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Google Drive to launch next week with a free 5GB


Google Drive, Google’s cloud storage service, has been coming soon since about February, but a new The Next Web leak may indicate that the wait will soon be over. According to the leak, Google will launch Google Drive on Android, iOS, Mac, and PC next week, and the service will come with a free 5GB of storage as previously reported.

Also expected in Google Drive is an in-app Documents editor, leading us to believe that the Google Drive service will be much more of an extension of Google Docs than a standalone service. While this will certainly be handy, it’s difficult to imagine its usefulness, since Google Docs is easily accessible via all of these platforms.

We should be learning more about Google Drive‘s launch in the coming days as we prepare for a launch in the middle of next week. Since Google Drive’s main competition, DropBox and Box.net, offer ways for users to score anywhere from 25-50 free GBs of storage for completing certain tasks, we expect Google will likely offer free additional storage as well. Of course, Google will offer a multitude of pricing tiers for those who need more than the allocated 5GB, a practice which is status quo for the cloud storage industry. We’re assuming the price points will be on par or slightly below the competition.

What do you guys want to see in Google Drive? Are you excited to give Drive a run for its money, or are your cloud storage needs already being met elsewhere?

Source: The Next Web

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  • Lightning7

    This + “The Next Galaxy” unveiling May 3rd = Great Android Week Start

  • http://www.mlswanson.com SparkyXI

    I have to wonder if current Google Storage users that pay for extra space get to use that space with Drive… One would assume?

    • sethoscope

      Would love to know this as well

      • Slith

        I can’t wait to hear either.

    • Mike

      I was wondering about that too. Seriously excited about this!

    • Probably

      I would give it a 99% chance that it will work that way. They already share that google storage between gmail/picasa/docs. This is most likely an improvement of Docs.

  • manuel

    Will google drive work on google TV or easy to use and will there be a app on google+ to make access easier

  • inviolable

    I’m still uncertain what google drive actually is. Thought it was hardware all this time.

    • Derek

      I’m more curious about the details. Are the limits to what you can store? What kind of app do we need to use he files stored on the drive? etc

  • Nathan D.

    Well it would be nice to have cloud services on Google drive so I could back up some of my apps and other things as well.

  • mipd1980

    Google Rules!!!!!! Android is the Bomb!!!!

    • jeff donuts

      who still says “the bomb” ugh reminds me of when i was a stupid little kid saying that and thinking it was cool

      • mipd1980

        I say the bomb Stupid!!!

  • fletchtb

    I am prediciting a Google Drive App to accompany the release of this product, and if we’re lucky a new OS update for those of us with VZW Galaxy Nexus’!

  • http://facebook.com/jestertx2001 Jesse Moreno

    I would like to use this for backing up all my homebrew apps, tools and ROMs but I’m curious as to how Google will deal with hosting borderline-pirate content. :/

  • http://sweeterskins.net Lemon

    Difficult to imagine it’s usefulness? How about auto sync and sharing files easily within an apps domain (currently pita on dropbox)…. :-)

    • phalacee

      The usefulness mentioned in the article was in reference to the in-app document editor – I can’t imagine it being useful either …

  • Joker Jim

    This will be the cloud storage area for the settlement in GOOGLE vs ORACLE.

  • spazby

    can’t wait, bring on more free storage.

  • Slith

    My guess is that nearly everyone will qualify for some kind of extended storage taking it well past the 5gb and blowing Dropbox away.

    • phalacee

      I already have 10gb free storage on my dropbox… Google will have to top that before I move away from dropbox …

    • honourbound68

      hopefully no upload size limit (like dropbox). that’s where box.net dropped the ball. i’ve got 25 or 50 gb on box but hardly use it bec some of my shared files are larger than 180 mb.

  • Sidredd

    If they provide some solid competition to Dropbox and bring their prices down I will be happy. I currently pay $79.99 per year for 50GB and would like to see that price come down. Google will have to offer the same seamless functionality I enjoy with DB to encourage users to switch but judging by their current syncing skills that shouldn’t be an issue…

  • cthonctic

    It would be nice if they gave out extra space for inviting friends like Dropbox does, but then again I think Google really won’t have problems getting people clamoring to get in ASAP as it is.
    Question is: where do I sign up? :)

  • KennyL

    I’ve already got 9.5 GB in free storage from SugerSync (which btw is FAR superior to DB). Gdrive is good and I’ll likely sign up but unless it is as seemless as SugerSync…I don’t know what exactly I’d use it for.

    • phalacee

      Does SugarSync have an installer for Linux? Looking at it, I can see it would meet the short-comings in the Dropbox Android App, but I need it across ALL platforms, but don’t see any mention of Linux on the site

  • Jaydude

    I’m not sure that the editor would be that much of an improvement. Unless someone has ENORMOUS documents (which I don’t think would pass the free 5GB limit), it would be useful. Another thing is Google Music. It already let’s you store up to 25,000 songs… yea FAAAR more than 5GB, so music wouldn’t be of good use to that. Back-up would be it’s most popular use in my opinion.

  • Ps3y3Ops

    Still can’t figure out why anyone would want to store a drive in the clouds :p

  • http://tinkerdad.blogspot.com xfaith

    I use dropbox for a files that I would like a third option of backing up (besides llocal backuP), I use the free account on there and have about 9GB. But the best part of dropbox besides the size is with the ability to have a sync folder on my PC, and have the same files available any where.

    I am sure that Google will do this. along with an app for android.

    • http://theinternet-allofit.blogspot.com Jorge Branco

      I badly want to see the Android app offer the same two way sync as Dropbox desktop folder

  • thebearingedge

    If it doesn’t have an auto-syncing folder across devices, I’m not sure why I’d even bother… Sorry if I missed the part in all these blog posts that says, “Automatic syncing!”

    I mean, I have a free Windows Live account and a 25GB free Sky Drive that goes along with it. But I NEVER use it. It doesn’t sync between myself and my friends/collaborators. Office Documents? Great, that’s what Docs is for.

    If I can render a rough mix to a Google Drive folder on my machine and have it automatically show up on a client’s phone or computer, I’m in. Maybe even consider leaving my Free 8.5GB at Drop Box for the smaller 5GB GDrive.

    Again, sorry if I missed the answer to this. I’ve checked in every-so-often on the topic and still didn’t seem to find an answer.

  • gabriel

    i believe there is a zero missing in 5 gb… because 5 is not as disruptive as google used to be.

  • aranea

    I hope that it’s going to be integrated with all the google services.

  • guyb99

    I’m prepared to give it a fair hearing – especially as Dropbox busted me for that XDA HTC One Hack and took away my ill-gotten 20gb we all got the other week!

  • Jeremiah

    I’ve been using dropbox and I’ve tried every other competitors attempt and there’s no comparison. Dropbox is the easiest to set up. Still only using about half of the free 5gigs and it makes sharing apps between my tablet and phone and other friends phone’s easy as it get

  • www.getstartedwithgdi.com

    Gotta love google, it seems like they want to be your go to entity for anything you need, I’m not mad at ‘em

  • Rohan

    I really hope that this is not US only..

  • KRS_Won

    Google already has Play music cloud storage to 25000 songs, Picasa/G+ unlimited picture storage/sync, Docs cloud storage for document sharing and editing all available to Android user for free. . .
    Is this a way to bring more iOS/Windows users to the light? Maybe a way of seemless integration between the apps?
    I’m sure I’ll sign up for it, but am I missing something?

  • jspiby2

    I have 33 gb of dropbox space all free and I only use about 6 or 7 gig of that, don’t really think all these cloud storage things have took of that much….. What is needed is a storage place where you can put , files , photos, films and music have it all integrated so you just touch a button or two and you can watch film,play a whole music album not just one song look at documents edit them share them all with a few simple clicks maybe then they become more popular, but they also need to sort out the upload times it takes bloody hours to put like a movie on there people just can’t be bothered…

    • SGB101

      totally agree with you.

      i have 29gb of free dropbox space, but use under 1gb, as i use DB jut for moving files between pc, laptop, phone, ipad.

      i buy 20gb ($5per year) from google for photos and the like.

      the closest to what you outline above is microsofts sky drive, 25gb free, that can be attached to your lappy pc as a drive for bucket storage and there is some decent android apps, plus sense 4.0,has it backed in, the problem they have is it is truly awful to use when you actually heed to go in it via a web browser. hotmail stinks.

  • Redostrike

    Absolutly Linux support. Box.net is great for storage (if you applied with android phone) but has no software support. Dropbox has but it’s not the best imo and storage space for free user is quiet limited!

  • Patrick

    I wonder if these 5GB will stack upon my existing 100GB paid storage with google…?

  • EdFal

    Only 5gb? I would have thought more. If you use minus, and sign up through this link, you already have more than that: http://min.us/rxMs3zU

  • thekaz

    This reminds me of the Google Music discussion. I hope that Google really has something with this that puts it well above other services, such as Dropbox. As with Google Music, they are so late to the game, they need to do something to make people want to switch from what they are already using to this.

    If it isn’t giving me anything above and beyond Dropbox, odds are, I am going to find it easier to just stick with Dropbox.

    C’mon, Google – we all believe you have what it takes to blow away the competition.. show us what you got!

  • Danny

    50 GB will make me switch over from Dropbox.

  • Jorge Vieira

    I already use dropbox. If the inegration is smooth and nice i might switch over. But maybe is is just a gogle docs extension. Either way i welcome it.

  • Tammy

    Let me get this straight… you have a big announcement stating that if I switch everything to Google Drive… I can get 1/10th or 1/20th of the online storage space I already get for free????

    Gee, thanks Google!

  • Margret

    Does anyone know if DropBox or Box allow upload access WITHOUT installing their special software?

    Besides, we need a full automated way of uploading. No GUI. Just something quick and easy like:
    C:\> DropBoxSend myAccount myPassword myFileName.txt

  • Vashikaran

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