be supported by the firmware, when they have fixed the OS, I will consider getting an android tablet in the future.

      oops, forgot to say that I will probably return my samsung tablet..

    • Jorge Branco

      Yeah I’m disappointed to find my new Tranformer Prime still lags a lot more than it should with cutting edge hardware. And force closes are a little bit too common for my liking

  • htowngtr

    Yea, I’m a tech fan first and foremost, not an Android groupie. I like Android on my phone, but until the android tabs start pushing the iPad I will stick with that instead.

    • ion orov

      That’s everyone’s hopes… but it looks increasingly bleak for Google and gang.

      That $399 ipad2 will kill other 10″ tablets, especially if they don’t upgrade or launch with ICS.

      The $199 Kindle is taking the low end and 7″ crowd.

      MS is releasing Win8 soon, and you can be sure they’ll go into a price war of attrition. Hell, they’ll probably _pay_ OEMs to use Win8.

      2011 was supposed to be the year Google broke through… but they just dropped the ball instead. Lets hope the MeMo and Google 7″ can save em.


    I care enough to check out the specs and the new features Apple have put in but thats about it. Until it runs Android, I won’t be buying Apple hardware.

    • virexed

      Same here. Spec wise, it looks good. But at the end of the day, you still have iOS. And that is a no no for me.

    • Bob

      Apple will never run Android. It defeats the “closed” idea of it (to my annoance)

  •!/profile.php?id=583695634&ref=profile Rahul Singh

    Hell NO!

  • keridel

    I think the ecosystem arguement is the right one.

    I have many friends who love Apple and many who don’t and i have never got them to switch away from the one they like.

    The new ipad is not a game changer for me. the screen is it’s only selling point and as Taylor says android will have that within a few weeks. What Apple does is set a trend for other ecosystems to follow.

    For example the new ipad is thicker than the old one. I would love this to become the norm. I would love the android OEMS to think “ok its not bad for us to make thicker tablets/phones”

    Time will tell if it works though

    • ion orov

      Exactly! Its ok to have thicker tablets (though not Toshiba Thrive thick please).

      Get the price right and for heaven’s sake, STOP LAUNCHING WITH HONEY-LAG-COMB!

    • ari-free

      No, they’ll also be able to say our tablets are thinner than Apple’s.

  • R.S

    I didn’t care about the first iPad, or the second one so I sure a heck don’t care about this one. Lol

    According to some friends that own an iPad (but aren’t iSheep), the latest iPad is a bit disappointing.

  • Steve Heinrich

    I like choice. I’m in the Google ecosystem. It’s Android for me.

  • Shay D. Life

    I honestly like to keep the two separate, but like anything…competition is better for us consumers. The thing that gets my goat is the fanboyism (<is that a word?). Everyone is entitled to purchase what they like/need without having to have it put down by someone who wouldn't use it.

  • eClipse

    Nope. Or at least not any more than I’d care about a car crash. A glance and move on.

    Evolution of a substandard platform doesn’t make it better.

  • Hall Lo

    I believe that everyone has his own favouritism, and everyone has their own choice. If they choose to be a fanboy, let them be. Telling them to switch, and he thinks you are an idiot (and you actually is, if u already knew he is a fanboy lol)
    But for me, I will stick with Android, loving how Google’s full of choices, and, “don’t be evil” motto (tho unofficial ;))

  • ranwanimator

    I only care insomuch as I need to know what arguments the Apple nuts are going to use as to why they think their product is “superior.”

  • kwills88

    I care only for the fact that when apple launches a new iOS product, it’s basically a roadmap to the future of android, when manufacturers see this, they know what they gotta do to best it which equals better products for us android users.

    • Darkseider

      Huh? Are you serious? You do realize that Apple is the one playing catchup in the hardware war here. Samsung, Asus and Acer have all announced 1920X1200 or greater resolution tablets with newer/faster SoCs and GPUs. They haven’t launched yet but have been on the table for months. Granted Apple was first to market with their high res display but aside from that and a little extra ooomph in the GPU and memory department, most of which is to feed that display, there isn’t much difference between the new iPad and the iPad2.

      • kwills88

        I am aware that is the case, but you can’t deny that Apple is still our competition and they still lead when it comes to tablet shares. What I am saying Is that this keep competition flowing between android and iOS.

        • Jamie

          The hardware race is a red herring. Android tablet manufacturers run this race because its really the only control they have over their product. However it dosen’t translate to a richer experience with the tablet and is only marketable to a niche audience (probably people like us in this forum).

          A rich, vibrant and ubiquitous eco system is what people want and thats what Apple delivers. The playbook tanked because of it dosn’t deliver this at all and Android isn’t doing so well because it dosen’t deliver it cohesively or in abundance.

          To contrast look at the kindle fire. A $200 tablet with sub par hardware at the time it was released, married to a simple os and amazon’s content platform, becomes the second best selling tablet in the market….

          It appears google is aware of this and thats why we see google’s push into music, video and books, google’s push into gaming and now the unifcation of this content into Google Play. Also consider the rumor of a $200 Nexus (or Google Play) tablet with a robust google play content platform…..

        • Techte

          I beg to differ with clarification. iPad are out selling Android tablets individually but not collectively. There is only one company with the iOS brand and that is Apple. However, Android is on various devices made by various manufacturers.

          It should be noted that Android is not divided or in competition with itself but rather the manufacturers are in competition against each other. This is why I like Android some much because of the competition. As the old saying goes, “where there is competition the consumer wins.”

          Android tablets offers something Apple iPads will never offer and that is variety. Apple’s one size fits all and closed source is as some have said, boring.

          I bought the Toshiba Thrive and must say I am happy with this device. I know some of you think it is bulky but I like it just the same for my own reasons.

          Apple taunted that they sold 250 million computer units in 2011. This consisted of Computers, Tablets, iPads, and iPods. However, Android sold 253 million computer units, which consisted of Tablets and phones. Of course this is not noised abroad but the articles are out there for the investigative minds.

          The argument on this page was stated by fake Android fans or owners. Especially if they are pro-iPad on an Android forum.

  • rantmo

    I think that, by and large, the “average consumer” doesn’t really give a damn one way or the other. It’s my suspicion that most people don’t think about ecosystems or about specifications, I think it’s more of a marketing or word-of-mouth situation. I’m an Android fan, I’m on my second Android phone and will be getting an Android tablet sometime this year. I use Gmail and Google Music, though I use Firefox instead of Chrome at home. I’m invested in the Google ecosystem (as evidenced by my posting on this here website) and I *do* think in those terms. My father is also on his second Android phone but he uses a MacBook and an old-school Kindle for reading. He exists in both worlds, in both ecosystems. I blame his brothers for getting him to drink the MacBook Flavorade but despite that, he’s never seemed even vaguely interested in an iPhone.

    On the extreme other end I have some friends who are wholesale Apple Cultists, hell one of them is even a so-called “Genius.” Were I to point out that so many of the wonderful “innovations” they love to crow about with each annual iteration of iWhatever are things that have likely been around on Android devices for some time, it would fall on deaf ears. It’s been my experience that those die-hard Applers only care about the specs being marketed to them without care given to the technological context in which they exist. This year’s model is the newest and bestest and it MUST be theirs.

    Obviously, there’s room enough for all these various sorts, particularly since most people don’t really care. They don’t purchase technology based on rational examinations, it’s based on prices, marketing and emotion and that’s fine.


      I like and have a mix. I have a MacBook Pro, an Apple TV, several iPods, the original iPad, but also have owned several Android phones over the last 2 years (currently on the Samsung I9100). I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 as well. It’s all about what works for an individual. I will never give up having a Mac computer because I prefer OS X over Windows (my opinion). I have found a nice balance to exist in both ecosystems and am doing quite well with that. My biggest pet peeve: people (on Android sites) calling anyone who owns anything Apple a fanboy yet they are the biggest fanboys themselves. It’s really quite sad. Go with what works for you. Stop thinking you are better than that other person based on your choice of phone, tablet, computer. (these points not posted at you rantmo, just in general)

  • kazahani

    I am disinterested on principle. I hate Apple’s anti-competitive practices and I won’t support them.

  • gabe

    I hate to admit it but Apple does have the best commercials and advertisements than any android device

    • Lee Swanson

      I agree.. but they tend to overplay them. The “Call me Rock God” ad got annoying really fast.

  • txbluesman

    I prefer good hardware and choice over branding, therefore I will always be a Google/Android person.

  • ajonrichards

    When I was reading the articles about the new iPad, the song “Anything You Can Do” started playing in my head. All this does is make me excited to see what Android manufacturers and developers are going to do to improve on what Apple keeps claiming is “revolutionary”.

  • zal

    I don’t really care, like you said.
    I think the iPad is a good tablet, but i’ll never replace with my Transformer Prime. Even if Tim Cook give me the iPad 4 and iPad 5 right now :-)

  • Tim

    Other than the screen a lot of the updates were minor. People will buy it cause it’s Apple. I have both I have an Android phone and an iPad. I think they are both quality products. The fanboys are the ones that bug me. People who have an iPad 2 and are running out to get this. For a little better camera, which how often do you use it, and a better screen. Not worth it.

  • Steve

    As long as the focus is on anything larger than an 8″ diagonal screen, I don’t care if it’s Apple or Android–or Windows. But if a 7″ or 8″ Windows tablet is released this year, I am going to give it a long, hard look–and may sacrifice my 7″ Nook Color that is running CM7.

    I have a 13″ Macbook Air; why in the world would I want a tablet that only weighs a pound less?

    • ajonrichards

      I think the people who scoff at a 7 or 8 inch form factor have never actually use a tablet that size. Being able to palm my Nook Color was a MAJOR selling point for me.

  • Angel

    It’s not about Android and it’s not about Apple. It’s about technology and to a certain extent, healthy competition. If Apple went away tomorrow we all know that Android would start loosing its edge and the next version of it would be bloated like windows 3.2. Competition is good for us consumers. It keeps the innovation’s coming and the pricing low. For me personally I will be getting the new iPad because of its incredible screen and the new iMovie and iPhoto apps which currently no Android app can compare with. However that doesn’t mean that I won’t someday buy a Android tablet. Now they have to come out with a high res screen and better apps too, again, great for us consumers. I think Samsung makes the screens so it’s not like some Android manufactures won’t profit from the sales of the new iPad too. Yep, competition is a good thing. I say bring on the innovation’s and the newest technology, the better specs, and lower pricing. We all profit from these better toys… It’s win-win.

  • Paul Atreides

    I really don’t care about any tablets at the moment. Maybe in the future, but not today.

  • Craig Mogi

    I’m going to have to say no thank you to the iPad and Apple, and I most likely always will. I have the Transformer Prime, as well as an Atrix 4G, and while the hardware is pretty sweet, it’s really the openness of the platform that clinches it for me. Also turns out I’m sort of a flash-a-holic, and it seems like Apple will never be able to satisfy that for me.

  • Nathan D.

    well the t-prime is cheaper and can give the new ipad a run for it money besides the screen res I don’t care about it.

  • Louis A

    Yes the retina looks freaking good. That’s about it. iPhoto and iMovie are all really good too but that’s just a software that given the opportunity to write it for any other device or hardware, it will work and look freaking good too. So no I don’t envy the iPad cuz I know I can as well get the next greatest and latest from Samsung or Motorola or Acer etc that’s looks pretty cool and performs just as well. Let’s wait and see what tricks Google and Android have cooking.

    • Lee Swanson

      It sounds like iPhoto is there to go after Adobe. They want to kill off Adobe with by resisting Flash and by coming up with product to kill the need for Adobe products.

      • Louis A

        Sounds pretty true, but the good think is Adobe is the industry standard and they might just (im pretty sure they are working on something) come up with a really cool app that will take on iPhoto that will also be available on android.

    • Louis A

      P.S if any person reading who works with an Android manufacture, please have the next android device, phone or tablet have an HDMI INPUT, please!!

      • Lee Swanson

        Hmmm…HDMI Output and IMPUT…that would be nice. :-)

        • Lee Swanson

          Urggg. Input I mean.

          • Louis A

            Imagine imputing a clean HD signal to an android 2560 x 1600 display screen! If they do that, they gonna make many cinematographers and DP really happy and make companies that make field monitors (which are way way too expensive and really crappy) really mad.

  • RobBull75

    Other than the fact that it will push Android tablet manufacturers, no. I like Android and the ICS update removed the lone redeeming quality of iOS for me – hardware acceleration.

  • dpleus

    I actually switched from the Apple ecosystem to the Google ecosystem because of my ability to choose. So, will I be going back because of the new iPad, not at all. I was a bit offended, I guess that would be the right word, by Apple’s statement that they were “waiting for someone to make something better than the iPad2. So we did.” I agree that better or best is a subjective descriptor at best in today’s tablet and smartphone market.

    Is the new retina display really that huge of an improvement. As Apple stated, there are more pixels in that 9.7″ screen than on a 1080p HD TV. I may be missing the point, or may sound misinformed, but what is the point? Most Android tablets are now running a 1280×800 resolution screen. which is considered an HD screen as well, so do we really need a photo-realitic display technology where the pixels are so small that we can’t distinguish them? Some people will say yes, but for me, I’m happy with my screen res as it is right now.

    • Dan

      “Do we really need a photo-realistic display technology”? No. Of course not. Just like we didn’t NEED high-speed Internet, or multi-core processors, or tablet computers. Just because you don’t see the point doesn’t mean that brilliant, creative people won’t realise the potential of new technologies like high-DPI displays.

      Personally I can’t wait to see the amazing apps that are built to take advantage of the new iPad screen and, soon, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 11.6 screen.

      • dpleus

        I admit I may be mistaken, as my problem arises from pixelation of videos on these high resolution screens. Even a 1080HD picture would become pixelated on the iPad 3′s new display. But then again, with pixels that small would you really notice? So don’t get me wrong, or down rank me because you don’t agree, I think the high density pixel display in the iPad 3 is a resource looking to be taken advantage of. So let’s see what devs come up with.

  • Lee Swanson

    New iPad…pretty, but still no Flash.
    Android/Google is ahead in HTML5 integration on both mobile and web platforms. So not only do you get the most advanced HTML5 in Android…you also get Flash.

    No Siri…so who will call me Rock God?
    They did get Apple Voice dictation, which will look very familiar to us Android users. (not one article I read about the new iPad mentioned that btw…they all said it was a great new feature in the iPad.)

    4G…wow…2010 called and is really impressed

    Apple in years past…resolution isn’t that important….NOW (suddenly) IT’S THE MOST IMPORTANT
    It’s taken how long for 1080p to make it onto the AppleTV? It wasn’t that important…you’ll only notice if you have a screen over 47 inches blah blah blah. Now, WOW how revolutionary of Apple to “invent” Hi-Def! 1080p. Just like they invented voice recognition on the mobile platform on Siri, just like they invented video conferencing with facetime. Media and Apple Fanboys take the bait. Hook. Line and Sinker!

    So…no. Nothing I saw yesterday wants me to get an iPad. A lot seemed to be catch up, with a new shiny aspect to cover up that Apple is playing catchup. Retina display is the Siri of this announcement.

    Probably the biggest news is the iPad2 coming down in price. Lowing the price point will slightly remove a barrier to entry for some consumers.

    • Angel

      Of course there’s no flash. It’s old technology. Even adobe has stopped supporting it. Why would anyone put old outdated technology on a brand new device, regardless of manufacture…

      • Lee Swanson

        I don’t use it that much….actually. But, It’s nice to have it when I need it. We were trying to figure out if a restaurant was open on Christmas eve. The site was in flash.

        My partner’s mother has an iPad, and can’t figure out why some of the sites don’t work. You can explain all you want Apple’s reasoning, but it doesn’t change the fact that some sites aren’t usable or viewable without flash.

        I was talking to a co-worker last week. He said he wishes he wouldn’t have wasted his money on an iPad. His family also has a Kindle Fire…which they LOVE. The difference? Flash.

        There are still a lot of existing sites with Flash. Event the Pixar site for Brave is in Flash (they must not have gotten the Flash is dead memo).

        If Apple says we don’t need flash because of HTML5, they should be ahead of everyone on HTML5. They aren’t.

        • Angel

          Yes some sites still use flash, but that’s not any manufactures fault – it’s the web designers fault. When you’re used to coding things with flash it takes time to learn the ‘new’ way of doing things, especially when there is more than one browser to learn about. This process doesn’t happen overnight but it does happen. Flash is yesterdays news and has gone the way of the dinosaur and so it should be. Thank god technology stands for no one, especially not the ever evolving and growing internet.

          • jimtravis

            Disagree, Flash is still relevant if you want the full web, and not the subset iOS forces on its users. Many relevant sites still use Flash, and may never have alternate formats available. Manufacturers should support all web formats particularly devices advertised for great internet viewing. Whether we like Flash or not, it is a necessary format for devices to support at least for the next few years.

          • Lee Swanson

            Then why is Pixar still using flash? Pixar is an Apple Shop, Dreamworks is a PC Shop. Pixar of all people should be using HTML5 to fall in line with Apple’s mandates. Personally, I think Pixar should have done the site in HTML5, but the fact they did it in Flash means it’s far from dead.

            Is it the manufactures job to tell us what we need or to give us what we want?

  • Phil

    I just commented on another blog about this same issue yesterday. I don’t think most Android users care and I know many iOS users don’t care about Android. But the way the blogs handle it are totally different. The iOS based blogs basically ignore anything Android along with the media. If Samsung announced a tablet today with double the resolutions of an iPad 3 and IBM’s Watson packed into a case that so thin its flexible and 48 hour battery life do you think it would get breaking news alerts on CNN and coverage on the local news? No.

    Apple is covered the way it is because 1. If you aren’t favorable to them they won’t let you in on anything and 2. Its the only place stock can be manipulated the way it is. The media can keep pumping it up and watching their investment appreciate. This doesn’t leave much reason for the Android blogs to even acknowledge the iDevices. But here they are asking if people are going to switch and posting up trailers of the device as if almost asking for people to leave their bread and butter. It would make more sense to me to ignore. The iOS biased blogs must now do so sense they can’t pull the Android hating crap they used to without looking stupid. So now they simply write as if there aren’t any other products on the market. They speak as if an iOS device is the ONLY device. They go ahead and call things the “best” even when neutral sites prove that they aren’t.

    So if I were the Android blogs I’d be talking about potential HD AMOLED displays on tablets as if the Retina display didn’t exist. If its anything like the phones they’ll look better than a Retina display with a smaller pixel count. Just like in this video…

    I’d be talking about the potential Google tablet and its price and how it could take the tablet world by storm. I’d be talking about how Google has possibly captured nearly 50% of the tablet market already. Because lets be real….people come to these biased sites to be fans of their favorite product and to hear how great it is. Otherwise they could go to the neutral sites like Engadget and The Verge and just get news. However even the neutral sites are highly Apple biased which in the end really leaves almost no truly pro Android fan site to be found. I’m sure some will disagree and say they don’t want biased coverage but thats how this is the reality of a Apple stock price driven world.

    • jimtravis

      Very nicely stated. I have always felt most Android sites did not get “rah rah” enough about Android as their iOS brethren do about their platform. Some articles on some other Android sites sound like they are written by iOS fans, not Android enthusiasts. The alleged neutral sites show a definite Apple bias IMO. Funny thing is when you see a group photo of alleged neutral sites’ staffs, all staff in the photo more often than not have laptops with an Apple logo on them.

  • Trinhbo

    Of course I care what happens with the latest iPad. I’ve been in the market for a tablet for months and I am also heavily invested in the Google ecosystem so I’d prefer to get an Android tablet. Unfortunately I have not jumped and bought one yet because there haven’t been any Android tablets that have BOTH the hardware comparable to the latest iPad offerings AND enough tablet-specific apps to utilize this hardware.

    The Transformer Prime certainly has drool-worthy hardware but the WiFi/GPS issues give it a black eye. And Google still has a way to go to catch up in tablet-specific games and apps to match what Apple’s ecosystem has. Maybe Samsung’s new rumored tablet has a chance to be what Android users ultimately have been craving.

    In order for me to get an Android tablet, it has to continue to match and even exceed the specs of Apple’s iPad. Otherwise at some point, people on the cusp of getting a tablet will just say “forget it” and eventually choose the new iPad.

    • ion orov

      I’m afraid i’m one of those people saying “forget it”. Been waiting the longest time to buy a decent tablet but nothing has managed to get close or surpass the ipad.

      I have a Samsung GS2 which is my 4th Android. I can safely say all my phones were superior to the iPhone (and often even cheaper!).

      But I cannot say the same with Android tablets. Blame the makers for the insane prices. Blame Google for the lagtastic Honeycomb. Whatever.

      The TF-Prime is the only Android that has the specs and butter smooth UI. Too bad the cheapest version costs $780 here in Australia… Sigh

      • Trinhbo

        Yeah, I have a Samsung GS2 as well and I love it. And completely agree that my Android phones are generally cheaper and can often do more of the things I care about than the iPhone.

        And the Android tablet prices are ridiculous. Apple can get away with charging $500 for their iPads because they can make more profit on the app purchases.

        Unfortunately for Android tablets, the manufacturers only get money on the sale of the device and don’t get any kickbacks for any app purchases the user makes after that. That’s why they charge so dang much for their tablets. And sometimes these manufacturers get greedy too and think they can get away with high prices.

        But yeah, be careful with the TF-Prime. It has awesome specs but make sure you get the latest version that fixes the WiFi/GPS issue. It needs a RF window.

        • Jake

          I’m on my third Android phone (original Droid, Droid X, Galaxy Nexus). I also have a rooted Nook Color (only because I was able to get it for $37). I bought a Toshiba Thrive, but returned it for reasons other than the thickness (thickness wasn’t what bothered me most about it).

          I’ve been happy with my Android phones, but I’ve been waiting for more developer support for Android tablets. I’ve been waiting years, and I’m close to just saying “forget it”.

          As for Android phones being cheaper, iPhones hold their value so well that it may actually be cheaper to go the iPhone route. After two years most Android phones drop in value to nearly nothing. A two-year old iPhone would sell for enough to buy the latest iPhone on contract.

          • Trinhbo

            You can actually sell many of your old Android phones for almost $200 on eBay.

            As for my comment about Android phones being cheaper, I think you often find them on sale if you wait about a month or so right after it is released. For example, I got my Samsung SG2 for $100 on sale back in December. It’s harder to find the most recent iPhone model at discounted rates.

  • KennyL

    The new iPad is nice but even my wife, who is a hardcore Apple fan said “Meh” when she saw the new iPad. She has an iPad 2 and this evolution didn’t excite. Sure the screen is nice but…meh. Her iPad 2 does what she wants. Maybe in a year or two she’ll upgrade.

    As for me, I still haven’t gotten my Android tablet yet. As an Android fan, I appreciate what Apple brings to the table. It forces Android to stay on it’s toes, which forces innovation. This tablet however, doesn’t make me want to switch. I hope my Android tablet does have as good a screen however.

    • Anthony Domanico

      the iPad 2 doesn’t appeal to current iPad 2 owners for good reason, but for iPad 1 or non-tablet owners, it’s a big deal. let’s not pretend it isn’t.

  • Lisa

    I intermingle Apple and Android quite nicely. I have an iPad and a Galaxy Nexus (as well as an iMac). I’m happy to choose what I feel is the best technology in each category, and have found no obstacle that prevents me from making them all work together seamlessly.

  • billc

    There’s one problem I see with tablets these days. As I watched this video, notice the awkwardness with the size of the iPad. In a so called post laptop computer era apple isn’t addressing mobility at all. A 10.1″ screen doesn’t fit, nor does the tiny size of the iPhone either. Maybe that will be their big announcement with the next iPhone, or maybe a 7″ tablet, and what about the tiny iPod?

  • Jarl

    i really couldnt care less

    i didnt even read this post, just wanted to answer your question in the title of the post

    when do you expect to have a One X for reviewing?

  • jakkuz

    They are both useless for me. Like for me, none of them is anything more then advanced toy, allowing me to browse web, watch movies, checking mail, but that I can do my android phone also. I need a solid word processor like Libre Office or MS Office, I need possibility to run a few Java apps, so … I’m still waiting for a decent windows tablet.

  • Kindroid

    The iPad 3 is cutting edge technology. For the first time in Apple mobile history…they have hardware that outpaces their iOS. SIRI aside, iOS is stale. And the Apple iTunes ecosystem is expensive and cumbersome. I am not interested in an iPad 3., because I am not interested in the whole Apple ecosystem.

    • iamXiV92a

      Nice point Kindroid! iOS IS stale… there really are no “new” features and iTunes is WAY heavy and slow

      Android = MFW

  • spintrex

    I believe the only time a switch is evoked is when one side of the tech parties truly comes out with something revolutionary. Of course opposing parties will eventually mock up the revolutionary trend however the first one out of the gate tends to get a good amount of facetime.

    One rumor that enticed me about the new ipad was a responsive touch screen, capable of allowing the user to feel different textures. Even though I don’t see much practical use of the technology it is still a neat feature that few have experienced leading to the idea that tech is sometimes driven by gimmicks and clever advertising. In the end of the day whether you are Android, Microsoft or Apple, all provide a similar experience of portable productivity and allow for competition to thrive in trying to target the next trend.

  • Ipad, the new…. the third one

    I wouldn’t use Ipad even if someone gave me for free. I’d be happy to sell it off to make some money though. I don’t hate apple… I just like android more too much….This is my message to apple lovers, although they shouldn’t be coming to this site :)

    If you want me to even consider keeping a free ipad that I might get as a gift, you’d better at least put Chrome browser on it. I personally am looking forward to Nexus Tablets with 10″ or bigger. It will be lovely with fully developed Chrome browser with flash ready.

  • Jas

    Can’t say that I really care about tablets in general, so I viewed the iPad coverage with about the same ‘meh’ level enthusiasm that I view Android tablet announcements.

  • Baller

    I don’t think most people are really “fans” of anything, they just buy what they like, know most about and/or need.

    That being said, I’m a fan of Android, I have an Nexus One that I bought outright (soon to be upgraded) and a Google TV, I come to this sight several times a day, I think Android is more capable than iOS, in short I prefer it. However, I own an iPad2, for tablets I like the 4:3 aspect ratio of the iPad better than the 16:9 aspect ratio of Android tablets (obviously personal preference and one that any OEM could fix, looks like LG may head this route) though on phones I think the reverse. There are a ton more apps for the iPad than Android and while I don’t use many or any on the iPad that aren’t available on Android (or a comparable one), (in fact I use google music and currents on the iPad) there are ton of educational things for my son for the iPad that aren’t on Android. It is a real problem and too many Android “fans” dismiss it as the people that choose iOS are sheep and don’t know what they are doing.

    One of my biggest annoyances with the iPad is lack of flash and being able to view all websites. But Flash is dying and won’t even be available on Android, so it doesn’t really matter that Android can do it for the next year.

    Rant Start. Hardware-wise Android tablets match up well with the iPad, first party apps match up well with the iPad on ICS, but 3rd party apps aren’t even close. The OEMs sell the hell out of specs and hardware which makes no sense at all, only we geeks care and we already know what to buy. But, NO ONE IS MARKETING THE SOFTWARE FOR ANDROID!!! This should be done by Google or OEMs in a common pool with TV commercials marketing the best of Apps on Android and showing especially what the platform can do that iOS doesn’t, it isn’t that hard but Google is leaving it up to OEMs and they aren’t selling the platform, they’re fighting against each other over scraps rather than Apple.

    Android took off in phones frankly because the iPhone being limited to certain carriers and price, we know it’s better but most people don’t buy their products like that, they buy what they know already they couldn’t buy or afford the iPhone so they bought Android and lo and behold it’s really good. With the tablets, Android’s aren’t cheaper (you see what happens when they are with the Kindle Fire, they sell a ton) and carriers really don’t come into play that much anymore. If you want to sell high end, higher priced tablets, you need to sell the PLATFORM and ECOSYSTEM on tablets. Market it, show what it is capable of. You need to offer app competitions like they did in the beginning for phones. You need to get the important apps on the platform by wooing the developers directly, with money if necessary. Almost all of this is going to fall to Google or maybe OEMs should contribute to common fund, amount determined by current marketshare, to sell the platform itself. But the current path for Android tablets isn’t a good one. Low price, broad differentiation (which while yes it’s choice, is also a bit daunting to non-geeky consumers) and no message except GHz, MBs and screen resolution, Apple is going to take the high end and Amazon the low end (And this isn’t even considering Windows8). It comes down to marketing, even in the spec categories mentioned, is the retina display better than everything out there? No, SAMOLED screens have better contrast/color and HTC Rezound has better pixel density, several others are very close and going to surpass but almost everyone thinks retina is better because they know what the retina display means. OEMs and Google need to get it together soon…. Rant over.

    • aburgthing

      This is an excellent post and one that I think the OEMs should consider if they haven’t already. The path for Google phones was clear; one retailer in the U.S. (AT&T) with a reputation of high prices, poor service and crowded market was a huge mistake for Apple because it opened the flood gates for Android to get a foothold on the phone market and overwhelm the iPhone. People who may have been interested in a “smartphone” turned to Android because it was all that was available. That marked my entry point with the Evo on Sprint and I haven’t looked back becoming a true Android enthusiast from that point forward. The same formula does not hold true with tablets however. Although I bought the Transformer because it is Android and I really love it, when I talk to people who are in the tablet market, it is hard to make a case for Android tablets no matter how hard I try. True I can make mine do many things that an iPad can’t because I’m a geek and know how to root, ROM and make it stand on it’s head. However the “wall garden” argument is blurred here when speaking Android tabs vs. iPad. The reason being with tablets, the walled garden is not necessarily a bad thing when there are so many apps in the Apple ecosystem that makes this argument difficult to justify. We Android fans speak of “choice” as one of the preeminent reasons for going with the OS. Does that not include the “what choices do I have after I make a hardy investment into a device”)? Not withstanding those who are interested in technology like us who read this site, the general consumer just wants something that works (they both do of course) AND has a strong ecosystem to do what a friend or colleague showed them they could. I wouldn’t be interested in a lot of the “cute” apps that are available for iPad but there are certainly a huge audience for them. Whatever it takes to bolster the ecosystem and encourage developers to up the ante to develop strong Android apps must be the next step (besides hardware driven marketing) to compete with Apple in the tablet arena. Samsung cracked the door with a (but can you do this?) marketing campaign. This must be a focal point and apps must follow to make this argument hold water.

      My next tablet will be the Asus 700 series when released so I am and will be a Android enthusiast until there is no more market but I am also a realist who understands the reasons why the Android tablet app market must improve to survive. Again excellent post and I applaud your honest insight.

  • joe

    Apple used to innovate. So they added a new display and graphics chip and tweaked a few programs that only amateurs would use? Apple needs to get its butt in gear to drive the industry forward not tweaking things with minor changes for the brand conscious.

    As for Android, we need a hardware maker that makes a quality product. I have had the following and I have yet to been blown away. They have all had problems:

    ipad 1: such horrible file management, itunes, using multiple apps on a single file, iOS was just horrible, maybe things have changed. Ipad (at least back then was for di*king around not for getting real work done, BUT GREAT hardware, great battery life, light and thin
    xoom: heavy, propriatory charger (no usb), but fast
    lenovo thinkpad: nice pen, and room to grow but buggy and no battery life, horrible speakers

    It seems like Android could take a cue from Apple on hardware and Apple can take a cue from Android on software

  • Andrew Goodwin

    I think that tablets are about to see a major shift. I used to buy a phone based on games, speed, or just wanting to look cool having the most recent smart phone. but recently I realized the magic of having the newest device is dying because everyone has a smart phone. I don’t feel cooler being the proud few with a new fast smart phone, because everyones phone performs pretty good at this point. I also realized that I get bored of games, and there is always a new one to pass the time when the old when gets boring. however, the things I keep going back to over and over again are music, movies, pictures, and books. They never get old. All I truly want in a device is seamless integration between devices (TV, TABLET, PHONE, and APPLE) for example. I love google music because my music for itunes and google goes everywhere, when I buy a song on google, I download it to my itunes folder and can use it on ANY device apple or android. why is this important? because my wife uses apple (its easier) and I use android (its better), so we have both product in our house. Another example is group texting on a iphone. I hate when I am part of a group text from an Iphone, its just annoying and because I use android it doesn’t work right (that seems to be an office slogan for apple, make it work for us but not for them) so I just sign all my apple using family members up on google + and created a family group conversation to share pictures and comments, and guess what……. it works for both devices seamlessly. Thats what I am looking for.

  • mikeyDroid

    That resolution is something to ogle over fo sho.

  • nportelli

    Don’t care, except for that display. Why do Android tablet manufacturers insist on playing catch up? Everyone knew that was coming, release a tablet with a high dpi first.

  • Grant

    A quad core cpu from a dual core cpu, an extremely awesome display that is the first of its kind (everything will look amazing)…and if you so choose to get one with cell service, it has LTE.

    Umm call me crazy, but that is a pretty significant upgrade from the Ipad 2.

    And I hate Apple (mostly because of the way they run their business)…but I at least educate myself on what is out there and what is inside. I just don’t understand the majority of articles on the net stating that the new Ipad is nothing new….it surely is to me. If it was an Android tablet, I know I would want one.

    • Baller

      gpu, not cpu, cpu is the same as the previous one. The display is excellent but will be quickly equaled and surpassed just like the one it surpassed and the one that will surpass it will be, hardware is like that.

      • mikeyDroid

        Of course it’ll be surpassed.. but Apple got there first. Give credit where credit is due otherwise you’re just an uneducated fanboy. (Like the people you probably hate, apple fans)

        • Baller

          give me a break, I’m not a fanboy! A fan yes, but not a fanboy. See my previous post on this same thread, I own an iPad2 as well as several Android devices…
          Fanboy should be reserved for those that support a platform regardless of facts to the contrary. constantly throwing around the term “fanboy” just because you don’t agree with a person is obnoxious. Just because someone isn’t as wowed as you by a particular feature doesn’t mean they’re a “fanboy”.

          While we’re on the subject, saying they got there first, is kinda silly as well, where is “there”, higher pixel density than what was there previously? Prior to the iPad3 the Transformer Prime had higher pixel density than the iPad2, it was possibly mentioned, but no one fell all over themselves to do so. The screen is great and I’d love to have it on my iPad, but it will at best “lead the league” for 3 months (and that long is unlikely). All hardware features are that way, that’s what I was trying to get at.

  • jack

    Personally when I am in the market for any item of technology, I check out all the main vendors and pick one based upon the best value for money. i.e. the best bang for your buck. Ive done that with televisions, amplifiers, blu ray players, laptops, mobile phones… everything.

    I never buy something because its a certain brand.

    When I bought my last cellphone, I went for the Galaxy S2 simply because it was by far the best phone technically for the money.

    What I have noticed with Apple`s products is that they nearly always are playing catch up. Looking back at the last few phones I had, each one was miles better technically than the relevant iphone at the time, so iPhone bring out a new phone which brings it just slightly better and so on. Its as if they wait and see what technical advances other companies are doing, then just try to match them.

    What I have also noticed is that Apple “fanboys” have amazing loyalty. They bought the original iphone, then happily upgrade to new ones, even if they have problems, or technically are not as good as other phones out there. Who remembers the iphones with crappy cameras when al the competition were running 8mb high quality cameras? Or reception problems? Battery life lasting 1/2 a day?! Having to carry iphone chargers everywhere?

    Its a testament to apple how they have brainwashed their fans so much. Its like ford releasing a car which can only do 40mph when all the competitors cars can do 100mph. Then, after a year release a Ford “S” which can do 60mph and so now publicize it as the best Ford ever – which it is cos the other ones were so bad. And yet their fans all rush out and buy it. They dont even consider looking at the competition. Then, using my ford example, they maybe add new “features” like a spare wheel or a car stereo, and wow… people think that these are revolutionary, not knowing the competition has had these for years. Like siri for example…. phones have had voice recognition for years. The Vlingo app on my Galaxy s2 works flawlessly, whereas I just cant get siri to do anything on my iphone 4s. Back to the ford example, we find that the car stereo can only play 1 channel, whereas all the competitors can play loads of channels… never mind… we are happy with that cos its a ford and will rush out and buy the Ford 5 when it comes out which will give us more than 1 radio channel.

    I struggle to think what other manufactorer has such brand loyality. It may be because apple forces you to stay with them from day one. I can imagine if you have all your music on itunes and sync`d with your iphone, then trying to move to another brand of phone would not be easy. Myself on the other hand, I have all my music on my home pc and can just sync it with which ever phone ive got. Same as email. Im on gmail, when I get a new android phone, i key in my email address and password and thats it. All my contacts seemlessly appear. Likewise, all my photos sync and media sync. Oh wait… iphones can finally do that now too cant they… wonder where they got that idea from?

    So, when we get to the tablet market, I can thoroughly imagine apple fanboys will rush out and get the ipad 3, simply because its an apple product. The fanboys i know are already telling me how crap the galaxy tab`s are and how “wonderful” the ipad is.

    Personally I wont bother. I bought an acer netbook last year which is perfect for what i want. I find Im actually using it more than my home pc now – it boots virtually instantly, has 250gb hard drive and 2gb ram. Its fast, portable and has a rediculously long battery life. It also cost me about £200, so a fraction of the cost of an ipad. I struggle to see where id use an ipad, over using my netbook or my cellphone.

  • sj

    I have a mac and an android. android won on paper but the experience has been awful. lots of bugginess, known issues, lack of support so im likely to buy iphone5 in the fall & give up oon android entirely. I want a reliable phone that ‘just works’ from a company that will support it. dont want to spend hours and hours resetting, troubleshooting & repairs.

    • jimtravis

      Don’t doubt your experience, but maybe you have a defective device, or rogue 3rd party apps. Have owned several Android devices as well as an iPhone / iPad / touch. My Android devices are as reliable, and stable as my iOS devices, and worked fine without tweaking, or custom firmware. I have to reset my iOS devices at least as often as my Android devices, and the Android devices

      • jimtravis

        do more of the tasks I need than the too restricted my needs iOS.

  • Harold

    Personally I don’t give a damn..!!!!!

  • Iria

    I find Apple products boring, iOS is the most boring OS ever made.
    I like to choose, I like to customize and being creative while doing that, I like to compare and think, so I choose the Google ecosystem.

  • Hue Three of Five

    No. iOS sucks. It’s been the same for the past 4 years and looks like something a child would use. iPads are just expensive toys that are pretty limited, and that a lot of people think they need.

  • Tal

    Tech wise – not kidding – all I really care about these days is how big the Note 2 will be without bezel!
    I want it to remain same form factor and be 6″. I can’t force myself to buy the Note1 when I know the 2 is coming eventually and with maybe bigger screen.

  • Anibal

    I think that i’ll buy this new iPad. No i’m not an Apple Fanboy (i have a Samsung Galaxy S II) but there is only one thing that makes me want this tablet, it’s the Appstore with all his good games..
    But for smartphones, I prefer an Android device.

  • Josh P

    after comparing the ipad 2 to the other ipads, there is only a couple new features. all which isnt enough for me to buy an ipad. i am happy with android. also, average users will not be able to tell the difference between the ipad 2 and 3. apple is just doing this for more money.

  • ssynhtn

    At least among people who would visit androidandme, I guess many do care how apple again succeeds to attract so many eyeballs and humiliates android tablets, even in the hardware and price aspects.

  • Tim

    I have the OG Transformer with ICS and love it !I could care less about an over hyped , overpriced IPad.I have learned long ago not to follow the crowd and some so-called “tech guy” who gush over every Apple product that comes out.Some just want the new shiny toy no matter if it is better or even works well.Mine costs more so it must be better….BS.

  • SED

    I care a lot.

    Hear that, Samsung? Hear that, HTC? Hear that, Moto?


    The bar has been raised. Now go meet or exceed at a price level that I can afford.

    Game on. Competition is good. We all win.

  • UndergroundWire

    I pre-ordered the new iPad yesterday with Verizon LTE. I hate the iPhone but iOS looks much nicer on a tablet. I also own a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. The lack of development on Android Tablet made me switch to iOS.

  • thaghost

    Of course we care. The amount of comments on this article prove that. Android is clearly superior to ios. I never owned an iphone and never will. However, i do own the ipad2. Android tablets are not on par overall. Some specs are but overall performance and content doesnt add up.

  • jamal adam

    I like to see what Apple puts out but at the end of the day, when it matter and counts, I am all for Android and have been for a long time.

  • GE 918

    Why does it have to be one over the other? I like them both. I’m typing this on my Apple PowerBook G4. I own a Ipod, and a 3rd generation Kindle. I’m on my third Android phone, the Galaxy S2. I wish T-Mobile would get the Galaxy Note and that would satisfy my need for phone, tablet and e-reader.

  • Ray

    I think a lot of people pay attention to what Apple introduced to the market yesterday. If you are intelligent, then you will keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. ;)

  • ari-free

    “So what did I think about the new iPad? The “resolutionary” retina display is freaking amazing”

    Not when compared to Samsung’s upcoming 2560×1600 tablet.

  • cthonctic

    Did not care so far, do not care right now, and likely won’t care any time soon either.
    As you said, Apple believes in absolute control and no choice which is something I cannot abide. They will never be able to compete as far as choice and user freedom is concerned.

    Also, iOS was a new direction when it was new but it is looking seriously dated now, and nowhere does that show more than on the iPad’s homescreen/launcher where you have the boring static icon grid with lots and lots of empty space in between.

    Well, they have no cause to worry, because there are millions of people who will all be “shut up and take my money” whenever a device with the Apple logo is released, whatever it is and whatever the competition offers. I will never be able to understand them.

  • ssynhtn

    Caution: not a troll, but you might find this to be an unpleasant comment.
    The biggest disadvantage android tablets has is android itself being useless and ugly, on a tablet.
    It’s not that ipads are perfect, that’s why people are so happy when the ipad got improved again in some aspects, be it in hardware or software, had the ipad been a perfect device, would people be so happy?
    Then again people are not fools, they won’t pay a price that’s nearly as high as an ipad for any android tablet, there is a reason for that, if not many reasons. If you bring asus transformer prime back two years ago when there was only the original ipad, guess what, it still wouldn’t sell well because it’s basically useless, well it’s not as ugly as the stock honeycomb or ICS, at least the main color is not black or dark blue, but still it looks like windows xp mixed up with some old time mac os dock, lame, so lame. Anyone who considers ios UI is childish? I do from the first day when iphone was released, but still, if well polished and colored, being childish is way better than being ugly and lame. It occurs to me that the looks of windows 2000 is much more pleasing than honeycomb or ICS.
    You have to blame the arrogant Andy Rubin, who still falsely claims that tablet optimized applications are not essential, this is basically the same as saying “F*ck away you stupid who specifically develop apps for tablets!”. Well if that’s true, then the result is what he deserves: no tablet optimized applications for android.
    And you have to blame Matias Duarte, who bring the stupid feel to honeycomb. The stupid feel is still there in ICS, not going away. Thank God there are the OEM overlays, at least they get the stupid dark blues away.
    As for widgets on tablets, windows vista once tried it and failed, no one needs the much useless big weather widgets all the time hanging over there, anyone still considers it to be an advantage on tablets?
    Oh well, about the choice. If people don’t want them in the first place, why the bother of choice?

  • senthil

    1. Android is freaking awesome.
    2. Apple believed that iOS is treatabd now they understood that it is not the case and finally started concentrating on hardware.
    3. IOS 5,0 is no were near even eclair except for the support of multiple cores.
    4. IOS has more foolish rich persons as their customers which is actually keeping them safe, encouraging developers to develop applications for dollars.
    5. I see, it is not far away Job’a craze would become a crave.

  • golfpedaler

    It looks great, but I can still do most everything I need on my Xoom WiFi…for less money

  • Vanquish

    I’ll switch to W8 tablet when its available. Both Ipad and Android tablets are useless toys for me.

  • http://None Javier Bastardo

    I couldn’t care less about the iPad really, and that sucks. For me, it sucks to see a company like Apple releasing just tweaked hardware to the masses and they just fall for the gimmick in embarrassing way.

    The iPad is nothing more than a nice upgrade, can’t argue the nice display, fluid OS and self-titled better-than-Tegra3-processor (we’ll see about that, right nVidia? ;-D). but for the rest, the innovations is nowhere to be found… just like the ***** I give about this release.

    Personally, I think they didn’t set the bar that high, Google, Asus, Samsung and HTC now know what they have to do, and truly improve from there.

  • comandantecee

    Didn’t care about it when the first ipad came out, don’t care about the new one either..

  • Kaote

    Not in the slightest.

  • pekosROB

    If anything I would use the new iPad as a screen and content viewer, but that’s about it. I still love my Transformer Prime. That screen sounds awesome but nothing else really impresses me. Sure, the graphics are impressive, but I don’t even know how “4 times faster than Tegra 3″ will compare in the real world versus on paper. I haven’t had any graphics issues with my Prime so I don’t see how 4 times faster can make it that much more awesome… does this make sense?

  • cristian cristiandonose

    You are so right , if you choose a ecosystem is very hard to switch back to another. For example you buy some apps for Android and suddenly you want an iphone (ipad) you lose that money . So i think if you choose an ecosystem you will stay with that. Its becoming almolst imposible to switch.

  • Vance

    Bingo. It IS an ecosystem question (or at least it should be). The problem, IMHO, is that many consumers of these devices do not understand the ecosystem differences, so instead they compare Apple to Android at the single device level instead: pitting a low-level Android phone against the iPhone4, for example. I choose choice, and thus Android as an OS, a philosophy, and a business model is MY preference. Within that ecosystem I will make choices based on other important benefits for me, personally. Apple users will never have the option to buy a slightly thicker phone in exchange for better battery life, or to choose unique pen functionality and quad core processing on a device that would otherwise be slightly larger than they’d prefer. In the World of Android we all get to weight the pros and cons of the devices to market. The hardware manufacturers get to compete with each other to drive specs forward at an unbelievable clip. We reap the benefits of that competition and that is why I don’t compare the iPad3 to my Transformer Prime, or my shitty HTC desire to the iPhone4. I choose Android because Android gives me choice.

  • Ves

    I have to be honest. I followed it from the start to the end.

    To me I value functionality more then appearance and to some degree app availability.

  • melmotion

    From the perspective of a blind/low vision user of Android devices, it seems that Google is not making an effort to advance accessibility features in its OS. For software based on Linux, and branding itself as open source platform, Google’s ignorance is not worthy of commendation as it fails to include software enhancements for us. The developer community as well have so far been ignoring accessibility in the apps and custom ROMS they put out for public consumption. There is no core integration of text to speech and zoom in the OS itself so no requirements are enforced for comparability standards. I had great hopes for Android when it first came out. I use a Nexus One rooted Gingerbread 2.3.7 and also have a Asus TF101 rooted ICS. These do the job but limit our ability to fully utilize the devices potential.

    Apple’s IOS on the other hand has VoiceOver and Zoom integrated into the platform and it works flawlessly. I’m a grad student and need a portable device that can do all the things that Android does and gives me more control and enables me to fully utilize the devices capabilities. Windows phones and tablets seem to taking the android approach as well, but Apple has stuck with its core software components since the old days of Macintosh. Apple’s hardware, although not the latest and greatest is fully utilized by iOS, while Android lacks the software capability to use the full potential of its hardware.

    Today I ordered my very first Apple device; the iPad because of these shortcomings that Google doesn’t care to address. I do love my ICS and Gingerbread devices and the creativity on XDA.. They are good for the geeky urge to tinker with tech, but not stable and reliable for productivity as Apple and iOS.

  • dVyper

    An excellent ad by Apple as always. Still won’t be buying it though. Got no use for it…

  • Gir

    I love android and I have been waiting on my tablet. Now the 11.6 is what I want, throw the stylus from the note and I’m in heaven. Now I can’t speak for everyone but I for one I like to see what Apple comes out with. It sets the bar, which is what Samsung is waiting before they unveil their products. I think that Apple is attempting to shut down the robot, reminds me of what Eric said “like water, it will find a way around the restrictions.” Of course he was talking about internet but its the same thing. I play the Ipad is a great device, not for me but one that should at least have a glace given its way.

    So come on 11.6 with stylus *crosses fingers*

  • bobomb



  • Shane Spencer

    I care. I have a Droid Incredible and my upgrade is in a few months. No Android headset is really looking that great. Back in the iPhone 3Gs and iPhone 4 days my phone was a champ because of the OS. Now…eh. Honeycomb and ICS for tablets has never impressed me, and the amount of accessories for the iPad and the iPhone are amazing. I have Gmail, but I’ve never purged myself into any ecosystem. I would be glad to commit myself to iTunes and the App Store. I’ll always like Android, but Google needs to get its ecosystem and other loose ends tied already. Oh, and who the heck wants everything to be called Google Play. That’s retarded. /rant /opinion

  • James

    Why chase seller (hardware) upgrades? It is a losing proposition. The sellers get richer, while you get poorer.

  • KK

    Your mention of ‘eco-systems’ is exactly spot-on. When you think about what it takes to get a consumer to migrate from one to the other you must consider the cost of switching. Your typical Apple consumer will buy movies, tv shows, music and apps from Apple’s iTunes and AppStore. These will only run on Apple hardware (though the music has no DRM) and thus the switching costs are high.
    There’s no real equivalent in the other eco-systems. Google customers don’t like paying for things and odds are they’ve purchased their phones at much cheaper price points. They tend to download more free apps and theres no real Android or Windows equivalent to iTunes.
    So the switching costs lead to a one-way migration only; and that’s towards apple. – particularly as younger Android buyers gain affluence and become more willing to
    purchase content.
    Another thing about tablets vs. smartphones is that people ‘need’ to buy a phone. No one ‘needs’ to buy a tablet. By definition it’s a discretionary purchase. The typical ‘low price-point’ Android buyer simply isn’t going to buy a tablet at existing prices. If they do, it’s going to be an iPad because it’s the wisest investment. Their tablet eco-system is far and away much better that Androids.
    Android has had phenomenal success in the phone market because it has been able to provide a quality experience at a low price-point. When the price-point comes up, they run into Apple’s eco-system and Apple’s market sweet spot and sledding gets much, much tougher.
    Finally, when Microsoft 8 shows up with a cheap price point via Nokia – virtually all their sales will come at the expense of Android.

  • Meloman

    Ok, well, I have the original iPad, and a lot of things piss me off about it. No flash, no memory, slow, the list goes on. I am not an apple fan. Having said that, apple were very smart when they made the decision long ago to concentrate on mobile devices rather than pc’s.

    This way they can put all of their energy and resources into a few consumer friendly devices and the marketing of them.

    These other manufacturers using android have a million other things going on. So many different products. Their fingers are in too many pies.

    The only chance android has is if a manufacturer puts the same amount of energy into the product and marketing as apple does.

    For instance, why did samsung let apple beat them to the punch? They knew apple was coming out with a retina display, we all did. But instead of announcing the 11.6 tab at WMC, they offered us some watered down cheap crapola!

    Trust me, if samsung produces a retina OLED 11.6 tab, it will get noticed. Even if it is expensive. It’s not about having cheap alternatives, it’s about pushing the envelope. The iPad wasn’t cheap, it was new and different, and interesting, That’s why I bought it.

    If something special is developed and marketed correctly, it will sell. And if it sells, the apps will come, the device support will come.

    One other thing, we shouldn’t say that this new iPad is not a big step forward, or high pixel density doesn’t matter. displays are very important. What if they used Tandy computers running DOS in the minority report? That would look pretty silly huh?

    • KK

      In fact, you could argue that the display is the ENTIRE POINT of the tablet. That’s all it is, one big display in which all your interaction occurs.

  • Carol

    I’m sure that *THIS* release of the iPad will not sell countless millions and millions of devices… like all the other ones.

  • stevenson

    androidandme never mentioned about any A**** products before and I was very happy to say “here is a pure android blog”.. but now ..

  • kungpaodragon

    It absolutely makes sense to compare them. At least to some of us who don’t bend over just because of some brand, but because of the quality, technology, and experience that we’re paying for. For some of us, “choice” is important. “Openness” is important. To some of us, that is more important than having a hi-res display. Let’s be real, anyone can put a hi-res display on a tablet. The real question is profit. But to some others, it is more important to have a hi-res display and a dumbed-down operating system that they can understand (at least most of it). And more importantly, a brand that makes them feel like they’re “one of them”. But please, don’t stop to compare them from the technology perspective, some of us do care.

  • ss

    i hope apple put new standart for all tab’s.. so that most tabs have at least 1080p resolution displays in the future! i’m waiting for days when we will forget pixels as such looking on display!

  • Moustafa Ghanem

    I care only about the impressive quad-core GPU, but if I’m interested in gaming I can pick Sony’s PS-Vita because it have the same GPU+better processor+better games library

    If I’m interested in Table’s functionality, of course I’m picking an Android or I can wait for a Windows 8 slate

    for the new iPad resolution(2048×1536), I’m not interested because from where people can find materials with that resolution, for example : the highest video you will find will be 1920×1080 and it will look worse on the new iPad than running it on an Android slate with 1920×1200 display

  • Ichigo

    Id love to buy a transformer prime over the new ipad, but i hear it has major wifi issues and thats unacceptable

  • rauelius

    iOS products always felt like “my first OS” or “my first tech” piece of electronics. They are very simple and basic OS’s that limit what you can do based on what the manufacturer wants you to do with what you bought. iOS products seem to be more geared towards “sheeple” minded individual who like simple things and don’t like thinking. This could be great for a child or a grandparent or even a simple-minded parent. I have many iDevices (iPhone3G, iPod3, iPod4) and has kept me unbiased for the most part. I am looking forward to the iPadHD and will likely purchase one in the coming months. But I don’t imagine it even coming close to the power and flexability I have with my Prime. If I need to transfer a file (APK, MP3 PDF, ETC) and I’m missing the USB cable, I could upload it to my dropbox and download it to either my G2x, Prime or Nexus. If I was home and wanted to stream a movie from my home server to my Prime, I could use ESFile Explorer to access the network shares and stream or copy over the movie or tv show. I can install Beta APKs with Android from XDA. I can modify the look through seperate launchers. I didn’t even get into Rooting vs Jailbreaking. As an owner of both, I found Rooting to be much more powerful and friendly. I easily Rooted my G2X, installed Ice Cream Sandwich, and overclocked the CPU to 1.4Ghz and am constantly crushing Galaxy S2′s and Galaxy Nexus’s left and right in benchmarks and games. The Optimus 2x came out in 2010, I can’t imagine the iPhone3GS being able to do that vs the iPhone4 or iPhone4s. So even if the false claim that A5x is more powerful than Tegra3 (Unlikely, as the A5x is likely running at 1Ghz on two core, with a GPU that only has 4 Cores, vs Tegra3 that can run as high as 1.6Ghz with a Quad-Core and a GPU (BASED ON A FREAKING PC GRAPHICS CARD) has 12 Cores. Math doesn’t quite ad up. I’ll test the iPadHD vs the Prime in a couple weeks, but that’s hard to swallow. Coming from a PC background even though the i7 920 was more efficient and a better core than the x6 1090t, they ran neck and neck in performance due to the higher clockspeed of the 1090t. So even if the CPU in the A5x is more powerful than Tegra3 the massive core-speed difference can make up for any deficiencies in the processor. Overtime this doesn’t hold, but for the timeframe of both the iPadHD and Prime the analogy holds. I wish Quadrant or Antutu was available on iOS, it would make comparing them a lot easier.

  • RevSpaminator

    I care about new developments by Apple as much as I care about anyone else who isn’t developing Android devices with physical keyboards for t-mobile… :)

    I’m interested but it probably won’t affect my next purchase unless something earth shattering is released.

  • @rs65

    Sorry, I can’t be objective. I really don’t care what Apple do. Buy an Apple product would make me feel part of a pack, like a sheep. Retina? I think they (Apple) should provide the complete kit: tent, portable chair and a sleeping bag for the next launch event. I love the simplicity of Android, great apps, majority of them free, powerful and very useful. My ecosystem is all around Google products, now I´m migrating my 6GB music collection to Google Music and I can listen in all my devices. A little bit disappointed by AT&T due to his delay in upgrading my Galaxy S II to Ice Cream Sandwich.

    • Eric Rossman

      “A little bit disappointed by AT&T due to his delay in upgrading my Galaxy S II to Ice Cream Sandwich.”

      What is disappointing? I have this device and every killer app I want works great on gingerbread 2.3.6 .

      -good times -much happiness :)

  • Eric Rossman

    For fun I have been subtly mispronouncing the words “New iPad”; just collapse the space between the words to form the new improved magical “newipad” (said like new -wee pad).

    All kidding aside, I really do not care what the iOS crowd does. I hope they get the same type of enjoyment out of their toys as I do with mine. :)

  • lovingmyprime

    Spec-wise, the Asus Transformer Prime is still the best on the market. :-)

    I can’t believe Apple is so popular even though people are literally dying while making Apple products.

  • 00quantameister

    I’m not interested in the iPad. First, I made my investment with the Kindle Fire. I trust Amazon to deliver something that is cost effective & gets the job done. I do hope Amazon does more to court some more app developers & give them a better shake. However, the fact that Amazon’s store is only about a year old? It’s not too shabby at all.

    First, its funny how Apple’s marketing selectively chooses which speeds, feeds, & features are relevant. Great graphics weren’t a big deal until now. Android has already been leading the way in state of the art processors speeds, higher resolution screens, & communications tech long before Apple joined this party. I’m sure there’s some manufacturer working on something better. Cameras & Facetime was supposedly a big deal but who uses Facetime? Honestly, Facetime didn’t take off & probably won’t. Who is going to use a huge honking iPad when your mobile phone makes more sense as a point & shoot? It seems like carrying a huge camera like that is a 187 year step backwards in the evolutionary history of photography. An iPad takesus back to the beginning of photography where something big was needed to take a picture. It just doesn’t make sense at all. While the quad-core graphics is nice, wouldn’t the dual-core processor be a potential bottleneck for performance? The graphics component would out pace the ability of the CPU. Wouldn’t it have made more sense to have a quad-core GPU & CPU to balance out the demands of that kind of operations?

    Second, the storage on the iPad is a joke. 16, 32, & 64 gigabytes? If you’re really storing all those HD TV shows, netcasts(podcasts), HD movies, & the rest? You’ll kill the storage quickly. We have much higher capacity storage capabilities. iCloud & iTunes Match even with their 50 GB of storage is nothing if you want whole seasons of HD content. At least with Amazon, I have access to cloud storage for all content & not just the music. Apple has nothing to answer that killer feature. My Kindle Fire may only have 8 GB of storage but I can still put a lot of non-HD content on that device. However, true HD content consumes in the GB’s of storage. We’re talking about storage that’s out of step with the new features they’re offering.

    Third, data caps & strength of network issues. Do you really think AT&T & Verizon will allow you to enjoy that new iPad’s HD consumption without slapping a huge premium on it? It just doesn’t make any sense to bust out a new iPad, but you can’t stream all that HD data without your cap being blown month after month. Keep in mind that Verizon has some issues with LTE going down & you can’t guarantee that you can always be in a streaming situation or in a Wi-Fi accessible area. It would be fine if we had a 250 to 350 GB cap but at 2GB, 5GB, & 10GB chunks? You’ll blow that cap in a matter of HOURS trying to consume video! It makes no sense. New iPad owners will find out that HD doesn’t mean anything if you can’t truly enjoy it.

    Once you get past all the mindblowing features? Reality sets in. You can’t use this device to it’s fullest potential unless you’re in less than ideal situations. This is the real bummer about tablet computing. Without the battery life, connectivity, no data caps, cloud storage, or even the option to grant you greater abilities, the new iPad has some severe limitations that just make it a non-starter. It would be great if we lived in a world where this didn’t exist.But it is 2012. We have greedy carriers, we have iOS that’s limited by a stripped down & locked down OS, & we do have features that many won’t be able to tap the maximum out of. It looks so beautiful until you think about it & realize that you can’t use the iPad in ways that Android users tend to want that kind of control.

  • iOS

    The only reason apple fans don’t care about android is because they just love apple! And there is a lot of reasons apple has to love about that android don’t have!

    First of all, The main place where no one can beat apple is the integration of hardware & software! They are just made for each other! Where android makes a lot of problems for supporting hardwares, some of them crash, some can’t support all the features & a lot more!

    And Secondly, there are a lot of things apple actually invented, and others just went copying them! Starting with the iPod, the revolutionary iPhone & the iPad! You have to say that only apple could have done those in that point of time!

    These are the two main reasons for apple having such loyal customers! Ya, it’s 70% about the branding! But, apple had to create that brand image!

  • rauelius

    Apple didn’t “invent” anything. The iPod wasn’t the first MP3 player, the Rio was. The iPad wasn’t the first tablet, their were TONs of tablets before the iPad. The iPhone wasn’t the first SmartPhone, I had my Blackjack way before that could play games, surf the internet, and make calls years before the iPhone. Just as the iMac wasn’t the first computer. That’s like saying Henry Ford invented the car. He didn’t but did put it out in a way that the sheeple would understand it. That has it’s positives and it’s negatives. Think about it this way, Apple didn’t invent the computer, but helped bring it to the home. They weren’t the first, but were big enough to get noticed and others who shrugged at the idea saw new validity to it. Apple “stole” the mouse from Zerox, which in turn was “stolen” by microsoft.

  • rauelius

    Just to reiterate, Apple did NOT invent the tablet, Roger Fidler did…in the 1990′s.

  • Ganesh

    Even the name iPad isn’t that innovative, now “New iPad”? What will they call it after a couple of months?

  • bilal

    im an apple fanboy and i see al android releases nd updates to knw which is better and so that if sum1 argues i knw how to defend apple. its a matter of choice, i like apple cuz i lyk the feelng of knwing everythng just works..

  • bilal

    and i also want to say that even though may not be the best in hardware ..i mean the A5X compared to tegra 3… the apps stil tilt the balance towards apple. i hav galaxy tab10.1 and im continuosly jealous of my frnds with ipad 2 cuz of the great collection of apps and games. sweriously .. apple has a name for a reason. nobody can deny that

  • tyler

    i do. the new ipad and new processor seem to be some of the first genuine poerhouse apple mobile products. i think its cool, to be honest

  • @rs65

    Jobs has died and that was very obvious at the last iPad launching. May Applemaniacs told and said that in forums, no more Wow! presentations like Steve did in the past. Nothing really really new (a powerful processor and better resolution, that’s all) Is so similar to the previous model. Even came up with a new name (iPad 3, iPad HD) Creativity has died also?

    • @rs65

      Sorry, sent twice

  • @rs65

    Jobs has died and that was very obvious at the last iPad launching. Many Applemaniacs told and said that in forums, no more Wow! presentations like Steve did in the past. Nothing really really new (a powerful processor and better resolution, that’s all) Is so similar to the previous model. Even came up with a new name (iPad 3, iPad HD) Creativity has died also?

  • Brian

    Android tablets have a long way to go to approach the iPad. The screen is a huge deal, as is the fluidity and polish, for a device like this. For my daily phone, Android all the way. I want the flexibility, gapps, etc. But for my weekend/couch device, I’ll take a new iPad, please.


    Could not give a flying F**K about iPads or Apple in general.

    2 things…

    HTC One X
    Asus EEE Pad Transformer Prime.

    That is all.

  • Comet

    To put it simple, I pick whatever I consider to be the best product for my needs.
    The reason I’ve been buying Android is basically because I can change it.Change ROMs, install apps outside the market. Customize it and so on. Gives me a lot more power over the phone than the competition. But the apps aren’t in general as “good looking” as the competition.
    It has its issues and they need to be addressed.
    In my opinion a lot can still happen and it is all about the value you get.

    If people see Android as an open device but without the apps and the quality they expect they’ll go to the competition.
    If on the other side people start seeing iOS limitations as an issue to what they want to accomplish they’ll go Android.

  • TJungus

    I love Android and Apple. I will never get anything other than a nexus phone or anything other than an iPad for a tablet. The communal features and way it interacts with other iPad user’s is a huge selling point. As a composer and a musician, trying to deal with anything other than the Apple ecosystem is a never-ending uphill battle, which is fine.

  • thecityboy781

    I’m not a huge fan of tables (or Apple) and some how i was interested in the iPad 3 (at that time we assumed it was gonna be called that) but when i saw the specs i kinda expected more from Apple….i’m pretty sure almost every one can agree with me

  • Jason

    I have Android phone and I have a iPad 2. I feel for something I will use everyday I like Android more mainly because of the customization you can do with it. Battery life sucks balls though but can’t have everything I guess.
    I have an iPad 2 for tablet related apps. Sorry but Android tablets suck! The article above talks about choice and I see almost none when it comes to apps made for a tablet on Android. yes you can have widgets and all that cool kid stuff but really do you need it on a tablet? I don’t them. I want apps that are made for tablets and the iPad has so much more to offer in that department. There is no way you can say it doesn’t.
    BTW I am in Japan so I can only comment on what is available here. We don’t get google music, google books and so many apps that the american store gets. But we do get iTunes. Sad how google can’t get their shit together and support the rest of the world.
    Anyway I say having a Android phone with a iPad is a good combination. Both ecosystems.

  • Burningreviews

    Android vs apple discussion starting now.

  • Boxhagener Platz

    I own an iPhone 4S and a Samsung Galaxy Nexus wich I bought because I needed a second phone and was curious about the Android ecosystem and found a great offer for a SIM lock free phone in Germany.

    Well, after a week of use, I have to admit that I kind of like the bigger screen of the Nexus, but other than that, there is no doubt in my mind, that the iPhone-IOS are so much better and superior to the Nexus-Android ecosystem that I am starting to understand why the fandroids hate Apple so much. If all these fandroids that spend so many hours critisizing Apple were satisfied with their products they wouldn’t need to spend so much time thinking about what Apple does and does not.

    Android is a pain in the ass for people who have nothing better to do in life than adoring their phones and spending hours playing with their widgets. Thats what they call freedom, having the possibility of installing 1 million ringtones (they all end up using the classic phone ring tone, by the way) or installing weather widgets on their homescreen to look at the weather in less than 0.5 seconds. iPhone users need at least 0.7 seconds to see whats the weather like :-)

    Ironic that the extremely insufferable dependency on google make this people think they are more free than iPhone users. Psychiatrist have a new market niche there.

    Google knows, and Samsung knows, and Motorola knows, and Nokia knows and even Microsoft knows that Apple-IOS-iPhone-iPad…etc ecosystem is way better than anything else on the face of the earth. That can, however, change in a few years, though (not before half a decade, that is for sure)

  • Pablo

    This is a very long and interesting discussion. I love Google services and I am an intensive user of them, particularly Gmail, Drive, Maps, Calendar… I have an Galaxy S3 phone which I also love, and after playing around with my father’s Iphone I am happy with my choice.

    However, I am to buy a tablet and I am finding very difficult not to go for an Ipad. Despite I try to convince myself on the contrary, Android tablets don’t have enough applications. A tablet as any computer is not for admiring its hardware, is to use and make your work easier. Even the 10 most used applications such as Twitter or Facebook look much better on Ipad.

    Who cared if Android tablet X has 3X more pixels than Ipad or have 10, 20 cores running at light speed if you don’t have the applications to make full use of them?

    Thinking that developers don’t code for Android because they are “evil people” is nonsense. If they don’t is because they don’t make money from that. People talk about Android phones and tablets surpassing Apple’s in number. That may be true, but Android most of the time is not seen as a premium product. Many of the new android phones are bought by people that would never buy any application. Most Android tablets are budget products bought by people who cannot spend too much on a tablet, and probably just use them to play around. Most people I know who has a good financial condition and use the tablet for working everyday buy Ipads.