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Rumor: Google’s $199 “Nexus tablet” to be made by ASUS, include quad-core Tegra 3


Recently there’s been rumblings that Google will release a 7-inch “Nexus tablet” in the first half of 2012, but many have doubted that Google would actually enter the hardware business. Several people have rightfully pointed out that Google traditionally partners with an OEM on these “Google Experience Devices”, just like they did with Motorola on the Xoom tablet. Read on for the latest rumor surrounding who might produce Google’s 7-inch tablet.

The Rumor

Google has partnered with ASUS to release a 7-inch tablet that will become a pure Google Experience Device. The tablet will retail for $199, include a quad-core Tegra 3 processor, and ship with stock Android 4.x Ice Cream Sandwich.

The Sources

This rumor comes from two different industry sources that I spoke with in person at Mobile World Congress. They have provided reliable information in the past and I find them to be trustworthy. As with most of these rumor reports, the sources wish to remain anonymous.

One Android Insider’s take on the rumor

Consumers want cheap tablets and the $199 Kindle Fire has proven this. Amazon shipped an estimated 5 million units in Q4 of last year and it quickly became the best selling Android tablet.

The Kindle Fire is a great product, but it lacks all of Google’s mobile services including the Android Market. Some would think that Google would be happy with Amazon’s success, but our sources say that Google sees Amazon as a threat in the tablet market. Amazon replaced Google’s ecosystem with their own, so Amazon earns all the long-tail profits from content and services, while Google gets nothing.

There have already been multiple reports that Google would release a $199 tablet that features a 7-inch 1280×800 resolution display, enters production in April, and ships around June. The main details that have been absent include the OEM partner and the processor type.

ASUS previously announced their $249 MeMo 370T tablet at CES, which included a quad-core Tegra 3 processor. The tablet won several best of show awards and our sources say that Google was so impressed with the device that they approached ASUS to see if they could reduce the bill of materials and reach that magical $199 price point. Barnes & Noble reduced the price of their Nook Tablet from $250 to $199, so why can’t others?

Details about the ASUS MeMo 370T have been scarce, but we believe that product will be very similar to the Google Experience Device that gets released. It sounds likely that ASUS and Google might have reduced the internal storage to bring down the retail price to $199. Potential users would rely on the upcoming Google Drive to store their content online.

Android chief Andy Rubin recently told Nilay Patel of The Verge that he wants to win the tablet race and Google was planning to do something about it. Rubin said, “2012 is going to be the year that we double down and make sure we’re winning in that space… we’re going to do a better job at making people understand what ecosystem they’re buying into.”

Selling a full featured Android tablet with all of Google’s mobile services and a quad-core Tegra 3 processor for only $199 would certainly turn some heads. As crazy as it sounds, a possible 10-inch version might also be in the works with a target price point of $299.

We are still unsure of the final product name, but Google Play is a possible candidate. A slew of recent domain names have been registered by MarkMonitor, which Google regularly uses to buy up URLs.

Our sources were not able to confirm the target release date, but we speculate that it could be rolled out to Google IO attendees on June 27th.

ASUS has a strong relationship with Google and I’ve been extremely impressed with the Transformer Prime, so I think this 7-inch Google Experience Device could sell very well. If Amazon shipped 5 million units of their $199 tablet in one quarter, then I predict that Google could move over 10 million units in the second-half of 2012.

If all this information turns out to be true, how many of you would spend $199 on a 7-inch tablet with a pure Google experience?

Taylor is the founder of Android and Me. He resides in Dallas and carries the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and HTC One as his daily devices. Ask him a question on Twitter or Google+ and he is likely to respond. | Ethics statement

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  • YellowDucati


    • Jeff Pan

      Me too. I would definitely buy this!

      • thekaz

        rolled out to Google IO attendees?? one more reason I wanna go to Google IO!

        • Jaydeep Wagh

          Me too..!

          • Sougata Bhattacharya

            Yupp!!! book one for me!

    • LukeT32

      And I thought the memo tab was going to be awesome!

    • IpatentedSarcasm

      Fool me once Asus- I waited for the Memo for a year, I’m not waiting any longer-

      I bought a 7″ Acer dual core tablet because I need to get some work done.

      If you do end up actually selling this, great, I’ll look at it, maybe ebay this one and buy yours, but once burned, twice shy.

      You said the Memo would be available 1Q 2011, then it never came.

      I don’t trust you any more, and I think you’re just trying to get the low end market to not buy a tablet until you can actually produce something.

      Put up or shut up.

      • Lycanthropik

        It has become unfortunetly obvious that the Asus MeMo 370T will never be released. It has been squelched by Google (buying off asus with volume contract promises) to enable the Nexus to compete with the amazon fire. Nexus will not be the 370T by a wide margin. It will be only slightly better than the amazon fire and be cheaper. Pathetic! This is an example of big companies marketing what they want us to buy rather than what consumers really want. The MeMo 370T was a dream product at a good price that would have taken everyone else out of the game in the 7″ ereader/tablet category. I’ll wager that the only thing this nexus will do well is connect to google for purchasing further product from them. I’m disapointed, but shouldn’t be suprised. Wish asus had the balls to do what it said it would. If they had they might become a real name to reckon with.

  • txbluesman

    Stoked! How awesome would this be? Gimmee, gimmee.

  • spazby

    I like the sound of a.10 inch google tablet for 299….

    • Jorge Vieira

      I wish!

      • William Tatum

        Look into Lepan, right now imo, they are the only company who has viable offerings at the 169-299(TC970 and Lepan II) price point for a 10.1 inch tablet.

        • LockStock

          Le Pan makes some quality yet affordable tablets. Way better than those other cheap China tablets. People should really check them out more, better than the Kindle and Nook.

        • masterpfa

          Le Pan are cheap, I will give you that, but I am unable to comment as I have never used one personally.

          However I have with the Asus as does a friend who owns the original Eee Pad Transformer and we are both impressed with the product, customer service and prompt updates from Asus (his Transformer has been running ICS for a little while now)

        • mendoza

          I have purchased a Lepan II, so far it works great…

    • jaxidian

      I want that but I also want it to dock into the Transformer’s keyboard.

    • AsakuraZero

      and make it with asus, its like magic then!

    • epps720

      At those price points I would buy the 10 in for myself and the 7 for my wife and still be under the price of the iPad. Starting to sound like that Kindle commercial.

    • LittleGreenDude

      7 incher for $199, Heck yes! A ten incher for $299, Omega yes!!!!!

  • redraider133

    I will definitely buy this if it does come at $199 with these specs

  • keridel

    I think of all the manufacturers out there I would want Asus to make the nexus tab. Their hardware is second to none.

    • zerosix

      Of all the manufacturers out there I would want Motorola to make something for Google. Or to see Google, making Motorola a profitable department and a really international company.
      The only hope I have – is that they are doing something really big, fantastic and revolutionary.

      • keridel

        Of all the OEMS Moto is the one i DONT want to see make this.

        they are just not good enough.

        • zerosix

          I don’t understand, why people dislike Moto so much. They have tons of awesome ideas (just remember Lapdock and webtop-app) and now they belong to Google. It’s quite funny to read something like this: I don’t want Google to produce Google-tablet.

          • keridel

            ok i can see why you would think that but i disagree.

            motorola are incredibly bad at making devices that are for people. they make devices they think will make them money.

            i’m looking forward to google making changes to motorola, however they have said, most adamantly that they will not, In any way, alter motorola’s products.

            so they will still suck.

            I have owned three devices by moto. each time i did they let me down with sub standard support and devices and lying. outright lying.

            so my original statement stands

          • Grant

            Do some research. Moto and Google are going to be kept as separate entities.

          • joogleme16

            Google paid a lot of money for Moto I find it hard to believe that they will allow them (in the long term) to run independently if they’re steadily making mediocre products. But I don’t think they’ll use Moto any time soon to make any Nexus devices.

        • m
      • hawk24

        Same, ASUS has crap quality. I have an ASUS EP121 and had nothing but problems with the LCD screen.

        • Johnboy

          I’ll take your personal anecdote and raise you mine. I have a u46 laptop that cost 1/3 what a macbook with the same specs would run. Best laptop I’ve ever owned out of around 15, and the lowest cost of them as well.

  • wwJOSHdo

    ahhhh! I have a HP TouchPad, Transformer Prime, and Galaxy Tab 10.1! Should I get this to?

  • Jeff Pan

    That would be awesome.

    $199 Google tablet . Way to go

  • zombiepartz

    Hands down would buy…that’s cheap!

  • SydneyBlue120d

    No NVIDIA please!!! Switch to Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 please!!!

    • Taylor Wimberly

      If they really call it “Google Play”, then Tegra 3 offers a better gaming experience over the current Snapdragon S4.

      • ags29

        Wouldn’t SONY have something to say about that name?

        • zerosix

          And RIM.

          • Snipes

            If they used the S4 they could call it the Google 4Play

    • masterpfa

      Remember this is a $199 tablet

  • Josh Phillips

    I already have a 10.1″ tablet and I would jump on this immediately. At $199, it would be an impulse buy. Hell… I would probably buy the $299 10″ one too and give the smaller one to my wife or nieces.

  • Vance

    Go ASUS! Mr. Rubin nailed it “we’re going to do a better job at making people understand what ecosystem they’re buying into.” that’s exactly what they need to do!

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Yep I think that’s why they are trying to stomp out the Kindle Fire. Google wants those $199 customers to buy into their ecosystem, and not Amazon’s.

      • Taknarosh

        Also I’m not sure I believe Google sees the Kinda Fire as you put it Taylor.

        I recently made flew to Seattle to have an in person job interview for a position with Amazon. Before the interviews we got to have some small talk opportunity with many Amazon software developers from various departments.

        I was fortunate enough to have a talk with a Software Engineer from the Amazon App Store. I’m under NDA so I’ll just paraphrase my gut feelings. I believe their goal isn’t to beat Google over the head with their own OS, but rather get a stake in the ever profitable media consumption market (as they felt the advertising market isn’t a bottomless well). This of course is facilitated by Android being an Open Source OS.

        The reason why I don’t think Google see’s Amazon as a threat (yet) is that if someone decides to make an App to target the Kindle Fire market they are effectively developing an App that will make it to the Android market as well, so really it isn’t a loss for Google.

        • Jorge Branco

          Exactly! It doesn’t matter who makes money off the apps originally. More kindle fires means more android tabs means more android developers. Eventually the app ecosystem will be there, making every android tab more attractive

  • Slith

    Oh God I hope it is true and June 27th is my birthday!

    • Jorge Branco

      You hope June 27 is your birthday?

    • Rohan

      My birthday is late june too.
      Last year treated myself to a s2 on my bday.. and i think i know what i want this year too now :)

    • fc1032

      :D My birthday is really close to that too!!

      I usually buy my products at the end of the year though :\ I really only want stylus support, folding keyboard dock and NFC.

  • mrwirez

    This is EXACTLY what I have been waiting for. Good brand name quality, pure Google Nexus [NO skins], the latest Android OS, seven inch form factor, and… all of it under $200…

    I think I’ll buy TWO!
    THIS IS the iPad killer!

    • Tom

      Wrong, the demographic is different for iPad customers. They have more money. And as far as it being a Kindle Fire killer, maybe.

      Definitely grabbing one myself if these rumors pan out but kinda doubting it with that price.

      • redraider133

        That is so false. I know people with apple products and they don’t “have more money” than those who choose non apple products and actually may be the other way around…

        • Tom

          Really? Just look at some comments every time a cheap tablet rumor pops, omg I’m getting one no wait getting three.

          I should perhaps have said targeted demographic. Apple isn’t interested in people with less cash, yet. That’s why their iPad will never get a big price drop.

          The Android tablet manufacturers have no clue where they want to be for prices. Except for of course Amazon.

          Samsung with their numerous odd sizes are almost Apple priced. Which according to themselves lately isn’t really selling all too well in comparison to iPads.

          I’m still doubting a full fledged Android tablet at $199 though. Some corners are bound to get cut.

      • thekaz

        yeah, I gotta agree.. I don’t think more money is the demographic for the iPad. Apple is just good at marketing to make you think the iPad is worth the money, whether you have it or not.

        I think Google’s best shot is making this thing look as smooth and as cool as the iPad for a lot less money. The specs will sell themselves to the tech crowd. They need to win over the non-tech – the hipsters, the corporate VPs, the grandparents, etc. in order to really kill the iPad.

        I hope to hell they do it with this tablet!

      • Usman Ansari

        Believe me.. I can afford an iPad. But I hate the ecosystem and don’t see the device as a product worth the cost. I also happen to be a Google user, and while I did try the Galaxy Tab 10.1, I wasn’t impressed with the performance given that price. I’m mostly going to consume content on it.. Just give me something I can use in bed comfortably and that does doesn’t lag.

    • yep!

      Uhhh? iPad killer? Ever since transformer prime came out Ipad is already dead!

      • jonathan3579

        What’s an iPad?

      • alfleagle

        And yet there are those (Brian Tong of Cnet) who compare the Asus Transformer Prime with the Ipad TWO and declare the slower, smaller, lower resolution Ipad the winner. There are those who will always see Apple as a religious experience.

  • eng618

    Heck yeah!!!!! I would jump all over that. I’m not a big fan of the 7″ market but I would grab this just as soon as it came out.

  • Sturoid

    So it would likely only be wifi at that price point :( I really don’t want to have this thing tethered to my Nexus sucking off it’s battery.
    If they were to bring out a $299 10 inch tablet that would totally kill anything that the OEMs are putting out there so it would be surprising to see them undercut their partners.

    None the less, if this had quality anywhere near the Tab 7.7 I’d be really keen or I might just get the 7.7 and hope someone gets ICS on it.

    • mrwirez

      Then it would not be this one…

  • Hall Lo

    Woah this is amazing news! $199 for a Tegra-3 tablet? Dun think, just buy it!

  • bigrob029

    I was ready to drop $250 on the memo, so $200 on a nexus sounds even better. I really hope they knock it out the park with this one. Sign me up!!!

  • cybik

    I have the Prime and yet I’d impulsebuy this little bugger.

  • Jorge Vieira

    I would by two! Im really hope it comes out i have been dying to get my farther a 7 inch affodable andriod tablet (besides fire) if not the memo it is!

  • jamal adam

    Nexus + Assistant (*fingers crossed*) + $199 + Tegra 3 + 7in (1280×800) = The best tablet ever!!

  • rantmo

    If this is real, *especially* if it ends up being a re-branded 370T, I will push small children over to get to it. I would betray every one of you for it. I guess what I’m saying is that I’m mildly excited about the prospect for this.

    • pekosROB


      excellent comment/post!

  • jd

    I don’t think even with the $199 price the Google tablet will outsell Kindle Fire or even close to that. Remember Amazon has all the service behind Kindle Fire and that is a big selling point. Google’s own tab is less accomplished in that area, and will be seen as “just another Android tablet” that cannot compete with the iPad3. (not that I agree with that.)

    That being said, I would certainly consider one or the 10 inches one.

    • Andrew Burgess

      anyone who knows that google == android won,t think “just another android tablet”

      • Tom

        And that’s why Android tablets are tanking. Most potential tablet customers see iPads everywhere but barely ever notice any Android tablets.

        IPad displays are front and center, Android tablets are in a glass placement, all hurdled together, down a side aisle.

        Non techies will indeed see this as just another Android tablet.

        I just want the size of it personally, my Xoom is far too heavy and bulky and I hate the CrapUI of Samsung.

        • ion orov

          I think Apple forces retailers to treat their ipads differently. Their displays are usually up front and center, with the other tablets pushed far away. At least, that’s what I usually see in here in Australia.

          Not that it matters much… Honeycomb is sadly just too laggy compared with the ipad. It makes the Android tablets feel underpowered.

          The only butter smooth Android is the TF Prime… but its just too expensive.

  • cristian cristiandonose

    I would love a tablet in the 10 inch range…

  • hinds

    I’m not in the market for a tablet right now but would get a nexus tablet Fuh sho if and when it came out for such a consumer friendly price. Nexus is definitely the way to go.

  • Mike H.

    Wow, this thing will sell like mad. Heck, I’d buy 2 at that price (home & office).

  • slurms mckenzie

    Sounds perfect but the deal breaker for me is the 7in even if it is made by goggle. Need 10in+

    • jonathan3579

      That’s what she said.

  • Cass

    Def. Would buy!! If this rumor is true Google is finally going to get a partner that will do it right!! Let me explain why…I was gonna buy a Kindle Fire, a Samsung Galaxy Tab or a Transformer. I didn’t pick Fire cause I wanted Android not Amazon…I didn’t pick Samsung cause they don’t update their products in a timely fashion. I bought Asus luv it an as promised I was upgraded to Android 4.0…Go Asus!!

    • Tom

      If this is a Nexus device, updates will be timely, regardless of the manufacturer.

      • msgnyc

        My Nexus S which still has yet to recieve an official ICS update would argue with you.

  • DK

    Taylor, good info, thanks. …only thing is that I HIGHLY doubt they’ll be able to match Amazon’s sales for the first two quarters (5 million avg).

    Amazon’s first quarter was during the holidays. They’ve been selling it front and center 24/7 on (the worlds largest online retailer). They’ve continued the marketing success of the “Kindle”. And at half the price of other tablets. A $200 tablet won’t be so rare and outstanding this year. Google doesn’t market products well themselves (see Nexus One). They’ll advertise on YouTube, and one liners on Google, but people aren’t on those sites to spend money as they are when they visit Amazon.. All the while Amazon will continue selling their devices directly available on their home page (including any new devices to come).

    • masterpfa

      I have to agree, marketing has been where Google falls down mostly on.
      They have possibly the worlds largest advertising platform, , along with the resources to match both Apple’s and Amazon’s advertising campaigns, but yet nothing.

      3 “Google Experience” phones have been released, with really, just the die hard, hard core Android users aware of what these are, will the same happen to a Google Tablet?

      • ion orov

        They probably don’t want to be seen as too aggressive in marketing their own stuff.

        Think about it, if you see Galaxy Nexus ads all over google search… Sammy would be happy… but what about HTC, Sony and the rest?

        Conversely, if they market the hell out of the HTC-made Nexus One, would Samsung be happy?

        I think this is what is crippling their marketing and handicapping their tablet strategy.

  • Jake

    The success of the Kindle Fire may attract developers to make apps for it. Unfortunately, because the Kindle Fire runs an older version of Android and it lacks many of the hardware features that are common to other Android phones and tablets. Google understands that the Fire may hurt the Android ecosystem, because it doesn’t encourage developers to optimize their apps for more current versions of the Android OS or to make innovative apps that take advantage of hardware features that the Kindle Fire lacks. Google needs to compete with the Kindle Fire, but the part that Andy Rubin keeps missing is that Google needs to give incentives to developers to create more apps optimized for Android tablets. Do a better job of curating apps, and/or give developers a bigger cut of their sales. Hold more competitions for development of Android apps. Give grants to developers who have ideas for really awesome apps.

    There are a bunch of venture capitalists investing in development of iOS apps. Google should do the same to encourage development for Android tablets (and Google TV, etc.).

  • Joee

    Reduced internal storage is OK only if they provide a micro SD slot. There are still way too many places without wifi to rely on cloud storage.

    • msgnyc

      and tierd data plans

  • Dan

    This is very enticing but I will have to turn the 7 inch down. I like 10 inch sizes but I want a tablet from the transformer line because of the keyboard dock. I will buy one next year when I want to get rid of my Xoom that’s already pretty snappy from its ICS update.

  • Craig Mogi

    Heck yeah, I’d buy one of these. I have the ASUS TP, and that thing is amazing. I would ‘get this for my girlfriend’ because she wants a smaller tablet, but I would have to play around with it. Hopefully they don’t lock it down like they did with the Transformer Prime, that was a bummer, even with the recently released unlock tool it’s still not completely open.

  • thargic

    want it!

  • http://None Javier Bastardo

    Definitively want!

  • Bob Weaver

    I’d buy 2, This would open up the old people market who just want to get email, and web access. that are new to tech. 72 and wait until June.

    • Tom

      Being in a large retail business, almost guarantee you that it wouldn’t. Most, not all, most older people buy iPad’s and Kindle Fires but not Xooms.

      A Nexus tablet might appear too complicated as well.

      • redraider133

        Maybe it is because the price of the xoom when it first launched. Not to mention the kindle is much cheaper than the xoom only makes sense that would sell more. and we all know people buy ipads no matter what the price is so you can’t really compare it to that.

        • Tom

          I ask people every time why they chose the tablet they did. Almost every single person I sell Kindle Fires to name ease of use and Amazon as their main reason.

          We sell 1-3 every single day and continously have to keep ordering them. The regular Android tablets never sell with the exception of the Galaxy Tab 10.1.

  • Lucian Armasu

    A 7″ tablet is fine, to compete with Kindle Fire and get a lot of market share in a short time, but Google needs to focus on more Transformer-like devices as well, to fight off the tablet competition coming from Windows 8 this fall.

    If this 7″ tablet is released in June, then it should arrive with Android 5.0.

    • Tom

      Doubt we’ll see Jelly Bean until October/November. But Ice Cream Sandwich for sure and one of the first devices to get Jelly Bean of course.

  • Tiago Cesar

    Yeah I want!!!

  • Scott

    Sign me up NOW. I’ll take two!

  • raqnall

    I’m not interested in 7″ Tablets and I’m certainly not interested in the JUNK that Asus pushes out.. Bad move Google, should have gone with a better manufacturer..

  • revs

    this is stupid they need tomake a ten inch device the galaxy nexus fits in
    just like the pad phone

    only without a door on it somthing that makes it once piece

    • Tom

      There’s about a billion 10 inch Android tablets out. The 10 or so different ones my store has are NOT selling. The Galaxy Tab goes once in a while.

      The hottest tablet right now as far as numbers in my store, Kindle Fire.

  • Aude

    I would equip the whole family!

  • Kyle

    Sold my Tab 10.1 and I’ve been waiting around for a 7 inch tablet. This would fit my needs perfectly, especially if they made a 10 inch as well, I’d at least have an option. But to be honest I would be surprised to see it have Tegra 3 processor, as popular as they are. Since it would be a Nexus device Google might choose a different processor like they did with the Galaxy Nexus.

  • sunrise

    Again, seeing something like this makes me ask….”Why do smartphones cost 500-$700 off contract?”

    Oh right, because of price fixing scheme between carriers with their contracts and the manufacturer. Carrier locks you in for two years, the manufacturer gets to charge a grossly inflated price for a phone, and the customer loses. Ahh don’t you love it when the free competitive open market works?

    It would cost in my estimate 15-$25 dollars to put a 3G/4G chip in here, but then they would turn around, tie this to a cell carrier with a contract and jack up the off contract price to $500.

    iPhone 4S Bill of Materials estimate ($)
    16GB 188.00
    32GB 207.00
    64GB 245.00

    Off contract price?
    16GB 649.00
    32GB 749.00
    64GB 849.00

    I have no clue how this blatant business practice of price fixing is allowed to continue.$188,-IHS-iSuppli-Teardown-Analysis-Reveals.aspx

    • Tojen

      I understand your frustration with the bloated off-contact price, but to say that it’s the product of a free and open market would be pretty misguided. Nobody is forced to do business with cell carriers. If you dont like how they handle their operation, then let them know by not buying their products/services.

      The major problem is were hooked on smartphones and the carriers know it. Pull out the needle and say “enough is enough”.

      • sunrise

        I think you missed the sarcasm in my original statement, e.g., it’s NOT the product of a free and open market.

        • Tojen

          Sorry. Guess I didnt.

  • CTown

    I believe Google is doing this for the wrong reasons. The Nexus line is supposed to be a reference platform for the newest Android release; not be used to bring down an older, more successful ebook, music, and video vendor (Amazon). Amazon is the only big OEM to make use of AOSP (instead of the licensing Google Expirence) in their product. It seems Google wants to punish them for that…

    • honourbound68

      what do you mean they’re doing this for the wrong reasons? Why shouldn’t Google try to make money or expand their reach? Amazon apps are gingerbread based. What about the rest of the users that will be on on ICS or are currently on HC? And Google also has competing video book and music markets.

  • Jbolen818

    This sounds too good to be true. I would definitely like to see the 10.1 version.

  • Vyrlokar

    I have an OG Transformer, and I only have praises for it. I was going to pay 250 bucks for the MeMo, I will pay 200 for a nexus tablet sight unseen.

    I must save for the Padphone though…

  • Andrew Burgess

    please let them create a standard keyboard dock. then we,ll see $15 keyboards that fit ALL future tablets AND phones.

  • WlfHart

    7″ pure Google is nice, but I’d rather have something with top of the line specs. I’m fine paying more for something worth the money.

  • aranea

    I love the pure Android line of devices but they should also have a 10inch one out. 7 inch is not that much bigger than a phone. I want my tablet to be an alternative to using my desktop and my phone.

  • Taylor

    If this really is the Asus 370T (1280×800 IPS screen, Tegra 3 and all) remade into a $199 Google Experience tablet, you’ve got 2 customers already.

  • CactusCat


  • Patrick

    I would buy two. Leave one at home and carry the other with me in place of my laptop.

  • hoosiercub

    Great & All.. but if you can buy a Google Tablet for $200 presumably.. why can’t I purchase a Google Phone for the same or similar price? How much more can it possibly cost to produce a phone than a tablet? I mean if they’re both starting from scratch, both run free software. Why does a Galaxy Nexus cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars, and a tablet will only be two Benjamins?

    Can a cell radio really add that much? I realize there are carrier issues at hand here, especially with CDMA like Verizon/Sprint.. I’m just wondering how this would balance out.

    • Roger

      Hoosiercub, we’re talking about cell providrs here. Some of the biggest rip-offs going

      • hoosiercub

        I’m well aware.. I’m just wondering if it’d be possible to ever eventually buy a phone at just above, cost much like this tablet is rumored to be.

        I want to see Google do this before Apple even gets the ability to do so.

        • masterpfa

          Apple can and will, but I hope too Google act Very Soon

    • LockStock

      Google at MWC said they are aiming for feature phone prices. Basically they want Android to be available to every person possible. I think they said they eventually want to get smartphones down to as little as $70. Now I don’t know about specs at that price, but still sounds good. It is in Google’s best interest to get Android into as many consumers hands as possible as their services are the majority of their revenue.

  • Roger

    It will be fantastic not waiting months on updates, if you device is one of the lucky few to get them at all. Suck on this news, OEMs The hardware profiteering whore days are numbered!

  • Leo Young

    This would do it for me. I truly enjoy the Asus transformer with its expandability and the keyboard. I would be very happy to have and ics 7″ device for $200

  • masterpfa


    I had already been waiting for the Asus MeMo 370T as the tablet of choice for my needs this year after it was revealed as CES 2012, so if a Google experience 7″ tablet wasn’t available, my choice this year would have been Asus anyway, especially with their quick to release OTA updates (with their tablets receiving ICS before the current “Google Experience Device” The Xoom.

    So IMO Asus would be an ideal partner for the “Google Experience Device” but I might be torn between Asus’s subtle UI enhancements or pure Google, decisions, decisions.

  • sampsjp

    Where does the waiting line start?

  • geeknik

    I’m in at $199.

  • Wayne Burman

    Sounds interesting especially if the Memo is still coming with maybe a slightly higher spec. Would need to weigh up the full specs on both (front facing camera for Skype please), but either way Asus woudl make a sale to me.

  • xmrsilentx

    Awesome… The Nexus Prime is gonna be a tablet.

  • Matthew Varallo

    this is perfect for my electronic .chm books! Im buying one as soon as it comes out!

  • xmrsilentx

    Awesome… The Nexus Prime is gonna be a tablet…

  • Nudo

    $200 !! Wow that’s kinda shocking to me, and exciting :)

  • ion orov

    Hurry the fuck up! I wish they realised this 5-6 months ago… sigh

    _Now_ they realise they’re losing the tablet market. _Now_ they panic…

    Amazon delivered a blow with the Kindle, Apple’s left-hook is coming in a few days… and Microsoft is shaping up the killer upper-cut later this year.

    Google and the tablet makers have just been shooting their feet… bordering on complete idiocy.

    I hope they move fast and I hope its not too late.

    • masterpfa

      I agree totally.
      When the announcement of the original Xoom and it’s pricing, I thought

      “Here is a company that just doesn’t want to sell! ”

      Now with the likes of Amazon and Asus there’s a chance the low budget tablet embarrassments of yesteryear are once and for all banished into the realms of a bad dream as it is proved Quality products can be produced at budget prices.

      • ion orov

        Exactly, I don’t understand why the Tier-1 makers don’t release cheaper alternatives. I’m not expecting the sky here… I don’t mean they should make a loss and sell 10″ tablets for just $100.

        How wonderful would it be if I could buy a Tab 10.1 at $400 or $450?

        Instead I get a lagtastic UI, no mSD, no mUSB and propriety cables. Basically an imitation Ipad which I have to pay _more_ for!

        Don’t talk to me about the Tab 7.7… its smaller and has the same laggy Honeycomb and it has the _same_ price as an Ipad /facepalm

        Oh and forget the TF-prime, cheapest here in Australia is $770.

        Kindle Fire or Nook? Only applicable to the US.


  • nivekkev

    Really looks like this is going to be a DROIDTASTIC year, guess I had better start working some overtime!!!

  • Jeremiah Akin

    You know, that rumor is going to make it harder to get into IO. Grumble, grumble…

  • Rauelius

    I’d be happy if it was a Souped up Tegra 2 @ 1.5Ghz for $199, but a Tegra3 is AMAZING. In terms of names, I nominate the Nexus Starscream.

  • skugern

    First thought: Heck yes, I’d get one
    Second thought: Would they call it a Nexus tablet? If so, what does the Nexus name really mean – a developer type device or a “pure android, software updates come super quick direct from Google” device?

  • MoSDeeb

    I’m looking forward to grabbing this when it hits the market

  • ced

    Beast. As for a name of the device thats very simple itll be non other than the nexus prime. Kinda obvious considering asus and the og name of the GNexus rumors starting to make sense.

  • Trinhbo

    Google, shut up and take my money!!!

    • masterpfa


    • Jayarr


  • welson

    Will surely buy it,under that price bracket!

  • Imraan

    Can I haz one?

  • bellken

    sounds awesome, a pure Google tablet

  • GE 918

    This is all I ever dreamed of.

  • jenskristian

    I’d probably go for the 10″ version as a replacement for my Galaxy tab 10.1.

  • KevinAndMe

    would be a nuclear bomb to the market.

  • Zach

    Count me in

  • Richard

    So, the thing to do is to buy one or two of these, put Skype or Google Voice on it, and tell the cell carrier goodbye, maybe just use the cheapest hotspot you could find. That would force the cell carriers to reduce prices, increase services, and stop taking advantage of customers.

    But, yes this is a great price for a great device. I was already looking toward the release of the Asus Memo 370T, and I expect it will have better specs than the Google device, so I’ll stick with that.

    • Tom

      You can already do this and people won’t skip their main cellphones so easily.

      A 4G tablet plan is like $35 a month. Add like $9 for unlimited Skype calling to U.S. and Canada. Purchase a Skype number for what, $100 annually and voila you have a cheap tablet phone. Not sure if you can text to Skype but there are other options for free there.

      Problem? Too complicated for most people I’m guessing.

  • janco23

    Sure I’ll take one right away but therein lays the problem.
    Google and Android are missing the boat, Ipad 3 is sailing in March.

    If Asus Memo 370 now becomes vaporware and we have to wait for Google,
    what year are we talking realistically?
    Google is sitting on mountains of cash, yet they drag their feet producing a tablet they desperately need to compete with Apple.

    • ion orov

      Exactly… people have been waiting for the longest time for a decent, affordable Android tablet.

      By the looks of it, the Ipad 3 will blow away everything else _and_ have the same price as the Ipad 2. Sigh…

      It burns me inside to say this… but I’m getting a couple of ipads soon. I’m just tired of waiting for Google and gang to get their act together.

  • AmyR

    Put me down for 3!!!

  • millgate

    Assuming this rumor comes true; and, bearing in mind that I’m locked into my Dell Streak 5 until September 2012 …

    And … assuming the current downward trend in prices is maintained or the slope gets steeper ….

    And … bearing in mind that Google Is dedicated to establishing Google Chrome in all it’s glory …

    Why wouldn’t Google make a grand gesture … with a whole ‘family of ASUS made Google devices’ … on which to lay out it’s wares ??

    Personally … I would be very excited to see a Google version of the ASUS Memo 370T with a 6″ or a 7″ tablet accompanying it rather than the smaller 4-5″ offering.

    If the ASUS-made ‘handheld component were to be, ideally, a 6″ tablet … it would be an absolutely perfect ‘SATNAV’ device in the car.

    If Google offered this for the mooted $249 price … my guess is that they would not have to twist ASUS’s arm too much to be right on the button. Unlike the 7″ offering which is just a little too large for that job.

    INMO, the ASUS Memo 370T offering with a 6″ handheld component would not only be stupendous … it would allow Google to create a slam-dunk to beat all slam-dunks !!

    I would willingly commit the next 2 years to living with that configuration …and I reckon another 25 million like me would do the same.

    C’mon Google … I dare you !

    • masterpfa

      I’m not too sure that I would agree with your theories here, this seems more like a personal preference. IMO 7″ would work just fine, a recognised Tablet format & size anything less would most likely fall into the category of Phablet.

      The Samsung Galaxy Note is doing just fine there and Google has stated that they want tablets to be one of their main focuses, why sully the field with any other sizes.

      If a 6″ tablet was to be the result, you can count me out as my decision would be much clearer Asus Memo 370T

      • millgate


        I cannot deny that a 6″ tablet would function optimally in a car as a SATNAV device.

        I’ve actually tested not only my personal Dell Streak 5 and also some ‘mocked-up’ 6″ and 7″ cardboard devices on a selection of 5 different mounts in my own vehicle. You’ll appreciate that I can afford the mounts … if not a selection of 6″ (they do already exist…) and 7″ devices.

        I’ll admit to being sad … but all that is true !

        The 5″ DELL STREAK is pretty good; though arguably a little too small to be fully effective … whilst the 7″ format is definitely somewhat intrusive and potentially dangerous (since it tends to block the driver’s view).

        I will agree, though, that the 7″ format is probably acceptable in a mount that does not actually sit on/above the dashboard … a so-called ‘vent mount’ does work acceptably, but it is a little low, in my car, and cause me to look away from the road.

        Overall, though, the 6″ format does work well in all circumstances – and, moreover, it settles the debate on whether a 7″ device is truly ‘pocketable’.

        I hope that helps !

    • Lycanthropik

      From the rumors I’ve heard the nexus will be just like the MeMo 370T except…to meet the $149 price point they can’t use the quad processor, and the cameras will be lesser and the storage capacity will be halved, and on and on…..after all they just need to beat the amazon fire! just doesn’t smell much like a 370T to me anymore. But gee it’ll have google stamped on it..and looks like lot’s will buy it for that.

  • Jack Thakar

    Based on the likely June release, I’m guessing that they give these away at Google I/O this year.

  • Richard

    I look forward to the day that our cars can easily interface fully and seamlessly with our phones/tablets so we can make calls, do sat nav, listen to music, etc. anywhere. Some people have cobbled together solutions already, but they aren’t very user-friendly. Baby steps, I suppose.

  • Pasha

    Google Nexus and 199$ in the same sentence?!


  • haters on the rocks

    I wish they have a little bit bigger screen size but I’ll still get it just the fact it nexus tablet and I always want a nexus ever since the first it came out.


    i think i just blew a nut. a must have

  • Jean Feinnes

    To me it seems an excellent telephone … I hope to buy buy .. : D

  • danielmkim

    Yes please!

  • Riz

    Why would Google partner with ASUS when they have purchased Motorola Mobility? Even though there are few regulatory issues left to resolve but US and EU has already approved the deal.

  • Paul Atreides

    How sweet it would be if this device is made by Asus. Hopefully they do an awesome job and are given the opportunity to create the Nexus padfone I’ve dreamed about ever since MWC.

  • smeghead68

    Sound good but only if it was 10″ tablet. For some reason 7″ tablets just seem a bit small to me.

  • Zeninsight

    Front facing camera? No? ummmmm

  • marc

    I hope they make the 10″ as well, been waiting for the nexus tablet to show up!

  • Evan Halley

    Slow Obsolete Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 out, Google’s $199 Nexus Tablet in.

  • androidfangirl

    When 99.9% people think of the word “tablet”, they right away think of the iPad. (Nowadays, I see 1st graders talking about the iPad) I hate how everyone lavishes about the iPad and about how wonderful the tablet is…..

    It’s all about Apple’s advertising.

    Wherever you turn, you are being bombarded with either people or ads saying how wonderful the iPad is. And have you ever read a tablet review where the tablet wasn’t being compared to the iPad? Because according to everyone and everything, the iPad is the perfect device ever invented.

    The iPad isn’t very functional, either. It’s just an app platform. But Apple’s genius advertising makes the iPad seem magical. If Apple and Android traded their advertising for a day, pretty soon people will be rushing to the store to get their hands on a Transformer or something, Apple will momentarily turn into the shadow competitor that Android was.

    I just wish that people can, for once, see through the so-called glory of the iPad and appreciate Android tablets for once :)

  • androidfangirl

    When 99.9% people think of the word “tablet”, they right away think of the iPad. (Nowadays, I see 1st graders talking about the iPad) I hate how everyone lavishes about the iPad and about how wonderful the tablet is…..

    It’s all about Apple’s advertising.

    Wherever you turn, you are being bombarded with either people or ads saying how wonderful the iPad is. And have you ever read a tablet review where the tablet wasn’t being compared to the iPad? Because according to everyone and everything, the iPad is the perfect device ever invented.

    The iPad isn’t very functional, either. It’s just an app platform. But Apple’s genius advertising makes the iPad seem magical. If Apple and Android traded their advertising for a day, pretty soon people will be rushing to the store to get their hands on a Transformer or something, Apple will momentarily turn into the shadow competitor that Android was.

    I just wish that people can, for once, see through the so-called glory of the iPad and appreciate Android tablets for once

    • androidfangirl

      Sorry about the double post :)

  • Noel

    Count me IN on this one..just make it wi-fi capable w/ penta-band 3G/HSPA+, micro SD expansion, huge battery abt 6000mAh or designed so that a bigger replaceable battery and back cover can be used.

  • Jack Thakar

    Well it looks like Google Play is off the table for the tablet’s name.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      It could still be called the Google Play tablet…

  • Josh

    I’ll take 8! Two for my wife and I, and 6 for the kids!

  • Ian Sapp

    Google needs to ADVERTISE this device and push it hard. I could never understand why they never had ads on TV for the Nexus phones, yet they made ads for youtube. They could really get the Google Play idea out in the wild if they just ran some commercials on TV here and there

  • Yonas

    Its a MUST buy,even if you don’t need a tablet.

  • al


    • al

      fuck you

  • alfleagle

    I spent $198 on an eight inch Vizio tablet that is so far removed from the Google Experience as to be almost unrecognizable as Android. I bought everyone else in my family Asus Transformer tablets with dual-core processors, ten inch screens, and now running Android ICS. I think I deserve an upgrade sometime in the future. A $199 tablet from Google would be a strong contender as long as the cameras are decent. My phone (Galaxy Note) has a 2MP front-facing camera. I’m getting spoiled.

  • Lycanthropik

    I smell sheep! It has become unfortunetly obvious that the Asus MeMo 370T will never be released. It has been squelched by Google (buying off asus with volume contract promises) to enable the Nexus to compete with the amazon fire. Nexus will not be the 370T by a wide margin. It will be only slightly better than the amazon fire and be cheaper. Pathetic! You all want one..why becuase it’s cheap? Afraid it’ll be cheap in all meanings of the word.
    This is an example of big companies marketing what they want us to buy rather than what the consumers really want. The MeMo 370T was potentially a very good product at a good price that would have taken everyone else out of the game in the 7″ ereader/tablet category. I’ll wager that the only thing this nexus will do well is connect to google for purchasing further product from them. I’m disapointed, but shouldn’t be suprised. Wish asus had the balls to do what it said it would. If they had they might become a real contender.

  • janco23

    Google is making one mistake after another in the hardware space.

    If they had any brains at Corporate they would see there is a huge amount of buyers in the 7″ space waiting for a fast gaming tablet with something competitive to the new Ipad.

    Instead they are hell bent on competing with a shitty performing Amazon tablet.

    At this point I am fully prepared to wait a year or more, maybe the Intel Medfield with the tri-gate architecture will be the way to go.

  • Mary

    If it doesn’t have 16 GB and a microSD drive to handle 32GB – Forget it. I won’t store all/any of my information in the cloud. If you do that it becomes a paperweight when you’re not online. I’m looking for a 7″ tablet to compete with my husband’s Transformer.

  • Fred

    Wow, this is some great intake on what Tablets to purchase.

    I also came across a site that helps you pick the right tablet for you. Not only that, but they are really big on some of these tablets listed above and also other Android / Windows Products. Check it out,

    Great Article tho.

  • ohblah

    I was waiting for the memo to be released. If this tablet is what it says it is then it may be interessted, but if they have to cut the quality to much I’ll just get something better, I don’t want a 150$ tablet, I want a tablet that has great specs and doesn’t cost 500$+ dollars.

    • Nudo

      Well, $199 not $150… and Interesting not interessted. “Too much”, not “to much”. Bad grammar and incorrect info kills me hehe. Where did you learn to read and write? Cupertino? :-P

  • Mark Brockway

    Can’t wait! Would love the 10 inch model and if they can keep it $300 or less, sign me up!

  • san

    check out some free apps for android tabs :

  • sansan

    At present there are not many tegra 3 devices available, the available ones are not below $500 price range! A tegra 3 processor device with $199 price tag sounds too good to be true. I think it would be another tegra 2 device, and would be only a little better than Kindle Fire.

  • Paul

    I have been waiting to see what 730T would finally end up being, hopefully it is close to the original specs as it was announced at CES. Perhaps Nvidia’s new Kai platform will allow the ASUS tablet to be sold for $199 price point so many have been wanting to achieve. I just hope the specs are not scrimped on to much to achieve a lower price point. Personally I am wanting a higher end 7″ device with some good specs, the 730T tablet as announced at CES was just such a device to me, and well worth the $249 they were asking. But hey I’m not stupid, give me those same specs for $50 less I would be happy.

  • DG

    Lies. Corporate calculations designed to feign competitors. I’m not blinking.