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Spotify for Android gets a much-needed overhaul


Spotify for Android has gotten a massive and much-needed UI overhaul. The Spotify overhaul is actually pretty awesome. Spotify has fully embraced Google’s Holo UI interface, making Spotify’s new beta a pleasure to use. Spotify also feels a bit speedier, with pages rendering more quickly and no noticeable lag when switching between panes. I’ve spent a good part of the morning with Spotify, and have been pleased with the overall experience. Spotify’s high price point aside, the Spotify application was one of the main reasons I stopped using the service, so it’s good to see Spotify taking consumer complaints seriously after 6 months of not updating their application.

Of course, to be able to listen to Spotify on your mobile device, you’ll have to spring for a $10 per month premium Spotify subscription, though you can sign up for a 30 day free trial on Spotify’s site. If you’d like to give the new Spotify application a go, head over to Spotify’s preview site to download. Be sure your settings allow for installation of non-Play applications.

Screenshot_2012-04-19-09-05-33[1] Screenshot_2012-04-19-09-05-54[1] Screenshot_2012-04-19-09-06-18[1] Screenshot_2012-04-19-09-06-30[1]

If you do check out the the beta version of Spotify, let us know your initial impressions of the UI overhaul in the comments.

Update: Thanks for the corrections, all. Happy to admit I goofed and mis-read Spotify’s email. Good to know the holo theme does work on Gingerbread.

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  • http://thebackslash.com G3K

    This is infuriating. The Spotify client that 95% of Android users are stuck with is barely functional at best, crashing randomly and often. I guess it’s a compelling argument for the service that I still use it every day, but this is just an insult to paying customers.

    • ddp

      Uhh…. BETA?!?!

      • http://thebackslash.com G3K

        What are you talking about?

      • http://thebackslash.com G3K

        The client that has been out for Android for several months? Is that beta? It seems to have the amount of bugs expected from a pre-alpha release, not beta. And excuse me for commenting before the author of this post realized that the updated client isn’t just for ICS devices.

  • Bob

    It’s not just for Android 4.0, works on Gingerbread too.

  • Eric

    Erm.. the updated version works perfectly on my HTC Desire running Gingerbread..

  • drauks

    It’s not only for users running Android 4.0 though, it’s compatible with earlier versions too.

  • fletchtb

    I have been thinking about ditching my 2nd Sirius Sattelite Radio subscription and swapping it out for something to play music at home. Spotify is on the list as it will play in our house and we can take it with us on our phones and tablets.

  • Instrumentals

    Works well, much speedier and I like the overall new layout but for the love of God can I get it to go on landscape mode please, it’s frustrating when I have my nexus on my dock charger and I have to watch it on portrait…weird since when I updated to ICS the old one would let me go landscape..anyways im just rambling now.

  • Instrumentals

    Oh yeah and for some reason the widget is gone?, hopefully these things get fixed by the time the app goes live on google play.

  • Andrew Gomez

    This article needs major revision. It runs on 2.3 devices exactly the same, with Holo theme and all.

    • http://www.anthonydomanico.com Anthony Domanico

      Updated. Misread the email, though it was misleading. Thanks

  • Waspdroid

    If this is beta the one one play store qualifies as alpha! Seems rock solid on my GN and very fast.

  • Keyon

    only thing i can notice is the widget doesn’t exist anymore lame but this is a super nice update
    i would like to see the options for being able to see how much space is being used up in the settings mention
    really glad to see more sharing options added into the mix
    nice to have extreme quality settings to stream and save for offline mode
    also i think they need to add in lockscreen buttons
    very clean app though

  • KandLClark

    The ONE thing I wanted to see in the next spotify update was rotate/landscape mode but they have failed to listen again.

  • Gr8Ray

    Still doesn’t support Radio streaming… Grumble grumble…

  • http://thebackslash.com G3K

    My wish list still includes the ability to reorder playlists and tracks, but this is nice, especially with the “extreme quality” setting. Let’s see if it crashes at the drop of a hat like the old one.

  • TechWings

    I’ll admit the only reason I downloaded the app was because it was holo themed; I prefer to purchase my music rather than stream. It’s s great looking app. I don’t know how the old one functioned but this beta is very polished.

    That being said, I tried Rdio a couple years ago so I wanted to see how the two apps compared to eachother. Spotify completely embraces Google’s Holo theme, while Rdio does for the most part, sub menus still look iOSish. But Rdio is the superior app as far as options and extras.

  • mattcoz

    Very nice. I was resistant to getting premium because I heard so much about how the app sucked, but I’m going to give the 30-day trial a shot now. So now my biggest issue is that where I would use it the most, in my building’s gym, I get a really bad signal.

    • Morten

      Just have your most used playlists locally. Streaming everything eats up your battery.

  • Hardeep Singh

    One step forward, two steps back….

    Only just installed it and already: missing the widget AND doesn’t allow you to move the cache location to elsewhere. So I can’t even use offline playlists…oh joy…

  • zerosix

    Damn it, there is Bieber on the main page of androidandme!

  • Nathan D.

    Nice to see they are updating the Android version of their app.

  • jamal adam

    I feel that the more developers use the ICS guidelines the better their apps will look and more people want to install and use them. Spotify has done a great job implementing ICS guidelines. Now all we need is for more devs to use the guideline. It’s to their advantage and is something that will make the Android ecosystem even more beautiful.


    It’s night and day better…now it’s worth the $10 a month.

  • Trevor Cameron


    I love the new redesign, they for sure needed it. I love how some people on here are never happy or satisfied with anything. We the users complained about the app design and they the developer listened to us and did a COMPLETE overhaul. And we’re able to get to it before the general public. What more do you want? Nothing is ever exactly perfectly the way you like it because these people have to please the masses, not just YOU.

    Thanks Spotify, I have been loving on your program, paying my meager $10 a month and spreading your good word. Keep it up!

  • YNWA

    Ok, so the million dollar question: Can you sort your playlists by Artist or Album?

    I have playlists that have thousands of songs in them. How am I supposed to get to the songs I want when it just dumps me into the order I put them in? I will subscribe to premium once they fix/add this feature. Until then I will stick with Premium on my computer, and Google Music on my phone.

  • Angie Wimberly

    This is random, but I just glanced at the post image and saw “BABY” and a person with big hair and a purple shirt and for a moment assumed it was Austin Powers. Nope! Justin Beiber, haha.

  • juan

    For some reason my what’s new only comes up with one row but everyone else’s has more info.