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Top 10 most popular Android apps from last week: Shot Control, Google Drive, …


Every week we cover Android gaming on Wednesday, followed by Top 10 app updates on Friday. Now every Monday we will look back and see which ones were the most crowd-pleasing among our audience. Read on for the 10 most popular Android apps from your peers.

1. AfterFocus


For the second week in a row, AfterFocus was the most popular app on our site. This camera app is still less than a month old, but it continues to surprise me with the number installs it gets each day. Last week we saw the app receive its first update, which fixed several bugs and improved support for the Galaxy Nexus. The developer says a Pro version is coming in May, so be on the lookout.

2. Weatherwise


Any app related to the camera, battery, or weather normally performs pretty well and Weatherwise followed that trend by debuting at the #2 spot this week. This app was featured in #thenextinstall column and I think people responded to the cool looking promo image above. The app is free so I gave it a try, but it didn’t impress me that much. Only one theme comes with the app, and then additional themes are $0.99 each. It still has an average review score of 4.3, so others are enjoying it more than me.

3. Carrier Coverage


Carrier Coverage won week 3 of #thenextinstall, so it’s no surprise to see it finish near the top this week. The app still has some bugs, but the developer tells us that a new version is already in the works. If you like the concept of this app, some other alternative include Coverage Mapper, Cell Phone Coverage Map, and Sensorly.

4. Google Drive


Last week Google updated their Docs app into Google Drive, and the daily installs spiked to an all time high. The wait for Google Drive was a long one, but many people checked it out to get the 5 GB of free cloud storage.

5. Phonedeck


Phonedeck is a new app that lets users manage a mobile phone right from their computer. The online dashboard lets a user read and send SMS, get incoming call notifications, edit contacts, view usage stats, and even locate a lost phone. I don’t have a need for the app so I haven’t tried it out, but early users are giving it mixed reviews. Some love the included features, while others say the app is clunky and uses up too much data. The app is still young with only 10,000 installs and we think it has potential, so it will be interesting to see how it develops over the coming months.

6. Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2012


Samsung unveils the next Galaxy phone on May 3rd, and you can watch it live on the Unpacked 2012 app. It had some problems when it was first released, but Samsung has pushed out several updates that add support to a host of devices.



Down a couple spots from last week, AIVC comes in as the #7 most popular app. Voice functions in the free version allow you to control call, SMS, email, translation, navigation, alarm, timer, app launcher, calculator, Facebook, web search, weather, and search images. The app is ad-supported, but a Pro version kills them for $2.99.

8. Battery HD


For the 3rd week in a row, Battery HD makes our Top 10 list. If anything, I think this shows how important battery life is to the average Android user. The app has racked up 500,000 installs this month and it’s on pace to pass 1 million soon. Battery HD won’t extend your battery life, but it can tell you how long you can use each app.

9. Nova Launcher


Nova Launcher is a highly customizable, performance driven, home screen replacement for Android 4.0+ devices. We see launchers come and go quite frequently, and Nova and Apex Launcher are the new kids on the block right now. Both launchers are free, so give each one a try and see which fits your needs.

10. Shot Control


Shot control is a paid camera app designed to help serious photographers take better photographs. I haven’t used it yet, so I’ll refer you to a reader review from Trent. “Simply put: this is a great tool for every mobile photographer out there. Having all of the camera controls on the main screen is heavenly, & you are able to adjust white balance, flash, exposure, & basically everything else without opening a menu. I love that you can map camera functions to the volume rocker. The developer is extremely responsive & the app is constantly being fine-tuned & refined. He is clearly committed to making this the most flat-out functional camera app on the market. Get it!”

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  • nivekkev

    Looks like I may just have to go ahead and give After Focus a try since it keeps topping the list…

  • SGB101

    In regards to drive, I think the downloads are slightly artificial, as every one that uses docs on opening was converted to drive.

    don’t get me wrong derive is great, had a few slow syncs, but I think it maybe a bit swamped cos of launch, I have already noticed I have stopped using dropbox for sharing (with others) , and just use it for device to device sharing/syncing.

    also after focus is very good and surprisingly powerful .

    thanks for bringing that weather app to my attention last week, it is very pretty.

  • Paul

    Samsung Mobile Unpacked Rubbish I have 2 motorola phones & will not work on either just crash all the time.

    Its not that hard to make a app???? Come on Samsung

  • Raptor

    Samsung like Android is seems perfect Updater itself. For example can you imagine this:

    “Apple unveils the next iphone on May 3rd, and you can watch it live on the Unpacked 2012 app. The app had some problems when it was first released, but Apple has pushed out several updates that add support to a host of devices.”

  • pjamies

    I can’t even find the app in the market (or Play place) and I
    am using the Note …
    I even looked on Samsung’s app store ..
    Must be a Canadian issue … :(

    • pjamies

      oops .. I am talking about ‘Samsung Mobile Unpacked 2012′ app .. lol

  • spazby

    battery hd is a great app

    • bolanrox

      i have been using it for a while on the iOS side, very good at gauging battery use, and pretty accurate I must say.

  • Laz

    Phone Deck is cool but I’m sticking with AirDroid. It has all the same functionalities plus you get access to your SD files so you can add/delete stuff over wifi.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Thanks for the suggestion. Looks like a superior app.


      • http://www.lifequill.com Canterrain

        I guess this is where advantage sprint comes into play. I’m fully integrated with Google voice as my sprint number. So I have voice on my chrome browser and voice on my tablet. Which means I can talk and text from all three.

  • txbluesman

    I went with Google Drive the first day out. So far, so good.

  • awundrin

    Shot Control is da’ bomb! Best app I’ve downloaded in a while…

  • Laurel laurel25

    I tried Weatherwise, but didn’t care for it. It just didn’t seem quite there yet.

  • AndroidFan2020

    Love this weekly article. Please keep it up. Love to hear varied opinions and reviews from other Android Fans.

  • Jdbmmb22

    The AIVC Voice recognition was terrible it got half of what I said wrong on three different tries.

  • Alex Belko

    I use Apex launcher and always tempted to try Nova, or just wait for stable CM9 for sgs2 dunno, Shot control looks useful gonna give it a try thanks)