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Instagram now available on the Play Store


Instagram is one of the hottest-anticipated Android apps to date, and after long wait is finally available on the Play Store. Android users can now join the tens of millions of iOS users on Instagram’s picture sharing service, and apply hipster filters to all their pictures and share with your favorite social network.

“We’ve been working tirelessly to make this new Android app a first-class mobile photo-sharing experience. We’ve been meticulous about translating the Instagram experience to the Android platform. The Android app offers an extremely familiar Instagram experience when compared to the iOS app. You’ll find all the same exact filters and community as our iOS version,” said Instagram in a blog post announcing the release.

We’ll have a full review of the Android version of Instagram after we’ve had some time to play around with it. For now, be sure to share your impressions of Instagram for Android by dropping us a comment below.


instagram 1_Feed 2_CameraFilter 3_Popular 4_NewsFollowing 5_Profile 6_FirstRun 7_NewsYou 8_TagSearch

Source: Instagram

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  • amgala

    April Fool’s! Oh, wait…freakin sweet!

    • amgala

      AndroidAndMe is FAST! They posted about this before I got the official e-mail from the Instagram sign-up.

      • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

        I was wondering why I never got an email from Instagram, you’re totally right, AndroidandMe is on top of shit!!!

    • http://mihai.discuta-liber.com/ tmihai20

      The funny thing is that if you search the market for it, it doesn’t show in the first 10 results :) I had to click the link directly.

      • epps720

        Why is the Google Play store so awful for searching. If I search for Instagram it gives me hundreds of other apps w/different names but not Instagram. Shouldn’t the actual app w/this name pop up on top of the search!!!!

        • http://mihai.discuta-liber.com/ tmihai20

          Maybe it’s the same situation as with SEO, The makers of Instagram must put more tags so that it comes in front. In time, it will.

        • ranwanimator

          If I search via my web browser it comes up right away. If I search via the play app on my ATP it doesn’t show up at all since it is currently incompatible.

  • cwjones4

    Can’t say I have ever had the desire to use it, but always glad to see popular apps make their way over to android

    • cthonctic


  • Derek

    Why is it not compatible with tablets? Have an HTC Flyer and Play store says its not compatible???

    • Ray

      download the apk im sure it works on tablets..

  • Bo

    Yay. Now all my pics will look like they came from an iPhone! Whoopeee! EMO4LIFE!

  • MattB5

    Why the hell did they need my e-mail address to notify me when it was available and the I find out here first?!

    • http://www.anthonydomanico.com Anthony Domanico

      We’re that good.

    • jonathan3579

      Welcome to the mailing list, lol.

  • Nate B.

    I’ve been using Mobli. Same thing & nearly as much hype for IOS & ANDROID

  • Lucky chauhan

    it gives photos a look that they looks like they had come from iphone really good :)

  • tiRo

    It would have been better if it was available o April Fools

  • bolanrox

    just in time for when i get my Nexus, maybe i will luck out and VZW will drop the next update this week too :)

  • Max.Steel

    An app that makes emo teens and hipsters feel like professional photographers.

    • bolanrox

      I’m still mad at my father selling off my analog SLR without asking me… as nice as it is to have a good digi, its still not the same… something is missing… Kodak Tri-X 400 for life!

      • inviolable

        Why would he do that?

        • bolanrox

          I had left it at their house when i moved out, and he figured I didn’t want it. To be fair he did give me the body (70′s pretty much completely manual Nikon) but the lenses and other stuff i bought. all is well i do love the Panasonic Lumix we have now

  • Nathan D.

    Nice, that didn’t take long

  • Nate B.

    Well, first impressions suck for me personally. It force closes every time I finish trying to sign-up. Well, like someone already said, it’s cool that popular apps are making it’s way to Android. Mobli is still awesome and competes with it in every way.

  • http://alxrock.deviantart.com alxrock

    I’m guessing the servers are pretty busy, I keep getting “Error Processing Purchase”

    • h0ruza

      I had that just keep trying and it will go through. I guess this will test the market/play store world wide

    • OutofPlace

      My thoughts too. I’m getting a lot of “unable to refresh” errors. What I’ve seen has been pretty cool. All in all it’s pretty inelegant – more so than I expected.

      What remains to be seen for me is whether or not I’ll actually get sucked into the Instagram community or not.

  • Georgie

    It sucks. I had waited so long for this since losing my iPhone, only for it to tell me that my camera’s photos are too small. I’m on a Samsung Galaxy Ace.

    • Lill

      Same here!!!

    • brittany

      Mine is doing the same thing. I have an Evo and it keeps telling me my pics are top small. Really annoying! But I have googled it, and apparently we are not alone! Hope this bug gets fixed!

  • spazby

    it took a while… sure there are lots of happy androiders

  • h0ruza

    GOT. Need to give it a spin but my first impressions are….meh ;-)

  • Stigy

    Wow the reviews are flying into the Play store real fast. So far so good – only had one crash.

    Only thing lacking is the tilt-shift (the blur) effect that I would’ve loved to use from the iPhone version. Otherwise I just wish they followed some Android design requirements, but no complaints from me.

    It’s very fast and the quality is killer.

  • Noel Kunz

    All my iPhone friends are mad that it’s no longer iPhone exclusive. Since when was sharing the love a bad thing?

    • inviolable

      Since they drank the Steve Jobs juice. Damn that sounds nasty.

  • HardNoks

    i really like it so far. its much better than i expected it to be. i’d say it was kinda worth the wait

  • zyphbear

    Personally I’m glad this is available so that I can share pictures with friends and also make it easier to get square pictures for icons, sharing with friends and postagram. From what I can tell, applying some of the filters are much clearer and faster than many other Retro style cameras or filter apps.

  • Spjrnj304

    Waited months for this and everytime I try to share a picture it keeps saying picture too small this sucks

  • http://www.infotainmentempire.com pekosROB

    I have to admit, at first I didn’t understand what the deal was with Instagram, but I understand why people like it. Much more polished version of Twitter and TwitPic put together… Only had one force close so far, not too bad. Droid 3 here btw.

  • Anil Jadhav

    Sad part is

    1. it wont allow you to upload low resolution photos
    2. iPhonish UI ( top back and forward button) + settings section is total iPhone copy
    3. Need major UI update so that it has look and feel of ICS.

  • Stella

    The app works smoothly and fast but I don’t care for the iPhone-ish UI. It needs more ICS in my opinion. So far with the filters, I don’t see anything special that I haven’t use already with another app. The big sell is Instagram’s large social network.

  • http://www.jaxidian.org/update/ jaxidian

    My mini-review of the app thus far:

    - Seems stable and the UI is polished from a “pretty” standpoint.
    - The UI is a bit confusing for people who are used to Android apps. The “back” button functionality SUCKS. The “okay” or “next” button is a fastforward icon in the top-right corner. And there are absolutely no settings to work with.
    - The filters are a bit confusing as to what they are or what they do.
    - There is no good way that I can tell to go find the photos that I have previously uploaded. There is a “timeline” tab of sorts that shows photos from me and everybody I follow, but I can’t simply find just mine.
    - There is no good way to browse through random photos from random people other than the “popular” tab which gives you ~30 photos to look at with no way to see any more.
    - The filters seem pretty decent.

    All in all, I guess I can see why this is a popular app – because it’s so simple. However, beyond that, it seems like something that most people will sign up, upload 5 photos, and never use again.

    • Stigy

      It’s the social network of Instagram that has the 1-up over 99% of other photo editing apps. I want to see just my friends photos and that’s it and that is how I have it and plan to keep it.

      It’s nice to know that “updates” are pictures — gives me a place to put my randoms I take during the day where my friends will see it.

      • dpleus

        Agreed, the social networking aspect of Instagram is where it really shines. As you said, “…see just my friends photos and that’s it…”

        Will is replace your stock camera or Androids built-in ability to share images with social networks? Nope. But that’s not what it is designed to do.

  • HardNoks

    Is it just me or are all of your timelines on twitter now flooded with android hate haha. i dont understand why people are getting so mad about this.

  • YNWA

    Sweet now I can be a hipster idiot like all my other “friends” that post pictures of their meal with 10 filters on it.

  • cola

    Pretty good so far, easily found my friends thru Facebook and Twitter integration. Polished UI and simplicity shows why it’s so popular.

    I’ve uploaded a sweet picture of a baby bearded dragon that I someday hope to own haha. Anyone want to see my name is colaLOL

  • Jorge Vieira

    I can finally get rid of the iphones!

  • Dylan Friedman

    It’s not bad I guess. Some nice filters, but really the thing that sets it apart from others like it is the social network tied to it.

  • jamal adam

    Is it me or do I remember them saying that there are some things in the Android version that are better than in the iPhone version.

  • Guanchy

    I have a Mytouch 4g and when i try to upload pictures on my Instagram it says that pictures are too small grrr, its annoying!!!!

    • allycat

      ahhh me too! is it just something wrong? I was so excited to use it already too :(

      • rochsalt

        mine too. when i tried to take a photograph and share it, just gives me a black photo. any suggestions? im using Samsung Galaxy Y GT-S5360. If it’s compatible when I downloaded it how come the photo comes out like that?

  • Guanchy

    I have a Mytouch 4g and when i try to upload pictures on my Instagram it says that pictures are too small grrr, its annoying!!!! Hopefully they fix the bug soon!!! add me by the way Guanchy13

    • meesa_boo

      me too :(

  • haters on the rocks

    Just download it. It’s pretty kool can’t wait to figure out the better things on instragram. My iPhone friends are mad that android got it too. Lol. Haters gonna hate not everything stays on iPhone its just business to make money.

  • tizio

    Why dorsn’t support google+ ?
    Why the need to read my contacts?

  • Luvslayer

    I was excited pics too small…blah fix it!!

  • Jessica

    It won’t let me upload some pictures because it is “too small” :(

  • loren

    Pictures are too small?!! Grr how do i get past that

  • loren

    I just want to upload my older pics in my phone :(

  • Bluephoenix137

    No tilt-shift, no Live View, and NO ANDROID OPTIMIZED.I have to say I’m pretty dissapointed, is a good app, but it makes the same mistakes that readability did. Kevin Systrom said that there will be more sharing options, it has the same ones that iOS has. Hope they update soon with more features.

  • Mike

    Yay. More pictures of food that people are about to eat.

  • jinaa

    Works well with Samsung Galaxy NOTE

  • KRS_Won

    I am impressed with these retro filters, it took years off my 2009 F-150.


  • adizo

    Got a cool retro effect app for you if you have devices also under 2.2
    Retro Cam by mumblefish


  • Jahmon

    No one complaining about the app size?
    My poor Nexus One is going to go though a couple of uninstall to free up all this space !

  • RedXenon

    I checked on the play store and I can’t find it on my orange Barcelona. Why?

  • Nate B.

    It is missing a lot of expected features. Mobli is the same type of app and is way better. It has a better looking UI as well. It’s pretty popular on IOS and Android. You guys should do a competitor app comparison.

  • donger

    yes i like instagram on the ios devices. the ui looks good, seems to run/loads faster than the ios version in some areas.

  • meesa_boo

    this is awesome that apk installer really worked!

  • Amandavill

    Whenever I try to take a picture and upload it on instagram it makes me force close? and then when i try to choose a photo from my library it says “photo too small” please tell me how to fix this!

    • meesa_boo

      this happens to me too and I have a mytouch 4g :( HELP!

  • Gigei

    I am so dissapointed! I went to install the app after waiting for so long and it says it is not compatible with my HTC EVO 4g tablet? WTH! Anyone knows what’s up with that? :ÃŽ

  • ManiaX

    Love the app! My new addiction..

  • Giga

    They say Instagram is going to become something huge and immensely fun under Facebook’s wing! There are already a few concepts here: http://bit.ly/IedePg

  • dayanaazhar

    I can’t download it to my xperia x8 why is it??

  • Nichole C

    Is anyone else finding that on their HTVC Evo, the Google app store is saying Instagram isn’t compatible with your phone? I have other friends with Evos who have downloaded it fine. :( Sad panda.

  • Amber

    I’m new to the smartphone world and waited to get a smartphone until Instagram was on Android because I liked the Razr better than the iPhone when I played with them in the store. I just got a Razr yesterday and immediately downloaded instagram. I can’t figure out how to save the pictures onto my phone though. I tried googling how, but they keep telling me to go to settings and change it there, but I’m not seeing that option under settings…manage applications…instagram (at least that’s where I assumed I was to go). Anyone have any tips????

  • chanel

    Why can’t I download load it for my HTC my Touch 4g????

  • mo

    how comr ill go to app and it will ask to sync data and I do and then I get to where it says acceot and download and I click it then it says at top of my phone no cinnectiin it wont let me download it errr plz help