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Inconsistent updates, bugs and not a word of support. Why should I buy a Nexus device again?


Time, and time, and time again, I’ve been known to sing the praises of Google’s Nexus series devices, because they are updated directly by Google. Which should mean fast, consistent updates to the latest version of software Google is working on (or at the very least, a fully functioning device). Right? As a large group of Reddit users have been discussing for the past day, wrong.

Back in October of 2011, Nexus One owners were given quite the shock when it was revealed that the first Pure Google Experience device would not be updated to Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich. Less than two years after it had been released, it was already being abandoned by Google. Consumers were being abandoned by Google.

Fast forward to now, and Nexus S owners are facing a similar problem. An update to Android 4.0 was being rolled out for the T-Mobile (i9020-T) Nexus S, until some battery life issues prompted Google to put the update on hold. That was in December of 2011. Anyone who received the update could be faced with any number of bugs. Anyone who didn’t receive the update is likely wondering what the hell is going on. Google has not issued any comments on the situation.

Despite being advertised as the phone for “Android-powered players who want the latest Google Apps and OS updates as soon as humanly possible,” Sprint’s Nexus S 4G, and AT&T’s Nexus S for that matter, have not received any information about Android 4.0 at all.

I use a T-Mobile Nexus S, and I thought I was one of the lucky ones to receive the update shortly after it was announced. I couldn’t have been more wrong. After a good couple weeks of use, my phone had reached the point of being unusable. Ice Cream Sandwich was a disaster. Nine hours of battery life on low to moderate usage, when I used to get over 24 (!!!) on Android 2.3, Gingerbread. A ton of apps didn’t work. I was constantly getting storage error messages. And probably the thing that infuriated me the most, the camera data had been corrupted. To this day, even after rooting my device and trying both MIUI and CyanogenMod 9, my camera doesn’t work. It worked fine before my phone was updated to Android 4.0.

Unfortunately, Google’s actions toward the issues and problems surrounding the update to Android 4.0 aren’t new. Many users, like our own Taylor, experienced issues with their Nexus S randomly rebooting on Android 2.3. It took nearly two months for Google to release an update that remedied the problem. Which means that for two months, a good portion of Nexus S users found their device practically unusable. And there was nothing they could do about it.

At this point, I find myself wondering, would Samsung have fixed an issue like this sooner on a TouchWiz device? Would HTC come to my rescue and fix my broken camera if my phone was running some Sense slathered version of Android? The Galaxy S II is already being updated before the Nexus S (there goes the whole ‘Nexus devices get updates before anyone else’ thing), so maybe they would have.

Instead of seeing my device updated with the latest version of Android and enjoying a bug-less build of vanilla Android the way it was meant to be, much like thousands of other Nexus S owners in the world out there, I’m left feeling abandoned and thrown away. Why should I buy another Nexus device again? There’s other ways to use a stock Android device. And besides, maybe third-party skins aren’t so bad. I’m going to have to go with Reddit on this one, “FUCK YOU GOOGLE.” I won’t be buying a Nexus device again.

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  • Triplanetary

    I’m forced to agree. I was waiting on the Galaxy Nexus to come to Sprint, but now I’m thinking I’ll be waiting for the HTC One X instead.

    I have the Nexus S 4G right now, and like you, I’m not impressed with the level of support from Google. In essence, said support seems to have disappeared. Google’s a gigantic corporation. Why should it take them so long to build and push out a stable release for their phone? (Likely answer: now that the Galaxy Nexus is out they don’t give a shit.)

    I’d root my phone either way, but nonetheless, the advantages of the Nexus devices seem to be evaporating.

    • jaxidian

      “Likely answer: now that the Galaxy Nexus is out they don’t give a shit.”

      This is VERY sad. They used to be so good about this in the past, like with the Nexus One!

      • autonomousgerm

        What? That isn’t remotely true. I had a Nexus One and got practically no support from it. I was shuffled around from Google to HTC and back again. The N1 forums at Google were shuttered. They provided zero phone support. And I still waited several months to get Gingerbread. And now, less than two years after the device shipped, it’s abandoned entirely. That isn’t quality support.

        • ACE

          2 years is awesome for any smartphone on the market….1 year should be the standard so that your guaranteed at least an upgrade to the next official Android update…I have used Nexus phones since the N1 and just got the GSM Galaxy Nexus…never had any issues including the ICS update for my NS.

    • Nick Gray

      I think one thing most people overlook is that HTC, Samsung and Motorola each have 2-3 times more Android developers than Google does. Google may own Android, but that doesn’t mean they will be any good as customer support and updating old devices.

      • sunrise

        What? Is your statement about having less developers correct?

        Even if what you say about having less developers is true, then that’s Google’s problem to resolve.

        Hey Google, if you don’t have enough Android developers to release timely updates for Nexus phones, then HIRE SOME MORE. God knows you have the money.

        I still think the lack of developers is not the reason. The reason is…Google just doesn’t “get it.”

        • AsakuraZero

          sunrise have a point, google should stop doing the “Gmail” fiasco >_> , this is not software you cant be going crazy launched a beta product to the masses.

          google love the hard way they should just quit it, at least with android

      • honourbound68

        that’s still a poor excuse because single or small groups of devs are able to create outstanding roms (and support them) from released source code. Just look at XDA… heck, maybe they should just hire the XDA devs!

        • ACE

          The custom ROMS are rarely ever built from the ground up…they take the existing official ROMS and tweak them..developing a ROM from the ground up without using any existing software is extremely hard…I doubt there’s even a single ROM like that on XDA.

    • Louis A


    • LukeT32

      They have yet to iron the bugs out if the Gnex….. Mine still random reboots almost daily….

      • ixesr

        Mine hasn’t rebooted once since launch day, not one issue. Its most likely something you installed or configured that is causing reboots

        • Adnoxaei

          It’s been happening to me too. I haven’t figured out what is triggering it, but it makes a small pop sound, brightens the screen if it is below the lowest setting, and then reboots. It’s common enough that Verizon wasn’t surprised and it isn’t a hardware issue. It’s just a known issue with the device…the good news is that if I was browsing the web, then it reopens my tabs once it reboots and I relaunch the browser. I find that odd and surprising, but it makes it easier to deal with…

          • ACE

            The Verizon GNex most certainly has issues…the GSM GNex works beautifully with no issues…my nephew has had nothing but issues with the Verizon variant…I even noticed it wasn’t as snappy or smooth as mine…and gets quite hot at times.

      • Slith

        Mine as well.

      • TT

        The leaked 4.0.4 ROM solved all the random reboots for me, among all the other welcome fixes/optimizations that were included. Running it for >1month crash free.

        I’m sure Verizon is still “testing” it. (The “can you hear me now” guy now is the Android tester for all Verizon phones.)

        On the greater topic, maybe Google only truly promises “first” updates for the current major release? The Galaxy Nexus may not end up being the second phone to Jellybean, but it should be the first to receive for all ICS updates.

      • dcds

        It’s probably something installed. I have the GSM version, and it never rebooted *until* I started playing MC3 on it. It also happened once immediately after updating the Market app to Play. Those were the two times I experienced a reboot in the previous 2 months.

        Skype also stops frequently after I redial a number, but the phone is never affected.

        The first case still shouldn’t happen, of course (an app should misbehave to the point of rebooting the phone), but it’s still a clue.

    • Abdellah halif
  • jaxidian

    This post has MANY valid points in it. Google has TOTALLY dropped the ball. Hell, even on the industry-leading Galaxy Nexus, we’re still running 4.0.2 while other devices have 4.0.4 (or 4.0.5? somebody correct me please?). Looking at older Nexus phones and, yeah, terrible!

    The ONLY reasons, IMHO, to still get a Nexus are:
    1) The developer community, if you root your phone! This is HUGE!
    2) They are some pretty cool devices

    Reasons that no longer exist, and SHAME ON YOU GOOGLE!:
    1) Google gets you the latest software ASAP
    2) The stock software is the best

    • Robert Hallock

      Nobody has received a non-beta OTA to anything other than 4.0.2.

      • Triplanetary

        I don’t know if you’re referring to the Galaxy Nexus only, or to all official Android OTAs. But if the latter, I can tell you that the official Asus Transformer OTA is 4.0.3.

        • jaxidian

          Exactly! That part of my point was that even the flagship Galaxy Nexus has fallen behind in updates!

          • pepperonijack

            Wait do you know the differences between 4.0.2 and 4.0.3 (or .4 or .5)? If not, what are you complaining about?

            There is wanting to have the latest version because it has new features and/or bug corrections, a perfectly legitimate request, and there is wanting to have the highest version number for the sake of having the highest version number. If you’re in the second case, just edit your build.prop and enjoy Android 5.0 or whatever.

          • jaxidian

            @pepperonijack: (system wouldn’t let me reply directly to you)

            1) Multi-touch isn’t broken <— HUGE!!!!
            2) Battery life improvements
            3) Performance improvements

            I don't know what else but that's enough for me. So yes, I do know some of the differences between 4.0.2 and 4.0.3.

      • jaxidian

        Other devices have newer versions of Android, though. That’s what I meant. Didn’t something get even 4.0.5?

  • amgala

    I agree with many parts of this opinion article, however, the Android modder community has always and will always continue to be a better and faster provider of updates than Google, any of the Nexus phone manufacturers, or any of the cellular companies will, and of course they provide added functionality to devices. If you have a Nexus device, and you are into rooting, modding, etc., you will still benefit from the top grade hardware of a Nexus phone.

    • thel0nerang3r

      I think that’s the point. If we are counting on the Dev community, then what’s the point of getting a Nexux device. I’m glad that people pitched in when CY needed money. I know it was a small group of people, but it’s good to know that not everyone is a cheap skate.
      I hope that we all pitch in a dollar (or small amount of local currency) to our favorite developer so more phones can be supported.

    • brunswick

      I have to agree here. I have had ICS on my Nexus S since the very first port thanks to the developing community. I use my phone pretty heavily and im getting over a full day of usage out of it. It certainly does cast a shadow of doubt on Google’s sincerity in regards to their statements about supporting their devices when a small group of developers/modders can tweak/repair their ROMs faster than they can.

  • Ironzey Lewis

    The biggest reason IMO is Dev support. I gave up my Nexus One for a Sensation 4g and I can’t find a ROM that doesn’t have something missing or broken. Oh, this one boots super fast but the camera doesn’t work. That one is stock except for all the menus. This ROM works but reboots randomly. No thanks, I’m going to go where most of the DEVs go.

    Also if you really care you might want to commit to an annual upgrade schedule.
    Maybe we are expecting too much.

    • dcds

      But even that may be changing…. in fact, this only happens because of the official support and because of the “Nexus” philosophy behind it.

      These days, the International Galaxy S II, for example, has plenty of fully functional ROMs. Some of them are approaching perfection, considering that Samsung has just released the kernel…. things are bound to improve.

      Now, consider this: what if the tech people start buying Galaxy S II or any other phone? I mean, if the Nexus stops being a Nexus, then why we, power users, should buy less-capable devices that have just average support? No reason. And in the blink of an eye, “Nexus” starts becoming “Galaxies” or anything else.

      I hope I don’t need to jump ship to some kind of Windows Phone… please. The expensive walled garden is not a choice obviously.

      • dcds

        FWIW, I had a Nexus S and the ICS update worked perfectly for way more than a month (before selling for the Galaxy Nexus). No bugs whatsoever. None that I could catch at least.

  • AsakuraZero

    google should whip themself and fix this, this is fragmenting the platform and they are not enforcing nothing to avoid that, they cant even update their own devices? mother of god >_>

    if google ever planned to pull out Apple out of their cloud they need to start to do the things seriously.

    btw who is up to send petitions and taking torches and pitch forks and go to Google headquarters ?

    there is nothing better than a riot to start to do the things right

  • Ironzey Lewis

    Don’t forget the hardware. The Nexus S had NFC LOOOOONG before anyone considered putting it in.

    • Jorge Branco

      But the rest of the hardware was pretty meh. Basically the galaxy s from 6 months earlier

    • md

      And ?

      Where can the majority of world population use it ?

      When Apple “does NFC”, it’ll be useful.

      • J. Gibbs

        Indeed, because Android has paved the way for NFC adoption.


        For the record, NFC adoption by retailers expanded dramatically within the past year. I basically can walk into any gas station or grocery store in Buffalo and use NFC now.

  • ben

    I have to agree as well. I own a Nexus S here in Europe and I am not waiting for ICS anymore. This device has plenty of bugs, but I never get any update. Last month I bought an Asus Transformer Prime tablet and I have to admit I am completely amazed by the quality of 1) the product, 2) the Asus apps and 3) the support; I already received 4 upgrades since I bought it and the second one was ICS. Nexus, no more.

    • Alexis Cramatte

      I’m surprised to see that you didn’t get the ICS since my gf has the Nexus S as well and got the update to 4.0.3 in december O_o

  • rojo623

    This brings deep sadness to my heart as a first time Nexus owner (G-Nex), I am hoping that it will get updates up to and more than 2 years of its life. I thought that was the point of a Nexus device. Was not aware of the above mentioned points.

    I hope this trend does not continue.

    A rock-steady Android advocate

  • brklynmind

    I have said this since I got (and then quickly returned) my Galaxy Nexus – ICS is a horrible mess. More and more I fear that Apple will once again emerge as the only reasonable option.

    • Triplanetary

      Now I disagree with that. I think ICS is fantastic. Google just needs to be better about getting it out onto the hardware in the wild.

      • Angel

        Google needs to be better about a lot of things. I think they spread themselves out too thin sometimes. What is most frustrating about them is that they held such promise, yet they rarely truly deliver. I drank their kool-aid and was once one of their biggest fans, but now I am so disappointed in the way they handle business that I no longer care about their hyped up promises. When google says things like the Nexus gives you the “latest Google Apps and OS updates as soon as humanly possible” they should be held accountable for fraud. You wonder why Apple is growing so fast and it’s because of customer service and when they do something wrong they address it. It may not be immediate – but they do at least try to address it. What has our promised google done? Nothing, nadda, and like the article says, not a word of support. How disappointing. Does google seriously think that customers are just going to have a blind eye regarding this? Google needs to address this like – yesterday! They should be fixing everything and giving Nexus owners some kind of free composition. That’s what their competitors would be doing. …and yet as the article states all you get from google is silence. Well that silence is now deafening :(

        • Adam Brandt

          I hate to say this, but I left Apple after the iPhone 3GS, but I am looking forward to their next release. Google has made me lose faith in them and much of what made me switch to Android in the first place. I hope they can change my mind in the next 6 months. Until then my G Nex sits without an official update since the day I bought it on 12/15, sad : /

          • ixesr

            Why would you get a gnex and not root it? It takes 2 minutes

  • YellowDucati

    I wonder how much of this trouble is because of the phone service providers.

    I really wish Google would speak up more on this subject.

  • honourbound68

    gosh.. i almost dont want to post here because this is a minefield. having had a non-nexus android device for 1.5 years, I can say that my experience was similar to yours. my phone first had gps lock problems, then upon subsequent upgrades, random reboots. I rooted, unrooted, used rooted stock, custom roms, different modems and ever combination or modems/roms then FINALLY CyanogenMod before my phone was finally fully functional. Even though it was mostly fun, there were times when I wanted to throw my phone out the car window (when gps would drop), or for the stupid random reboots. I then vowed that I would never buy a non-Nexus device. Now I’m pretty happy to say that I’m ICS 4.03 Gummy and am loving it. Yes, I’ve had 2 random reboots in 50 days of owning this device. Yes, I’m aware that 4.04 has been released. But, all in all, I’m happy because there’s a ton of dev support for the phone. And so far, everything works. It took 1 year 3 mos (or so) before my old phone sniffed CM until 2 mos ago, development was crawling (lost Noobnl, pftmedic and other gifted devs to other devices and CM). I sincerely hope that development for my GN will continue and I do understand that because it’s the CDMA variant, my carrier will be the one releasing the update. At the very least, if I need to point the finger, I’ll know who to call. With my previous phone, the carrier blamed the mfr and vice versa for delays in releasing the source code and updates…. So coming from the other side, I can tell you the grass IS NOT greener. You likely would have had the same pains (or more).

  • Roamdeus

    Wow harsh but if I had those issues I would have been going bananas myself. I have a nexus s from tmoble and I got the update shortly after it was announced and I’m pretty much satisfied wit 4.0 had only 1 issue so far and its minor, sometimes the proximity sensor doesn’t realise my face is on the phone and dials a number but that’s rarely either than that I’m enjoying my ice cream treat …..

  • josegb2011

    We’ll I been waiting for my galaxy nexus to get their bugs fixed since December but I don’t blame or lash out at Google like most of y’all do ..the fact is Google is working hard on making their updates as bug free as possible which takes some time ..stop whining and grow some patience

  • redraider133

    I agree. The main Selling point of the nexus line was you would always get fast updates and no waiting on carriers now that seems to change and with Htc unlocking the boot loaders on their phones and even getting a lot better with updates it is almost no longer a solid choice for choosing a nexus over any other android phone. I think google needs to address this and let people know what’s going on.

  • DroidSamurai

    Put it simply, Google sucks at consumer space, period. Don’t get me wrong, I love my GNex, but man, they released 4.03 AOSP weeks (or months?) ago and stated that OEM should be releasing Android phones based on 4.03. But up until today, 4.03 is still not available officially to any Galaxy Nexus. Look, I don’t mind they don’t push 4.03 out when they feel it’s not ready for prime time. But think about it, the Galaxy Nexus IS the current ICS development phone, one would think that Google was using it to develop 4.03, right? If so, by the time 4.03 was released, shouldn’t it be ready for the Galaxy Nexus? If not, then shouldn’t 4.03 be released?

    That’s why I think Google will NOT use Motorola as its manufacturer arm — it simply does not want to take the responsibility of managing a consumer oriented company.


    The only thing you did wrong from what I can see is when you got the 4.0.whatever upgrade that messed up your phone, you should have taken the phone back to the carrier and got a new one instead of trying to fix it yourself.

  • cybik

    I’ll be flamed for this, and IDGAF:

    I don’t subscribe to the “updates from carriers or Google” idea anymore, and think of my cell phones only as terminals; thus, I select and recommend only terminals that can be modified to run whatever the hell I want. Basically, for me, smartphones are like classic computers.

    I also understand the updates being extremely late, and it is sad because Google can’t strongarm the carriers into doing less testing, but this comes with the territory of not having their own testing environment. They have to rely on, currently, Samsung to test the updates in _their_ labs, on _their_ terms, and with _their_ data they can deploy shit. Let’s hope Motorola Mobility will be the remedy: they can build/have a phone testing environment in-house instead of relying on outside sources.

  • Rob H

    For what it’s worth, my phone is the Nexus S for T-Mobile, I got the OTA in December, and have never looked back. Ice Cream Sandwich has been fantastic on my Nexus S, and after three months I’m still getting the same battery life that I was getting on Gingerbread. Very, very sorry to hear about the difficulties that some other Nexus S owners have been having with ICS, but wanted to chime in to say that it’s not like that across the board.


    It was said that Google doesn’t care about the NEXUS S because they have the Galaxy NEXUS out now, well how many ppl are going to continue to buy the Galaxy NEXUS after seeing how the NEXUS S Update is being handled. They might have sold a bunch at the very start of its release but who is gonna buy it after months of silence for the previous nexus owners?? If that is their strategy then they are morons that are really shooting them selves in the foot. With Googles purchase of Motorola though I think they have something much bigger than putting out a single pure android device and may even just drop the NEXUS series of phones because they’re really leaving a sour taste in the mouths of the smartphone community. * DOES ANYBODY KNOW IF THE NEXUS S GETTING UPDATED FIRST WAS A WRITTEN PROMISE ANYWHERE AND IF I CAN FIND THAT PROOF? * THANX -KID ANDROID

  • Ian MacGregor

    I think out would help quite a bit if we were able to buy phones directly from Google and leave the carriers completely out of the equation. Buy a phone and then look for a carrier. I also believe this would force carriers to improve their services.

    • sunrise

      The original Nexus somewhat operated on that model. You could only get the Nexus One through Google directly. Although, it only worked on T-Mobile.

  • sunrise

    Apple, iPhone owners and iOS fans are laughing. Rightly so, even the iPhone 3GS received a prompt iOS 5.0 update. Without any of the, “carrier needs 8 months to test before we release the update,” bullshit.

    I love Android, but I love a company that stands behind their products more. For this reason I’m anxiously seeing what the new iPhone will be like. Bigger screen, and I’m probably done with Android and Google’s mess.

    • Louis A

      I am with you on this one brother, if it continues, it means GnNex will be like Nexus one and Nexus S guys. If that’s the case with GnNex and I sure do hope the next iphone has a big screen and LTE cuz I am getting fed up with this google mess. This’s issue is gonna be the downfall of the Android OS if google don’t get their act together.

      • Chevy1981

        I’m not sure it will be the downfall of Android, but for some reason I get the feeling it will be the fall of Android as we know it. With all the re-branding and linking of services that’s been going on I get the feeling that Google has a master plan that may reshape the Android landscape and may even end up ticking a lot of longtime users off. I’m talking about a more closed version of Android that could end up putting more money into developers pockets which would then put more money in Google’s pocket. While Open Source is a great concept, the reality is that it doesn’t make Google unless there are more paid apps being downloaded.

  • Chevy1981

    I must say that is very sad. Yes, I am a long time iPhone user, but am in no way a troll. I’ve always been excited about Nexus releases and was very excited about ICS. My exact words were “FINALLY! A solid competitor!”. I think the bottom line with Google and it’s Android OS has nothing to do with their ability to service it’s clients, I think it’s more to do with it’s core business model which is advertising. Ultimately the Android OS, by itself, is not a money maker for Google and I have a feeling that it may get put onto the back burner in favor of more profitable developments like making Google Play Store more profitable. When Apple (love them or hate them) announced iOS 5.1 during their last iPad event I received the update later that afternoon. I’m quite sure Google is more then capable of the exact same level of service. I really hope they get it together since this shouldn’t be exclusive to iPhone users. If you’ve invested in a Google branded phone you SHOULD get the best level of service that Google can provide.

  • Kingh32

    I think people are missing the point. It’s not just that the update hasn’t arrived, or even that other devices have been getting it before the Nexus S, it’s the fact that they simply haven’t said anything about it at all. Leaving so many people in the dark is not a good look

  • BruceCLin

    I have to disagree. To me, from the get go, Nexus serie is a dev device, and with that, it entails:

    1. Stock rom are ready on google’s server and ready for you to download. I did a fresh install of 4.0.3 as early as it came out on my tmo nexus s, and I have 0 problem. No battery life or anything else. OTA is NOT a fresh install.

    2. Rooting is solely your own decision. There’s no need to wait for cleaver dev. Root can be long wait for less popular devices.

    3. Lots of custom roms that just work because of reason 1. Some devices simple will not have fully functional ICS because drivers are closed sourced and not obtainable. I know because I own some (big mistakes).

    I am not saying you should or shouldn’t, but I personally do not buy nexus’ and think they are like regular consumer products. Oh, and on a side note, OTA 4.0.2 for galaxy nexus is garbage, which is why I do not care for OTA. 4.0.3 is on the server and ready to go.

    • Kingh32

      It is a regular product, yes it may have been geared towards developers but it still does not give them the right to say things that are not true.

      “With this device, users will be the first to receive software upgrades and new Google mobile apps as soon as they become available.”.

      As I said before, it’s the lack of communication that makes this worse for me.

    • allen wil

      The problem is nexus WAS a dev phone but now its a brand. knowing that sammy was making it made me not want one.

      • Chevy1981

        More then that, as soon as it was available for ANYBODY to purchase on a contract with multiple carriers it was no longer being sold as a dev phone. If it was strictly for developers you’d think that it would only be available through certain channels like that Samsung Windows 8 dev tablet that was floating around. If Google ever said “well it’s a phone that was only intended for developers” in an argument that would be the dumbest thing I’d have ever heard. But, I doubt they would ever say that at this point.

  • Klaus

    I will always buy Nexus devices simply because they always have dev support so that even if something like this happens it will be easy to root and flash the latest version of CM or some other ROM cooked with the latest version of Android. Doesn’t seem like such a hassle to me anymore, even though we shouldn’t have to do that on the Nexus line.

    Then again, Honeycomb was a mess when it was first released on the Xoom and it took a few months worth of upgrades before it became rock solid (around 3.2 I think they fixed mostly everything)

  • EmeryLee

    I’ve been getting the feeling lately that these Android smartphones are starting to look shoddy. I suggested to my wife to get the ASUS Transformer Prime TF201-B1-GR but after experiencing all the trouble shooting sessions with my LG G2x and her Cliq I told her to get the iPad2 instead. She’ll probably get the iPhone too. See, here’s the issue I’m seeing. People don’t have the time nor do they want to be bothered with their phones or tablets not working smoothly when they need them to work. Android might be the darling right now but if they don’t figure out how to improve these devices it is just as easy to experience a meteoric fall like a meteoric rise. Look at HP, Palm, etc. It is unwise to sacrifice quality for short term gains for their isn’t any longevity there. Better to get it right from the start and if this is some kind of trial and error strategy make sure systems are in place to learn and rebound from those mistakes swiftly. I still have confidence that the Android OS will improve but I guess from this point on our household will be half Apple users and half Android. If Google doesn’t want to lose another Android fan to Apple or even Microsoft they need to step their game up and pay attention to the details instead of paying attention to making that cheddar in the short-term. Bam!!!! There I said it!!!!

    • EmeryLee

      Oops I spelled there incorrectly, “It is unwise to sacrifice quality for short term gains for (their) there isn’t any longevity there.

  • Daniel C

    “Back in October of 2011, Nexus One owners were given quite the shock when it was revealed that the first Pure Google Experience device would not be updated to Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich.”

    A shock? Hardly. The device simply didn’t have enough built-in storage. Most who had lived with the device could probably tell you that. Even with all the apps moved to SD that would allow it, I was constantly fighting the low storage warning that would disable various things (like MMS and T-Mobile’s visual voicemail).

    I held off switching phones from May to November of last year so I could get the Galaxy Nexus, and I, for one, don’t regret it for a second. My wife likes it so much that she ordered one for herself. It should arrive today.

    As far as Google keeping people in the dark, are you really surprised? They’ve never been forthcoming on their future plans on anything.

    Go with some other phone if you want (no one’s stopping you), but I’ve always found the Nexus phones to be more stable nicer to use than any phone with carrier and manufacturer customizations on it.

    • Kingh32

      “Go with some other phone if you want (no one’s stopping you)…”

      I think that’s quite an unreasonable response. Myself and many others are tied down to contracts that do not end for quite some time. Why should we have to go and buy a new phone because Google have not held up their side of the bargain?

      This is a quote from their own website:

      “With this device, users will be the first to receive software upgrades and new Google mobile apps as soon as they become available.”.

      You do also have to bear in mind that while some people had their phone upgraded and working fine, many have had issues with the battery among other issues. Google surely has a responsibility to communicate with these customers, no?

      Personally, I really wouldn’t mind as much if they just said something – anything will do to allay fears that Nexus S owners have been forgotten about.

  • Marcus

    As sad as this is… I also have to agree. Google’s support for the “old” Nexus devices is virtually nonexistent. I currently own a Nexus One, and I’m kinda sad that it wont be updated to 4.0. I saw it coming, but I don’t know… :\

    Why, Google!?

  • Nathan D.

    Dam so the first two nexus had it rough but the third one is better in every way. Also it is far more polished then the other nexus it did have touch screen problem but that got recognized and fix. I’m sure the next one and so one will get generally get better hopefully.

  • sunrise

    BTW this is the best article I’ve read on Androidandme in a long time. Someone should have called Google out on their BS a long time ago.

    • ion orov

      Yeap, its nice to see a supposedly pro-Android, pro-Google site take them to task.

      The pro-Apple sites can be pretty much described as “places of worship”.

  • Michael L

    I have had several Android phones since the G1 and I find myself going back to the iPhone time and time again. I really look forward to what is out there but disappointed each time. Last phone I had was the Note. Didn’t like thank god I kept my iPhone.

  • Louis A

    Question, for anyone there that knows please answer. Who makes the update, isn’t it google or the manufacture? I am asking in the case for like the ICS 4.0.2, 4.0.3…etc. I thought it’s google who makes the update? I am I wrong? How do some other manufacturers like Acer already 4.0.4 like how some people claim if the update is made by google. If it turns out that google actually made the update but didn’t send it over to the Nexus line (GnNex), then FUCK YOU GOOGLE!! I will definitely consider the next iphone if this’s true. I came over to the Nexus line because I wanted quick, newest and fast update from google. Then it makes no damn sense to still stay on Nexus if the Nexus One and even the Nexus S can’t even get updates. That means, GnNex will follow the same route. Iphone 3GS can still get iOS 5.0, that’s a fucken damn shame google, ma ass!! I love, my GnNex phone but if this continues, it means, I will be just like the Nexus One and Nexus S guys, FUCK YOU GOOGLE!!

  • karrob

    Have the phones with the most update ICS been released yet? If not we might be upset for nothing.

  • karrob

    *Most up-to-date

  • Juan Almanzar

    Even though I am an Android fanatic and love my Galaxy Nexus, there are a few major things Google needs to change in order to become a truly dominant force (Yes, even better than they are already doing right now).

    The biggest thing is a central hub from people’s computers where everything is controlled/backed up/etc.

    Google needs its own version of iTunes. Google has already matched and surpassed what Apple has done on the iPhone in terms of features and navigating the device but for the average consumer, where it all goes wrong is when you connect the phone to your computer to sync your pictures, music, etc.

    As someone who loves working with tech (I’m assuming most people in this site are in the same boat) I have no problem opening up files directly from my computer and finding my Music Folder and making it to my liking. To the average person though, this entire process is like turning lead into gold and they are completely turned off about the phone leading them to go with the iPhone.

    As someone who sells cellphones on a daily basis and deals with the common person coming into stores getting new phones, this thought process is something I encounter a lot. Heck, I get a lot of people who can’t even understand the simple process Apple has set up.

    You would be surprised at the number of time I’ve asked “When was the last time you connected the phone to iTunes?” to get the response of “i what?”

    While Google should continue to add innovative features new to the field, they also need to make their phones as idiot proof as possible with a central hub that takes the most inexperienced person, grabs them by the hand, and walks them through everything step by step.

    In addition to this central hub they will HAVE TO have a fantastic customer support team to answer any questions in addition to supporting their(* will talk more about this in a bit) devices. This new customer service will deal with everything from providing great service if you have problems with an issue to the company offering great customer service overall by delivering quick updates (to avoid this current situation).

    With these two things, Google will take even more market share. Unfortunately, the only way I feel they can do this is by either start building their own phones (hello Motorola) and controlling everything from hardware to software to customer service or by making an agreement that all manufacturers using Android must use it’s Vanilla form on their phones. If they want to add specific widgets or launchers, let them but at its core the phone must run stock Android.

    Whether or not this will happen or how it will happen is a whole different issue.

    • ixesr

      Wow did you just say google needs something like iTunes? Are you fucking kidding?? ITunes is horrible! Why would I want to be reliant and tethered to something like iTunes? You are really out of touch

  • mista2x

    So THAT explains why my T-Mobile Nexus S needs to hit the charger 3 hours after I get into the office and why my phone has been buggy as hell lately (super slow to open apps and might as well take a nap while the Gallery opens). I was much happier with my HTC Nexus One and can’t help but think some of the problems are with Samsung’s device.

    • Dikembe

      Have you considered that one or more of your applications isn’t playing nice? have you checked your battery usage? factory reset?

      Sometimes updates (for any platform) goes awry and requires resetting

  • mihavit

    i find myself agreeing with parts of this artical and the issues google has been ignoring its customers. i feel when phones are released the are built with different hardware specs then the google nexus devices. i think when google is planning a yearly release of the nexus devices they make update for that specific hardware and not for other hardware. this needs to get fixed badly if they want to continue to compete in the martket.

  • lagnis

    Just download the 4.0.3 pack and manual update and quit complaining

  • Healthy

    there was someone above whose path mirrored my own.

    i owned the nexus one for 2 years. i was plenty happy with it and the updates it got. i totally understand not getting 4.0. the hardware is so far from current day stuff you can’t argue that they should do it anyway. (unlike the galaxy S excuse that it can’t fit 4.0 AND touchwiz. i prefer stock for this reason among others)

    i got the gnex and i’m perfectly happy. one point though, plenty of people complain of 2 year contracts. why? do what i’ve done for years now. buy phones for full price and get a cheaper monthly at t-mobile with no contract. do the math. paying $600 for a phone, but saving at least that over two years just makes sense.

    the other pet peeve i have is that people complaining about being 0.0.1 editions behind. “BUT THE ASUS HAAAAAASS 4.0.4! 5! 6! it seems like none of these people have considered that 4.0.4 has NO benefit for the gnex. maybe google fixed some tablet specific issues and it would make zero difference for the bugs currently on 4.0.2. i think they shouldn’t waste time pushing unhelpful updates. i do sincerely hope they are working on bug fixes. and i hope they release it when they can. my history with my nexus one says they probably will. it sucks that some people had issues with the nexus S but i still don’t see any benefit going away from nexus, considering all the other phones in the android ecosystem.

    i would be one of those people who would prefer apple one-size-fits-all IF that one size was so restrictive. i’ve enjoyed getting my updates more frequently than once an year. (my nexus one when from eclair to froyo to gingerbread which a whole bunch of small updates in between. that is just two years!)

    people need to understand what they are buying (or what contracts they are signing). i don’t have much pity for people who buy things without being happy with what they are right then, regardless of a “promised” future. it has good specs. i love ICS. the screen is great. i’m going to enjoy 4.0.2 for as long as there isn’t an update. sorry to the folk who will have just as much issue with the next version because once that exists they will only complain about not having the next one.

    • Tojen

      To your point on t-mobile I say “where are you t-mo?” There’s a reason why they’ve plateaued. They don’t have the resources and/or interest to go into rural areas, whereas at&t and verizon does.

      Trust me, I would love to find a cheaper provider with equivalent coverage to at&t(pretty much the only game in town where I live), but I just dont see it happening anytime soon.

  • Mathias

    To me, the worst part ain’t that Google stopped the ICS update. It’s the complete lack of customer support. The least they could do is to set a date when they start again.

  • Gir

    Now, I don’t think that it is Google’s fault. And the reason you buy your device should be based on what you want. I’ve been on Verizon since the first original Droid grandfathered into the unlimited data. And I had a great selection of phones to upgrade to, I owned the Razr for 2 weeks. But the hardware that Samsung came out with for the Galaxy Nexus appealed to me. The beauty of being and android owner is picking a phone to suit your likes, and needs. plus who can complain about 32 down all the time at my house.

  • Kimbo

    I know it’s frustrating, but I’m pretty sure that Google’s hands are somewhat tied when it comes to the phone manufacturers and/or the carriers. They’re probably doing the best they can. I think that if Google ever hopes to really provide the experience they claim you’ll get with a Nexus device, they will have to be the ones to manufacture it. Even then, the carriers will still probably make things difficult for them.

    • Chevy1981

      They probably are doing the best they can, but I’m really not understanding what the carriers have to do with updates. Like I said before I receive iOS updates the same day they were announced so I’m thinking the carriers have nothing to do with that. That being said I’m up in Canada so does it work differently down in the States? I’m guessing it’s either Samsung or Google……..or maybe both? I just really hope this gets resolved for Android users.

      • Kimbo

        I’m speaking of my experience with my Galaxy Nexus through Verizon here in the States. They added a bit of bloatware to it, left off Google Wallet (they did provide it later), etc. I see this type of thing happening more and more with the Nexus devices, and I’m sure that behind the scenes the carriers are putting in their .02 about updates.

  • ihatefanboys

    Easy explanation. Firstly the NEXUS ONE is honestly and realistically TOO OLD to update. its almost equivalent to the G1 in NEXUS terms. Im sure some of you will go on about ROMS, but as nice as ROMS are, they are watered down versions, essentially a new coat of paint on an old barn. The NEXUS S is made by SAMSUNG which should by itself be your explanation. I know it sounds like an old story, but it rears its ugly head more often then it doesnt. When the GALAXY NEXUS doesnt get updated to JELLY BEAN or KEY LIME PIE we will be here again, blaming the NEXUS name when we should just be blaming SAMSUNG…….. please google leave the NEXUS in the trusted hands where it belongs ……HTC.

  • Leo209

    About your comment that 4.0.4 is no difference than 4.0.2, just wanted to clarify that this isn’t correct. i have the gnex and have 4.0.4, but that’s because i rooted. The only reason i did that is because i had the multitouch issue that a lot of people are having and it fixed the problem with that update. I’m sure there is other fixes with the 4.0.4 update, but that’s the only problem i had with the gnex. I can understand why people are upset that they haven’t gotten the ics update on older phones due to new features, but i understand also that this is what they bought so they should be happy with the features of their phone. But if there are bugs in the features that came officially with the phone, such as the multitouch bug, that’s one thing i would expect to be fixed promptly.

    • tgwaste

      no youre wrong. the multitouch bug still exists. im running 4.0.4 now and its constantly happening.

  • Leo209

    Sorry, my response was supposed to be a reply to “healthy’s” post lol

  • GR

    iOS 5.1 was rolled out to everyone within 2 hours of it’s announcement.

    I’m a nexus s owner… previously a nexus one owner… soon to be iPhone owner.

    Thanks Google

  • Olic

    I got the nexus s when it launched in the UK; great phone, but unfortunatly it just hasnt delivered on its promises.

    Google announces ICS Oct-2011
    Google pushes ICS OTA Dec-2011
    Google stops ICS OTA Dec-2011
    Google comments to the +500,000 nexus s consumers …….

    Im not buying an iphone 5 for my next 24 month contract in 2013 because of any marketing spiel from apple “because it just works” bull, but because im fed up being led up the garden path now by google

    Apple announces iOS 5 Oct-2011
    Apple pushes iOS 5 OTA Oct-2011

    Too little too late google, 4 letters: SGII

    Google experience device my ass!

    Nice one…..

    • Dikembe

      And if you run into any issues (like disappearing icons, netflix not working on their TV product for some users)?

      same thing, you just get the marketing shpiel.

      Oh, make sure you enjoy the voice recognition they’re intentionally not bringing to any of their older phones. (tell someone to airplane mode and use it; you’ll find out fast that all the processing is done server side, just like voice actions)

      • Chevy1981

        Actually the big difference here is that Apple HAS real customer support to help resolve these issues. That’s the big difference that I wish Google had for their clients. And yes, Siri can run on their older hardware, but they saved it for the 4S because of the new chips noise cancelling tech (still kinda silly not to push it though). Not trying to hit below the belt here, but at least their older phones are still getting MOST of the updates. I have plenty of friends with a Android that’s just over a year old and are not getting anymore updates…………sorry, had to defend Olic there…… can start calling me a troll now ;)

  • HeLLo

    Opinion:Site is a joke,.To sum it all up FUCK YOU ANDROIDANDME

  • tortday

    The beauty of the nexus device is that it is raw. Completely unlocked. They come out with the new os.

    The constant updates have never come directly from google. Google constantly updates the source tree, and rom builders include those and other updates in their roms. If you want to update once a month, once a week, or even nightly, it is with custom roms that you do so.

    In order to do this in a fully functional way, you need a phone which has an unlocked bootloader so you can replace the kernel and anything else you may want to replace.

    If someone bought the nexus expecting google to send them a monthly ota, they have been reading the wrong forums.

  • Hall Lo

    It was used to be good…. I used to recommend Nexus devices to my friends, but now? I would rather recommend Sammy and HTC devices instead. Google you should definitely fix this. ASAP!

  • spazby

    google will certainly not win over new customers when this is splattered all over….

  • Kevin

    After buying two Nexus Ones (T-Mobile then AT&T) then moving to the Nexus S (AT&T), I worry about my desire to have OS updates. At this point, I would be happy to have a phone that works well as a phone.
    My Nexus Ones always had touch screen issues that were annoying but didn’t stop the phone from being useful.
    My Nexus S is close to being useful as a phone at all. It is constantly going off-network in the US and never connecting again until I go to Airplane mode and back on. I understand this probably isn’t totally Google’s issue since I don’t have as much trouble when I’m in Taiwan.

  • oxy

    I got my update. Replaced my original Nexus S with a new one on gingerbread and shortly after turning it on I got prompted to download 4.0 again. That being said I don’t think the Nexus S lost support as a result of the battery issue. The Nexus One however is a whole different story.

  • GrendelJapan

    Wow, I’ve had a totally different experience. I updated my Nexus S to ICS shortly after the Nexus Galaxy launched, using an update file linked from AndroidandMe (I think). It has been a huge improvement and I’ve enjoyed ICS from that day forward. I haven’t had any problems with apps or noticed a discernible drop in battery life either. That there is a problem with ICS on the NS is news to me. There is no question whatsoever that my next phone will be a Nexus one.

  • Max.Steel

    I don’t understand why people always feel the need to have the latest and greatest. I have the G2 and have had it since ’10. It’s still on official Gingerbread. Would it be nice to have ICS? Sure. But my phone still works great with Gingerbread. Just be happy with what you have. Hardly much of a difference between, say, 4.0 and 4.0.2. Or whatever. Remember people, these are just phones not your life on the line. I do sympathize with you on Google not meeting up to your expectations.

    And to those fake Android fans who threaten to jump ship to iOS. Good riddance, you won’t be missed

  • OOMatter

    I think a lot of people are ignorant of what the Nexus phones are meant to be including apparently the author of this article. They’re baseline devices for developers to use and to show the direction that Google would like Android OEMs to go. Notice I didn’t mention consumers. They’re NOT GOOGLE’S CUSTOMERS.

    For some reason people have gotten it in their heads that it’s meant to be Google’s flagship meant to go head to head with Apple’s iPhone and that’s just wrong. Google’s goal with Android is to make sure you keep seeing their ads because that’s what Google does. Advertising. You want customer service from Google? Buy an ad.

    I got my Galaxy Nexus because I liked the hardware and I knew that I wouldn’t have to worry about being able to unlock it. I’ve been modding my smartphones since they were running winmo. I was never going to leave it stock, so OEM software support is never all that important to me. I also knew that there’s a huge developer community that would be supporting this phone better than any OEM.

    It’s not a phone for your Mom or for the Facebook crowd. There are plenty of other options for those people. If you feel you need to have the latest iteration of Android even if you don’t know what changed or will actually even use the new feature, then compile it yourself. It’s open source.

    • Max.Steel

      Thank you. People are so pissy these days. “Waaaaah. My phone is stuck on 4.0.2 and I heard there is 4.0.4 out there. Waaaah!!!! My life is incomplete.”

    • Jared

      I think you hit the nail on the head. I’ve been reading this site for a while now and I feel like this article does major injustice to Android and the idea of the Nexus line. I’m sure this is going to get me flamed, but people are looking at this wrong. Be glad you have a phone that is completely open source. You can do infinitely more with a Nexus device than I can with my Verizon Incredible 2, which uses drivers that HTC consider proprietary. If my phone were completely open, I could be running the most recent version of Android, but I am crippled because of proprietary drivers. Switch phones if you must, but be ware, it comes with a price. Would I have a more open phone if I could? Yes, but Verizon (we don’t need to go into that can of worms, btw) didn’t offer anything as open as the Galaxy Nexus when I upgraded (out of necessity, mind you). I went with the one device that Verizon had that really met my needs.

      Now I’m not trying to dump on people’s right to complain, but I think they are looking beyond the mark. I keep seeing the quote “With this device, users will be the first to receive software upgrades and new Google mobile apps as soon as they become available,” but never have they dropped the “Developer Device” tagline. I understand the frustration of not having Google release 4.0.x, whichever is latest, but there are options out there to obtain the latest from source. The development community is big enough for the Nexus line that if you are running a Nexus S or Nexus S 4G without the latest rom, you are holding yourself back. One dev, Peter Alphonso, comes to mind. He supports pretty much all Nexus devices in his spare time, for free, up to date.

      Sorry to go on and on, but the people griping need to stop complaining about something so trivial. It could be worse, you could be running a Motorola Droid X. /rant

      By the way, I predict at least -15 on this comment.

  • KC

    Thanks for the feedback on the real situation with Google Nexus stock Android.

    Think I’ll not wait for the 7″ Tablet Google is planning with Asus, but stick to pure Asus instead.

    Asus has been pretty consistent with their OTA Updates. Already my Transformer TF101 has been updated to ICS 4.0.3. Keep up the good work, Asus!!!

    Guess I’ll not go for any stock Android Google Nexus too. There are plenty of others in the market – HuaWei, Panasonic, LG, HTC..

  • ion orov

    Wow, I didn’t really realise this was such a problem. I’d been happily thinking Nexus devices were the best of the best.

    This does not look good for the upcoming Nexus 7″ tablet. I’m scared to buy it now, in case the same BS happens to that device as well.

    Sigh… Maybe we should start a petition to bring back Eric Schmidt? The guy said some crazy stuff but IDK… things have gone down-hill ever since Larry Page took over.

  • Carol

    HTC is updating 16+ of its current, old, and very old devices… all directly to Ice Cream Sandwich.

    Guess what my next phone will be.

  • Guest

    Guys, you all need to understand why the nexus one wasn’t upgraded. Its the ram issue. Imagine having 256mb of ram, then cut down 50mb for the gpu, and about 20mb for android core system, u got 186 mb of ram. And then, just open some apps, and 80mb is gone.There’s 106mb of ram left. And for ICS, its hardware acceleration opens each app supported as an OpenGLES content, and the cost for this? 8mb each app. By then ur phone would be left with only 50++mb of ram, and congratulations, you got your ultra laggy hardware accelerated phone.Like it?

    • KC

      GUess u r rite! I still dun undrstd why OSes takes so much RAM.

      I still remember running a RT-11 Time-Sharing System, using just 64KB memory, and that was huge in those days. It handled 4 to 6 users at that time. 64 KILO Bytes, mind u, not 64GB!.

      Now we have 1GB RAM, and it’s still single-user. Time sure have changed! Did our software coding gone inefficient?

  • Lane Chapman

    I have owned a Nexus S from AT&T from the week it came out (on AT&T) because I was tired of my iPhone 3G, which was buggy as hell. I know the update in December that was “postponed” was not for the AT&T version, but I finally got tired of waiting for Google to announce anything about ICS for my phone. So now I have a rooted phone that is twice as fast as it used to be and I can use ICS whenever I feel like it, even though I don’t because I absolutely love CM7 on my phone.

    I don’t get how teams like CyanogenMod can do this in this amount of time and Google can’t, it just makes no sense!!

    • KC

      Perhaps it’s ‘cuz CM7 ppl are hungry! Literally, they dun make as much, and they r starving form funds.

      Google staff and development people are just the opposite. They’ve grown fat and lazy, with their huge salaries and perks.

      This is what happens when you have made it to the top – you get complacent, arrogant, dun-care a damn about the users, lose interest, and generally get FATTER and LAZIER.

    • DroidSamurai

      That’s the difference b/w working for living and working for fun. Working for living, no matter how much you love your job, you will feel tired. Working for fun, you forget when to sleep!

  • Taylor

    While I manually upgraded my T-Mobile Nexus S to ICS (and it works great for me), I am very, very concerned by the apparent lack of effort/progress Google has shown on the official path, not to mention the many different support modes listed for the brand new Galaxy Nexus. Why are some getting direct love form Google and others not? This seams to be a major problem and is bound to create fragmentation as a direct result of Google’s hands-off approach to hardware.

    Google is a software company that still doesn’t seem to recognize the importance of the hardware side of the business. Most device makers are too hardware-centric and only mess up the software. It truly pains me to admit this, but only Apple seems to understand the complex interplay between software an hardware.

    And that is really, really sad.

  • txbluesman

    Google Please support our Nexus devices better….It’s like throwing the boat in the water and that’s it. HELL, START THAT BITCH UP AND RUN IT!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ardrid

    This article raises a number of interesting points, and puts me in something of a quandary. After dealing with the Galaxy S for the last two years (read: Captivate), I swore I would never purchase another manufacturer phone. The reasons were the obvious: lack of a guaranteed upgrade path (Captivate owners didn’t get Gingerbread until more than a year after release), hardware/software issues (read: broken GPS and file system), and carrier bloat. The planned obsolescence of devices was also irritating (the moment the Galaxy S II was announced, the Galaxy S was all but EoLed by Samsung).

    From where I’ve been sitting, a Nexus device was meant to alleviate all of my concerns. It appears that is no longer the case based on this article and some of the experiences voiced in the comments. That brings me back to my quandary: what to do about my upgrade. At the moment, the HTC One X is extremely tempting. The same can be said about the Galaxy S III if the rumored specs are accurate, in spite of the fact that I swore I would never purchase another Samsung phone.

    As much as I’d love a Nexus, it might be time to move on if the Nexus “experience” isn’t going to be facilitated by Google.

    • DroidSamurai

      Judging from the history, you are right that you should NEVER buy a non top-of-the-line Samsung phones. For the Galaxy S class phones, you should at least get 1 upgrade. So, for Sammy’s phone, the key is ignore all those non S class phones.

      HTC, however, has a better records when it comes to upgrading mid range phones, but again things aren’t so clear for them.

      The bottomline is, if you care about receiving OS upgrade, only buy the current top-of-the-line. 1 OS upgrade is almost guaranteed.

  • Ginny R

    This is an interesting read, even for a woman on the Froyo 2.2 that her Droid X came with. Goddess forbid I take an OTA. Not a technophobe, to the contrary. Guess I don’t muck with an already good thing. I’ll get a new phone one day I’m sure.

  • MontyX

    I am angry too. I’m from Hungary, from this small European country. My salary is around 1200 dollar. I was in US thanks for my US based company on the beginning of the last year. I prepared to buy the 9020A. I liked it very well. But now I’m angry, cuz I updated to the ICS, and this is suxx… I can’t turn on the screen rotation, because this keeps the phone alive. The ICS is slow, the apps are incompatible… Every other company will push out a working ICS but the GOOGLE!!!

  • Joel Bird

    Nexus devices get the attention for the first year they’re out, until the next device comes along. Although a Nexus device will normally see support for the year following, it is understandable that it isn’t going to see the same support as that given to the newest Nexus device which overtakes it and becomes the priority.

    The majority of Nexus owners live on the bleeding edge of technology and hop to the new phone every time (provided they enjoyed the stock experience). Because of this, we don’t often hear about the users on the old Nexus devices. While it is sad that older devices get updates later, they do eventually get them.

    I, like a number of other users who have commented here, have had nothing but a positive experience with the Nexus line. IMHO it’s the only android phone worth owning. I’ve had the occasional reboot once a month, but many tech devices experience such an issue. If you’re rebooting all the time, you seriously need to consider reflashing your phone. Battery issues also seem to come and go, but 9 times out of 10 it relates to a rogue app playing up, which when removed, returns the phone to normal.

    If you keep having issues and have tried some of the solutions and they don’t work, you’ve probably got to start thinking that maybe you have a hardware problem. Often, an update can be mistaken for bad behaviour when it’s just coincidence and you’ve got yourself a fault.

    I have been a 100% happy Nexus One, Nexus S and now Galaxy Nexus owner, and couldn’t be happier. The Nexus devices are the one device I own which I can trust nothing to go wrong to.

    Also, I recall on a previous tweet that Taylor said he was happy again about his Nexus S. Has it swayed the other way again?

  • Toni Oliver

    I’ve been a nexus One user from its first week until it stopped working a week ago. I am choosing my new phone right now: Galaxy Nexus or Samsung Galaxy S II? The Nexus brand doesn’t have enough support to go for a less premium phone, as for waht I have seen, the branded HTC and Samsung flagships have always had better mics, speakers, cameras and finishes, after all they have to try to promote their brand over Googles.

  • Kaote

    very simply the Nexus S was never truely a Nexus phone. When Google let Samsung withhold Google wallet and reskin the UI, the name should have been pulled. With that said Google and Samsung have both damaged what it means to be a Nexus Phone.


    look not for nothing.. i had an N1 and Ns on day one. now both had issues and i can recall the frustration with both. But my galaxy nexus truthfully has been “so far” the best nexus device i have had to date. 0 issues so far since I imported it on day back in early November. I have been pleased in every way shape and form. so much so that i see no need to get anything else

    • Max.Steel

      I can’t believe A&Me would post this kind of article.

  • Neocrack


    ya no vale la pena tener un nexus ni aunque sea por actualizaciones…….

  • Usman Ansari

    One word. ROOT.

    I’ve been running stable ICS for months now on my I9020T.

    • Derek

      You shouldnt have to root and void your warranty to get the latest update.

  • 4ndroid

    This whole article is a waste. I’m a proud owner of a TMobile nexus s. I’ve had the stock ics ROM running since the day it was released and have had ZERO issues with it. Was I going to wait for the OTA release? Hell no! I downloaded it from Google and flashed it myself. If waiting for OTA updates is part of your complaint, you need to learn what the hell you’re doing and do it yourself.
    Ever notice how some people run into issues on Android and some don’t? I think this a result of two things: user competence and apps installed.
    And to say that nexus has the least support is a freaking joke. You should reanalyze.

  • Black Kristos

    Since when is A&M a site for this sort of whining post? Keep to Reddit or your Facebook account.

  • SuperAndroidEvo

    You know I got a GNex because of the NFC & Android 4.0. Now that I have been noticing a decline in Google’s updating timetable, especially since Samsung Galaxy S II’s are getting updated before “Google” Nexus S phones, I am just going to get the best phone out there. If the Samsung Galaxy Note was for Verizon I would have purchased that instead of the GNex. You know the Note will be next to get ICS after the Galaxy S II.

  • tim jordan

    I have a Nexus S 4G. I bought it because I wanted the latest OS updates. I had the very first Android phone the G1 and that was only updated to 1.6 and I was told it was because of the size of the SAM so I got the Nexus S 4G. And this newer bigger phone has not gotten a single update. The Nexus line of phones has been very bad so far and will probable always be. I will be considering an iPhone for my next investment. At least with iPhone, there is always OS consistency.

  • Derek

    The problem is the carriers, plain and simple. The original N1 was sold through Google. Every other Nexus devices has been branded and sold through carriers. Google sold out and let the carriers have their way and dictate what was allowed in each version, and now every update must be tested and approved by each carrier. Unless Google is going to sell their Nexus products the same way they sold their N1, its not a true Nexus device with pure android, its some convoluted, carrier controlled B.S.

  • simulant

    Hell yeah. Samsung should get some blame as well. The Nexus S is my 3rd Samsung phone and I’m still not getting timely bug fixes or updates. Fool me three times…. Windows phone is looking more and more like a viable alternative.

    This 6 month cell phone dev cycle is just ridiculous. Once it’s out the door, the manufacturers and carriers don’t appear give a crap anymore.

    As for Google, the ICS delay is bad enough but the lack of communication is really unforgivable.

  • Jose

    Google me ha defraudado con este movil. Pensaba que el soporte iba a ser mejor, pero ya veo que no.

  • andres moreno

    nexus s anymore

  • Groinko

    Nexus phones are great (got N1 and GN) but first you need to flash a pure stock rom to get updates and a clean OS. Carrier phones are bloated.

  • petrochemicals

    At least some sites have the guts to run an article on this issue. I have been asking Android Central to run an article about this for months. Head editor Phil Nickinson even went so far as to reply to one of my e-mails telling me that this is not news. Google failing to update their own hardware with their own software is not news on and Android News blog? Now he is even deleting my comments asking the site as to why they are not reporting this. AC is a joke for Android news.

  • OnIn2

    What we are seeing is a groundswell of frustration on how updates are handled on Android cells. I don’t expect my cell to live forever and understand some cells just won’t have the specs to run the latest and greatest.


    This “buy it and whatever it has on it is the only thing ever on that device” but “we’ll be glad to sell you a new device” is very frustrating. Apple doesn’t do that to it’s customers.

    There was an article posted just yesterday on A&Me, about a 2 person development team that went back to iOS only, because the lack of support from Google.

    Hello Google….Is anyone out there ?

    • Ardrid

      That is one thing I will give Apple a ton of credit for. As much as I don’t like their draconian practices or their anti-competitive use of litigation, I can admit that they take care of their customer base. If the phone’s hardware is capable, there is absolutely no reason why it should not be supported with the latest software, regardless of whether we’re dealing with point releases or major improvements.

      My wife has a 3GS (a 33 month old phone, mind you) and had no issues downloading and running iOS 5.0+ from day one. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about the Nexus S (a mere 15 months old) and Android 4.0 at present. Can anyone honestly say that the Nexus S will be supported for an additional 18 months from now as the 3GS has been? Do we really expect to see the Nexus S officially running JB or KLP?

  • gmaninvan

    “To this day, even after rooting my device and trying both MIUI and CyanogenMod 9, my camera doesn’t work.”

    Can’t say I agree with this. My camera works fine, panorama and everything with CM9. If you are having issues, try a clean install.

    - Backup apps through titanium
    - Wipe Cache/Dalvik Cache
    - Factory reset
    - Install OS/ GAPPS
    - Restore USER apps through titanium, not system apps.


    I also don’t agree with battery life. Running the latest CM9 nightly I had 18 hours with average use yesterday. Although I will admit that earlier nightlies weren’t as efficient. This is also with deep idle deactivated because I don’t think it does anything and some tests have proven that.

  • Tman Tran

    please sign, so the rest of the Nexus S users can receive ICS as well please, and thank you !

    Make Google aware that we Nexus S users are unhappy! and want the Update they promised!

  • Faizan Kazi

    I completely sympathize with you bro. A friend owns a Nexus, and my Evo 3d will get 4.0 before he does…

    Even though I should be happy, I’m disappointed in Google…
    I care about the future of Android, and they won’t continue to do so well if they treat customers (and/or business partners) like crap.

  • Steven

    Inconsistent updates plus lack of up to date hardware is going to be the down fall for the nexus seriers. Back when the N1 came out, it definitely set the bar high in terms of hardware but now i feel google is now playing catch up to stay on top or are they even trying anymore.

  • Nexus one guy

    Nexus One user here. Best thing I ever did was root my phone and put cyanogenmod on it. Google support was nonexistt. Warranty support was so bad that I should have rooted earlier.

    Charger stopped working 3 months after purchase and HTC refused to replace it. Touchscreen issues were almost unbearable until cyanogenmod upgrade.

  • mr_nyx

    I have to agree…
    I have a N1, and although I was upset that there would be no ICS, I was willing to accept it.

    However, I had told people to get the Nexus S because they were supposed to get ICS first (or soon after the next-gen [galaxy nexus] phone).

    Personally, I’ll be hard-pressed to get another Nexus:
    1) Because I don’t like where the sizes of phones are going in general
    2) I’ve watched some very very poor updates roll out… on the N1, then the NS, and now I’m seeing it on the GN.

    Sad… probably not even getting ICS from CM9.
    Super sadness, friends… very disappointed overall (but happy with the phone).

  • peter

    Well guys i have a gsm version galaxy nexus, and i hear lot of you are on 4.02 .03 or .04

    I am still on 4.01, and it says “your system is up to date”

    What the heck?! Why are some ppl on higher versions!?!?!

  • x men

    id like to downgrade my android 4.0.4 ice cream sandwich OS to
    Android 2.3.6 gingerbread. can anyone help me downgrade it in a step by step method?

    i have a nexus S phone…

  • x men

    id like to stop getting automatic updates from uploading the latest O.S. is there an option for that? i have a nexus S phone.
    because it automatically downloads the latest O.S. everytime i go to system settings- about phone-system updates….i want an option if i can find it, asking me to appove first before downloading it. is that possible?

  • hpilot

    I updated Sprint Nexus S 4g OTA to ICS. Now I get two error messages every time I boot up, and every time I use the camera:

    -Search From Camera Error. Authentication Failed
    -Permission Requested For Account [email protected]

    This is driving me nuts! I am starting to have second thoughts about Android…Sad

  • Sue

    My Nexus S is still on 2.3.6. If I don’t charge it in time before it dies then it begins to constantly reboot, about every minute or so, for days. It overheats and I can’t use it. The battery life is pathetic, it lasts maybe 10 hours, if that. Some photos don’t appear in the gallery, there’s an empty border. And it buzzes/the notification rings when I’m on the phone. I just want the phone to work. Next phone, I’m just using soup cans to communicate.

  • Abdellah halif

    Elouardi nawal

  • dutrak

    Because its google!