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Top 10 Android app updates: Pocket, Hooked, Skyscanner, AIVC, TapTu, …


Welcome back to our weekly Top 10 Android App Updates column, where we take a look at the most upgraded apps for the week. I’ve found that one of the best ways to discover useful apps is to look at what people are actually updating, and not focus on which apps have the most installs.

To find the most updated apps, I turn to AppAware. It’s a great tool that shows me which apps have active support from their developers and sometimes reminds me of an old app that I might have removed long ago. Make sure to install it so your activity can help determine our weekly top 10 list.

This week I’m going to do things a little different. I normally filter out apps that have over 10 million installs, but I’m going to make an exception for popular apps that had significant updates. I hope you enjoy this weekly feature and discover some apps that you might find useful.

Pocket – Version 4.0.2


What’s new in this version:

  1. Fixed:
  2. Select/Copy Text on 2.3 devices.
  3. Margins for smaller tablets.
  4. Duplicate items appearing when sharing.
  5. Video/Audio not pausing.
  6. Several crashes/bugs.
  7. New/Improved:
  8. Added a Report Article option in the Share Menu.
  9. YouTube viewing.

Read It Later was just rebranded into Pocket last week, and the developer already rolled out an update that fixed a bunch of bugs and improved some features. I had never used the app before last week, so I gave it a try and now I’m loving it. Pocket integrates perfectly with the built in share function of most apps and allows you to save almost any kind of content for viewing later. If you have ever been on your phone and wished you had your PC to view some content, then give Pocket a go.

TeamViewer for Remote Control – Version 7.0.405



What’s new in this version:

  1. New Design
  2. Performance optimizations (full hardware acceleration and better performance on ARMv7a processors)
  3. Tablet optimized
  4. Improved multitasking
  5. Various minor bug fixes

This week TeamViewer introduced a major update to their Remote Control and Meetings apps. The main new feature was VoIP calling, but the apps also included a new design that was optimized for tablets. I’ve never used either app, but they are both free and maintain an average review score of 4.7.

Hooked – Version 1.2.31


What’s new in this version:

  1. Improvements to loading and performance when device has low connectivity
  2. Resolves issue with G+ login for several devices
  3. Preserves user’s session when returning back to the app
  4. We are working to only display games compatible with your phone, coming shortly! We are working day and night to address any problems, device capability so please let us know. If anyone still experiences any issues at all, please contact us at [email protected]

Hooked is quickly becoming one of the best ways to discover new Android games that match your liking. The app monitors which games you have installed and which games you play the most, then provides personalized recommendations for new titles that you might enjoy. The latest update is mostly bug fixes and performance enhancements, but give it a try if you have yet to check it out.

App 2 SD – Version 2.51


What’s new in this version:

  1. ★ long-press an app icon will show More options menu
  2. ★ app total used size now also includes used external code and data size. Android ICS devices only
  3. ★ tapping an app icon on the PHONE ONLY page will show App info instead of opening Google Play
  4. ★ updated untranslated strings for Vietnamese, Russian, Polish, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Bulgarian
  5. ★ don’t export system apps to the app list
  6. ★ bugs fixed

If your Android device is over a year old, chances are you have seen the “low space warning” pop up a few times.  App 2 SD is a great tool from Sam Lu that helps manage your installed apps and clear up free space with a single click. People with newer devices might not find much use in this app, but it can be a lifesaver on older phones with limited internal storage.

Google Offers – Version 2.1


What’s new in this version:

  1. New and refreshed design: the new look for Google Offers lets you view all your offers with larger photos and crisp design
  2. Fast browsing speed: Browse smoothly between offers and purchase with faster checkout
  3. More offers for more cities, all in one place: Get offers in 40 US cities and access to offers from up to 30 partner deal sites
  4. Manage your notifications: We have fixed the disable notification option

Google Offers is similar to the popular Groupon that lets you discover, buy and redeem deals with your Android phone. It was initially only available in a couple of markets, but it has now expanded over 40 cities and includes offers from 30 deal sites. The latest version includes a fresh design that matches the Android 4.0 stylings. The annoying notifications have also been fixed and are now able to be turned off.

Skyscanner – Version


What’s new in this version:

  1. Reduced the size of the app
  2. Database and memory optimisation
  3. Added Chicago Gary Regional and Lombok International Airport
  4. Added a “Done” button to the date and passenger selector as well as the filters.
  5. Added option to install the app in the internal memory when the space on SD card is not sufficient
  6. Added option in settings to clear all Recent Searches and Places history.
  7. Added new currencies: Argentine Peso, Jordanian Dinar, Bolivian Boliviano and Qatar Riyal

There are many Android apps for checking airline prices, but few look as nice as Skyscanner. The latest update reduced the size of the app and added several new airports and currencies. Skyscanner is currently available in 28 languages, so check it out before the next time you fly.

Business Calendar Free – Version 2.0.1


What’s new in this version:

  1. the agenda, month, week and day widgets have been redesigned
  2. new design and transparency options for widgets
  3. the agenda widget now is scrollable by finger gestures for some alternative home screen launchers
  4. the agenda widget now has an option to directly open the event details
  5. you now can select default values for the options “Show me as” and “Privacy”
  6. the “Show me as” option now will also be synced with Exchange on the Samsung Galaxy S / S2
  7. some more changes and bug fixes

Business Calendar is a complete calendar application that synchronizes with Google Calendar and adds a ton of additional features. The paid version normally sells for $4.99, but you can get the ad-supported version for free. This new update includes a new design, new widgets, and several minor bug fixes.

TWC TV – Version varies with device


What’s new in this version:

  1. Live TV on Android 4.x (Ice Cream Sandwich) smartphones and tablets
  2. Redesigned DVR manager interface
  3. Bug fixes and performance enhancements

Time Warner Cable customers can finally watch live TV on their Android devices with the latest TWC TV app. Live TV support is limited to the Motorola Xoom WiFi and Samsung Galaxy Nexus, but more devices should be added in the coming months. A local WiFi network is also required, but now you have the freedom to watch TV from any room in your house from your Android device.

AIVC – Version 2.1.1


What’s new in this version:

  1. Bugfix with Database initialisation
  2. Online-TTS Bug
  3. Nicknames / Aliases
  4. => Nina is my girlfriend
  5. => Call my girlfriend
  6. Choose search engine
  7. Choose Celsius / Fahrenheit
  8. Carbon Design
  9. Ton Bug

Artificial Intelligent Voice Control (AIVC) is another Android app that lets you control your device with your voice. The free version is ad-supported, but you can kill the ads in the Pro version that runs for $2.99. Voice functions in the free version allow you to control call, SMS, email, translation, navigation, alarm, timer, app launcher, calculator, Facebook, web search, weather, and search images. The Pro version ads a couple additional commands including calendar, play music, Tv-receiver control and a dialog-mode.

TapTu – Version 2.0.6


What’s new in this version:

  1. Bug fixes
  2. Faster scrolling of articles
  3. Possibility of changing article font size on the article page.
  4. Increased size of small cards. You can change the card size in the stream options menu (the one at the right side of every stream title).

TapTu is another news reader app which lets you discover thousands of streams on your favorite topics from a wide variety of web sites, blogs, newspapers and magazines. It only has a fraction of the number of installs for the main competitor Pulse, but TapTu currently sports a higher average review score. I’ll always stick with Google Reader and RSS feeds for my news fix, but give TapTu a try if you prefer a more visual approach to reading your news.

Honorable mentions

Did you see any Android apps that received notable updates in the last week? Share your suggestions in the comments below and we will add them to our honorable mentions list.

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    Has anyone used App2SD on ICS or HoneyComb? I have an ICS tablet, when running App2SD it says “no real external storage, or storage is emulated.” It shows the internal storage as SD card and does not show the MicroSD card. Has anyone been able to move application data to a SD card? If so, what did you use?

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    I’m a big fan of Shredder Chess and Park-A-Lot 3D Car Locator

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    Can someone tell me what is the widget called in the very first image? The one looks like power control widget but with more options, thanks

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      It is just the controls which are a part of the notification window on what appears to be a (debranded) Samsung Galaxy variant (not sure which device exactly). The controls live in the shade and appear when you pull it down. (note the “notifications” and “clear” button).
      A few other manufacturers bake this into their overlay as well.

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    I saw an application in the android market which is also similar to Taptu but with has great features and smooth user interface and I hope androidandme shall make a review with this Taptu’s rival, it is called News Ace Multimedia News Reader with over 400 news channel and serves as a podcast, rss, video news and twitter news, try it and leave some comments if it meets your expectations. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tecace.newsace