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Rumor: Nexus tablet is a “done deal”, to retail for as low as $149


Earlier this month we revealed that Google had chosen ASUS to produce their upcoming “Nexus tablet.” This report was later echoed by Digitimes, who said the 7-inch tablet could arrive as early as May. This has been the hottest Android rumor of the month so we have continued to ask around and dig up more details. We just received some new information, so read on for the full report.

The Rumor

The ASUS MeMo 370T that was revealed at CES has been scrapped after Google contracted with ASUS to produce their “Nexus tablet.” Earlier reports said the device would retail for $249-199, but we are now told the target price is $149-199. The quad-core Tegra 3 version that was previously leaked is no more. Other than the 7-inch display, no additional information has been provided on the specs.

The Source

This latest rumor comes from a senior employee at a supply chain company based in the United States. They wish to remain anonymous.

One Android Insider’s take on the rumor

“It’s a done deal,” said the supply chain source. We have already heard countless rumors that Google was working on “a tablet of the highest quality,” and this latest report give us further confidence it’s going to happen.

What’s most surprising about the latest rumor is to hear that the target price has been lowered to $149 and that the quad-core Tegra 3 processor is out. I’m going to assume these two bits are related.

It sounds like Google wanted to undercut the Kindle Fire, so they lowered the bill of materials by going with a processor that was cheaper than Tegra 3. We heard similar stories last year that Amazon had originally chosen Tegra 2 to power the Kindle Fire, but they went with Texas Instruments’ OMAP4 at the last moment because they got a better volume deal.

ASUS has a strong relationship with Qualcomm, so we might see a Snapdragon processor end up inside this “Nexus tablet.”

We also found it noteworthy that our source called this device the “Nexus tablet.” The final product name has not been revealed, and we were curious if the Nexus branding was going to be used. I originally thought that this device might be called Google Play, but it turned out that was the name for Google’s new online content store. I’ll still go out on a limb and predict this tablet might be called Nexus Play.

Many of our readers were excited about the ASUS MeMo 370T tablet as it stood, and I’m sure most will be upset to hear that it could be canned. Hopefully our source is wrong about that information. It could be that the MeMo 370T was slated to become the “Nexus tablet”, but Google wanted something cheaper so ASUS scrapped it and configured a lower spec’d device.

I know a lot of people would buy a quad-core tablet at $249, so I hope ASUS still gives customers that option. However, ASUS did not show off the device at Mobile World Congress and they have been quiet about it, so who knows what’s going on with it.

Wrapping up, we still expect this device to be announced at the CTIA Wireless show which takes place in New Orleans from May 8-10. Sources say it will ship with the latest version of Ice Cream Sandwich, but if this is truly a Nexus device it might become the flagship platform for the next version of Android, codenamed Jelly Bean. More information on Jelly Bean is expected to be revealed at Google IO on June 27-29th.

Let us know what you think about this latest report in the comments below. Does the lower target price increase your chances of buying one? Will the lack of a quad-core Tegra 3 processor turn you away? Would you rather buy the $249 ASUS MeMo 370T as it was originally announced?

Taylor is the founder of Android and Me. He resides in Dallas and carries the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and HTC One as his daily devices. Ask him a question on Twitter or Google+ and he is likely to respond. | Ethics statement

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  • pekosROB

    If this is true I’m picking one up for each of my family members!!

    • JonGarrett

      Even if it has killer specs the Fire will outsell it….why, because Amazon advertises the Fire. Other than the occasional Verizon commercials, Ive never seen an advertisement for Android tablets.

      If people dont know about it, they wont buy it no matter the specs or the price.

      • Yorro

        Outsell it, might be. But it doesn’t make it better.

        • Pegasi

          “Better” is largely irrelevant. I doubt Asus are shooting for a moral victory here…

          I hope it.does sell but Asus/Google (based on it being a Nexus branded device) will need to step.up if that’s gonna happen. I was really looking forward to an affordable Tegra 3 tab but at a price this low I’ll still buy one.

      • SED

        It looks great but it needs the kind of easy to access and quality content you can get from Amazon. If Google can swing getting HBO content (The Wire, The Sopranos, True Blood, Boardwalk Empire, Game of Thrones) into their Play Videos library, I’m all ears.

        • Shell

          I agree!!!!! HBO Go and MAX Go are not formatted for the Prime. Wish it was!

        • annalee

          Me too.

        • Jim


      • jlnr

        The world != the United States.

      • Randy Miller

        I was thinking this same thing. I think the tablet at that price is a great idea. But who will maket it? Best Buy? Why would even Verizon market it unless it has 4G wireless capability? Google can’t figure out if it is going to be an Apple type company that has a marketing plan or just a provider of code and device platforms for everybody. Even the farily lightweight Fire at least has a marketing company {i.e. retailer} behind it.

        However, I do expect the Nexus to have NFC out of the box and that is going to be a real good thing.

      • James C.

        A Google exec recently mentioned that an ad on the Google homepage would be worth tens of millions of dollars a day…

    • DynaDom

      i will buy a couple.

    • radzi

      its very nice product

    • Rick

      heck yeah. I was just about to buy a tablet until I saw this article. I hope this article got the price and specs right though. For $149, I’m waiting for this before I guy an iPad. At at $200 though I would just rather go ahead and buy an iPad which would probably drop to $299 by then.

      • Bryan

        iPads do not go down in price. A matter of fact you will be lucky to find a used 3rd gen iPad for less than $400.

  • Josh Phillips

    at $149, I would pick one up on a whim… Not even a second of hesitation.

    • thekaz

      Hell, yes! Even if this became nothing more than an e-reader and a way for the kids to play around, I would buy it at this price.

      But if some of the rumored specs come to fruition, I will be using it for much, much more!

    • tmihai20

      149 USD would translate to 149 EUR and it would still be a very good price in my country (Romania). They may persuade me to buy only a 7 inches tablet.

    • Futureboy

      At $149, I’m buying a bunch of them!
      -one to run with
      -one for the kitchen as a recipe book/internet tablet
      -one to keep downstairs as a media center remote/internet tablet
      -one upstairs as a bedroom alarm clock/internet tablet
      -one for the cars as a GPS/internet tablet
      -one in each bathroom as a reading/entertainment/internet tablet
      -several as drink coasters/internet tablets….

      • asustekstockat280

        “-several as drink coasters/internet tablets….”

        Cheers to that!

        • DynaDom

          use your imenstrualpads for that with their shitty processors.

  • AsakuraZero

    mother of price tags O_O hope they are not sacrificing good specs for that price

    • Shadowlore

      The real question is, would Google eat some of the cost of the tablet to get it into people’s hands? Based on what Amazon did with the fire, my guess is they would, and they will.

      • Jimbo

        If they do that I wonder if the device will be available globally, or only where the Google Play Music/Movies stores are available. Or maybe Google will roll out their content stores before the tablet’s release. They won’t want people getting used to using the Amazon MP3 app on a Google-subsidized device!

        • AsakuraZero

          that would be sad but google doesnt get that point yet, i have to hack my market to get access to that content and that is just plain stupid from google

          • efthymiosh

            Things are never that simple.. Different countries have different laws about different things – it might be a legal issue.

          • AsakuraZero

            sadly if apple can do it, google also can pull that off, they just need to try harder ,and that effort will be rewarded

      • Sam H

        The thing is it makes sense for Amazon to eat some of their tablet costs bc the purpose of their tablet is to increase consumer spending on buying their products and to integrate themselves into Amazon Prime which is also to increase customer loyalty and subsequent spending. On the other hand, Google doesn’t necessarily have that strategy, they don’t operate in e-commerce like Amazon does.

        Furthermore, the Amazon app market actually is able to do well with paid apps whereas the Android Market (or the Google Play) has historically been known to be as ineffective for those purposes. However, who knows maybe Google or Asus is able to get a really good deal through their supply chain management.

      • anamika

        AllWinner A10 with 1Ghz, Mali 400, 800×400 is selling in India for around $100. Considering the huge import duty we have Google should be able to up the specs and keep the price down easliy.

  • theJP

    Yes! At $149 I’ll buy one for my girlfriend for sure. I’ve been searching for a tablet for her for a while now and I am going to wait and see what is announced before picking one up.

    • Jeff Pan

      Lol! man get her a high end Xyboard

  • Arnaud

    Cheaper than Tegra3, I would assume Snapdragon S4 which is even better in my opinion.

    • Nikijs

      dream on. i bet it will be s3(if qualcomm), because s4 wont be cheaper than tegra3

      • Taylor Wimberly

        Yeah my guess would be some dual-core S3-class chip with no integrated modem.

        • Taknarosh

          If it does end up being the APQ8060 (S3 Dual core sans modem) this is AMAZING news for TouchPad owners and CM developers since that is what powers the HP Touchpad!

          • Lekz

            I was thinking this and it would be awesome! I’d still buy a couple of these tho

        • jonathan3579

          Presuming the S4 delays are nothing more rumors, I could certainly bite into a tablet with a more up-to-date processor.

    • agsgsgw

      Tegra 3 only costs $35 and a replacement SOC will cost $15 at the minimum. So that is only $20 in savings.

      So what else got cut to make up the other $30?

      Google had a promising tablet and now neutered it into another useless toy tablet.

      No sale for me then.

      • bididle

        Good point on price. Better point is that the Tegra 3 has “Direct Touch” which means that it doesn’t need an external touch screen microcontroller added to the BOM. I think that was the whole point of the CES demo with Asus. Cost wise, the Tegra 3 isn’t that much more than run of the mill dual core SOC.

      • Snuffit

        Total dissappointment over the 370T

  • joecyclone

    At $149 I would definitely buy one and buy the rest of the family the iPad they so desperately want, but I want nothing to do with.

  • txbluesman

    If the specs are still good, at $149 I might have to get two.

  • mjforte

    At $149 I’d most likely pick one up, but I’m just wondering what kind of specs this thing will come with at such a low price.

  • hinds

    Its gonna sell like hot cakes and getting one foh sho! Keeping it in the nexus line .

  • Ed

    1. I hope the MeMo isn’t canned.
    2. I hope this is still a quad-core of some sort.
    3. If 2 is correct, I will buy (not WOULD, but WILL)… at least two…

    • Taknarosh

      I agree, when I heard about the $250 MeMo /w Tegra 3 Quad core I told a bunch of pals who were on the fence about getting tablets. ALL were VERY interested in a tablet that powerful that was that affordable.

      $150 is insanely low and would definitely be a game changer (so long as the hardware doesn’t suck overall and ICS is solid).

    • jwier

      Same here. I’d prefer the Tegra3 three (even at $250). It its not a Tegra3, I don’t care if its $149 or even less).

      Don’t scrap the Memo 370T as spec’d priced!

      • sk

        Why do you think a tablet made using Tegra3 would be great? Because NVidia says so? It’s architecture isn’t quite well rounded. Apple has already made it clear that processor cores are not going to improve user experience. It is about memory bandwidth and graphics. Tegra3 didn’t improve much there on the b/w front which will affect graphics, display, and other multimedia functions with perhaps the exception of audio.

  • dcormier

    Please don’t suck, Nexus tablet…

    • Taknarosh

      Here’s my main fear: to bring the price down to the $150 price point MAJOR sacrifices were made in; 1. Screen Quality, 2. Internal Storage, 3. Internal hardware (CPU/RAM).

      I honestly thing they could have made it work with the MeMo itself with Clean ICS. $250 is a price point that is still palatable if the hardware is “of highest quality”.

  • tumpero

    Well I’ll pick one for my 2-year old son, but myself I’ll stick with Asus 300 to get a 10.1 with an affordable price. Love all the options we have nowadays for sure.

    • tumpero

      I might add to my previous comment “for my 2-year old son to break.”

  • triangle

    Personally, I would rather have the quad core version at $249, but I think they will sell a hell of a lot more with reduced specs at $149, so I can’t fault them for this decision. It is a brilliant strategic move because the masses don’t necessarily care about specs, but would rather have a lower price.

    • shnuffle

      In theory it might sell better to the masses but without any advertising its not going to do much at all,which is sad…

  • oddball

    Holy mother of price points Batman. If this rumor is true this is the birth of a category killer. As long as the specs are decent at $149 this device becomes a great choice for kids to use for school. Plenty of decent word processing programs exist for Android and I can replace a netbook or laptop that is more expensive with a higher quality device this way for a lower cost

  • Mil

    As long as it had decent video decoding (i.e. not like Tegra 2) and was able to run for a reasonably long time on a full charge, I wouldn’t care what powered it. But then again, that’s coming from a user who isn’t into intense 3D gaming (the odd game or two like Angry Birds but that’s it). If a tablet that can do this is priced at $149 then I would snap that up in an eye blink. If it was a quad core at $249 then I think I’d still buy it but may take a bit more time to decide.

  • Paul Atreides

    Maybe one for the kid and myself. Could ease me into the tablet craze. If I’m left disappointed, won’t be much buyers remorse at that price tag.

  • Jason

    I’d bet the barn (Disclaimer: I don’t have a barn) that Google ends up with the OMAP5 in their device…

    • drop

      I will definitely take the OMAP5 !
      … and your barn too :)

      ICS 4.0 was developed for OMAP4 in mind, so it should run super-smoothly on OMAP5 (Cortex A15). Or even on OMAP4470. I see that OMAP4470 devices are expected soon.

  • Vyrlokar

    I’ve been looking for a 7″ tablet for a while, to complement my Asus Transformer, and my HTC Desire

    I didn’t get a Kindle Fire because Amazon doesn’t retail them locally, and paying S&H plus import dues, plus needing to hack it to get apps on it (no Amazon Appstore for Spaniards) made it much less interesting. I considered the Vodaphone Smart Tab 7, that is available off contract at some reasonable 269€ (I would have had to pay as much or more for a Kindle Fire), but in the end, I decided against it, because my Transformer is still too new and money was tight. I then saw the MeMo, and the price made it a must buy for me, Tegra 3 and 7″ for that low? The the rumors on the Nexus tablet being similar with a lower price, and now this. Shut up and take my money!

    Now more seriously, nVidia chips have been disappointing to me. The Tegra 2 has issues with 720p video. People are saying that Tegra 3 has some memory bandwidth issues too. If it’s a Qualcomm chip with decent drivers and NEON SIMD, I would really not mind.

  • DroidSamurai

    I am scratching my head wondering how Google is going position this tablet. Traditionally, the Nexus phone is used to establish a direction for other Android phones in the coming year, such as the NFC in the Nexus S, the 720p display on the Galaxy Nexus. The Nexus phones have never been positioned as “cheap” or “affordable” because they are never intended to be a consumer device (yea, I know, that’s after Google rewrote the history when the Nexus One failed to catch on.) By selling this “Nexus Tablet” at $149, it’s clearly a consumer device and likely won’t break any new grounds and lead the next wave of Android tablets. So, what is Google’s goal? To raise the awareness of Google Play?

    • jerkyjones

      I think the company is fundamentally changing course. They appear to no longer be content with somewhat indirectly guiding the market. They see Amazon as being in a position of consumer market dominance and are now realizing how that could impact the trajectory of the market. Mexus has established itself as a brand and they’re wanting to put some real market-share mass behind it.

      (I apologize for the excessive physics metaphors. I’m in Physics now in school and it’s causing a little bit of a brain-leak.)

      • Taylor Wimberly

        Yep, this is a clear play to stop out the Kindle Fire before it grows too fast. Amazon has a huge lead on Google right now.

        • ion orov

          But wouldn’t they do better by positioning something above the Kindle Fire? IMO, if they aim for that 250-350 market gap, they’ll do better.

          Put something better for people to upgrade from the KF, yet be cheaper than an ipad2. You know, have decent specs in an affordable price point with all the power of ICS?

          That’s why many here were so psyched about the Memo and original 7″.

          • rantmo

            I don’t think that’s the price range that can cut into the KFire, it’s just a little too expensive. The price range that they need to go after caps at about $250 so far as I can tell and this price point certainly does the trick.

          • masterpfa

            I would tend to agree a price range up to approximately $250 but a fully featured, quality Android tablet with full Android experience and cameras and SD expandable slots would have been a success especially at the $250 mark, as, IMO, I’m sure people would have been prepared to pay that bit extra for the full experience and ICS over a Kindle Fire.
            I personally would welcome a “Nexus” tablet and at this price point, but I would also prefer a quality product which had a reasonably high specs too (price permitting).

            I would be disappointed if Asus have canned the Memo as I was looking forward to this and having a choice of Pure Google experience with the Nexus Tablet or Asus experience with their “as close to Vanilla as you can get” with just a few choice addition as seen with their Eee Pad Transformer.

            Time will tell, but let’s hope these are not just speculations and do actually come to fruition.

          • Paul Atreides

            They have to undercut the Fire to really shift things in their favor imo.

          • DroidSamurai

            They can’t compete at the $250 range because the Amazon has a huge lead in the tablet space. One of the reason Google wants to change the Android Market name is to raise the awareness that it’s a “content distributor”, and man, they wouldn’t want to change it if the Android Market is doing great on things other than apps.

            Frankly, I am not so optimistic on Android’s tablet future. Simply put, Google does not have a great historic record in consumer market. And, I still see chaos in its strategy. I mean, instead of having Motorola making a Nexus tablet, they go to ASUS? It’s like thinking on one hand it wants a tighter grasp on the tablet ecosystem, but on the other hand, it lets loose the control of physical product’s design and production. If the ASUS “Nexus Tablet” rumor is true, it will reaffirm my doubt that Google wants to change course and wants tighter control of the hardware-software integration after the Motorola acquisition.

            Call me a pessimistic, I think it will be a difficult ride for Google to compete in the tablet market. Not only does it have to deal with Apple’s iPad and Amazon’s Kindle Fire, it will also have to deal with Microsoft’s tablet. Yes, Microsoft. And, I am going to mark my words here. The old evil empire will surprise everyone in the tablet market because it will cheat — it will call every Windows 8 mobile devices a tablet, or they may actually invent a new word for such “Post-PC” era devices. Don’t underestimate such cheat. If Microsoft can convince everyone that it doesn’t matter whether you call it a tablet or not, and it’s the OS that counts, the advantage will be on their side.

        • Taknarosh

          While it’s clear and I agree that this pricing would be to directly compete with the Kindle Fire, I don’t agree that the Kindle Fire has a “huge” lead in the grand scheme of things.

          Remember that the Kindle fire is only sold in the US.

          If this Nexus Tablet is in fact priced at $150 and will be made available world wide it will EASILY pass the Fire in sales by the simple fact that the Fire is limited to the US market.

  • jerkyjones

    A great deal of wind has been taken out of my sail if the Tegra 3 part of this rumor is true. $150 tablets are easy. GOOD $150 tablets… well they don’t exist yet. Tegra 3 is a known quantity, and OMAP5 has yet to be put in a production device. I’ve gone from +++ to – on this one.

    It really makes sense that Asus would ditch the MeMo. They’d be manufacturing their own competition. They’d be stretching themselves too thin to have 2 tables at the same (ballpark) price point.

    • ion orov

      Yeap, me too. I was looking forward to this and the Memo but now, I’m very apprehensive. You just know so many corners will be cut… this might be the first circular tablet!

      *ba dum tish*

      But hey, maybe they’ll pull off a miracle and it would actually be a good $150 tablet. *fingers crossed*

      • Jim_Lahey_Is_A_Drunk_Bastard

        “You just know so many corners will be cut… this might be the first circular tablet!”


    • liam

      The thing is, TI is a known SoC master while Nvidia, to be kind, isn’t.
      The best we can hope for would be the s4 with adreno 225(fully programmable pipeline unlike Nvidia), but I think an Omap4 much more likely. Omap5 isn’t expected till the end of the year, and.Ti ia great with their schedules (unlike Nvidia).

  • Stigy

    Here’s hoping the display is good.

    • Taylor

      Second that. I’m excited for this tablet and it will likely be my first. When I heard it would be similar to the Asus 370T repackaged as a Google experience tablet for $200 I was ecstatic. Ditching Tegra 3 for a cheaper price tag isn’t a deal breaker for me, but one of the things that made he 370T so attractive was that even though the screen was 7 inches it didn’t sacrifice on quality being 1280×800 Super IPS, hoping they didn’t drop that in favor of their target price point, as I’d even pay extra for that.

  • cybik

    No Tegra3? No impulse buy.

    • Brandon V. Fletcher

      but if its Krait it wont even matter.

      • cybik

        I still don’t like Qualcomm after all these years. Blame it on not being close to satisfied by their silicon.

  • SydneyBlue120d

    No Nvidia = Epic Win!!!

    • agsgsgw

      Char-LIE is that you?

      Now go back to your S|A site and write your next Nvidia hating article.

  • federalreserve

    Wow, no Tegra 3 is a disappointment, but $150 for a tablet is still an awesome deal. I hope they have a higher-end Nexus tablet too. Let the Kindle Fire sell like bonkers and deliver a better product to compete with the iPad but at a lower price point…

  • Bryan Stoner

    I’m a little sad :’( Tegra 3 would have been a wonderful choice. That way it could be thought of as an evolution of budget tablets. But now that I think of it, maybe they are giving more room for premium tablets to shine while the budget models rain supreme in being clean and simple.

  • itguy426

    I think it is a great idea on Google’s part. The price point is huge and will sell thousands of them at a time. I would think that Asus would still keep their 7 inch tablet in the works. I see it as a competitor to the Google tablet but only for the ones looking for those kind of specs. Not to mention at a 100 more price tag the tech kind of guy would be going for it. I guess it would take a hit on Asus as they would not sell at many of their own but they would still gain profits from the tablet they make for Google. It would be nice to have the options something that Android is known for and part of what keeps them growing.

  • aude66

    The quad core for me, the cheap one for the rest of the family ;)

  • wildkarrde21

    That price point would be killer, but I wonder what kind of effect it will have on Google’s partnerships with the current tablet makers. For the most part, it looks like the manufacturers have kept their customizations on their tablets fairly minimal (vs the crapware they force onto phones), so is there really a need for a “Nexus” tablet?

    That being said, it looks like they’re trying to repeat the strategy they had with phones and basically flood the market with cheaper alternatives to the iPad, which seemed to work out well for them with handsets.

    • dcds

      The nexus brand is used to improve a market.

      On phones, it was to improve the quality of devices and leap frog Apple. Clearly a success.

      On tablets, I’m guessing it’s to avoid a custom Android (kindle) build to dominate the Android tablet market. At the same time, provide a general tablet with a much lower price point than the ipad.

      Since tablets are more like pcs, and i don’t think a tablet should cost more than a notebook, Google is probably aiming to transform the tablet market… That is, do the same thing that pcs did to overpriced apples in the 80s and 90s.

      I don’t know just a guess…

      • dcds

        Ah, and there was a research that showed the number of Android tablets would be more than ipads by 2015, right?

        Anyway, i don’t know, but I’m going to buy the nexus tablet the minute it’s out. My first tablet, btw.

  • rantmo

    Holy balls! A $149 Google tablet is mind bogglingly attractive. I’m not sure what I feel about the lack of the Tegra 3; on the one hand it’s new and sounds remarkable but if the tablet is fast and runs well, I’m pretty sure that I don’t give a damn what runs it. $149 is just too good to say no to, one way or the other.

  • awundrin

    I love the size and the price! I am definitely going to buy one! Sick and tired of hearing so much blah blah about the over-priced iPad!

  • Zagrash

    As long as the performance is acceptable, this is a no-brainer…at $150, I don’t even think i’d get any complaints from the wife about picking up a tablet! Woo!

  • honourbound68

    one for you, two for me.. by tonight.. i’ll be rolling like a freight train…flying like an aeroplane…

    gooooo goooooogle!!

  • mikef3j

    Bring it!!!!!

  • Shay D. Life

    This is how you beat out the competition. Lower your prices and they will come.

  • Dave

    Ugh, I hope the MeMO 370T was not canned. & if it was at least make the Nexus Tablet comparable to the features that were supposed to be on the Nexus Tablet. FORGET THE KINDLE FIRE. Clearly some of us did not get it for a reason, the feature set. I don’t want a clone of the Kindle Fire by Google. I want a Tablet that’s afforadable with a nice feature set, by GOOGLE! I want a Front Facing Camera, 8-16GB of internal storage, a really nice processor, & if possible a microSD Card slot, but if I can’t get the microSD card slot I can deal.

    • Dave

      & I meant that were supposed to be on the MeMO. I love competition, but sometimes it isn’t always great, hence this ordeal. Sometimes companies can go TOO far trying to compete. $249 for high-end specs was great. Honestly, I KNOW that would’ve sold like crazy. $149 with subpar specs & Google branding on it, I mean it’ll be great to do stuff here & there, but there are already tablets that do that now. Differentiate yourself. Just because the Kindle Fire set a standard, doesn’t mean you have to follow that same exact standard. Take a few cues from it, but expand your horizon’s a bit.

  • dcl

    I’m disappointed if they are dropping the quad-core Tegra. That is why I was so excited about it.

  • rmtech

    Great tablet, quad core, this is what a tablet is meant to be.

  • Matthew Varallo

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! This is so upsetting, the ruined it! 200-250 for a qaud-core with a vanilla android experience was perfect! Im sure this tablet will be good but there is a very big difference between good and great/excellence!

  • n25philly

    I need to know the specs before I make up my mind on this one

  • Louis A

    If this is true and the specs are right, then Asus will hit a jackpot with this one. I have 4 people in my life now that I will not mind buying one for each person. At 149? damn!!

  • bellken

    great price, but, its still a rumor, and, we don’t know how lowly spec’d the $149 tablet will be. The MeMO might have been awesome, but, it sounds like we might never know:(

  • jason

    if it makes phone calls like the new galaxy tab 7′s this is my next phone

  • Robert Rollings

    I would totally get it at that price, but I’d like to see the specs. I wonder if it would have similar specs to the GN, but with higher RAM and a little more for GPU. That would scream.

  • Carol

    I’d much rather have a “slow” dual-core… and “average” graphics chip.
    Much longer battery life.
    Much less heat.
    And only $99.

  • Leo Young

    $149US is very inexpensive and I imagine that they will sell a lot. I would rather hold out for a 10″ and have the keyboard. If I read this correctly, that version will sell for $249? That would make me reach into my pocket and pull out the cash.

  • GUI_Center

    The price point is great, but I would rather have a quad-core and pay the 250 price tag. Would make it worth the small extra. I feel at 150 it will be underpowered and wont have the dazzling hardware we come to expect with google products. Just don’t think this is the right way to go.

  • Stuart

    I’m not so much worried about the SoC they decide to go with as I am about the screen. Be realistic, you get what you pay for and at $149 the screen quality is likely to be crap. And after a Galaxy Nexus at high specs I’d be worried this would downgrade the Nexus program.

  • Leif

    That would be such a big deal. We shouldn’t forget that the tablet market share compared to smartphones is still very very low because most people don’t really need a tablet and 300-700US$ is pretty much money for a thing you don’T need.

    But 149US$? That will be a no-brainer for most people and they will give it a try. If the Nexus experience will be good, hopefully as good as the Galaxy Nexus one, this will be a big big deal for the sale of Android Tablets. I can see people buying one, and later buying more for other family members at birthday or christmas. It’s such a good price…

  • Hall Lo

    $150? Thats amazing deal! But I would still go for the Transformers Prime :) I like bigger tablets

    • sunrise

      Transformer Pad Infinity with working GPS and a better screen :)

    • Leif

      I personally love the prime at home or in the garden and so on, but while traveling a good and cheap 7″ would be awesome. 7″ still fit in most jacket pockets. Guess at such a price some would even buy it as second tablet.

  • sunrise

    Lets just hope they include a microSD slot. Either way, $150 is an amazing price, but we still don’t know what the specs will be, so lets not get too excited.

    There are now 2 rumors coming out of Androidandme:
    1) HTC One X with stock ICS for T-mobile
    2) $150 Nexus Tablet

    Let’s see how these Androidandme rumors pan out.

  • sunrise

    How about 2 options:

    1) 7 inch Nexus at $150
    2) 10 inch Nexus at 199-$250

    I would buy the 10 inch one!

  • jjsink

    May is good, yep, I’d buy myself one for my birthday…. heck, I’d buy one for myself any day.

  • Ayan

    Definitely gonna buy one fosho!

  • Paul Atreides

    Seems like everyone has a hard-on for Tegra 3…

  • sanella

    definatley getting one. just what i have been waiting for. i hope the battery life rocks

  • thaghost

    I am still willing to pay $250 for the asus memo with tegra 3. I’d rather that.

  • mik3

    Would you rather buy the $249 ASUS MeMo 370T as it was originally announced?

  • Jose G

    I think using the word Nexus gets us Android people all on board so they can then call it something else. But if they want to put out a cheap tablet with ICS they shouldn’t call it a Nexus.

  • Kevin

    For me it is wait and see. I was really excited about the specs and price of the original announcement. But if a lot is sacrificed to get to this price, I might wait around and see some more. If anything…I will just need to try it in the store to really know…but this makes me go from a “I am getting that right away” to a “maybe”

  • Ichigo

    If this is true, I’ll use my new iPad as a butt wipe and get this lol.

  • AnthonyRyan

    Ill defently pick one up.

  • Carlos

    I prefer to buy a 250 tablet with a Tegra 3 Processor rather than a cheaper one with lower specs!

  • Gir

    At that price, it does not matter Tegra 3 or not!

  • Vitti

    No brainer. Day 1 purchase at that price. I have faith that the specs won’t be too bad.

  • amir.ghavabesh

    this is the beautifull tablet in world.

  • bigrob029

    The $150 price tag is great for my wallet but slashing prices at the sacrifice of nicer hardware hurts my heart. This rollercoaster of rumors with no real announcement doesnt give me confidence either.

    You would think on Apple’s big tablet day Google would try and take the wind out of their sails with some hard tablet news and facts.

    • Tojen

      Plus apple is rumored to be making a smaller tablet priced around 300.

  • Tojen

    Dont see why asus couldn’t produce both tablets if the price points are 150 and 250.

  • jamal adam

    OMG!! Google, just take my money. It’s a done deal!

  • Steve

    It won’t be $149, guaranteed. Stop drooling over rumour.

  • Steve

    It will retail for $189, winning the cheapest decent tablet crown. $149, no chance.

  • Yeen

    USD149? Seems like in Australia that would automatically mean Aud300.

  • Paul

    A lesser spec’ed version would be ok for some who plain flat are not willing to spend the extra $100 for a better tablet. But I am QUITE willing to spend the $249 for the 16 Gig Tegra 3 with an SD card as announced at CES. I really hope they do not cheapen the models original specifications.

  • Pallen

    If people really want a $150 to undercut the kindle fire that is fine. But please don’t kill the next the next 730T model up from that for $249, it is GREAT spec for the price as it was. I already had my money out waiting, I hope I don’t have to put it back in my pocket.

  • Charbax

    I think the Google Tablet is more likely going to use the OMAP4 processor. As the OMAP4 is in the Galaxy Nexus, the reference platform for ICS. There is a reason OMAP4 is also in the Archos G9, Kindle Fire, Nook Tablet, Motorola Razr and Playbook, it’s just more cost effective and better value than Tegra3.

    The Dual-core OMAP4460 and OMAP4470 are arguably as powerful as Tegra3, maybe even more powerful for some use cases.

    The most important feature of the Nexus Tablet is for it to use screen!! If Google is a good company they invest heavily in Pixel Qi, use the 7″ Pixel Qi screen in the Nexus Tablet! It instantly becomes then a viable e-reader as well as a full color tablet. It then works 20+ hours on a thin light battery. It then works beautifully outdoors as 7″ is a perfect size (with little bezel) to put in any jacket pocket. Larger tablets can’t really be used outside the home unless you carry a bag and then you can just as well bring your laptop.

  • Mailman

    Nooooooooo! I already put $250 aside for the MeMo. Oh well, I knew it was too good to be true.

  • Danny

    The man behind Google:

  • Tablet Crunch

    IMHO it doesn’t really matter. The food chain (in the world of Android) is always going to start with the Kindle Fire. Because, as I say over and over again at, the Android tablet sales point is content. So until you can produce an Android tablet with more content offering than Kindle Fire, no matter what the specs may be, it will always be subservient to the Kindle Fire.

  • s2fan

    People may not line up on the street for this tablet. But at $149, this is going to shatter some records…

  • jorj7

    I could pick one up if it’s realy $149-199 for a decent performing unit.

  • Eric Schmidts left nut

    It will be a plastic piece of crap.

  • rhY`

    Can you video chat with it? That’s all that matters.

  • spazby

    so no more tegra 3 with a low price? I am actually a little disappointed as I am not interested in last year’s tech at lower price, I would rather go tegra 3 at $250

    • Pallen

      I agree. Two different models, at different price points would be OK. But I really do like the original ASUS 730T with the better specs for myself. Is $250 really to much to ask for a tablet with good specs.

  • http://None Javier Bastardo

    That price is crazy and a Google/ASUS partnership only means quality, can’t wait to see what comes out of this.

  • magnum80

    1) Does the majority need the quad core horse power? Isn’t that only for 3D game titles?

    2) Why can I buy a Nexus tablet like this for allegedly 150 USD but a Galaxy Nexus costs 550 USD?

    This tablet is mine, and not just one piece.

    Thanks :)

  • cb2000a

    At $149 it will sell like hotcakes.

  • Maurizio Bonelli

    Looks amazing.. let´s see if they can keep the promises and the price. Actually I think it will be difficult ;)

  • winner

    Want a 7″ with 4 + 1 cores device.
    MeMo 370 is very exciting. So disappointed if 370T is canned. I will give up Android tablet.

    Sent from Asus Transformer Prime

  • Matt

    I think its about to start writing a grant for my school! Google is great about getting their products into the hands of the next generation of consumers. $149 per unit retail could make my school paper free, and a lot more engaging to the average kid.

  • Steve

    I would prefer that Google stick with the better processor – like the quad core Tegra 3; I would be willing to pay for the better processor and adequate memory.

  • Deckard-Cain

    This sucks!! I was eagerly awaiting for the Asus tablet with Tegra 3. I won’t be buying this Nexus tablet if it comes with so crappy specifications.

    • Daryl

      Same here. I was really looking forward to getting an affordable quad core tablet. I’m just going to put my money into my desktop instead of waiting for these smaller Android tablets to come out. They keep getting pushed back and back.

  • Ray

    I hope these are just rumors I was sooo looking forward to the Asus MeMo. If this news is true, I will not be getting the Nexus whatever they decide to call it. I would rather pay more for the MeMo as it was announced initially. Please Asus don’t scrap the MeMo.

  • Muvaffak GÖZAYDIN

    I hope Google managers read this.ÅŸ
    Turkey is to buy 16 million tablets as soon as possible. For its K12 students
    They are after 10″ . But at a price of $ 150 retail, maybe lower for big quantitites , Turkey may buy 7 ” as well .
    Please contact the Turkish authorities

    Even after 16 million we wiÅŸll buy 1.5 million every year .
    This is quality of Google and ASSUS .
    Prce is $ 149 . Every body should buy it.
    I bought tablets at $ 35 from India. They are not even tablets .
    But we trust Google and ASSUS . I hope we can handle iPad now . It shows how much iPad is overcharging us .

    • shnuffle

      huh! where I leave Apple dominates two thirds of the tablet and smartphone market and it’s really annoying! I wish Google would make itself more noticeable and bring back the balance to my country

  • redraider133

    If they can get it to $149 with these specs this could be a huge seller how the kindle fire was. That would really cut into the ipad market share if it holds true.

  • Lou Bakerr

    The problem with all tablets is portability. You can keep a cell phone on you at all times. What do you do with a tablet when you head to the dance floor?
    Leave it on the bar?

    I suggest a 15″ touch screen that you can “snap” your cell phone into using the phone as the computer.

    • Sharkie

      Who takes a tablet out clubbing? Is someone gonna read ebooks and play angry birds on the dance floor? They aren’t meant to be with you at all times like a phone. And if I wanted a 15″ screen to look at I’d just hop on a desktop or notebook. A large stationary Android screen would be counterproductive.

  • Nathan D.

    Dam that a cheap tablet and good quality, now that’s a deal.

  • aranea

    At that price it’ll be shame not to buy one. I’m still hoping that they’ll make a 10+ inch version too.

  • _Diego

    $149 and Nexus branded? In a heartbeat!

  • agsgsgw

    So Google neuters the original design to produce an underpowered toy tablet.

    Won’t be on my shopping list

  • sue

    There’s no way I buy a “branded” tablet no matter what the price. I returned a Nook Tablet because as nice as it is (better specs than Fire), it’s a freaking catalog for B&N.

    I’m still hoping the rumors of the demise of a 7-inch quad-core are just rumors. I’m a big fan of ASUS, but if they cancelled the MeMo, after many, many people were holding off buying a tablet because of their announcement in January, I have to change my opinion. Not cool at all. How can you trust them if this is true.

  • McLovin

    For $149 and Nexus in a 7 inch format, I wouldn’t hesitate much.

  • Motorola Android Indonesia

    Motorola Droid Fighter.
    Release date: Around 12 April 2012.

  • Mark

    No! The lower target price does not increase my chances of buying one. The lack of a quad-core Tegra 3 processor will turn me away. I would rather buy the $249 ASUS MeMo 370T as it was originally announced?

    If Asus proceeds as rumored, I will more then likely wait until the smaller screen IPad comes out later this year, or consider other Tablets.

    • Todd

      Yup. If Google screws this up, I’m Windows 8 bound, believe that!

      • Todd

        If I wanted to settle for a smaller screen with crappy hardware specs, I’d go out right now and buy the Polaroid PMP Android at Big Lots for 60 bucks.


  • Todd

    Android tablets with good specs that can’t get timely, if at all, OS updates from manufacturers.

    and now

    Android tablet from Google that will have timely updates, but last year’s specs.



    • Todd

      Let me guess, it won’t have any expansion ports either, right?

      • agsgsgw

        Another toy tablet.

  • Pallen

    We have to be talking about two different tablets here. A rumored lower end $149 version, and the nice higher end $249 ASUS 730T already shown at CES.

    • Pallen

      I cant believe they would trash the well liked ASUS 730T when its been shown to the wild. Sounds like there is room for two ASUS and/or Google tablets here from the positive comments about a lower end nice tablet at $149.

      • Snuffit

        Can’t really blame Asus on this one. If a behemoth like Google comes to you (albeit as a third choice) and dangles the name Nexus in front of you, what can you do? (the first two OEMs had their reasons). Maybe scrapping the 370T was part of the deal.
        We lose. But then, who are we?

        • Pallen

          Sure hope they did take Google up on a deal, that would be a nice Coo for ASUS. We can only hope I guess we get to keep the 730T as is though. But like you said…in the end who are we? Google and ASUS are going to do whats best for there bottom line. We will get products from them that makes them the most profit.

          • Bryan

            simple answer to all of this. Two version, one a total pos for everyone that just wants what ever, and one that has great specs like the 370t promised. Asus can easily do both under the Nexus name.

  • Patti

    This bums me out. I was planning on buying the Asus memo 370t because of the tegra 3 processor. I”m not sure if I’ll buy the cheaper Google tablet.

  • @nellsum

    yes google…

  • Mike Tomkins

    I hope it has a GPS and a Micro SD slot. A 7″ tablet is a good size for traveling, and for preloading Google Maps of your destinations and using it as a GPS. I almost bought a $189 Lenovo Ideapad A1, but it has a slow processor. No rush, and Android tablets continue to fall in price after the iPad3, so I can wait to see the Nexus tablet. The really nice 7″ tablet is the Toshiba Thrive, but Toshiba is pricing it way too high. At $300 for the 32GB/$250 for the 16GB model it’d sell well, but it’s about $100 too expensive now.

    • Pallen

      I looked at the 7″ Toshiba as well and liked it, til I saw the ASUS 730T so I decided to wait for it.

  • kungpaodragon

    I’d like a 10″… :(

  • KRS_Won

    I hadn’t thought about it before, but with the rumored price of the google tablet being so cheap, what if it is the media center Google has been talking about? ….No apps, just Google Play? movies, books, and music with easy home entertainment connectivity (wi-di)?
    And could it be related to Google wanting to sell-off Motorola’s set top boxes?

  • Matt Cutts

    I am offering $1000 to the first person that show burn marks from their iPad usage. It’s really hot I heard, unlike Android tablets.

    P.S. The “hack Kinect” competition I posted a year ago on Hacker News is dead.

    Matt Cutts

    • Bryan

      Using my “The new iPad” (stupid name is stupid I know) right now, and there is no noticeable heating effect from it. Of course it does remain to be seen how it will effect the battery in the long run.

  • Dai323

    Awesome..but for the love of God…WHY must the first Nexus tablet be 7 inches? If it were 10.1, I would be peeing my pants right now…

  • ChicagoBob

    this is sad and I hope its not true. We have too many dumb downed pads. You can get a nook color if you want a slow down pad. The entire attraction to the MeMo was it was a quality pad with the latest CPU’s a bit smaller screen at a fantastic price. Far as I am concerned this pad can grow mold. I will wait for a 7 inch quad core for about 250 even if it takes another year.

  • ChicagoBob

    Another SLOW junk tablet. No quad core? How about the quality of the Wifi? Will it have a camera? Battery life? Bet its 4 hours in real use. There is so much wrong with making another cheap tablet. All it will do is make Android the choice for junk is that Googles idea? 250 for a quality 7 inch is reasonable. 150 for a clunky 7inch poor image quality, bad battery life etc is bad for the image.

    • Bryan

      I really hope Google pays attention to comments like this, because I think this is how the core of Andriod users feel right now.

  • Jayson Olson

    Ohhhh…this just seems to get better and better….but then I’m now thinking, this may be too good to be true.

    Asus Memo is now Google Nexus and possibly $100 cheaper? Yeah, I’m a little sketchy on that price point, unless they really tear down the specs, which this article doesn’t really state.

    If they are going to undercut Kindle Fire, I’m thinking they have to come in at $189, or at least match the $199 price point,

  • aa915

    Well, I was interested in a $250 MeMo but I’ll think twice before I buy a $149 retread Nook, if that’s all it comes down to.

  • Jmc53

    All these people are saying that getting rid of the quad core Tegra 3 is a detriment to the tablet. If you really knew what you are talking about the Snapdragon S4 dual core destroys the Tegra 3 in most benchmarks. You definitely are buying into Nvidia’s marketing.

    • Pallen

      If ASUS can put the S4 dual core without raising the price and keeping all the other goodies I could be OK with it. However I do like the Nvidia’s graphics ability’s and games.

  • Bryan

    Reading this article on my 3rd genertantion iPad that I purchased as a place holder till the Memo 370t comes out. Now it looks like the Memo has been scraped in favor of something that will be much weaker, so I’m scratching my head thinking what will I do now? Unless Google/Asus decide to do a high quality version, I’ll probably just keep my iPad. It would be nice to see Asus make their $150 version with the older Snapdragon processor, and then make a $250 version with their newer Snapdragon S4 (Krait processor) which absolutely crushes the Tegra 3 and any thing else out right now. If they did that then you will see this iPad on Craigslist the day after the Nexus using Krait goes retail.

  • Shell

    I would so buy this at $249 if it has a quad core, Please Asus/Nexus Tablet/Google, give customers the option. I already own the Transformer Prime and LOVE it!!!! But at 7 inches and $200 (or so) I could buy one for each of the rest of my family!

  • David Zuravel

    I would definetly buy the Tegra 3 or Krait version for $250 but I would not pay $149 for the lower spec version. Hopefully, they will give us the option.

  • Isabelle

    Cost of the new iPad: $499
    Cost of the Google Nexus tablet: $149
    Cost of having three Nexus tablets for less than the entry level iPad: Priceless

  • Isabelle

    The new iPad: $499
    Google Nexus tablet: $149
    Having three Nexus tablets for less than the entry level iPad: Priceless

  • jam

    Many people are short-sighted, they’ll do anything to save a few bucks in the short term without taking into account the long term consequences. If they’re also going to cut the great 1280×800-pixel IPS LCD display originally specified, the SDHC card slot or the mini-USB port so that Google can milk you for more money on their cloud services like Apple or Amazon do, then I’ll be looking for another tablet. If that’s the strategy that Google adopts, in the long run, you’ll pay that $50 saving ten times over and more.

  • Евгений

    150 денег , совсем не плохо

  • Bluyonder

    For me, top notch performance is not as important as battery life. I need a practical device that can do everyday communication/calendaring functions. At $149 my company would probably buy dozens of these and start developing apps.

  • bong

    The tegra 3 is a quadcore but it uses the old cortex a9 cores while the Snapdragon S4 dualcore is using Qualcomm’s version of the upcoming cortex a15.
    because of the improved cpu architecture the dualcore s4 is actually up to par with the quadcore A9!
    Even the adreno 225 trades blows with the geforce in the tegra 3.
    Just read the HTC One X and HTC One S reviews and comparisons on the net like on and
    The HTC One X using a tegra 3 and the HTC One S using the S4 dualcore are not only equal in most benchmarks, the s4 dualcore actually beats the tegra 3 in some benchmarks and loses only in the heavily multi threaded benches.
    So the only way to beat the S4 and the upcoming Arm cortex A15 dualcores SOUNDLY is with Quadcore S4 and Quadcore A15 models.

    • Pallen

      Sounds great bong, I wouldn’t mind it. But can the price be kept down to around $249 using an S4? If so great. I am just looking for a no compromise 7″ tablet with an excellent processor and price. Both the 4+1(5)Core Tegra 2 and the S4 dual core are very good. The Asus 730T with the 4+1(5)Core Tegra 2 is an example of a low compromise tablet at a great price($249) that I have been looking forward to. Hey if they stick an S4 in it for that price I would be happy to buy it.

  • Maggie

    I’ll be interested, but I was really ready to purchase the MeMo 270T. It had everything I’m looking for at a reasonable price. I’ll bide my time.

  • Maggie

    Whoops, type–370T.

  • Markeith

    Why do I keep hearing people assume Google has no marketing plans for the new tablet. Its like assuming this multi billionaire, overly successful corporation will not have a “plan”. Seems to me they are doing great without fail. Android Droid, Xoom etc, Google Search, largest map database in the world..even the USA government uses. Seriously what’s next from them… public holographic products. Come on.

  • AD

    Asus –Oh go hell…with ur device……u can raise specs., Stay constant,,..but not drop them…ur..just fu..(beep) ing the expectations…..

    I Had planned to buy memo370t…but if asus drops..Tegra…I’m not buying…that junk….

    People will always invest a little more for to much good….If Asus retains…its tegra 3….the market is sure to be on fire….

    There are rumors of not having a front camera too…and no stylus support…what the hell…

    Asus if ur not giving this…stop producing gadgets and start with toys…

    O helll